How To Pay Your NBI Clearance Fee Application In Your GCash App

January 17, 2022 7:09 am

Hello, NBI Clearance Applicants!

As we usually discuss here at NBI Clearance tutorial website, we usually talk about on how to apply for an NBI Clearance. But today, I would like to put a spot light on the specific step in NBI Clearance Application process which is the payment option.

The payment option that I’m talking about is the GCASH payment option in settling or paying your NBI Clearance Application fee.

I am sure you are familiar with the GCASH App, right? To give you a brief background about it, GCASH is mobile money or (others call it) “e-money” that allows its users to pay their bills, send and receive money from another GCASH Users, shop, pay bills and other e-commerce transactions.

I’m not going to discuss and explain what GCASH thoroughly, but i’m sure you get the gist!

Anyway, since NBI Clearance is moving its processes towards digitalization and e-commerce transaction, they have decided to partner with private corporation to handle the collection of the payment made by all applicant.

One of the first private / commercial organization who helped with the collection of the NBI Clearance Fee was 7-Eleven.

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This time, we will be using another mode of payment. As I have been mentioning repeatedly, we will be using GCASH to settle our NBI Clearance transaction.

We will be skipping a few steps from the NBI Clearance Online Application since the focus of our tutorial today is to learn on how you can pay your NBI Clearance Fee using your GCash App.

GCASH App as the NBI Clearance Fee Mode of Payment

We’ll start our tutorial at the final steps where you will secure your NBI Clearance Reference Number.

The screenshot below shows you the steps after you have selected the NBI Clearance Branch, the date and time of your NBI Online Appointment where you are about to select the Payment Option or Mode of Payment.

Click on the GCash logo found in the lists of payment options. The background will turn into yellow when you hover and click it.

NBI Clearance Fee Payment using GCash 1.37.png

Right after you click it, a small window will prompt you. Please read it because it’s important.


It simply says three things:

  1. An NBI Clearance Reference Number will be generated
  2. Use your Gcash App to pay for your NBI Clearance.
  3. Pay using your NBI Clearance Reference Number

We will go into detail with each item mentioned above. It’s best to discuss this through a demonstration.

Now, press the “Proceed” button.

A Payment summary will be shown to you. Ignore this because the amount is not yet final. 

In my humble opinion, the information shown here is really irrelevant and will cause confusion to the NBI Clearance Applicants. Again, I am telling you that the amount you see here is not yet final so ignore this.

NBI Clearance Online 2022 GCASH NBI Clearance Fee Payment/NBI Clearance Appointment Transaction Summary 1.39

Just press the “Proceed to Payment” button to move to the next step.

A Payment Summary will be shown to you. Notice that there are two important elements displayed on the screen. The prompt shows you the unique auto generated NBI Clearance Reference Number (MP60JTXHLJ) and the Total amount to be paid (P155.00).

This is the correct and final amount (P155) you are going to pay in your GCash app.

NBI Clearance Payment Reference Number 1.40

Take a screenshot of this information. The important thing you need to capture is the NBI Clearance Reference number because it is unique to all applicants. Make sure you have a copy of this.

The Total amount to be paid is composed of two lines. These are the following:

  1. The NBI Clearance Fee amounting to P130.00 
  2. The System Fee which amounts to P25.00

The system fee is an additional service fee who prefers to do the NBI Clearance Fee payment thru electronic payment system.

Click the “Accept” button to  finalize the process of NBI Clearance Fee Payment in GCash.

The browser will return to the main dashboard where you can see your NBI Clearance Application form containing all your personal information.

Your NBI Online Application Form 1.24

Now, I want you to click the “Transactions” link at the side menu.

NBI Clearance Online Transactions Page 1.47

When the page is loaded, it will show you the NBI Clearance Online Appointment you have made and its status.

NBI Clearance Online Transactions Page

As you can see, the status of your NBI Online Application is still “Pending”. Notice also that the “Payment Date” is also blank.

The obvious reason is you haven’t paid for it yet. Once payment is made thru GCash, the status will change from “Pending” to “Paid”.

You are done using the NBI Clearance website. The next steps will be done through your mobile phone.

NBI Clearance Fee Payment Thru Your GCash App

Open your GCASH App in your smart phone to start the payment process of your NBI Clearance Fee.

Log in to your GCash app by entering the correct MPIN.

NBI Clearance Fee Payment using GCash Dashboard 1.41

Once logged in, search for the “Pay Bills” icon and press it.

NBI Clearance Fee GCash Pay Bills 1.42

It will divert you to the Pay Bills section where you can see different categories of Billers. To make it convenient, we will just use the search functionality of the GCASH App and just type the keyword “NBI” in the search  box.

When the logo of NBI appears, press it to select it.

NBI Clearance Search NBI in Billers Page in GCash 1.43

It will divert you to the Pay Bills section where you need to enter the important information such as your NBI Reference Number, Contact Number, the NBI Clearance Fee (Amount) and your email address.

Note that the most important information that you need to enter here correctly is the NBI Reference number and the NBI Clearance Fee Amount.

To give you a better understanding, if you have incorrectly entered the NBI Reference Number, your scheduled NBI appointment in the NBI Clearance Website will not be tagged as Paid or Completed hence invalidating the entire transaction.

Please note that you should pay the appropriate amount. Over and under payment are considered invalid transactions.

NBI Clearance Fee and Reference Number Required Information in GCash 1.44

After entering the required information correctly, press the “NEXT” text link located at the upper right section of your screen.

The next screen will show you the summary of the transaction. Make sure to review it correctly. Check the NBI Reference Number and the NBI Clearance Fees.

Press the “Confirm” text link if you have reviewed all the important information to proceed to the next steps.

IMPORTANT! When you press the CONFIRM link, this will proceed to the actual payment so make sure that the NBI Reference Number and the NBI Fee is correct. There’s no going back after this.

NBI Clearance GCash Confirmation before Actual Payment Screen 1.45

As mentioned, the next page will be the confirmation of the GCASH Payment to NBI Clearance. You can save this (sort of) receipt for your reference.

NBI Clearance GCash Proceed to Payment 1.46

The GCASH payment of your NBI Clearance Fee is done! Congratulations! The next step that I want you to do is to check the status of your NBI Clearance Scheduled Appointment Status.

Check Status Of NBI Clearance Schedule Appointment

Do you still remember how to do it?

If not, then don’t worry. I will help you remember it.

Go to the registration website where you can start processing your NBI Online Application.

Go to NBI Clearance website ( and log in to your account. Enter your user name and password then press the sign in button.

NBI Clearance Online Account Sign In 1.3

In the menu, press “Transactions” to see your scheduled appointment.

NBI Clearance Online Transactions Page 1.47

Do you still remember this page? Remember earlier in this tutorial, I have shown you this? Notice the changes?

The most noticeable change from this page is the status. It changed from “Pending”  to “Paid”. Also, the Payment Date has a value in it! It shows the date and time our payment is made. At the bottom, you can see the mode of payment which is GCASH and the validated time and date.

NBI Clearance Online 2022 GCASH/NBI Clearance Website Transactions Summary Page 1.49

So what does it mean? It simply means that the payment is successful and you may now proceed with the next steps of the NBI Clearance application.

If you don’t know the next step after this, it’s simply waiting for your scheduled appointment date and time. Make sure to bring all the requirements such as two valid IDs and your NBI Clearance Reference Number.

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Let me know if you have questions about the process on how to pay your NBI Clearance Fees using your GCASH App by leaving a comment down below.

Thank you!

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  • Gerald Carpina Coronel says:

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