How to Pay Your NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven

September 25, 2018 10:17 am

NBI Clearance keeps on updating it’s system of how it process the NBI Clearance applicant’s application. If you’re about to apply for your NBI Clearance, either new application or NBI Clearance Renewal, there’s a new convenient way you can pay your NBI Clearance.

Aside from local banks and Bayad Centers authorized to collect the payment for NBI Clearance, NBI Clearance Online has authorized 7-Eleven through its Cliqq Kiosk to collect the payment of our NBI Clearance Application.

So if you’re planning to pay your NBI Clearance Online, consider 7-Eleven as your payment option! We have prepared a simple guide on how to pay your NBI Clearance in 7-Eleven through Cliqq Kiosks below!

How to Pay Your NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven

First thing to do is locate the nearest 7-Eleven Convenient store. Please note that for some cases, a 7-Eleven Store doesn’t have a Cliqq Kiosks available. What you’re looking for is a 7-Eleven Convenient Store with an available Cliqq Kiosk.


When you have entered the premises of any 7-Eleven convenient store, locate immediately the Cliqq Kiosk. The Cliqq Kiosks enables customers to reload their mobile phones and pay their utility bills. Every Cliqq kiosk is touch screen so anyone can easily operate it without the hassle.

Going back to your tutorial, when it’s your turn to use the kiosk. Tap in the “BILLS PAYMENT” icon to go to the bills payment section.


Once the bills payment section is loaded, you will be presented by various merchants.

Ignore all of them, your primary goal is to find the NBI logo. If you’re not familiar with the logo, you can just look at the top of this website for reference.


After locating the NBI logo, tap it to proceed!

The next step is very important and very critical. The Cliqq kiosk is now asking you to supply the following details:

As for the reference number, you can check your NBI Clearance Reference Number online. Avoid making a mistake because if you entered an incorrect number and you already paid for it, the 7-Eleven cashier won’t be able to refund your payment.


You have to coordinated with the NBI Clearance Branch for refund and I’m sure you don’t want that kind of hassle.

The exact amount should be entered, again check you online application first.

Press the NEXT button once done.

Again, enter you contact number. Press the NEXT button.

The Cliqq kiosk will now show you all the details you’ve entered. Verify everything! This is your last chance to check it before the payment slip is printed out. Press the NEXT button to continue.


If you pressed the Next Button and you noticed that you entered an incorrect Reference Number, contact number or amount, what you need to do is start from the beginning and encode everything again. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged of this.

After pressing the next button, the Cliqq kiosk will now print your NBI Clearance payment slip.

Cliqq Kiosk will print your NBI Clearance payment slip. Get it right away. If you’re having trouble locating it, its right below thr monitor/screen. Some kiosk have the payment slip disburse at the middle portion of the machine. You can also ask the cashier or any 7-Eleven personnel to assist you if you still don’t know where to get it.

Once you have the NBI Clearance payment slip, go to the cashier and pay for it.

How much should I pay for my NBI Clearance in 7-Eleven?

Though it is clearly stated in the NBI Clearance Online website that the application fee is for P130, there are additional charges and fees when you pay it in 7-Eleven. The final amount would be P170.

Note: In my screen shot below, you’ll see that the amount paid is P120. Please ignore it. The correct amount is P170.00. That includes P130 NBI Clearance fee and P40 for Other Fees and Charges.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What if I entered an incorrect NBI Clearance Reference Number?

If you accidentally entered an incorrect NBI Clearance reference number, all you have to do is to repeat the entire process. You have to go back from the start where you encode the Reference number, contact number and the amount. Print the payment slip and pay it in the cashier.

This only applies if you haven’t paid the NBI Clearance Payment slip in 7-Eleven Cashier.

If you have paid it already using an incorrect NBI Clearance Reference number, you have to coordinate with the NBI Online and ask them about the payment you’ve made to an incorrect Reference Number. Ask them to fix your problem since you already paid.

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This is the reason why I am asking you to double/triple check what you’re encoding in Cliqq Kiosks, imagine the hassle you will go through if you made a mistake. Also, please note that 7-Eleven Cashier can’t refund your payment instantly. So before you pay it, double/triple check the NBI Clearance reference number in you payment slip!

After payment in 7-Eleven, what’s the next thing to do?

After payment, you need to login to your NBI Clearance Online Account. Go to your “TRANSACTIONS” and check if its already in “PAID” status. Ideally, the Cliqq Kiosks and 7-Eleven processes your payment in real time. That means after several minutes, your NBI Clearance Transaction status from “PENDING” will changed to “PAID”.

But due to the high volume of transaction processed by NBI Clearance online, few NBI Clearance Applicants encounters delay in the update of status. Be patient and wait for it to change. You may leave the NBI Clearance website for a while and open it some other time.

See our recent post about “How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online in 2019” here:

Do I have to keep my 7-Eleven receipt?

Yes, of course! In case the status of your NBI Clearance didn’t changed after one (1) day of waiting, you have the proof that you already paid it.

You may inquire from the 7-Eleven Branch if your payment transaction was processed. Show them your Cliqq Receipt. If they have confirmed it, the next step you need to do is call the NBI Clearance hotline and ask for their assistance.

Please note that the 7-Eleven receipts are not another requirement when applying your NBI Clearance.

What to do if I lost my 7-Eleven NBI Clearance receipt.

If you don’t encounter any issues with your NBI Clearance Transaction on their website, meaning your application status changed from “PENDING” to “PAID”. You are not required to present it during your visit in the NBI Clearance Branch. But just to be sure, just keep it.

If you lost it, then there’s no problem. The payment receipt from 7-Eleven is not a requirement.

Cliqq Kiosk shows “Not Connected”, what does it mean?

It’s worth mentioning that 7-Eleven accepts payment for NBI Clearance Online NEW application and NBI Renewal. Don’t be confused.

Sometimes, you’ll see the Cliqq Kiosk showing a “Not Connected” message on its screen. This means that the kiosk is unavailable and unable to perform any transaction.

What you need to do is find another 7-Eleven Branch that have its own Cliqq Kiosk.

Good news to the Filipino whose applying for their NBI Clearance right? Payments for NBI Clearance application is really more convenient than ever before.

Cliqq Kiosk brings a new level of convenience to all Applicant in applying for NBI Clearance Online. We just hope that the fees and charges that are added to the original price of NBI Clearance (P115) will be decreased. But for now, we’ll stick with it’s price.

We are also hoping that someday, Cliqq Kiosks in 7-Eleven will also accept the Philippine Passport.

NBI Clearance FeesNBI Clearance Fees Payment in 7-Eleven

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  • J says:

    Just wanna ask why did it end up to 155 pesos? NBI stated 115+25 e-payment service. Thanks

  • Jay S says:

    Good day! the details button did not appeared. But it says there that it’s already PAID. What should I do? Pls help me. My appointment date is on Feb. 08.

    I already pay my NBI Clearance thru 7 eleven easy pay few days ago. And, when I checked the transactions menu Thank you!

    • Sarah G says:

      Hi, we have the same concern, did they respond to you?

      • Jay S says:

        No. 🙁

        • jay says:

          did they respond?

  • Sarah Jane Genita says:

    What if its PAID already, but the word details ” doesn’t showed up in the ACTIONS column. How can I print my Application form and all the details? Thank you for your positive response.”

  • Sarah G says:

    What if its PAID already, but the word details ” doesn’t showed up in the ACTIONS column. How can I print my Application form and all the details? Thank you for your positive response.”

  • Michael says:

    I get (404) merchant not yet available ” when trying to pay via the kiosk. Is there any solution?”

  • Connie Gonzales says:

    I’ve been to 3 7-Eleven CLIQQ payment machine but all their systems are down. Where do I pay now?

    • Joyce Ann says:

      Try to download a 7-11 cliqq in Playstore and register.

  • Albert says:

    Hi how much will I put on the exact amount?

    P115 (will the additional fees be automatically added? ) or P140 (115 +25 ) or P155( as written on this post) ?


    • Loriz says:

      Same question here. I got confused what amount to enter in the machine due to this post.

  • Dane says:

    nakapagbayad na po ako pero pagkacheck ko sa actions wala namang lumalabas na details para maprint na ung app form. pls response kase need ko na po sya talaga hays. pano or ano po ipepresent ko sa nbi para makakuha ng clearance kung ganon?

  • Damz says:

    I tried to make payment but it says there the reference number has already expired. Applied last feb 16.made the payment feb 20… Scheduled appointment on feb 22… Does the reference number provided expires?

  • Jeric sampayan says:

    Panu po ba makikita ung reference number?

  • gaeyoung won says:

    when i click proceed to payment there doesn’t any 7/11 page open for my reference number!

  • Joey Dela Cruz says:

    Sir / Madam,
    May I know the Branvh of 7-Eleven that have their Cliqq Kiosk in Bataan?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hindi po ako sure kung saan meron. need nyo pong icheck yun mismo sa 7 Eleven Branch. Kung nahihirapan ka maghanap, pwede mong itry sa bayad centers po.

  • Zenger De Torres says:

    wala pong button para ma print yung application form ko? Paid na din po ako via 7/11 cliqq kiosk. Kailangan pa po bang i print or diretso na po ako sa nbi?

  • Xyla says:

    Does the reference number provided expires?

  • juliah says:

    may expiration p[o ba ung reference no.? ng payment?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes po meron. 24 hours lang po. after that, hindi na po marerecognize sa Bayad Center or kahit saan mang payment option ang inyong NBI Clearance Payment Reference number. Hindi mo na po ito mababayaran.

      • Ronald salvio says:

        I already accomplished the fingerprint impression here in riyadh at the phil embassy. Now to proceed i have 2 options to send the documents to the NBI mailed section:
        1. Send it through a representative;
        2. Send directly to UN Ave mailed section.
        I want to choose option #2 since i have no one to process it for me. On the online application, i came about 2 issues when trying to obtain the reference number:
        A) do i need to choose a date of apperance considering that i wouldn’t know when the documents reaches the NBI office;
        B) do i need to choose the payment option considering that i will be enclosing the payment with the documents (cash payment is an option stated in the guide).

        If there is an expiry to the reference number, most definitely my payment would not make it on time since it would take more than a day for my mailed docs to reach the NBI.

        Thanks looking to hear a response, God bless!

      • joseph soriano says:

        mam halimbawa po nkapag bayad na ako.. may expiration dn po ba un.. tpos nde po ako nka punta sa day na nka sched ako for renewal…

  • Mik says:


    Nagpay na ako sa 7 Eleven and ung status is PAID, paano ko ipiprint ung form?

    • Kat Delano says:

      No need to print it. Kailangan mo lang po ng NBI Clearance Reference Number at dalhin ito sa Branch kung saan ka naka schedule. Pero kung gusto mo talaga iprint ito, meron po kaming naisulat na guide on how to print your NBI Clearance Application Form. You can see it here:

      • jay says:

        Hi , I’m schedule to pick up my nbi clearance tomorrow. but i urgently need it today. Can i pick it up today? even if my schedule is tomorrow?

        • Kat Delano says:

          I’m not sure, strict kasi sila sa date of release so kung bukas ka pa pinapa punta, baka di din irelease ito sa yo ngayon.

  • Jan says:

    Good day, po! Ask po kung ang ilalagay po ba sa amount is P170 or P130 then the extra charges will be paid upon paying in the register/cashier. Thanks po.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Total amount po dapat including NBI Clearance Fee, Web Admin Fee at Convenience fee. I think P170. Pwede ka po mag ask ng help at magpaconfirm sa cashier kung how much po para sure.

  • kit says:

    hi! magkano po ang dapat ko itype sa kiosk? 130 po ba o kasama na yung 25 pesos na fee? thanks po.

    • keesha says:

      hello po tanong ko lng po magkano po yung binayad nyo??

      • Kat Delano says:

        P170 po ang NBI CLearance fee sa pagkakaalam ko. Pero to make sure, you can ask the 7-Eleven Cashier din.

    • Kat Delano says:

      No, i believe its P170 po ang NBI Clearance Fee when you pay sa 7-Eleven.

  • Robert David Jorduela Laureta says:

    Hi Good Day po pwede po ba aq magbayad sa NBI mismo ayaw po xe pumasok ng payment ko ngaun sa 7/11 nag iinvalid po sya.. Salamat

  • Vineza Louise Galang says:

    Hi, Just want to ask kung ano ang pwedeng alternative Payment kung ayaw pumasok sa 7-11. Pwede ko po bang bayaran yun sa NBI main mismo? And another thing, Pwede po ba akong mag renew kahit hindi nakapag pa appointment? Since nakaorder na ako sa Online? Or kailangan talagang mag appointment? And what if wala na sakin yung original and i only have my xerox copy, pwede na po ba yun para makapag renew?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Pwede kang magbayad sa Bayad Center ng iyong NBI Clearance Online application. Hindi po pwedeng bayaran yun sa mismong NBI Clearance Branch. Required ang scheduled appointment. Kung gusto mo, itry mo ang NBI Clearance Quick Renewal para po hindi ka na pupunta sa NBI Branch at hintayin nalang ito na madelivery.

  • Mar says:

    Hi ask ko lang po h hnd ko po kasi nabaran ung nbi ko 24hrs expired na po daw so gumawa ako ng iba ngaun ung nakalagay na bayaran 355 ,na shock ako bayaran ano po ba dapat gawin at tama po ba ganyan kalaki bayaran?

    • Kat Delano says:

      170 lang po ang NBI Clearance Online Application. Ang P355 po ay yung sa NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Delivery. Yun po yung mag rerenew ka ng NBI Clearance at idedeliver sa inyong bahay.

      Gawin mo lang po ang ginawa mo dati kung paano ka nag register sa NBI Clearance Online Application.

  • joseph soriano says:

    sir tnong ko lng po.. halimbawa nkapag bayad n po ako then nka sched ako for this day.. tpos nde ko pa npuntahan.. expired na po ba kagad un resibo na binayaran ko for this day…

  • Mlyn says:

    Hi ask ko lang po pano po kung hindi ko nbayaran within 24hrs.expire na po ba yung reference.offline po kasi sa 7/11..pwede po mag bayad kahit sa bayad center.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Expired na po ata yang Reference Number mo. gawin mo ay mag log in ka muli sa iyong NBI Clearance Online ACcount at gumawa ng bagong NBI Clearance Application. Makakakuha ka ulit ng panibagong Reference Number at yun ang bayaran mo. Pwede po sa Bayad Center.

    • Mhunic says:

      24 hours lang po ba pwede bayaran ? Sa bayad center

      • Germaine marie fabul says:

        24 hours lang po b pd bayaran sa 7-11

        • Kat Delano says:

          yes po, may expiration po ang NBI Clearance Reference Number Payment.

  • gervey says:

    dalawa po yung naging reference no ko, pareho din po ng date at tym … pede po ba kahit isa lng dun ang pag pilian ko ? salamat

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes, isa lang ang bayaran mong NBI Clearance Reference Number.

      • mae sobreviga says:

        hello paano po pag 2 yung nabayaran kong reference number?

  • Edong says:

    Nakalagay sa NBI website P130 fee para dun sa clearance tapos P25 fee for e-payment.

    Bakit naging P170?

    • Krung says:

      Kaya po magiging P170 kasi:

      P130 (NBI Appointment-Latest fee 2019)
      P25 (For e-payment)-nakalagay po ito dun banda sa baba before nyo iproceed yung payment.
      P15 (7-11 Fee)
      Total: P170.00

  • Monette says:

    I just paid my NBI Clearance in a 7/11 kiosk. But after getting my receipt, I accidentally click the CANCEL TRANSACTION option while my transaction is still pending. What should I do?

    • Kat Delano says:

      First time ko po naencounter yung ganitong sitwasyon. Check nyo po kung cancelled na po talaga ang iyong transaction. Kung oo, possible po na hindi na ito ihonor dahil nacancel na. Pero try nyo po makipag coordinate sa NBI Clearance Branch kung saan ka nagpaschedule at sabihin mo pong aksidente mo itong nacancel.

    • Analyn says:

      Same here? what should I do? Thanks!

      • Analyn says:

        I just paid my NBI Clearance in a 7/11 kiosk. But after getting my receipt, I accidentally click the CANCEL TRANSACTION option while my transaction is still pending. What should I do? Thanks

  • Jazel says:

    After ko po ba sa 7 eleven payment eh pwde na po bang pumunta sa nbi clearance center?

  • Paul Baylosis says:

    Good Day po.
    Ano po ba ang exact amount na i encode sa Cliqq?
    130, 155 or 170?

  • Joanabelle says:

    My payment can not be completed because the receipt is invalid or something about the is invalid. I double check it with the cashier as i have entered the correct and information required to complete the transaction.

    What to do?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Mag create ka ng new application or new transaction sa NBI Clearance Online then makakakuha ka ng bagong Reference Number. Take note of it at yun ang gamitin mo pagmagbabayad ka sa Cashier.

      • camille anne says:

        experienced the same thing. di na ba macacancel yung first? okay lang na magcreate ng another appointment?

        • Kat Delano says:

          Yes. as i have mentioned in my previous comment. Its okay to create another appointment.

  • Angel Natividad says:

    Hi ask ko lang bayad na kasi ako sa 7/11 for NBI Clearance. Last April 23 pa. Pwede ko pa ba makuha yungNBI Clearance if nakalagay sa paymet slip validity is April 23?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes pwede pa din po ito. Pumunta ka na po sa NBI Clearance Branch kung saan ka naka appointment para po maprocess ang iyong NBI Clearance.

  • Jewel says:

    Ask ko lang. Nagbayad kasi ako kahapon sa 7/11 ng NBI CLEARANCE. ipipick up ko na sya today, ang sabi unpaid pa daw. may receipt ako na bayad ko na sya. Thanks

    • Kat Delano says:

      Sino po ang may sabi na unpaid pa din po sya? Sa website mo po ba ito nakita? Kung OO, you can just ignore it.



  • Lee-Ann says:

    Ask ko lang po kung pwede na kong mag direct ng payment sa NBI branches kahit may appointment ako sa 7-Eleven

    • Kat Delano says:

      Wala ka pong appointment sa 7-Eleven. Payment center po ang 7-Eleven. Sa mga piling payment centers lamang po pwede magbayad ng NBI Clearance fees.

  • Analyn says:

    I just paid my NBI Clearance in a 7/11 kiosk. But after getting my receipt, I accidentally click the CANCEL TRANSACTION option while my transaction is still pending. What should I do? Thanks

    • Kat Delano says:

      Check mo kung ang status ng iyong application ay CANCELLED na. kung cancelled na ang status, wala na po ito at hindi mo na mapoproceed dahil kinancel mo na. forfeited na po ang bayad mo.

  • Grace Tabao says:

    What if down ung system ng 7 eleven,pede po b mgbyad sa bayad center kht you choose 7 eleven sa application mo online

  • Belle says:

    Pwede po bang mag bayad sa mismong nbi branch kahit nakalagay eh sa 7/11 mag babayad ? Ayaw Kasi iread Yung receipt ko sa 7/11 kahit na Tama nqman Yung reference number ko salamat need ko po Ng answer ngayon ?

    • Kat Delano says:

      May mga branches po kasi na hindi na tumatanggap ng bayad ng online application ng NBI Clearance.

  • Niña Rica Derano says:

    Hello po, kanina lang magbabayad po sana ako sa 7-Eleven but unfortunately hindi muna sila tumatanggap kasi may something about sa system. Ask ko lang po if ever, pwede bang sa bayad center na lang ako bumayad? Thank you

    • Kat Delano says:

      Try mo sa Cebuana or sa banks. pwede po dun bayaran ang iyong NBI Clearance.

  • Rodrigo trinidad jr. says:

    Magkano po ba ang bbayaran s 7eleven na nbi clearance kasama na ung charge?

  • cj salcedo says:

    Hello ask lang po ako panu po pag di makabayad sa 7/11 offline daw po kasi natry ko na din sa ibang branches pwede po ba magbayad sa bayad center panu po yung referencr number? Thank you po

  • Ronnel Garcia says:

    Hello ask ko lang po, nakapag online po ako last week pa and didnt make it to pay at 7/11 that day kasi laging may aberya sa malapit na 7/11 samen. Tapos after a week ng try magbayad is nakapagprint dn sa wakas ng reciept sa kiosk pero pag babayaran na sa cashier is d daw madetect, is it possble to pay nalang sa ibang bayad center kaht na yun reference number mo is para kay 7/11?

  • paigeY says:

    magkano po amount illagay sa cliqq? 130 or 170?

    • rose says:

      130 nbi fee + 40 for other charges. Hope this help you.

  • Elena M. Cabili says:

    Sir,I want to renew my NBI clearance but I could not locate my previous one.Since It was more than 10yrs already. I left it at home while I was working abroad. What should I do ?

  • Liza Ibaniny Espinosa says:

    Good morning! I have already registered online and got a reference number, but when i tried to pay at 7-11, my ref no. Was denied. I am confused of the O and 0, i already tried several times, but to no avail. Cam i request for another reference numberm thank you.

    • Rache says:

      This happened to me as well. How did you sort it out? My scheduled appointment is this afternoon 🙁

  • lovi says:

    Sir good morning. About 3x i attempted to pay through 7-11 kiosk but all three transaction slips the cashier told me it’s invalid. I tried the Ref.# without the NB at the beginning and with it. I already missed 2 times of my appointment. What is the issue with this? Pls. advise. thanks.

  • jenny says:

    sir/mam,,is online payment needs to be settled 24 hours only upon registration for online appointment?

  • Bing says:

    How many days you can pay your online NBI clearance in 7 Eleven.
    It is possible to pay before the appointment date?
    Thank you

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes, before po ng nbi clearance appointment dapat bayaran ang inyong fees. pakibasa nalang po sa taas yung instruction paano makakapag apply ng nbi clearance.

      • mhae says:

        nag register po aq online for nbi renewal at 7 eleven po aq dapat magbabyad ,kaya lang hndi po aq agad nakapag bayad sa 7 eleven , Aug.15 pa po aq nag regster online pwede ko pa po ba sya bayaran bukas??

  • Cristine Sanicolas says:

    Magkano po babayaran, 130 + 40 po ba?kc nung nagpaappoint po ang nakalagay 130 + 25 for the e services?

  • mhae says:

    nag register po aq online for nbi renewal at 7 eleven po aq dapat magbabyad ,kaya lang hndi po aq nakapag bayad agad sa 7 eleven Aug.15 pa po aq nag regster online pwede ko pa po ba sya bayaran bukas??

  • Stark says:

    Can I use my 7-11 reference number para sa ibang mode of payment like Bayad Center? Ayaw kasing mabayaran thru 7-11, I’ve tried multiple branches na.

  • Don says:

    How can i get a refund for my payment through 7/11?

  • Sorenjay says:

    How can I differentiate the number zero “0” and letter “O” in the reference number?

  • giselle says:

    paano po pag nabayaran na ng month ng july pero until now hindi parin nakukuha. tanong ko po if ever na kunin ko po yung nbi ko makukuha ko pa po ba??

  • Hermana deleon says:

    Pwede po b magpunta sa nbi kahit di sa araw ng appointment kc d po ko nkapunta nong araw ng appointment ko

  • Lean says:

    Pwede po ba pumunta sa appointment date kahit di nakapagbayad online?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Kailangan nakapagbayad ka na po ng NBI Clearance Fee.

      • Joy ramos says:

        Pano po pag first time job seeker may babayaran pa?

        • Kat Delano says:

          Wala po Ms. Joy. Kelangan mo lang magregister as FIRST TIME JOB SEEKER.

  • IVY ROSALES says:

    pano po pag di naaccept yung sa reference number pero nakabayad na po sa 7 eleven?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Sino po ang hindi nagaccept? check nyo po kung tama po ba yung naibigay mong Reference Number.

  • Mharge says:

    May i know kung ilang days po ang validity ng receipt kase gaya ko busy ako at umaga ang pasok ko kaya hinde ko po maasikaso. Sabe po ng kasama ko 30 days. Sana may sumagot salamat.

  • aj says:

    ilang days po ba validity ng paid clearance but di nakapunta on appointed date?

  • Kyril Evangelista says:

    Thank you for this! Madali lang pala.

  • Jeramay Labiao says:

    Ask lang po, pag magrerenew po ba need pa magpa appointment or ok na direct sa ofis?

  • Christy joy Baliscao says:

    hindi malocate ng 7/11 ang reference # ko mali daw, bakit naman ?eh tama naman yung nilagay ko

    • Krizia says:

      Same problem! Naka ilang enter ako pero ayaw. Tama naman reference number ko,chineck din nung personel sa cashier ng 7eleven

  • ANNE says:


    • Kat Delano says:

      24 hours lang po ang expiration nyan.

  • diezza labini says:

    pano po kung ngexpired yung babayaran sa 711 ano need gawin

    • Kat Delano says:

      Mag set ka lamang po muli ng appointment sa NBI Clearance gamit ang “Apply for Clearance” button then set ng schedule at location then same payment method po (7-Eleven).

  • Fe Mamaradlo says:

    Nag schedule po ako ng appointment ko May 19,2020 pero di po nkabayad kadi ung 7/11 branch na pinuntahan ko not working ang cliqq appointment is May 21. Pwde ba ako magpunta sa NBI kahit dpa ako naka bayad?

  • Leandro salamoding says:

    Renewal poh

    • Leandro salamoding says:

      Renewal poh nbi

  • Venus ticag says:

    I’ve already paid my NBI APPLICATION FORM today at one of the branches of 7/11.But it still say PENDING.How long I would wait till it change to PAID?

  • Rowena Jamila Saylon says:

    Hello po. Paano po ung NBI renewal ko po, nakabayad napo ako nong March 13,2020 at ang schedule ko po March 17,2020 at nag lockdown napo at di ako nakapunta. Ano po gagawin ko.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Punta ka na lang po agad this week sa NBI Branch kung saan ka naka schedule. Dalhin mo po ang iyong 2 valid IDs, resibo ng payment at ang iyong NBI Reference number para po iproseso na yan.

  • Kaiser March says:

    Good day po… ask ko lang po. naka.register nko online last June 27, 2020 and for payment na sa 7/11. But until today hindi ko pa po nabayaran. is it still good to pay? hindi po ba expired ung reference number? please i need advise. thank you. 09153336279

  • Raymond says:

    Nagreg aq sa nbi june 29,2020 tpus nagbabayad aq kanina(july 3,2020) ke 7eleven pero ndi tinatanggap ng system nila sa counter ksi sabe nung crew 24hrs lang daw ung pagbabayad after makuha ung ref #. anu next nmen gagawen? Ksi kum magrereg ulet kame sobrang tagal na nung available date..pls help po. Thanks.

  • Patricia Liana Cruz says:

    Pending po Ang payment ko sa 7 eleven ayaw na po tanggapin Ng crew kase more than 24 hours na. Pwede po ba sa main branch na magbayad?

  • Patricia Liana Cruz says:

    Pwede po ba sa Main Branch n Lang magbayad? Kase ayaw ba po tanggapin sa 7 eleven more than 24 hours na daw

  • allan says:

    HI! What are the things to bring on the appointment day?

  • Dante sanchez says:

    Na-invalid po ung payment ko sa 7eleven sbi ng counter within 24 hours lng daw after you register…pano po ggawin ko?pwede po ba mgbyad sa branch na lng ng nbi?ung slot ko po ba maggamit ko pa?ang layo na po kc ng next available slot…

  • John Michael Tagab says:

    Paano po kung nabayaran is 155 pesos, ano po ang gagawin. Hindi po kasi updated ang kanilang website kaya po nakakalito. Thanks.

    • Aira de Ocampo says:

      Maam, Sir, Diko po alam na within 24 hours ay need na mabayaran. Is there any possible way po para makapagbaya? Kasi sayang po yung slot. Thank you so much po.

  • Lapnayan Tollina says:

    Na-invalid po ung payment ko sa 7eleven sbi ng counter within 24 hours lng daw after you register…pano po ggawin kopara ung slot ko po maggamit ko pa?ang layo na po kc ng next available slot…

  • Lapnayan Tollina says:

    Maam/sir invalid po yung payment ko sa 7 11 sabi ng counter within 24 hours lang daw after you register,pano po gagawin ko para ung slot ko po maggamit ko pa?ang layo na po kasi ng next available na slot

  • Bryan Aldrin Galuyo says:

    May expiration ba ang payment for nbi clearance?

  • Bryan Aldrin Galuyo says:

    Nakapagbayad na po ako nung march 4, 2020 sa 7eleven for my nbi clearance ma iinvalid ba yun? kase until now diko pa nakukuha nbi clearance ko. Inabutan na po ng lockdown

  • Malyn Sansoles pitts says:

    Puyde bang e idit akung email na wrong po ako nang filled na wrong akung last name

  • Bernadeth B.Bumatay says:

    My appointment po pero decline pagbayad sa 711…need ba pagka set ng appointment bayaran agad?mejo matagal na po kc appointment

  • Charlie BARNACHE says:

    Sakin PO Ang problema ko nag bayad ako sa 7/12 para sa police clearance pero nung puntahan na namin Ang lugar saan dapat kukunin namin na sya hndi tinanggap Kasi wla dw cla ganito online access walk in dw sila bakit nalagay dun lugar nila Kung hndi Yun nag aacess Sayang nabayad ko dalawa Tao pa naman doble kami paano ko makuha Kaya Ito nsa akin pa risibo ko

  • Felix Belarmino Pagunsan says:

    Naka online application na po ako my schedule na ngayon November 3,2020 Hindi pa po ako naka bayad.pwede po bang mag bayad sa mismong nbi office na lang sa November 3?

    • Bernadeth Racoma Juliano says:


  • Joseph Migrino says:

    papano ko po malalaman ang confirmation ng appointment ko. Dec 16, 2020, 12PM at Robinson Galleria Basement 1 Ortigas Ave. QC.

    • Bernadeth Racoma Juliano says:


      Paano ko po malamang ang appointment ko sa NBI

  • Erlinda Redogerio Balbin says:

    Nagbayad po ako sa seven eleven Sabi po cannot verify transaction.paano pa gagawin ko.tnx

  • Bernadeth Racoma Juliano says:


    • Bernadeth Racoma Juliano says:


  • Althea Ocier says:

    Hi. Where can I ask for the nbi receipt with claim date?

  • Rodelborton says:

    Nbi clearance?

  • Jommel Montemayor says:

    Nagbayad Po ako sa 711 for my reference number inulit ko pa Kasi Sabi Ng counter may Mali so inulit ko ulit then Sabi nya ok na Kaya Lang wla ako na receive any text or confirmation What can I do. Did I put or paid a wrong reference number Kung nagkamali Po ako San ko Po Kay’a pwede IPA ayos salamat Po God bless

  • Edwin garcia jr says:

    Good morning po, may tatanong long po aku, nag register po aku sa online, ngaun po may free po nabigay sakin na paid na po aku , paano ku po malalaman Kung pede na ba aku kumuha Ng NBI? Or magpunta muna aku sa 7/11 para makakuha Ng receipt ?

  • christian madriaga says:

    saan po makikita ung receipt no. na ilalagay po sa NBI CERTIFICATION

  • Kristine datuin says:

    Bakit po ayaw iacept ang payment ko sa 7eleven….e nakailang type na po ako ng refference number

  • Michael R Mendoza says:

    Bakit di po napapalitan ang status ng nbi application , which nagbayad po ako sa 7eleven .
    Any advised po. Ty

  • Ryan Delica says:

    Ano ang ibang pwedeng gawin kung hndi na valid ang code ng nbi nang hndi napapalitan ang appointment date kung magbabayad sa 7 11 store sapagkat sinabi ng cashier na expired na ang aking code?

  • Dennieze Anne G. Merciales says:

    The online appointment have expiration?

    • Kat Delano says:

      yes po. may nakaindicate po yun na date. kailangan nyo po bayaran ASAP. pag di nyo po nabayaran, expired na po. Kung nabayaran nyo naman na po, dapat po ay puntahan nyo agad. Kung ilang araw po ang expiration nya, hindi ko po masabi kung ilan.

  • Rachella f nudo says:

    My Online door to door delivery reference number are can I get another one

  • Annalyn says:

    paano po kapag hnd agad nabayaran ung NBI within the day pwede pba bayaran kinabukasan?

    • ed-hil cabato says:

      ma eexprd ang reference no.

  • Bonjovi jeenri D Canlas says:

    pano po magpa appointment online

  • Ranie Galias Lascano says:

    We have documents for applied to company