NBI Clearance Requirements 2024

November 10, 2023 5:10 pm

NBI Clearance Requirements 2024 In today’s fast-paced world, obtaining an NBI Clearance Online has become a crucial step for individuals in the Philippines. This government-issued document serves as a testament to one’s good moral character, holding immense value for various aspects of life, including employment, travel, and legal transactions. As we navigate the complexities of the year 2024, the NBI Clearance stands out as an essential certificate, symbolizing trustworthiness and adherence to the law.

The heart of the NBI Clearance application lies in the meticulous verification of an individual’s background. Central to this process is the submission of valid identification documents, which play a pivotal role in confirming and establishing the applicant’s identity. These IDs, ranging from social security cards to government-issued licenses, not only serve as a means of identification but also act as gatekeepers to ensure the integrity of the NBI Clearance 2024 system. Let’s delve into the significance of these valid IDs, unraveling their importance in streamlining the application process and reinforcing the credibility of individuals in the eyes of employers, immigration authorities, and other entities.

NBI Clearance Requirements

When obtaining your NBI Clearance, there are just two essential requirements to keep in mind. Firstly, ensure that you have a confirmed NBI Clearance appointment. This step is crucial to streamline the application process.

Secondly, make sure you have your valid IDs in order. Refer to the list below for the accepted valid IDs, ensuring that you bring one to establish your identity during the application process.

Keeping these two requirements in check will contribute to a smooth and efficient experience in securing your NBI Clearance.

List of Valid IDs Accepted in Applying For NBI Clearance

A. Social Security System ID (UMID)

The Social Security System ID (UMID) is issued by the Social Security System (SSS) and serves as a document for verifying the identity of its members.

The primary purpose of the UMID is to establish and confirm the identity of SSS members.

B. Government Service Insurance System ID (UMID)

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) ID, particularly the UMID version, is the official identification card issued by the government agency.

It serves as a unique identifier for GSIS members and their dependents, playing a crucial role in confirming their association with the government.
Access to Government Benefits

The GSIS ID, being a government-issued identification card, grants holders access to various government benefits, underlining its significance in facilitating government-related transactions such as securing an NBI Appointment.

C. Passport

The Philippine passport, a crucial document for those considering NBI online, is a vital travel document issued by the government, allowing Filipino citizens to travel internationally.

It serves as an official proof of citizenship and identity, enabling passport holders to navigate international travel seamlessly. International Travel Permissions

The passport provides holders with the necessary permissions to enter and exit countries worldwide, making it an indispensable document for international travel and an essential component when applying for NBI online.

D. Philhealth ID

The PhilHealth ID is a personal identification document issued by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

It is designed for identification purposes within PhilHealth-accredited facilities and private hospitals, streamlining health-related transactions.
Identification in PhilHealth-Accredited Facilities

The PhilHealth ID is significant in verifying an individual’s PhilHealth membership and eligibility for health services within accredited facilities.

E. Voter’s ID or Certificate of Registration

The Voter’s ID, an official document issued to registered voters, plays a vital role in confirming the identity and address of individuals during elections.

It serves as proof of residence, contributing to the integrity of the electoral process.

The Voter’s ID is issued upon voter registration, signifying an individual’s eligibility to participate in the democratic process.

During elections, it holds significance as a valid identification document for voters.


The BIR / TIN ID represents the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and is a crucial identification document related to taxation.

It plays a pivotal role in tax-related matters, enabling the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to track taxpayers and their earnings.

The BIR / TIN ID is essential for individuals involved in tax-related transactions, ensuring accountability and compliance with tax regulations.

G. PRC License

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) License is a professional identification document issued to individuals who have completed required training and passed professional exams.

It serves as a formal recognition of an individual’s professional competence within a specific field.

The PRC License is issued upon successful completion of professional requirements set by the PRC for various occupations.

It is highly relevant in professional settings, indicating that the holder has met the standards and qualifications required by the PRC.

H. Driver’s License

The Driver’s License is a government-issued document authorized by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) that permits individuals to operate a vehicle on public roads.

It signifies that the license holder has demonstrated the necessary skills and knowledge to drive safely.

The Driver’s License authorizes the holder to legally operate a vehicle, emphasizing the importance of adhering to traffic rules and regulations for public safety.

I. Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

The Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) is an identification document for foreigners residing in the Philippines.

It serves as a means of tracking and monitoring the activities of aliens within the country.

The ACR can function as a temporary travel document for aliens, facilitating their movement in and out of the Philippines within the validity period.


The Pag-IBIG ID is an identification card for members of the Pag-IBIG Fund, a government agency providing housing and financing options to Filipinos.

It serves as proof of membership and facilitates transactions related to Pag-IBIG services.

The Pag-IBIG ID is important for availing benefits and services offered by the Pag-IBIG Fund, emphasizing the member’s active participation in the program.

K. NSO / PSA-Authenticated Birth Certificate

The NSO / PSA-Authenticated Birth Certificate is an official document issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), verifying a person’s birth details.

It holds significant importance in legal and official transactions requiring accurate information about an individual’s birth.

The document is officially issued by the PSA, ensuring its authenticity and reliability as a legal record of birth.

L. Postal ID

The Postal ID is an identification number issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation.

It serves as a means of identifying individuals in postal transactions and as proof of identity for mail recipients.

The Postal ID is issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation and can be used as a valid identification document in various transactions.

It is recognized as a legitimate identification card, providing convenience in mail-related and other official matters.

M. Police Clearance

Police Clearance is a certificate issued by local police departments to verify an individual’s criminal record status.

It is commonly required for employment and other legal transactions, ensuring individuals have a clean record.

Many employers and legal processes demand Police Clearance as a requirement, emphasizing the importance of a person’s legal standing.

N. Certification from the Local Civil Registrar

Certification: This document, issued by the Local Civil Registrar, certifies various vital information such as civil status, birth, and marriage.

It is frequently needed for various legal transactions, including marriage, immigration, and other official processes.

The certification finds frequent application in legal matters, highlighting its importance in ensuring accurate and authenticated information.

O. Certification from Malacanang

Issuance Context Related to Indigenous Groups or Foundling Status

Certification from Malacanang is issued concerning indigenous groups, tribal membership, or foundling status.

It holds significance in specific legal matters related to indigenous rights and foundling status.

This certification carries weight in legal proceedings involving indigenous communities or cases related to foundlings, adding an official and recognized dimension to the status.

P. School ID

The School ID is an identification card issued to students currently enrolled in an educational institution.

It serves as proof of a student’s current enrollment status, often required in academic and non-academic activities.

The School ID verifies the current enrollment status of a student, making it essential for accessing student benefits and services.

Q. Solo Parent ID

The Solo Parent ID is issued by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to single parents who meet specific criteria.

It is granted to individuals who comply with the criteria set by the DSWD, recognizing their status as solo parents.

The Solo Parent ID provides access to various benefits and services designed to support single parents, acknowledging their unique challenges and responsibilities.

R. Seaman’s Book

The Seaman’s Book, commonly referred to as a Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book, is a mandatory document for Filipino seafarers, particularly for those wondering how to apply NBI Clearance online.

It is a prerequisite for individuals involved in maritime roles, emphasizing qualifications and sea service.

Containing crucial information about a seafarer’s qualifications, certifications, and sea service, the Seaman’s Book becomes an indispensable document for those employed in the maritime industry, especially as they explore how to apply NBI Clearance Online.

S. Senior Citizen ID

The Senior Citizen ID, is part of a government program providing discounts and benefits to seniors.

It signifies participation in a government initiative aimed at supporting and recognizing the elderly.
Government Program Providing Discounts and Benefits to Seniors

The Senior Citizen ID grants access to various discounts and benefits, acknowledging the contributions and needs of senior citizens.


The MARINA ID is issued by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) specifically for individuals working in the maritime industry.

It signifies authorization to work in roles related to the maritime sector, ensuring that the holder meets the necessary qualifications.

The MARINA ID is a confirmation that the holder is qualified and authorized to work in various capacities within the maritime industry.

U. Security License ID (for Security Guards)

The Security License ID is an identification card issued to security personnel who have undergone training and obtained the necessary licenses.

It serves as proof of their qualifications and authorization to work in the private security industry, emphasizing the importance of a licensed workforce.

Common Issues and Solutions for NBI Clearance Requirements

Lack of Accepted Valid IDs:
Some applicants may find themselves without the specific valid IDs listed in the NBI Clearance requirements. To overcome this, it’s essential for applicants to thoroughly review the list of accepted valid IDs and ensure they possess at least one of the specified documents. Additionally, suggest alternative IDs that are easily accessible, like a Postal ID or Barangay ID, which can be obtained quickly.

Expired Valid ID:
Unknowingly presenting an expired identification card is a common oversight. Readers should be reminded to check the expiration dates of their IDs well in advance and renew any expired IDs before applying for the NBI Clearance.

Incorrect Personal Details on ID:
Another issue may arise when the information on the presented ID does not match the details needed for the NBI Clearance application. Emphasize the importance of accurate information on IDs and advise applicants to update any discrepancies with the issuing agency. It’s also wise to suggest bringing additional supporting documents, such as a birth certificate, to verify personal details.

Non-Recognition of Certain IDs:
Some applicants may not be aware that certain IDs are not widely recognized or accepted. Clearly specify which IDs are universally accepted and caution against using obscure or unofficial identification. Direct applicants to government-issued IDs that are widely acknowledged and utilized.


So, in 2024, getting your NBI Clearance Online is a big deal in the Philippines. It shows you’re trustworthy and follow the rules. Just remember two things: first, book an NBI appointment, and second, bring the right ID. The IDs can be different, like your school ID or passport. They not only prove who you are but also keep everything fair. And if you ever get stuck, we’ve got tips to help you out. So, go ahead, get your NBI Clearance, and you’re all set for jobs, travel, and important stuff in 2024!

NBI Clearance RequirementsNBI Clearance Requirements 2024

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    Kapag may Philhealth ID, automatic bang health conscious ka na? Paano magkaruon ng NBI Clearance na heart-healthy?

  • Antonino Ubaldo says:

    Paano malalaman kung recognized ang Postal ID sa NBI Clearance? May postman bang mag-de-deliver sa’yo?

  • Hernandez says:

    Ang MARINA ID, feeling captain sa NBI Clearance journey. Ano’ng pirate ship ang gusto mong sakyan?

  • Rodolfo Montes says:
  • Matteo Molina says:
  • Carlos says:
  • Mitch says:

    Pag may Seaman’s Book, feeling mo bang superstar ka sa red carpet ng NBI Clearance Center?

  • Natividad says:

    Kung may MARINA ID ka, gusto mo bang maging kapitan ng NBI Clearance ship? Saan mo dadalhin ang barko?

  • Raymundo Ramos says:

    Paano mag-apply ng NBI Clearance para sa may dual citizenship?

  • Anna Quevedo says:

    Paano makakatulong ang NBI Clearance sa mga legal na transaksyon?

  • Edu Carlos says:

    Ang NBI Clearance, parang jigsaw puzzle. Ano’ng piece ang nagdala sa’yo sa tamang direksyon?

  • Piolo Sison says:

    Bakit mahalaga ang NSO / PSA-Authenticated Birth Certificate sa citizenship applications?

  • Dela Peña says:

    Paano mag-apply ng NBI Clearance para sa OFWs?

  • Florencia Cabrera says:
  • Alden Mariano Kapunan says:

    Paano mag-apply ng NBI Clearance para sa foreign spouses ng Filipino citizens?

  • Dela Peña says:
  • Wilfredo Flores says:

    Kapag may alien, may special lane ba sa NBI Clearance? E.T., may express processing ba?

  • Aljur Iglesias says:

    Ano ang kahalagahan ng Pag-IBIG ID sa mga property-related transactions?

  • Rolando Wong says:

    Pwede bang magamit ang Seaman’s Book para sa mga government transactions?

  • Cora Bautista says:

    Ang NSO / PSA Birth Certificate, parang music video teaser ng NBI Clearance. Ano’ng kanta ang theme song ng iyong application?

  • Sasa Tañada says:
  • Grace Uy says:

    Paano maiiwasan ang delays sa NBI Clearance releasing process?

  • Jong Nunez says:

    Ang NSO / PSA Birth Certificate, pang-opening line sa mga family reunions. Ano’ng kakaibang kwento ng iyong birth cert?

  • Hannah Molina says:
  • Josephine Pangilinan Natividad says:

    Paano i-verify ang NBI Clearance reference number pagkatapos ng appointment?

  • Estela says:
  • Raymundo says:

    Ang Driver’s License, road to NBI Clearance. Ano’ng driving tip ang mabibigay mo sa NBI applicants?

  • Lorenzo Santos says:

    Ano ang mga ID na sureball na tatanggapin sa NBI Clearance? Hindi ba uso ang ID ng barangay?

  • Fernando Lim says:

    Ano ang mga common issues sa application process at paano ito ma-aaddress?

  • Yap says:

    Paano i-handle ang maling information sa NBI Clearance certificate?

  • Elena Bautista says:
  • Remedios Castillo says:

    NSO / PSA Birth Certificate, feeling ko may plot twist sa middle name mo. Ano’ng kakaibang pangalan?

  • Teng-teng Iglesias says:

    Paano malalaman kung ang isang NBI Clearance branch ay malapit sa lugar mo?

  • Francis says:

    Kapag may NBI Clearance, automatic ba ‘yan may trabaho ka na? Confirmed ba ‘yan?

  • Chai Lim says:

    Kung may Police Clearance, feeling mo bang certified investigator sa NBI Clearance? Ano’ng detective skills ang i-aapply mo?

  • Chona Austria says:
  • Linda says:

    Paano malalaman kung qualified na ang Seaman’s Book para sa NBI Clearance?

  • Ludivina Santos says:

    Bakit parang may love story ang pagkuha ng NBI Clearance sa dami ng requirements?

  • Zoren Quevedo says:
  • Ricky Ocampo says:
  • Dolores Zamora says:

    Bakit mahalaga ang certification mula sa Local Civil Registrar sa mga legal na usapin?

  • Maymay Francisco says:

    Ano ang sense ng pagkuha ng NBI Clearance kung wala kang plano maging ganap na citizen?

  • Chai says:

    Ano’ng feeling kapag nakita mo ang name mo sa listahan ng released NBI Clearances? Kilig ba?

  • Natividad Fuentes Martinez says:
  • Lynlyn Fernandez says:

    Bakit feeling ko, ang NBI Clearance ay parang golden ticket sa job opportunities?

  • Gilberto Javier says:

    Paano i-secure ang personal information na ibinibigay sa NBI Clearance application?

  • Sam Milby Ramos says:

    Paano makakatulong ang Seaman’s Book sa mga job opportunities?

  • Angela Abad Paredes says:
  • Riza says:
  • Marc Aquino says:
  • Renz Hidalgo says:
  • Virgilio Ricafort says:
  • Yap says:

    Kapag may PRC License ka, feeling mo ba dapat lagi kang naka-coat sa NBI Clearance appointment?

  • Esguerra says:
  • Aida Cortez says:

    Ang pag-apply ng NBI Clearance, parang love story. Ano’ng twist ng plot ng iyong application?

  • Marita Zamora says:

    Paano i-handle ang discrepancy sa address sa valid ID at application form?

  • Annie Ocampo Yap says:

    Bakit mahalaga ang certification mula sa Local Civil Registrar sa iba’t ibang legal transactions?

  • Eliseo Yap Nakpil says:
  • Domingo says:

    Gaano katagal ang validity ng NBI Clearance, at paano ito maaaring ma-renew?

  • Marcelo Iglesias says:

    NBI Clearance Online, para kang superhero ng valid IDs! Aling ID ang pinaka-mabilis kunin para sa application?

  • Javier says:

    Ano ang specific benefits ng Philhealth ID sa NBI Clearance application?

  • Luis Mercado says:
  • Beatriz Natividad says:
  • Paolo says:

    Pag kumuha ka ng NBI Clearance, para bang may instant talent portion. Ano’ng talent mo sa pagkuha ng valid IDs?

  • Eusebio Uy Del Rosario says:

    Ano ang mga requirements para sa Certification from Malacanang?

  • Patrick Natividad says:

    Kung may Seaman’s Book, feeling sailor ka na ba sa NBI Clearance Center? Anchors away!

  • Aida Yap says:

    Pwede bang mag-apply ng NBI Clearance kahit na may record sa ibang bansa?

  • Cathy says:

    Bakit kailangan ang Alien Certificate of Registration para sa NBI Clearance?

  • Luis Hernandez says:

    Paano i-check ang legitimacy ng isang NBI Clearance center?

  • Gerald Santos Velasquez says:

    Pwede bang gamitin ang NBI Clearance sa legal na transaksyon?

  • Ninay Miranda Paredes says:
  • Gerald Cabrera says:

    Paano mag-update ng contact information sa NBI Clearance records?

  • Nikko Hernandez Magno says:

    Kung may NBI Clearance, may chance ka bang makapasok sa secret society? May initiation ba ‘pag first time?

  • Joseph says:

    Kapag may Pag-IBIG ID ka, feeling mo ba may kasama kang love life sa NBI Clearance appointment?

  • Dingdong Pascual Natividad says:
  • Patrick Gomez says:
  • Tina Tolentino Ramos says:
  • Salome says:

    Kapag may Seaman’s Book, feeling mo ba sa NBI Clearance Center ay nasa high seas ka?

  • Ignacio Ramos says:
  • Ulysses says:

    Paano makakatulong ang NBI Clearance sa pag-aapply ng trabaho?

  • Gly Fernandez says:

    NBI Clearance requirements, parang puzzle. Ano ang unang piece na dapat ilagay?

  • Jenjen says:
  • Virginia Mendoza says:

    Pwede bang gamitin ang certification mula sa Local Civil Registrar sa absence ng ibang valid IDs?

  • Julio Villanueva says:

    NBI Clearance 2024 edition, parang latest iPhone—ano’ng bagong features?

  • Del Rosario says:

    Ano ang kailangang gawin kung hindi matanggap ang NBI Clearance sa unang try?

  • Rayver Magno says:

    BIR / TIN ID, paano mo nalaman na qualified ka na maging taxpayer? Feeling mo ba nag-level up ka?

  • Consuelo Herrera says:

    Ano ang kahalagahan ng NSO / PSA-Authenticated Birth Certificate sa application?

  • Emilio Mendoza says:
  • Froilan Salazar Fuentes says:

    NBI Clearance Online, parang latest K-drama—may twists and turns! Ano’ng unexpected na mangyayari sa application?

  • Fey-fey Lopez says:
  • Rafael says:

    Ano ang mga importanteng bagay na dapat malaman ng mga first-time applicants?

  • Cecilia Velasquez says:

    What is the NBI link to apply


    Pwede Po bang kumuha ulit ng NBI clearance kahit valid pa Yung kinuha ko last year? Bale nag apply Po Kasi Ako work abroad.. isang requirements nila is NBI with NBI apostille true coppy..BALE ipinasa ko Po iyon sa agency na inapplayan ko. Ang kopyam na nakin nalang Po is xerox coppy. Balak ko Po sana mag apply sa ibang agency Kaso Wala na Po sakin Yung original copy ng NBI ko. Pano Po Kaya gagawin ko..?

  • Trecia mea magno says:

    pwede bang voters certification at psa ang dalhin pagkukuha ng nbi ?