NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview

September 20, 2018 10:12 am

It was really annoying because (1) the NBI Clearance Personnel asked me to go to NBI Clearance Main Office where Quality Control Interview is held. I applied for my NBI Clearance in Las Pinas which I have to travel two hours from home and (2) it delays the releasing of my NBI Clearance.

I’ve been asking myself what the heck is this Quality Control Interview? I have encountered five years of having a HIT status, what’s in it this time?

What is NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview?

In my own understanding, NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview is a process by which an NBI Personnel reviews or verify the true identity of the NBI Clearance applicant.

This results from receiving a HIT Status in Database verification process. The derogatory record can be his or her own criminal case or under his namesake. In short, your name has been tagged as critical and NBI wants to make sure that they’ll be giving out NBI Clearances to “clean” persons.

Why is this Happening?

The disappointment of not having my NBI Online really bugs me while sitting on the cab going to the NBI Main Office. Why did NBI Clearance Main office doing this Quality Control Interview? Then I realize few things that might be a good reason why applicants is suffering this.


  • You have a pending or ongoing case.
  • You are under for arrest and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities
  • Your Namesake has a pending or ongoing case or
  • Your namesake are under for arrest and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities

What to do if asked to attend Quality Control Interview?

It’s really a no brainer this time, if you are asked by the NBI Clearance Personnel to attend the Quality Control Interview then you have to.

Read: NBI Online Registration

If you have a clean conscience and have a clean record and as innocent as a child, then you should go. You don’t have to be afraid, it’s not that you did anything illegal that violates our laws, are you?

  • Bring at least two (2) valid supporting documentation that proves your identity. I suggest you should bring Valid IDs accepted and recognized by NBI. In my case, I brought my Philippine Passport since I just got mine recently.
  • Be on time. The NBI Personnel asked me to go there the next day at 9AM. I arrived in the place with a lot of people waiting for their turn. The person I was talking to said that the Quality Control Interviewers starts interviewing at around 8AM.
  • Wear the proper dress code. I can still see few ignorant applicants that was denied to enter the vicinity of NBI Clearance Office because they are wearing slippers and short. You are going inside a Government Building; therefore, everyone is required to wear proper and decent attire. When I say proper and decent, you don’t have to wear your Barong or your Necktie and Suit.
  • In case you have a criminal case, and the decision has been made. Bring the original and a photocopy of it. This will really help you to clear your record.
  • Don’t forget to bring your NBI Clearance Online Receipt.

The Quality Control Interview

While waiting for my turn, I realized that the Quality control interview is not that scary at all. I’ve seen many smiling people going out of the enclosed office where the interview is being held. I didn’t see anyone being arrested! Maybe because applicants with criminal case don’t bother to come to the scheduled interview because they really know that they will be instantly arrested because of the crime they have done.

Multi Purpose Nbi Clearance

The interview lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes. The NBI Clearance Quality Control Interviewer asked simple questions, most of the time answerable by a Yes or a No. I guess she really knows that I’m not the one they been looking for (I mean my namesake).

Some questions asked are:Are you Mr. Juan Dela Cruz?

    • Are you living in (your present address)?
    • How long have you been living in your (present address)?
    • Have you been to Palawan? It was the place where my namesake committed the crime.
    • Do you have a criminal case (such as) Rape, Theft, Serious Physical Injury, Attempted Murder, Plunder, Arson or Treason?

Once you easily denied all their allegations,[lol] you are directed to the NBI Clearance Resident Lawyer to take an oath.

The interviewer will give you a piece of paper, an Affidavit of Denial. You just need to fill out the form. You will be then ask to leave the room and fill out the Affidavit of Denial in the waiting area.

In working with the Affidavit of Denial, there are things you need to remember:

  • It is for FREE! So avoid the oh-so-Filipino-scheme fixers waiting for unsuspecting victims outside offering their services for a fee.
  • Fill out the necessary fields: the date of your NBI application and your reference number found in the receipt your NBI Clearance Online Payment. The NBI Clearance QC Interviewer will check all the required details you need to fill out.

Once done, wait for the NBI Clearance Personnel to get your Affidavit of Denial. You will then be in queue for taking an oath. Just be patient in waiting.

When it’s your turn, you will be then ask to stand in front of the NBI Clearance Resident Lawyer.

He will ask you to raise your right hand and be ready to recite “Panatang Makabayan” lol! He will (again) ask few question which is answerable by Yes or No. Sometimes, he would ask you to say your Complete Name and Address or any Personal Details he might think of. In a few seconds, you’ll notice that it’s already finished.

The oath taking is finished! Hoooray! You’re not done yet.

Wait for your Affidavit of Denial to be notarized. This is also for free and no need to shell out some dough.

After receiving your Affidavit of Denial back, hand it over to the person who interviewed you. He or She will write the time of release of your NBI Clearance. You can now leave the room and proceed to the Printing and Releasing Section of NBI Clearance.

When the scheduled time arrives, you can easily get your NBI Clearance. Head down to the Exit door and leave the entire building of NBI Main Office and GO HOME!

When I was walking down the exit path of NBI Main Office, I decided to share my own experience so that many people can find help on the internet with their questions. Do you have one? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. I’m sure there are a stories you’ve heard that’s worth sharing? Your experience or a friend’s experience doing the Quality Control Interview when applying for an NBI Clearance Online? I am happy to hear ALL of them! Just leave a message in the comments section.

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  • Omski Cars says:

    I was asked to do the same thing three years ago.

    This morning, I just went to NBI – Muntinlupa branch. Since I already registered and paid online, I thought it will be faster. The office in Muntinlupa was relocated to Starmall. The place is still terrible for a government agency, especially it’s NBI. Again, after lining up for the ID picture and thumb mark, I’ve been HIT. This is really hassle. It’s my second time! I have to go back after 8 days. I am frustrated and disappointed with the system. I know that most likely there’s a person who has the same name. I hope that NBI may do something about this. Now, I have to wait again and hope that they won’t ask me to proceed to Ermita branch. My God! I’m feeling hopeless with the system. My goodness…

  • lala says:

    This happened to me just today! LOL!

    Good thing, my dad’s friend is like a director” at NBI here in our city.”

  • zanne says:

    Just happened to me Today.
    Thanks for this information actually this is the first time I heard the term hit. I felt like crying knowing that I can’t get my clearance unlike to my two other classmate. I badly need my clearance before January 20 for employment I’m a fresh graduate and board passer hoping to get a job.

  • TRISH says:

    can you please kindly elaborate the possible reasons to get a BIG HIT? I mean, This is my 2nd time to get an NBI CLEARANCE at BAGUIO CITY, and this is the 1st time that I have to go to the main office for interview. :'(

    • johan says:

      hello …how is your nbi clearance..im with thesame problem ..im from baguio city and first time to get a hit remarks

  • Jay labastida says:

    What if i cant attend on the appointed date???can i still go there on my convenient time since i am working???

    • jenny says:

      paano po kapag 5months na nakalipas , kase sobrang busy sa work nde ba makukwestyon o magdududa peru my mga papers naman na po

  • Wendell says:

    I got hit .if i go to the main office of nbi makukuwa ko kya agad.? Thanks!

  • Ed says:

    Hi, I just wanted to share this. Today I decided to renew my nbi clearance. Unexpectedly this is the first time also that I got an HIT. I really don’t know why? I have a unique name and surename. I didn’t do anything wrong against our law. I’m scared right now. I really don’t know what to do.

  • Vicente Laveros says:

    Panu po makakuhan ng nbi meron po akung pending case panu po ito mging malinis
    Dhil po kailangan ko sa pag apply ng trabaho..?

    • Jayaar says:

      Hi’ Vicente, You can still be issued an NBI Clearance but it depends on your pending case. Is it criminal or civil case? To make sure go to NBI Main office.

      • Marie says:

        if civil case? they will not release your nbi clearance? or they will release and it will mention their you case?

    • rowena says:

      pag biktima ka ng illegal recruiter may kaso din po ba? kaso may case daw ung name ko kaya pinapupunta akos sa main office quality control.

  • Edgar L Catadman says:

    HW i can find my application form because I need to print this evening I forgot

  • marievic says:

    How do I make a file case

  • Gennis Hernandez says:

    Am I unlucky person? since Ive been experienced not once but twice HIT (lol) Im thinking that Am I a crminal or I do have any criminal cases which I committed but honestly I dont have any….I need the answer what should I do in order me not to have HIT again?It is a waste of time if ure always be rescheduled and go back with the preferred date.

  • Edgardo C. Rivera says:

    Can i go directly to the NBI main office right away after being tag with hit? I mean on that very same day?

  • Elizabeth flordeliz says:

    Meron po ako case falsification of public documents… but may nareceived na ako from court that is DISMISSED PERMANENTLY..kukuha akl ng nbi for work … pag na HIT po ba ako kailangan ko po ba pang pumunta sa NBI TAFT kahit may copy na ako dismissed na case ko… thanx and more power and god bless

  • Bethy sunga says:

    Meron po ako case falsification of public documents… but may nareceived na ako from court that is DISMISSED PERMANENTLY..kukuha akl ng nbi for work … pag na HIT po ba ako kailangan ko po ba pang pumunta sa NBI TAFT kahit may copy na ako dismissed na case ko… thanx and more power and god bless

    • Margareth says:

      How long it takes po ung case nyo

  • Michael says:

    gaano po katagal inabot nung buong process? kung pupunta at makakapila na po dun ng 7/8am kaya po ba siya ng half day lang? Thank you po.

    • tin says:

      same question here…..

  • Rodalyn says:

    Hi, I’m also planning to go to UN Taft to verify my hit. I badly need my nbi because my start day of employment is being hold. In the satellite branch where I applied ask me to return after 2 weeks but I’m eagerly to have my nbi now. How long does it take to finally have your nbi clearance in main? Is it the same thing to do as what you did? Thank you. Regards.

  • Jessie says:

    Hello po sainyo. Ang dami ko pong problema at kailangan ko po ng tulong o advise. 1st, Meron po kasi akong dorm noon na kung saan eh may less 30,000 po akong bill na hindi nabayaran at hindi po kasi ako nakapagpaalam bago umalis kasi graduation ko na po noon. Pero may contact po ako sa kanila at nagusap naman po kami kung paano ko po babawasan yung utang ko. 2nd, may credit card po akong hindi nababayaran worth 23,000. Pero may contact pa din po ako sakanila. Nagssend po ng demand text messages but not letters. Today po nagapply ako for NBI Clearance. So smooth naman yung processing tapos sinabihan ako na babalikan ko July 25. Wala naman pong sinabi na may HIT ako o kung ano man. Nababagabag po kasi ako 🙁

  • Manolo Baac says:

    Hello po. Ask lang po if kpag may warrant of arrest ang isang tao, possible po ba na nasa data base na ng NBI?

  • Archie says:

    Hello po for interview na ako nbi priblema ko my case po ako dati na accident car nka banga po ako ng kotse na detained po ako ng ilang araw kasi po expired po license ko noon pru nag pyansa po ako ng 10k at nag haering pa po kmi noon na desmis po ang kasu ko.mkukulong po ba ako my kuso pa ulit doon sa na banga ko.

  • Ben says:

    Good morning, My question is, how to clear an NBI remarks as no pending case.? Ty…

  • Aaron Morton says:

    What happens if they find a minor case somewhere that you didn’t know about? They arrest you or just make to go see about it?

  • Cherry ann dava says:

    Hello po.. ask q lang po if hit po ba may nkalagay na HIT sa papers mo? Sakin kc wala pro pinapabalik aq sa dec.27.. thanks po

    • Mercy Benz says:

      Ok lng po un, ako nga dati nung hindi pa appointment ang pagkuha ng nbi clearance, hit din ako ng 9 days pero ngaun na by appointment na ang pag kuha, 2 days hit nalng ako.

  • dennis says:

    Hello thanks sa blog ask ko lang sana kung kasama ba sa criminal casrs ang utang na di pa nababayarani mean nag ka qualify ba eto para sa q.c ibterview? 🙂

  • Eduardo G. Geronimo says:

    I always get problems at the Immigration regarding having a namesake, is the new NBI Clearance enough to get through Immigration this time? Or do I need clearance still from the Department of Foreign Affairs as I used to?

  • Sss says:

    Pano po pag dismissed na ang case. Would it still appear sa NBI?

  • tagapagligtas says:

    Sino po ang may kakilala sa NBI?
    Kasi, ganito..
    Yung lalaking naka-contact lens at braces
    At lalaking FELIX ang pangalan.

    Sa Step 3, Biometrics at Photo..
    No Hit naman.
    Pero, ang release nung sa kasama ko, sa January 14 pa.
    Ako nga nakuha ko na agad kanina.

    Feeling ko kasi pinag-tripan lang kami na ganun.


    • yelen says:

      Yung sa akin naman pinapa punta nila ako sa NBI new building sa taft para daw sa quality control interview eh wala naman akong hit

  • chammy says:

    hai I wanna ask, is it possible to be Hit” if one of the applicant’s parent has a criminal case??? i have a friend and she’s afraid to get an NBI clearance because his father has a criminal case when his still young. She’s afraid that upon putting out the name of his father on the fill-up form

  • Kamotemarsh says:

    Hi po ask ko lang po kung pwedeng lumampas ako sa date na nakasked ako sa nbi. last jan 8 po ako nanguha ng nbi clearance pero nag Hit so kelangan ko sya balikan ng Jan.13.. pero balak ko sana sa Jan 14 nalang.. makukuha ko pa rin po kaya yun? Thanks.

  • Donnabel Dalo says:

    bayad na po ako .. pero wala padin confirmation..
    anung gagawin ko

  • Loa says:

    hi po, i have hit before then kukuha ako ng NBI pero sinabi saken na need to go to quality control but my cased already dismissed, kailngan puba yung dismissed letter? kasi nawala kona tagal na nun,

    • Concerned lang me says:

      Ues. Need mo iprove na dismissed na ang case mo. Eto yung scenario na kadalasang nangyayari pag may case ang tao. Dismissed na pero sa records ng NBI, hindi pa.

  • grace says:

    ang utang ba sa credit card qualified as case?

  • grace says:

    hihintayin ko pa sagot nyu..about credit card..

  • ryan says:

    Panu pu bng proceso ang gagawin pg QUALITY CONTROL ang nbi . kelangan daw kc dun kunin sa MAIN OFFICE . Tx po sa nkaka alam 09477001433 , slamat

  • joy says:

    pwede po ba ako manguha ng nbi kahit hndi aku ang naka pangalan

  • Ricky says:

    Hi good afternoon puh
    ask ko lng kng Ung 15yrs old na naBlotter Sa kasong Pagnanakaw dhil po sa nabarkada amo dati ehh…pwd po ba Ma-Clear yun….salamat puh..

  • melvin beramende binas says:

    Ganito din ang nangyari sa akin.may kapangalan din ako sa nbi,may pending case sya.kahit pinakita ko na yung dati kong nbi na inisyu nila dati sa akin,ayaw pa rin nila akong bigyan ng clearance.samantalang lahat ng data at mga supporting papers ko nkita na nila.

  • gina villanueva says:

    ask k lng yun fren ko my on going case na criminal case BP22 posible ba siyang makakuha ng nbi clearance pr makapag abroad siya

    • james says:

      its been a useful blog for me….

      ask ko lang nakulong ako pero nakalaya ako dahil sa minor de edad pa ako nun 17 lang ako nun nakulong ako sa loob ng isang taon 2 buwan at 3 araw.. pero sabi nila kung inamin ko daw yun 6 months lang ang bubunuuin ko sa loob.

      pero nung lumaya ako umatend din ako ng hearing pero dahil nga kelangan ko magtrabaho hindi na ako naka attend ng mga hearing. tapos nakakuha naman ako ng nbi clearance noon, pero ngayon may hit na.

      papaano po ba para maclear yung record ko?

  • Nameless says:

    nag-apply po ako ng NBI clearance pero na-HIT ako… first time ko lang kasi kumuha… ang alam ko ung jaywalking ung HIT sakin.. panu po maClear sa NBI? at anu po mangyayari sakin kung un nga ang lalabas? salamat po

  • ninja says:

    Hi! Bakit wala pong papel for NBI clearance sa Kidapawan, Cotabato, Bansalan daw po? It’s been a month since I applied for my NBI clearance po and ng re-apply din kami kanina sa Midsayap, wala pa din. Badly needed na ksi tlga ung clearance po for abroad. Sana na man ung dalawang receipt pwd msync ung details sa ibang branch ksi for printing na lng tlga. Paper lng daw wala!!!!!

  • mark says:

    ilang days after ng interview bago makuha yung nbi

  • Neri says:

    Do i need to repeat this routine every time I got a HIT name though with the same namesake with the same case and had already taken the oath and proven not liable to any crime? As in every time I will renew my NBI clearance I have to take a long queue in QA office and take an oath again and again and again???

  • chibi says:

    pag civil cases ba lalabas din as a hit?

  • kiko sienna says:

    how are these ‘hits’ determined? I worked for a financial institution that requires us to renew our NBI Clearance annually and for years I was able to get mine hassle-free, last year was a different story. I’m sure as hell it wasn’t me. Seemed to me something changed in their system and that they are just using the first and last name to determine a hit. I have two names a unique middle initial and a very common last name and my family has never lived or used any other address for the past 20 years. bottom line of this comment is, the system to determine the hits needs to be revamped to include other factors that would make taking the clearance more refined and precise. they should keep track of previous clearance application and other government issued IDs. seriously, what are those for? Time’s a-wasting, people, and time is money.

  • Danica says:

    May ask po ako, nag confess po skin ung friend ko po nahuli
    syang nag shoftlift sa isang department store. Mumurahing
    sing.sing. dinala sya office ng dep store at dahil wala syang
    pmbyad sa nasabing kinuha nya ay dinala sya sa isang malapit
    na police station at dun sya pinag bayad.possible bang may
    record na sya sa NBI? kung nabyaran naman nya kinuha nya at
    pinauwi naman sya agad pagka tapos. Paki sagot po.salamat!:)

  • charito says:

    Hi i am charito R. Betito/ single name ,charito B kondo married name. i would like to asked an interview because i was a victim of injustice in japan ,i and mr.kondo my japanese husband, i was a victim also here in the philippines ,something happen without my knowledge because someone stolen my documets. many times. and the person was lie to me when was trust them and trator me. because of that false information, i have a complained in CID before ,( dec 2013, I just seeking my justice but my enemy was had influence ,i also had letters to sec.Laila De lima. I was a victim of identity theft and name theft ,libel,scandals, and my fb.was hacked how many times .and they written on my fb that i made a libel ,.but i was a real victim in Japan using a media and Yakusa .my email was always hacked .as a result i can’t used email and fb. i have no lawyer , everytime when i went to one agency i feel that there was a spy when they looked on my face they send a text to someone,.like when i was went to japan embassy last dec.2013 .first they allowed me to entered but 2nd when i was to go back again after i talked the filipino man ,the security guard did not allowed me to entered. and then they laughing at me. same also to the other agency , and i was suffer my surrounding because they spread a false information ,,this is the result because my complained was using againts me.,.I did not made any crime or any thing againts the law.because i have a great faith of our God but the people were involved the crime was destroyed me, destroyed my Intigrity and my name .I dont have any bad records here in the Phillippines .but after that i suffer .,PLs i asked an interview to the director. I already went there last friday 05 2015.in general service DiVsion..but they asked all my documents, i can provide them but i need to go Doj again to certified true copy. MY Question is why they asked again? i already have record. because my enemy was stolen and used my documents. and that is my evidence . I have hit before but i still have an interview. …thanks…God bless pls do the right action …charito

  • Veronica Mendoza says:

    If I may ask, what if I have my receipt yet did not continue with the processing? I really felt sick that day. How many days is it still valid? Thank you.

  • Tere says:

    meron akong hit, tapos pinababalik ako after 3 days.. then, nung bumalik ako sabi for quality control pa daw.. bakit ganun? yung iba pag pinabalik ok na, releasing na lang… may online ba na quality control para hindi na ko pumila? kasi yung ibang mga nakapila 9am pa lang daw andun na sila pero 4pm na hindi pa sila natatawag…

  • Angel Lokreng says:

    Hello Guys, 5 Years ago i was 13 years old po nun, nagbebenta po ako online dati, reseller lang po ako nun may bumili po kasi sakin then pinadala nya napo yung pera sakin nung buyer ko tapos po kinuha ko lang yung tubo ko dun then yung pera po pinadala ko na sa supplier ko.. after an hour po pag check ko ng fb ko block na ako sa supplier ko. hindi ko alam yung gagawin ko dati dinelete ko nalang yung online store ko, pero bago yun sabi sakin ng Buyer ko i-rereport nya daw ako sa NBI.

    if na-report po ako magiging valid po ba yun sa NBI? or what should i do?
    salamat po.

  • bien says:

    i had encountered problem because my nbi clearance was hit..thre is a possibility of having pending payment for my credit card.please nid help

  • Nervousbreakdown says:

    Good day, ako po ay isang stuyante at katatapos ko lang mag aral sa kursong marine engineering, noong araw nakababa ako sa barko nag drive ako sa motorcycle ko na walang rehistro at expire na driver license ko at nahuli ako sa check point at kinasuhan ako nang simple disobedence. kanina lang nagkuha ako nang NBI CLEARANCE at na hit po ako wala na po bang solution to. need ko NBI CLEARANCE PARA MAKA BOARD EXAM. Please sana may maka advice, ako pa naman breed winner nang pamilya ko salamat.

  • Carlo says:

    is there a possibility that they want you for an interview to verify your real name because you didn’t put your complete name on the nbi clearance form?

  • eltirador says:

    got my nbi clearance today and i was schedule for quality interview then the interviewer ask my old nbi clearance the im done i just wait for less than 5mins in the realising area then i got it

  • Johanna villaflores says:

    I had a jaywalking penalty ticket of 500php this feb 28 in quezon city.i didnt pay for it because i didnt have enough money.now i just came back to bicol..i need to apply for an nbi clearance..will i have a hit in the nbi and police?

  • Johanna villaflores says:

    Im waiting for your answer for this question thank you..im getting worried because this requirement is needed for my job

  • alvin aquino says:

    Hello po, kumuha po ako ng nbi clearance para po sa passport, babalikan ko po kasi hit pa rin ano po ang dapat kong gawin para ma-clear na yung hit ko before. Thank you and godbless

  • eves says:

    Ask ko lang po nag awol po ako sa isang company makakaepekto po ba ito sa nbi at police clearance ko po? thank you very much po

  • Rodrigo Dulinis says:

    Nakakuha ka na ng NBI Clearance at ano yung nakalagay?

  • TJ P. says:

    I just went to the NBI Main this morning. That was the 1st time I got a HIT. I didn’t commit any crime. I was a victim of a crime that happened just this year. I got beat up by some thugs for what ever reason. My mother went to the police station to report the incident. Thats the only thing I can think of because thats the only time I got involved with thugs and police men. I can guarantee that I’m the only person in the country to have such a name. No one else has the same 1st, middle & last name combination. So I know that this HIT is really under my name. I know I didn’t commit any crime. I don’t have a police record nor have I been Blottered or reported to a Barangay official for doing criminal offence. I’m not scared or anything, its just that I spent 3 hours in line and had to wake up at 2 AM just to be there as early as I could. 1st time ever I got a HIT. Now my job application is deemed Pending since I haven’t completed my requirements yet. I just got home. Im tired. No job because of this. And I have to memorize that Panatang Makabayan” thing again. I pay my taxes. I follow the rules. They wouldn’t even explain to me why I have a HIT on the same day. They should change the system. If there is a HIT

  • Jesus M. Garcia, Jr. says:

    Applied for NBI clearance the last two (2) years always with HIT, this my 3rd time to apply (travel abroad) malamang may HIT na naman at punta na naman sa Main Office, sana updated na record nila to distinguish yung me criminal record sa wala.


  • Maryjoy says:

    Itatanong ko lang po kung pwede pa ba ipabago yung middle initial ko
    Nagkamali kc …
    Dapat junio kc yun
    Edano nailagay ko
    Akala ko kc gitnang apelyido ng ina sa pag ka dalaga…
    Magka hiwalay pla yun…

  • edward magno j. says:

    tnx!!! for the info.

  • Dave says:

    Will this Quality Control Interview clear one from being HIT again the next time we apply for an NBI Clearance?

    My experience over twenty years, once you are HIT, you are forever HIT every time you apply for a clearance.

  • Bethliz says:

    Ang Hindi nabayarang utang sa credit card at mgA tel company Ay Hindi kasama sa kasong criminal i big sabihan pwede ka pa ring kumuha ng nbi clearance kasi nga ang mga utang na di nabayarang Ay puma pasok sa civil case…pag pi√±a punts ka sa main opis ng NBI ibig sabihan May kapangalan ka na may kasong criminal ..at kung Alam mo naman na wala kang kasong criminal Ay wala kang dapat i pag alala ..ulitin ko ang di pag abayas ng utang Ay kasong civil at Hindi Ito hadlang sa pagkuha mo ng NBI clearance

  • Jayson says:

    Tanong q lang pinapupunta q baliwag para kumuha ng police clearance (d q pa po alam pumunta baliwag d aq pamiryar sa lugar) me police clearance n q ng hagonoy pati lahat ng proof ng identification q….Tiga hagonoy po aq…Anu po pwede q gawin…Kailangan q p b talaga pumunta baliwag para kumuha ng police clearance….ayaw kasi bigay sa kin nbi clearance q me kapangalan aq na me kaso….salamat po!!! Malinis po record q.

  • cristy pida says:

    how to get nbi clearance via online

  • Sheila says:

    Tanong ko lang po..na hit na ako bfor kac pangalan ng asawa ko marami kaparehang name.pwde ba change nlng ako n aplyedo total widdow nmn ako.tapos nag aalala ako kc may mg utang akong d na bayaran nka recv ako ng mga demand letter ano pamgyayari may kaso po ba yan pra masabit ako at d mkakuha ng nbi?pls pki sagut nmn na kinakbahan ako.kukuha ako ng nbi kc plan ko work abroad pls reply po .thnk u

  • johanna oplimo says:

    Okay! I got hit too..and it really bugs me.

  • Ludette says:

    thanks so much for this! i got a hit applying on my NBI clearance. i had it when i started using my married name. i got cleared on my first NBI clearance few years back. and now the processing have changed. i was also asked to go to the main office for the interview”. so i have nothing to worry about and should just go early to have it done! thanks so much!”

  • Walden says:

    I was just surprised to get a HIT Status.
    I applied for an NBI clearance last March 18, 2016at the QC City Hall and got a No Hit Status. But the purpose was wrong so I went to NBI office here at UN Avenue to apply for a new purpose on it. Then I suddenly got HIT Status. But reading through your articles, it could be because I already applied and that could be the problem.

  • Mic says:

    Having a demand letter doesn’t equate you of having a civil case. A civil case needs to be filed first so that you’ll be able to have a record that might affect your status in the nbi.

  • Melanie says:

    thanks for the info. great page!

  • MarkAnthonyNavarro says:

    Thank you it helps a lot for the first time like me. Actually we have the same process.. so many years i always hit then after 3 or 1 weeks. It release so nothing to worry about it when i got it. but then after this year i get a new one. then after the officers of n.b.i. tell me that i need to go head office because i’m in quality control. i felt that time was i said to myself that did i do something wrong i don’t remember i committed a crime before that will reflect my N.B.I. clearance i always get n.b.i. then it always hit but then now it changes.

  • Jason Padilla says:

    If you know someone working there ( MTC/RTC) it would be easy for you..If you’re going to work on yourself lahat ng hirap mararanasan mo start from filing of forms to verify clearly if your case is still active..Me, myself encountered that kind of agony when i the QC officer informed that i still have that case on going and she even told me if i stayed or lived from the address stated from that case…But when we visited that MTC..as soon as i gave that form she simply replied that i have mu case ongoing without checking it to think that case happened last 1997 she even replied that there photos attached on that form they have..

    My sister of mine got a friend and so happened that she is a lawyer and have too many connections from that MTC…which made my case easily verified from their data base. As that clerk continues checking it she even repeat that oh perhaps that person is the as you. meaning kamukha ko daw yung taong naka post which i’ve felt irritated…finally when i checked it i was not mine and hindi sakin yun at we have the same name. Now i’ve got my NBI clearance..Thanks sa mga taong tumulong sakin kasi sabi nila kung mag isa ka lang pababaliki ka palgi.. Kya i would advised if you know someone inside the process will be so smooth..


    I couldn’t believed what just happened 2 months ago. I need an NBI clearance, so I applied a new one. It’s been a problem of mine a very long time ago, since 1989 for a petty crime I got involved in. It’s still a hit but, when I came back after 2 weeks or so, I don’t have any derogatory records. I thank God. Please read my previous comment below to see the story behind this.

  • estrello yordan says:

    Kagagaling ko Lang po sa nbi u.n.ave.para kumuha ng clearance pero may HIT ang name ko.ngaun ko Lang naranasan ito.wala naman along kaso o ka pangalan.bakit po kaya?

  • Paul Tan says:

    thanks for the info.! Its a big help.. 🙂

  • Roxan Cruz Carullo says:

    Ask ko lng po if pwd bang magsampa ng kaso Laban sa mga taong may mga utang sakin ng matagal na dito ako sa Kuwait at yon mga taong may mga malalaking utang sakin at nandito din pro nagtatago,ano po pwede ko ipasa na requirements pra sila at ma I demands q thru online sa NBI? Plz send me a reply tnx

  • Anyella says:

    Hi. What time did you arrive at the NBI Taft Satellite Office? How long was your waiting time?

  • Jess says:

    Hi po. i am 14 years old in that time at may nagawa po akong malaking kasalanan sa isang mall at pinapunta ako sa opisina at pina finger print nila ako and for me its minor criminal offense. I am now 18 years old. I am wondering pag nag kuha ba ako ng NBI CLEARANCE possible po bang may kaso na ako or huhulihin, sasampahan ng kaso or what so ever ?? Makukuha ko pa ba yong NBI clearance. Pls answer po i need your opinion thanks..

  • Lei says:

    Hello po, pwede po b aq magpacheck ng name ng isang tao if my record sa nbi? Kung meron, how? Andito po kasi ako Europe. Salamat po ng marami s reply.

  • JOY says:


  • Oyet says:

    thank you for this blog. it has been really helpful, especially for a first timer who has been called for a NBI QC interview. but hey, at least it gives me a sort of assurance that NBI exerts effort to ensure they don’t give out clearance without verifying.

  • Jennilyn says:

    Ask ko lng po kung sakaling may kaso asawa ko sa nbi pwd b sya makasuhan dn..

  • Jen says:

    Pano po malaman kung my nag file ng kaso s akin s nbi

  • jonathan l lumibao says:

    hi….. bat ganun may kaparehas aq ng name …..???

  • johnny boy says:

    i went to a quality control interview last year. do you think that i would go again if my namesake did not clear his case? my 2015 clearance is to be released next week and i dont want to be endorsed again.

  • Andy says:

    Just wondering… do they actually use the biometrics to clear the applicants?…

  • pam says:

    Hello po in my case nman po,nung 2013 kumuha ako nbi clearance local and abroad nung nakuha ko ang clearance ko tama spelling ng local at ung abroad mali spelling ng mid name ko ngayon 2015 april 13 kuha ulit ako nbi clearance at nahit na ung name ko..posible po ba n ung spelling dati ang naging dahilan ng hit wala nman ako kapangalan dati nung kumukuha ako noon salamat sa sagot

  • yolanda moral says:

    Ask q lng po mtulungan m kya aq…kc po 2012 kmuha aq ng nbi tas sbi blik aq s gnun araw hnd npo aq nkblik kc ngtka aq dhl nung una aq kumuha mbilis lng pero nuong taon n un at me asawa n aq at apelyido ng asawa q gmit q bgla ngkproblema aq s pgkuha q…pede nio po b pkicheck name q s nbi qng with HIT ang name q…thanks po…

  • yolanda moral says:

    Isa p po…pnu q mllmn qng me ngfile ng kaso skin s nbi…like cguro ngalit skin dhl me ngwa aq hnd nya gusto…plssss help me po

  • yelen says:

    Im wondering why I have to go on a quality control interview because I dont have a hit and the nbi personnel refer me to NBI NEW BUILDING in Taft Avenue for the said interview and release of my NBI Clearance.

    • Joyce says:

      He SIR/ MA’AM
      Pwede ba makakuha ng NBI kahit 6 months pa ang brother ko nakalabas ng JAIL?

  • paul says:

    what happened to billions or millions budget for NBI????

  • Lorna Francisco says:

    Hi what will happen if you are not aware that you have a case when you go for the Quality Control interview, will you be arrested or they will just not issue your clearance and until you resolve your case.


    Spider pig

  • karen says:

    Hi! In my case i was not able to continue my transaction on the scheduled date due to work related reasons and sadly i dont have any one to claim my nbi clearance on my behalf. I have already paid the fee and printed the document. What should i do? Is it ok if i just drop by any time or do i have to reschedule and pay again? Really need answers right now. Thanks!

    • sheila says:


      Good afternoon. Can I move my appointment for filing NBI clearance tommorow May 7, 2015?

      I supposed to be scheduled today May 6,2015. I already paid at BDO through Dragonpay. I already had the form filled up online. But I can’t come to the NBI offic2 now.

      I need your advice please.




  • Jonathan de leon says:

    Thanks for this post for it has been very helpful.

    • Lemon says:

      Super thank you for this article. I have two questions. 1. My niece had stolen things in one known dept. store. He was caught and brought to security office. He was asked to pay for those stolen items and he did. His finger print was taken as well as his some personal info and his picture. He was informed that it was just their record and nothing to be worry about. He was then set free an asked not to do it again. This incident happened 5-6 years ago. Will this record appear on his NBI? If so, what should we do? Please we need a help. Thank you.

      • Jane Angeles says:

        it will not reflect in your cousin’s nbi record. All cases filed in court or in any police stations will be recorded in the database of nbi.

  • ryan says:

    same story but still i have it hit again i thought that my hit will be over after i went last time to the main nbi.i dont know if i will get the same interview again and again.

  • rodel c. rapsing says:

    it is possible that after 14 years of acquittal still my name is not clear in NBI?

    does blotter and confrontation in fiscal office is not a guarantee for nbi on hit?

  • Kim Rabaya says:

    First time kong kumuha ng NBI clearance, i got hit and then

  • Kim Rabaya says:

    First time kong kumuha ng nbi clearance sa main office nila sa UN after that i got hit”. They tell me to come back on may 2 2014. Do i still to get interviewed on QC or direcho na ako para kunin yung nbi clearance ko?”

  • chazty says:

    i have a friend na hindi makapangapply ng work dahil natatakot siya na ma hit dahil may kaso and father nya many years before. tanong ko lang kikilittasin pa ba ng NBI ang parents ng applicant? baka kasi daw ang application nya ang maging daan ng pagkakulong ng father nya.. help naman po oh!!! kawawa po kasi friend ko…

  • chazty says:

    i have a friend na hindi makapangapply ng work dahil natatakot siya na ma hit dahil may kaso and father nya many years before. tanong ko lang kikilittasin pa ba ng NBI ang parents ng applicant? baka kasi daw ang application nya ang maging way ng pagkadakip ng father nya.. help naman po oh!!! kawawa po kasi friend ko…

  • klarissa says:

    bakit po ganon kung kelan pang third time ko na po magrenew ng NBI q nakaHIT” pa q”

  • cyrilako says:

    may posibilidad ba na magkaroon ako ng HIT? 1 year ago na po,nang mangyari ang nagawa kung mali noon,i was a cashier and i was caught na ng punch ako ng maraming item and kunti lang nabayaran ng friend ko..then after that ng kausap nmn kami ng employer ko,kina-usap ako binigyan ng chance hindi nmn umabot sa puntong ipa pulis ako..kaso naidawit ko ang co-employee ko.at binantaan ako linisin ko daw panglan nya..pwede rin ba siyang mg reklamo sa police??
    please lang po need ko po advice nyo,
    kukuha kasi ako ng nbi clearance next week..at kinakabahan ako na baka my HIT ako..
    thank po

  • richly b. callao says:

    papano kung ako talaga ang nasa list.may pending case po ako sa q.c. criminal case po company versus many of us. but no warrant because it is still pending about almost 2 years ago. can i not get my nbi clearance?

  • richly b. callao says:

    il be very grateful if u email me the answer in the email add i provide.thank you

  • anonymous says:

    Tang inang nbi yan. Nangiipit ng taong walang kasalanan.

  • ic says:

    hi i applied my nbi clearance last december and wasnt able to claim the certificate.. is it possible po b n mkukuha ko p ung certificate ko without reaapplying for it? thank you.

  • anabel flores wang says:

    My case has just dismissed.what steps should i follow to get my clearance?

  • jenny says:

    Good day…what if may hit ung name ko, then schedule for interview, tapos hindi po ako pumunta sa interview? ano po mangyari sa application ko? waiting for your relply….

  • redred fuentes says:

    my DOH Drugs testing result is positive but id never used illegal drugs before since berth. plss could you help me to clean my recond ? plss advice me what to do

  • Melanie cortez says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences…it really helps me alot to feel better and to avoid to much stress of thinking i might not be able to issued NBI Clearance…my husband said he once had a namesake and it took him 6months before he had his NBI Clearance.he said it depends on how big the criminal case of his namesake is the longer of its clearance release.i was hit and the date written on my reciept is on May 20. It is about 8days before i will return.does that mean my case was not that big?will i be able to get my clearance after that?or will still have many stages to gone through?

  • gretchendiazen says:

    Will ako,,wla pang NBI,,gusto ko plang maglabas ng nbi

  • jirad nelvin razon says:

    Hello po… May itatanong lang po sana.. I was received a subpoena last jan.12,2015… Pero wala po akong naisubmitt na counter affidavit.. Pero totoo po yong na file ng complainant.. Magkakaroon na po ba ako ng record sa nbi? O kahit sa anong government agency?

  • cristy serna daymil says:

    good am po..sir/mam
    nag online regsterd po ako ng nbi clearance..kaya lang po d ko namn natatanggap sa email ko..hindi ko po malalaman ung code ko schedule ko sa may 22..code lang po need ko.para mabayaran ko sa bayad center.

  • Janice Ingrid M. Fernandez says:

    It’s my first time to get a hit. So much for having a unique name…I can’t think of any crime of commission of omission that I committed.

  • Mark says:

    Thanks a lot. I’m scheduled for an interview tomorrow. Sigh, I waited 2 weeks for my NBI clearance and when I went today to claim it, I was notified that I’m slated for an interview. How long will it take for me receive my clearance afterwards.

  • Shiela says:

    pwede ba magkaroon ng physical injury case sa nbi ng di mo alam?

  • rickier says:

    hi po,tanong kolang po may posobilidad poba na mahit ako., kase po may nagawang mali po ako nagamit ko kase yung pera sa tindahan, inamin ko naman po sa employer ko ang pagkakamali ko almost 2 years na po sabi niya ipafile niya daw sa pulis station at sa nbi?.,kinakabahan po kase ako pag kumuha ako ng nbi clearance?.thanks

    • Shawee says:

      Rickier, gaya nga ng sabi ko sa itaas n comments. Kung wala pormal na kaso na naifile sayo, wala dn lalabas na kaso sa nbi clearance mo. Kung wala k nmng natanggap galing sa pulis, wag k magalala.

      • Lala says:

        Ask ko lng Halimbawa na hit ka Dba may picture nmn cila don so bkt di nila ung tingnn at mga fingerprint pls reply

  • Nicole Rosales says:


    This just happened today po. Yung asawa ko kumuha ng NBI cert for employment purposes.. He was surprised na nag appear na meron syang criminal case qualified theft” and someone filed it in 2006. At ang sabi po dun sa NBI office may warrant daw po sya and they could even arrest him . Ngayon lang po nangyari to.Ilang beses na po sya paulit ulit na kumuha ng nbi cert all these years and eversince “no criminal case po ang nakalagay. Wala pong posible na pangyayare na makakasuhan sya ng qualified theft. May ibinigay po na case number yung officer pero di nila masabe kung sino ang nag file. Nasa visayas region po kami ngayon and yung case daw po na file sa cavite? Posible po bang may ganitong pangyayare? ano po yung dapat gawin? Sino po ang magrerequest ng Quality control interview? We need to clear this out po. Thanks”

  • junrey lamoste curias says:

    na hit po ako one time dahil napasali po ako sa cased na slight physical injury kahit umawat lang po ako,kaso ako po yung nakilala ng biktima kasi friend kami,pero dismissed na ang case kasi na settled na,laking gulat ko ng kumuha ako ng nbi clearance eh na hit po ako,kaya pinabalik po ako sa surigao city,tapos kinuha ko po yung dismissal of the case(if i’m not mistaken).tapos binalik ko sa butuan nbi office,binigyan na po nila ako ng nbi clearance,thank god,ngayon kukuha po ako ulit ng nbi clearance,ang tanung mahit” po ba ako ulit kahit nakakuha na ako noon ng nbi clearance?”

    • Shawee says:

      Pareng junrey, may possibilidad na mahit ka ulit. Ang dahilan ay yung dati mong kaso. Isang paraan para malinis ang pangalan mo ay ipasa ang mga kaukulang dokumento na wala kang sala sa kaso at ikaw ay inosente. Dapat mong ipaupdate ang record mo sa nbi. Hindi ko dn alam ang proseso kung paano pero magtanong ka nalang.

  • tim says:

    Thanks for the tips! Yur blog is a great BIG help! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Gud day sir,asked qlang po kung may warrant of arrest ka tapos po nagtago ka for how many months..then you decided magvoluntary surrender ka at nakapag bail ka.pwedi npo bang makakuha ng police at nbi clearance?by the way po bp22 po ang case at on going po ang cases.waiting for ur response.tnk u and God bless

  • Anonymous says:

    Gud day sir,asked qlang po kung may warrant of arrest ka tapos po nagtago ka for how many months..then you decided magvoluntary surrender ka at nakapag bail ka.pwedi npo bang makakuha ng police at nbi clearance?by the way po bp22 po ang case at on going po ang cases.waiting for ur response.tnk u and God bless

  • mark says:

    gud eve ask lang po if magkakaroon poba ako ng kaso if hindi ko nabayaran yong unpaid balance ko sa internet like smart pldt globe etc… kasi po me nag padala ng notice of attorney then pumunta ako sa office ng smart para e clarify kasi then nag ask ako if puede bang hulog hulogan ko nalang sabi ng smart oki po daw yun . ano po mangyayari magkakaroon po ba ako ng kaso ?/ kasi nag hit ung name ko sa NBI then june 3 2015 kopa malalaman kung anung mangyayari ! need some advice po plz plz plz

  • nelson says:

    ng shop lift po ako, ung amount ng shop lift item is 500 pesos. kinuha nila ung item sa ken at hndi pinabayaran pero kinulong po nila ako ng 8 hours. makakakuha padin po ba ako ng nbi clearance pls reply naman po kayo

    • Shawee says:

      Hi nelson, lalabas lang sa nbi clearance mo yung kaso mo kung nagkaron ng pormal na kaso laban sa iyo. Kung nagkaron ka ng kaso at nakulong, nagkaron ba ng paglilitis? Kung nagkaron ng paglilitis, nagkaron b ng desisyon ang korte? Kung ng sagot mo sa 2 tanong ko ay hndi, maaring walang lumabas na kaso sa nbi clearance mo.

      Kung sumagot k ng oo sa unang tanong at hndi sa pangalawa, may possibilidad na may kasong lumabas yun sa records mo. Pero hndi ako cgurado.

      Kung sumagot ka ng oo sa 2 kong tanong.. sigurado akong merong lalabas na derogatory record” sa nbi clearancr mo.”

  • enzo says:

    how about credit card issues? i have pending payments and cancelled cards…makakatanggap pa rin ba ako ng clearance? thanks sa mga responses

  • Joy says:

    Nag apply ako last May 20 ng nbi clearance at pinakuha ko s bayaw ko ang nbi clearance last june 3 kasi bumalik na ko dito s italy, ngaun hnd raw narelease kc may record daw ako homecide pa… Imagine 15 yrs nako dto s italy nagkaroon ako ng case na homecide..

  • Orly D. Oliveros says:

    How can i have a copy of the criminal record of Mr. Felix Igot which was primary involve in a murder case somewhere in the province of Negros on the year of 1980-1985? Could anyone help me? This person attacked me and my wife recently and have injured us both. Any info and help i could have would be a lot of help for the case we were pursuing. Salamat po.

  • mr. secret says:

    ask ko lng po ngkkso po kasi aq dati pinadalhan po aq ng subpuena last 5 years ago pero binalewala ko,posible bang nadesisyonan na ung kaso? at makakakuha pa ba ako ng Nbi clearance?

    • Shawee says:

      HIndi ko po alam pero ang maipapayo ko muna sa inyo ay wag kumuha muna ng NBI Clearance. Alamin nyo muna ung nangyari dun sa kaso nyo, baka kasi nasa wanted list kayo. Kapag nangyari yun, may karapatan po ang NBI na arestuhin ka mismo habang nagaapply ka ng NBI Clearance.

      Kung hindi man kayo aarestuhin ng NBI dun, possible naman na pag kuha nyo ng NBI Clearance nyo ay magaappear mismo dun ang kaso nyo as a Derogatory Record. Hindi po magandang tingnan ang NBI Clearance na may mantsa ng criminal record.

      • Len Cortez says:

        pano mo malalaman kung nasa wanted list ka?

        • Shawee says:

          Ask mo sarili mo kung may masama kang gnwa. Nag reklamo b sa pulis ang nireklamo mo? Nag sampa ba ng kaso? Yan ung mga tanong na possibleng sumagot kung nasa wanted list ka. Haha

      • Jaque says:

        Hi 🙂
        Ask ko lang po kasi nag hit ako sa pag kuha ng nbi clearance ko, possible po ba na dahil un sa nai-file na case against me? Pero ang sabi kasi sakin nka file lang daw ung case, wala naman akong narerecieve na subpoena o warrant of arrest, o kahit anu pa man! Anu po kaya sa tingin nyo? Sana po masagot nyo tong problema ko .. Salamat





  • worried says:

    ask ko lang po ano pong case ang d pagbayad ng credit card.10 yrs na po.i got hit in nbi June 18,2015.sa July 3 po daw balikan.now ko lng naisip baka dahil sa unpaid credit card.i did not receive any demand letter or subpoena.is there a possibility na un ang cause ng hit sa nbi ko?anong case po un at pano malaman kung san naka-file un case?civil case ba un or criminal case.pwd ba direct na puntahan kung sino nag file at i-settle un?ano mangyari kung ganun na katagal d nagbayad ng credit card?

  • marilyn rabanal says:

    good day po,,nag apply po ako ng nbi clearance for abroad bec its a requirement po,,ang problema ko po may hit po ako and at the same time nagkaroon po ako ng kaso n estafa po with 6counts po pero dismissed n po sya noon 2013 and 2014,,nakapagclear n dn po ako s rtc.ask k lng po kung ung lalabas n clearnce po ay ilalagay p b nila ung kaso noon n dismissed n po,,please po help me,,because gusto k mag abroad para makabyad po ako…pz jhelp me po..waitng for your repy po.thnx

    • Alvin says:

      Hello good afternoon, ask ko lang po pag may pending case ka ng BP22 at may warrant of arrest ka na, year 2012 pa po yung mga case, may NBI record ka na po ba nun? please reply po asap. Salamat ng madami. sana po magreply po kayo

  • khrisna esperanzate says:

    hi.. good afternoon. may i ask some question po. ask ko lang po if ever po ba na on going yung kaso hindi po ba pwede makakuha ng nbi clerance kung sakali kahit hindi pa napapatunayan sa korte na may nagawang kasalanan. im just bothering lang po kasi na di makakakuha yung kapatid ko ng nbi para makapag trabaho ng dahil lang sa kaso na hindi naman totoo paano po yun. ano pong pwedeng gawing option para dun. thanks and God blessed po sana may sagot po kayo sa katanungan ko. so much thank you

  • JHEYZ says:


    • MrMeiji says:

      malalaman mo pag nandun ka na sa NBI… usually if meron kang pending case sa court or arrest warrant, makikita sa database ng NBI. If hindi naman umabot sa court mo ang case and no warrant is issued, then wala pa iyan. If meron kang case with a standing warrant, of course it is crazy to go to NBI to get a clearance…. usually mga nagpupunta roon ay iyun dismissed na ang case or iyun same name…

  • Dheza Chao says:

    Pwedi pu ba ipaayos kung mali ang spelling ng middle name ko??

  • Michael viloria says:

    I just wanna share lang.
    Masyado mbagal ang
    ang quality control,
    Ngpunta ako ng around 8am
    Guess what,
    Ngbgay ng #1 to 200
    My number is 157.
    Nghintay aq almost 3 hours
    ang sabi ng isa sa mga office worker
    Bumalik na lang daw ung may nmber
    150 to 200. Sobra nkakainis npakbagal.

  • MrMeiji says:

    iyun pila to get the number in the quality control section start early around 530am… two to four persons ang nag i-interview, and the interview is around 5 min only. After the interview, pila uli sa releasing section which will take around 10min. Iyun initial na pila lang talaga ang matagal to get the number.

  • ernest joseph cruz says:

    thank you so much for these tips…
    now i can relax and wait patiently for the day of my interview ^_^

  • pedro dela cruz says:

    Curious lang po? HIT tapos me Quality Control review? eh dba kahit me kapangalan ka pa eh mg kakaiba naman tau ng finger print? so para saan p ung ng finger print scan cla? eh dun pa lang kita na dapat…

    • Shawee says:

      Wala! Sinisave lang nila ung fingerprints natin sa database. Chinicheck lang nila yung finger prints kung kinakailangan. Sayang lang oras sa paag scan nila ng finger prints… wala din.

  • Pedro says:

    Nung 17 po ako nadala ako sa police station dahil napagbintangan ako na nambastos ng babae tapos naareglo din naman kase parang sabi saken ibigay ko nalang lahat ng pera ko tapos ginawa ko. Kinaha sa police yung ID ko. Makakakuha po ba ako ng NBI clearance? Or may lilitaw ba na record if ever? Ask ko din kung makakakuha ako ng police clearance? Salamat!

    • mrmeiji says:

      hindi ito mag appear as hit sa NBI. No legal case naman na-i-file so do not worry. Sake menor de edad ka then dinala ka sa pulis? dapat idemanda mo iyun nagdala sa iyo sa pulis kasi minor ka palang nun… para sila naman magka hit sa nbi clearance nila…

      • Shawee says:

        I agree with u mr. Meiji.

        • Pedro says:

          so pwede ka magka-hit kahit minor ka palang? How about po yung police record ko? Posible ba na wala nacarecord dun?

  • daphne18 says:

    Hi, i have a credit card debt. Will it be reflected in my nbi clearance? Thanks in advance!

  • shoturday says:

    paano poh kung may naka binbin kang kaso tapoz hanggang naun wlah pah din linaw mhuhuli pah poh vah aq pag kmuha aq ng nbi clearance??

  • Mr. R says:

    diba ang nag hit lang eh yung may files na case sa NBI or warrant of arrest?

    • Shawee says:

      Nope. Posible n may kapangalan k.

  • Ryan says:

    I have a problem, my scheduled interview was way back in March 19, i’m not able to come because I left for the province to fix something in the family 2days before the date. Am i goin to repeat the same process? (sigh)

  • jeng says:

    I was terminated from work abroad due to theft” but no evidence found only “doubts” no case filed and no warrant of arrest lilitaw po ba sa record sa nbi yun? ano po ang worst case scenario?”

    • Shawee says:

      No. As long as walang kaso na naifile. You’re cleared.

  • Eyron Delos Reyes says:


    I just want to ask bakit need ko pa mag undergo ng Quality Control Interview? bali Feb 11, 2014 release ng nbi clearance ko, then di ko nkuha nung exact date at 5 months after ko plng kukunin? I mean ngayon ko icaclaim pero need ko daw mag quality control interview why?

  • Pedro says:


  • Marilou Abella says:

    Tanong ko lang po kumuha ako ng NBI ko last july 4 ngayon july 11 ang realising na gulat na lang po ako noong sabihin sa akin na magpainterview po ako sa quality Control Section my aminado po ako na marami po akong kapangalan at isa pa my error po sa pangalan ko

  • Jaque says:

    Hi 🙂
    Ask ko lang po kasi nag hit ako sa pag kuha ng nbi clearance ko, possible po ba na dahil un sa nai-file na case against me? Pero ang sabi kasi sakin nka file lang daw ung case, wala naman akong narerecieve na subpoena o warrant of arrest, o kahit anu pa man! Anu po kaya sa tingin nyo? Sana po masagot nyo tong problema ko .. Salamat po

    • Shawee says:

      D ko dn ako sigurado pero malamang yun nga yun. Nasilip nila yung kaso mo. Try mo kunin ang nbi clearance mo pra malaman mo…

  • Charmelle says:

    Nag porcess ako ng nbi 14 yrs ago at nakita yun civil case about estafa (wherein nag gearantor lng ako sa sister ko). Anyways, na clear lahat yun. Nakakuha ako ng nbi at passport. For 14 yrs nakalabas at nakabalik na ako sa bansa natin ng maraming beses. Ngaun i decided dito mag renew ng passport (paalis na ako sa aug 13). Nag process ako ulit ng nbi para magkaron ng id kc wala na akong id dito sa bansa natin, ngaun pag process ko may hit ang pangalan ko. Ibig bang sabihin nun lumabas ulit yun civil case na yun? Will they require me to get the same clearance for that case? Ano yun, d nila na save yun record ko na cleared na ako 14yrs ago? Pwede ko bang d na lng kunin ang nbi ko just in case?

    • Shawee says:

      Oo. Same process pa din. Kelangan mo lang iclear ang name mo. Nasa sa iyo yan kung ayaw mo kunin ang nbi mo kung nag hit.

      • pia says:

        Hi.. pno kng about sa credit card na d p ntatapos byaran. Considered b un civil case? Nag fafile b ang bpi ng civil case against sa credit card na d p tapos byaran? And aarestuhin b ng nbi pg may civil case nga? Thanks

  • mark says:

    may ongoing case ako na alarm and scandal tapos may lumabas saakin na warrant dahil hnd ako naka attend ng isang hearing ko then na pa lift ko na yung warrant dahil un intentional naman. pero ongoing padin yung case lalabas ba to sa nbi ko. kahit wala pa namang decition ang court?

  • mark says:

    mag apply kase ako ng seamans book para makapag barko ma issuehan ba ako ng nbi para makapag work abroad kahit may pending case ako?


    sir im aressted case is rabery oldap but im not guilty and improve to be inocent my complenat was off that case becouse im not tha sospect.

    • chris says:

      You have a criminal case for bad english.

      • chibi says:

        that’s just mean!

  • Pia Arquita Alcantara says:

    Everytime po pagkumuha ako ng nbi clearance ok naman po pero Kanina po nagrenew ako using the surename of my husband na HIT po. Meron po akong hindi binabayaran na credit card, is it possible na may case po ako kaya na HIT? Need your help. Thanks and GOD Bless.

  • Arlene M. Magno says:

    Thanks for this very comprehensive info. I have a hit on my name also, and I was asked to go to NBI Main for QC interview. I got a little annoyed, because everytime I renew my NBI, I always have to go to their main office for an interview. I hope that this will be the last time.

  • jasper rubio says:

    sir pano kung wala pang VOTE’S ID pero meron na akong voters registration kc dipa na approban ung voters ID ko 1year bago makukuha

  • Andrea Bartolome says:

    Good day!

    May I ask if Rene Blanca has a criminal record?
    because he is a bad person. And I believe that he has. can you please send me a copy of his criminal record.

    Hoping for your positive response.

    Thank you very much.

  • vicky says:

    Im so glad to read your article..im abt to go to nbi main because of d same reason..my kapngalan dw ako..pero last 2011 i was able to get my nbi w/o any hassle..im even afraid coz first time to be sent for interview s nbi pa…i hope it wud be as easy as ur experience..im planning to go there nxt wk…

    • vicky says:

      Gaano po b kaaga dpt pumunta dun..galing p ako ng bulacan…sobra bang haba ng pila dun..o iba ang pila pag s quality control review…sana mag improve ang sistema ng nbi..sa mga profeasionals n tulad nmin npklalking abala pag gnitong my kapangalan ka…in d first place my scannwd finger prints nmn, my pictures, ibaba nmn cguro tayo ng magulang bday at address

      • Shawee says:

        Hi vicky.. sa experience ko, inagahan ko tlga kasi inassume ko n na mahaba pila. 6am plang andun n ako. Iba ang pila ng quality control.. tatanungin k lng ng kung ano aning questions. D ka dapat kabahan.. kung inisente k nmn wala k dpat ikatakot.

  • Maricon says:

    Good day,

    Ask ko po kapag ikaw ay isang ex-convict at napalaya ka na thru parrol
    at gusto mo kumuha ng NBI for working purpose pwede po bang kumuha?


    • Aristone says:

      Bat naman hindi? Nakalaya ka so meaning cleared kana. Pag excon lifetime criminal at non-clear na ba? Opinion ko lang

  • kj says:

    May kaso po ako ngayun simple slander at minor physical injury makakuha po ba ako ng clearance may pre-trial pa kami nextmonth kasi pinsan ko complainants

  • jem ramos says:

    Hi po, question lang…recently kumuha po ako ng NBI clearance, then nag undergo na din po ako sa quality control and cleared na, pag kukuha ba ulit ako ng clearance mag undergo ulit ako sa quality control?…or cleared na un?…thnx po

  • mari7 says:

    posible bang magka hit ka kse ang husban mo has a common name?
    and posible ba na magka hit ka ng d mo alam kse if ever man may nagsampa ng kaso wala ka naman narerecieve na summon or subpoena?
    thank you

  • Ricardo Rivera says:

    15 years n ako sa saudi at taon 2x ako ng bakasyun at every bakasyun ko talagang n incounter ko iting kapangan kung my kaso pag kukuha ako ng OEC kesyo my clearance ako wala nmng problema itung April taon ng kasalukuan
    Ng resign n ako at umuwi and after 4months ng pinababalok ako ng employer ko so kyalangan kung dumaan ng agency uli at surpresang kukuha uli ako ng NBI at ayun may kapngalan talaga ako n my kaso
    Tanung kulng ok n b po ang passport at oec owwa medecare certifacate at driving linternational license
    Ang ipakita kasi sad to say ang mga paper ko at ibang id eh nkalimutan ko sa saudi ng apply nmn ako d2 its take time bago makakakuha uli ,,,,,,, Salamat

  • Jonnalyn paredes says:

    Hi,poh..panu poh un,ung kapatid q poh kumuha ng nbi taz sabi DW sknya may pending sya dahil sa last work nya..ng audit sila kulang ung pera..ngaun nung kumuha n xa ng nbi un malaman nya na pending..panu poh un.kng babayaran nya poh ung perang un..may pag Asa po bng makakuha sya nbi..tnx poh..hope sagot nyo poh..

  • Jay ar says:

    Hello sa nbi officer Ask lan first time ko kc makakuha ng Nbi clearance
    At with Hit lumabas..?? ask lan 1999 yun my nangyari saming ng kaibigan ko 11 years lan ako at kaibigan ko ay 13 year old kinuha nya pera ng tatay nya at niyaya nya ako mag layas ask lan po… Bkit po ako makaksuhan bata pa ako nun 16 years ago na nakalipas nagulat na lan ako meron ako hit.. baka ayus kso sken ng tatay nya..

  • karen says:

    Hi nagkaroon ako ng case nun 1999 may hearing mga ilang beses then nawala na kasi di na umatend ung nagfile ng case.. mag hit kaya nbi ko? Thanks

    • anabel flores wang says:

      kung nag aatend ka ng hearing at hindi umaappear ang complainant,dismissed na po yun.

  • karen says:

    Hindi nmn na dismissed ung case. Binalewala na lang nung nag file. Pending case pa rin UN?

  • noel says:

    Ask ko lang kung saan nkikita yung pangalan ng mga may case gusto ko sanang malaman kung may case si (melinda mandi pangilinan)

    • Shawee says:

      Hindi po yun shinishare sa public. Kung may kakilala ka sa nbi pwede mo ipasilip..

      • karen says:

        It is possible to get hit if you have case abroad?

  • Ash says:

    i got hit, and its buggin me for two days now.. what are the odds na i have a namesake? if you can look closely, yes, Aloe Vera Tandang Vitug is my fullname, i keep thinking to myself if i had committed any crime for the past few days but i couldnt think of any.. theft? murder? rape? as far as i am concerened hindi pa nmn po ako naki pag engage sa illegal activities.. wala din nmn po ako natanggap na subpoena so far in my 29 years of existence.. so i keep on thinking.. waht could it be? urgh.

  • Ton says:

    Thank you,,,, for giving a information about Quality Control…..

  • Meh says:

    Thank you it really helps…. God bless

  • Aristone says:

    About being Hit kung namesake po yung pag uusapan as in same full name talaga? ( including middle name kasi sa tingin ko d nman lahat same ng mid name tapos may other informations naman na pweding basihan like parents name, birthdate,address, etc.) Para kasing nakaka dismaya knowing wala kang ginawang masama tapos like me 2nd time nagka hit.

    • Harsi says:

      Based from my experience after being held sa airport immigration, the namesake doesnt show other details such as middle name, DOB, address or other identifiers. Only the first and last name. Ultimo middle initial wala. Nakaka-frustrate lang kasi alam mo namang hindi ako yun pero nagsa-suffer ako dahil sa ginawa ng ka namesake ko. Dati sa NBI lang ako may HIT, 3 ang ka namesake ko sa record ng NBI then starting January 2015 (accdg to immigration officer) may ka namesake ako na may Hold Departure Order. So imagine kada labas ng bansa dapat may dala-dalang clearance. I just wish na sana full details yung mga ka namesake natin ng hindi naman nakakaperwisyo ng mga taong wala namang kasalanan.

  • karen says:

    Nag hit ako sa nbi.. balik ako ng Friday.. kung may pending case ako lalabas ba dun kung saang RTC branch ung case ko?

  • Mar says:

    Hi gdmorning po ask ko lng po. Nagkarun po kc ako ng case last 3yrs minor pa po ako nun nagkarun po kme ng hearing hangang sa nagbaba ng judge ng decisyon na sa mediation na kmi ipunta un po ung pagkakasunduin po kme at nagkaron ng aregluhan pero hangang ngayon dko pa po nbi2gay ung areglo. Kung kukuha po bko ng nbi my hit po bko?thanks.

  • dan says:

    dati po kc kumukuha ako ng nbi wala naman pong criminal case. pero after 5 year nagka hit po ako sa nbi .civil status ko po noon is single .ngayon po ay married posible po kaya na something eror yon .thank please help me

  • lyrrehc says:

    Hi ask ko lang nagkaron kasi ung sister ko ng case before pero naiurong na ung kaso.Ano ang kailangan dalhin sa nbi para ma clear ang name.Need ba muna pumunta sa nbi at dalhin ung documents or dalhin na ung documents pagkuha ng clearance?Ano ung magreflect sa nbi clearance cleared na ba?

  • kitkat says:

    I only have 1 valid id. can i show them my birth certificate?

  • mi165ke says:


  • alfredo binghoy says:

    i would like to comment regarding this drug addiction in our country coz i have also an idea regarding to this annumalist here in our country specially inside the jail premises. Like the conveniences, illegalities that they conducted.

  • alfredo binghoy says:

    in behalf of my friend alfredo binghoy i am willing to have an interview for this kind of situation inside the jail premises , i am joey lim a former paralegal officer of BSL 22 in connection to this, i would like to complaint to the one person inside the jail premises named FRANCIS the paralegal officer of BCJ32 INTERNATIONAL, who is manipulating the illegal transaction inside the jail premises related to his father they are the one supplies the composition of the bad elements which we call BATO/DRUGS. coz according to my source his father is the one supply/stock holder of this kind of elements….

    • Shawee says:

      Sa pulis k magpunta at dun k magsalita. Hindi po dito ang tamang lugar pra magbigay k ng statement.

  • alfredo binghoy says:

    give an attention to this complaint i would like to ask an apology to this management if i send a wrong way of informing this kind of complaint but i am will to settle all of this, and i am willing to have an interview for this coz i am just only telling the truth.
    and i would like also to give protection to the person inside the jail, most specially (cell-F) this is probably a big problem that i am facing but i am sure that i can give you an statement based on my experience and knowledge regarding the situation inside the jail. furthermore i can give you a list of names to be my witness regarding this complaint of mine.

    • Shawee says:

      Hindi po dito yan. Sa pulis k magpunta hindi dito.

  • alfredo binghoy says:

    i joey lim regarding this one i have of what we call the cycle of concept, regarding the annumalities…. thank you and more power i hope your management give this kind of attention…..

  • alfredo binghoy says:

    can i apply an NBI clearance?

  • lim joey says:

    can i apply for NBI CLEARANCE

  • darlene says:

    Hi I was just wondering if they would immediately tell you that you will need to proceed to NBI CLEARANCE QUALITY CONTROL INTERVIEW after getting “HIT”? I’m planning to ask someone to claim my NBI clearance. I just don’t know if that’s a good idea since maybe there’s a chance of that interview. I already got HIT last 2011 but I didn’t undergo any interview.”

  • Michael Gallardo says:

    Thank you so much for this article.

  • mr.curiosity says:

    just wondering, i cant sleep..may dare kc kami ng mga tropa ko na mag shoplift sa mga mall,tapos nahuli ako nila ako,dinala ako sa office nila checking,interview etc..gusto pa nila ako dalhin sa mga pulis tpos nakiusap na lang ako sa kanila na wag na kc natatakot ako chaka baka malaman ng parents ko kinalkal nila yung wallet ko tpos sabi pa nga nila bakit ko daw ginawa yun e may pera naman ako,tapos kinuha na lang nila lahat ng pera ko tpos pinaalis na nila ako.. pwede po kaya yun maging reason kaya na hit ako sa pagkuha ng nbi clearance dahil kinuha nila yung info ko sa id ko? no hit naman kc ako before, i just really nid my nbi clearance for my passport..thank you..

    • Mark says:

      kung hindi naman nagreport sa pulis at kinasuhan ka eh, wala pong dapat ipag alala.

  • peter arcilla says:

    ask ko lang i got a hit,will i be arrested?wala akong alam na ginawa kong crime.pero there are some people trying to harrass me.isa na yung di nagbabayad sakin ng payment sa lupa.nagbanta na sila pa mgreklamo sa nbi.

  • Katy says:

    Pag di ka Ba nag bayad ng credit card then lumipat ka ng bahay criminal case ba yon ? May record knb sa NBI non? Answer nmn please …

    • Mark says:

      depende po, kung yung Bangko eh dinemanda ka, magkakaroon ka ng record pero kung puro demand letter lang yan ng mga attorney office, hindi po!

  • Nait says:

    pwede po bang mag-apply ulit ng NBI clearance kahit may previous application pa? Yung una ko po kasing application may HIT status tapos di ko agad nabalikan sa scheduled date last week. Ngayon iki-claim ko na po sana tapos pinapapunta naman po ako sa main office for quality control interview daw. Samantalang renewal na po dapat ako kasi nakakuha na po ako ng nbi last 2013 pa. Nakuha ko po agad nuon the same date. Nagkamali lang po kase yung nag-encode ang nalagay is new application imbes na renewal dun sa online application. Sa tingin ko yun lang yung problema kaya po gusto kong mag-apply ulit. Please help po. Kelangan ko po talaga makakuha para sa trabaho…

  • jhey ehm Martinez says:

    oh my thanks a lot for this article. when the nbi person in the satellite office told me that I should go through this process grabe kinabahan talaga ako haha kala q iinterview-hin ako sa isang room na madilim at may ilaw na naka sabit (like those in the pinoy action films before haha ) 😀 haha thanks for this I’m relieved that the interview is not that bloody haha . I’ll be having my interview later. well, good luck for everyone 🙂

  • alehandra says:

    bakit ganun wala naman lumabas na HIT sa monitor sa nbi taf pero bigla na lang tinatakan ng aug 27? tinanong ko ung employee, sabi nya basta balik na lang daw ako, 1st time nanagyari to, palagi naman ako nag re renew

    • Confused says:

      Same here. Sometimes I feel like they’re only delaying the process by purpose -_-

  • justification says:

    Ask ko lang po kasi when i applied for a job a year ago lumabas po sa medical ko positive but did not disclose to me the kind of substance which i filed a complaint with the clinic coz its just so impossible. Then when i applied for my license renewal lumabas po sa record nila about dun and advised me to go to DOH to settle it but i did not comply knowing that i have nothing to settle. The 2nd time i renewd my license i was advised to go to main LTO so i went there and paid 4,500 just for that record to be erased coz i really needed my license. Now i applied for nbi and had a hit for the first time. Does that got something to do with my record at DOH? I need a reply pls.

  • anthony says:

    maari po banq malaman o makita anq isanq tao kunq nakakuha sya nq nbi???

    unq iisearch po unq name nq kumuha makikita po ba un website nq nbi??

    tenks my hinahanap lanq po kci akonq tao!!!

    • wilma says:

      hi po tanung ko lang po,kc kumoha ako nung 18 nang nbi clearance tpos na hit po ako sbi balikan 26 binalikan ko tpos sbi punta ako sa mean office for interview quality control dpat kahapon un.dpo ako pumonta kc ntakot ako, my inutangan kc ako pera tpos dko nbayaran kc umowi po ako province for emergyncy tpos wla nman ako natangap na knasohan ako or sumon anu po ba dpat kung gwin,sbi nmn nang hniraman ko d daw nya ako pnakasohan tpos maraming beses na ako kumoha nbi ngaun lng ako na hit,sna masagot nyo po ung problema ko

      • wilma says:

        pki sagot nman po nang tanung ko

    • grace alagban says:

      good morning po, pwede po magtanong? Pag apply mo po at hit yung name mo, o my pending ka pala na case, sa araw din ba na pagkuha mo ng NBI ipatatawag ka nila ba nila agad? what if kung mayron ka talagang case huhulihin at posasan kba nila agad? kasi ng resign po ako sa dati kung company kasi pinagbibintangan ako n nagnakaw ng stock namin, sabi po kasi ng kasama ko na yung mukha ko raw at linagyan ng wanted pinadikit po raw dun sa labas ng NBI, natatkot po ako ngayon magkuha ng clearance dahil diyan. sana po matulungan nyo po ako, mag aantay po ako sa sagot niyo, maraming salamat po.

  • annie says:

    What if you got arrested once and you were able to settle it. Does it have something to do about getting a HIT”?”

  • remigio liwanag samson says:

    q uery if my nbi clearance (resolution of my case where already pik up by u.s embassy .i aws interviewed by quality
    control staff aug.3. pls advise

  • motz says:

    pano mo malalaman if my record k s nbi? kc ung frend ko natatakot xa kumuha ng nbi clearance nya. kc sbi daw ng employer nya dati last 2013 eh papaband daw po xa. kc nagtampering of dtr xa. pero wla nmn dumating na subpoena? help nmn po if pano. ty..

    • BB says:

      Mag- apply ka ng clearance ng malaman mo.

  • ronnick barral says:

    makakakuha po bah ung taong dpa po dismiss ung kaso pro nag bail po xa ?

  • marc kevin says:

    Thankyou po shinare nyo to 🙂 share ko lang,din po yung sa father ko po kasi pinapapunta din sya sa NBI para mainterview daw po sya. Kinabahan din po father ko kasi akala nya may kaso sya hehe pero kahit alam po ng father ko na wala syang ginagawang mali, e kinakabahan pa din sya 🙂

  • Aya shinji says:

    If nag awol ka ba sa isang company ahm sa call center pwede ba na yun ung dahilan kung bakit kelangan ng interview?

    • Harsi says:

      This is what they asked in the interview so, I guess these are related cases why you’ve been hit.
      Do you have a criminal case (such as) Rape, Theft, Serious Physical Injury, Attempted Murder, Plunder, Arson or Treason?

  • Joel Ventura says:

    ask ko lng po pano ko ipa procees ang affidavit of denial ko kailangan daw po sabi ng wife ko since nandito po ko sa new zealand to work?

  • Dave Remiscal says:

    just asking if i filed a labor case against a company, will it hit me during securing my nbi clearance in the future???

  • Danica says:

    May ask po ako, nag confess po skin ung friend ko po nahuli syang nag shoftlift sa isang department store. Mumurahing sing.sing. dinala sya office ng dep store at dahil wala syang pmbyad sa nasabing kinuha nya ay dinala sya sa isang malapit na police station at dun sya pinag bayad.possible bang may record na sya sa NBI? kung nabyaran naman nya kinuha nya at pinauwi naman sya agad pagka tapos. Paki sagot po.salamat!:)

  • Danica says:

    Please po pakisagot kasi po natatakot ung kaibigan kung kumuha ng nbi clearance..

  • jastine says:

    What should I do if I missed my nbi appointment?I an already paid since august 18 and the last time i visited a nbi outlets was at robinsons metroeast.Hindi na ko pumila kasisobrang haba tapos wala pa kong tulog from taping.Pwede ko pa rin bang magamit yung reference no. ko o need ko magbayad ulit ng bago?

  • Dada Fernandez says:

    Tanong ko lang po… Pinapupunta kasi ako sa nbi for interview daw. It was a week ago pa, sept.5.
    Is there a chance na I get the clearance the same day after the ‘ interview’ thing, or they set another schedule to claim it..?

  • James says:

    may administrative case po ako ay na desisyunan na. ang mga administrative cases po ba lumalabas sa NBI records?

  • Anning curtis says:

    hi po last feb 2015 nakakuha po ako ng nbi.my unpaid balance po ako sa pldt.ng awol
    Din po ako sa dati kong company.kumuha ako ng nbi kanina
    Wla naman po ako nakukuha na demand letter.pero na rereceived ko ung text nung law firm.ano po dapat ko gawin kausapin ko ung pldt or law firm to settle the unpaid amount?kc first time ko magka hit status.or ung pag di ko pagbayad un ang cause nung hit name pls anwer me im afraid to go the quality control imterview ? thanKs po

    • Mj says:

      Nainterview k n b ?? Aq dn kc my d rin aq nbyaran. Ano my case k b

  • cez says:

    i used my maiden name in getting my nbi clearance … was it the cause of delay? its says with hit and then they need to talk to me in the office, but i was not able to go there because i got confused why do i have to go there.

  • Ramon Marasigan says:

    September 2015
    I recently went thru NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview and was very happy with how the NBI staff was so organized. I had been stamped for an 8am interview, showed up at 7am and waited while being stressed out. When I was called, it was a similar name in no connection to me. Staff was very professional to everyone even with pending cases.
    My advise to everyone that gets called is to show up on time, dress casual no slippers and just be patient. The NBI staff is there to help you and resolve your issues.
    My thanks to previous posts.


    • Zy says:

      Hi sir,

      Pano po kmuha ng sched???wla po kcng binigay na time…then nagkasakit pa anak ko so di ako agad nka punta the next day.ok lng po kya yon???

    • Orbz says:

      Mabilis nyo lang po ba nakuha sir mga ilang oras po narelease ung clearance nyo?

  • ellah says:

    Sa north mall caloocan ako ngapply.. bakit dun din ako pinapabalik.. guys baka merong my alam dto kung bkit d ako sa main pinapunta

    Thanks in advance

  • vicky carillas says:

    good day po. may hit po ako… may case daw po ung ka hit ko. pinapapunta rin po ako ng main office quality control, for interview po. pero wala naman pong sinabing petsa at oras kung kelan po ako pinapapunta. basta office days and from 8-5 lang daw po. release po dapat ng nbi ko is nung sept14 pa po dito sa marilao city hall.. baka po mga 2nd week of october pa po ako magkaron ng time makapunta ng main office. ok lang po ba yun? and makukuha ko rin po ba yung clearance ko on that day after po ng interview? pls. responce. thank you so much!

  • sophie says:

    Ngayon po pati same address or kung may taong may hit sa 201 ay pwede na ding magka-hit sa nbi. Napakaunfair hindi po ba? Paano kung yung bahay ay paupahan at marami nang tumira doon? Ang hirap ay kapag may pasok ka aabsent ka pa talaga.

  • hoailyn mae de vera says:

    First time ko pong mgkahit sa pagkuha ko ng nbi clearance ano po ba dapat kung gawin

  • dens says:

    hi gud eve may gusto lang ako e tanug kc d ako makapanatag kc ung frend ko napagbintangan po sya na may kinuha daw sya celphone ng ka workmate nya.. ayon sa nag intrvw sa knya kaso 3 suspect daw cila isa sya dun pero sabe nya sa knila wla sya kinuha or ginagalaw na gamit or binuksan na bag kundi sa knya lang kht i – rewind pa cctv camera pero nagulat sya nung kumuha sya nag nbi this sep 23,2015 nag kahit sya pinababalik sya oct 1 panu ba un? possible po ba nag demanda na ba sila,, sa nbi kya nag ka hit n sya agad sa nbi kc ilang beses n sya kumukuha ng nbi dati ok n aman but now pag kuha nya nbi this month nag ka hit sya nakasuhan na po ba sya agad nun… kc kinakabahan po sya.. kht na man na sbe nya wla sya kinuha at sya ung nag suffer kawawa n man sya kc ung salarin abswelto kc nagkataon ganun pangyayare pls help me for question sir….!!!!

  • Rodolfo manalo says:

    Ask ko lang po kung 12 years ago napadalhan po ako ng sopeana ngpasa po ako umatend po ako pagtapos nung di ko na alam ang nangyare.pero may nakulong po na kasabay ko na pinadalhan ng sopeana pero ngayon after 2 years napalaya po sila..closed na po ba ung kaso na un…pwd na po ba ako kumuha ng nbi.?

  • wanderer says:

    i have the same problem with nbi. my name is not common. i am innocent as a child. im a professional working in a hospital. my surname is definitely uncommon, except if you’ll pertain to a place or location (Sta.Cruz), have no drivers license so no way i could have hit n run someone without me knowing.

    this is really inconvenient for individuals like me. im thinking that all of these has something to do with the system of nbi, especially it has gone thru so many revisions. i was able to get my nbi clearance last yr from the same branch pero wla nmang problem. now, they have a whole new process again. after a year! so yeah, sistema din cguro nila may problema! tsk. ayoko p nman ung para kang tuta na pasusunurin gawin ang isang bagay na dapat nman in the first place eh hassle free pero it keeps surfacing and making pa-importante. maayos sana ang sistema nila nang tama, nang walang naaabalang tao. we have our prints, our father’s and mother’s and husband’s name. ilang parents ba meron ang isang tao, lima? para mgkaron ka ng same first name last name and middle name? para san ung biometrics sa finger prints? isnt it logical enough to think na may mgkakaiba tayong finger prints? abala masyado. hahanapin ko tlga yang kapangalan ko na yan! kakapikon.

  • Cathy says:

    Hi po, di po nakuha ng husband ko yung nbi clearance nya last sept 23 sa marilao, may ka pangalan daw po kasi at dpat sa main pumunta, ok lan po ba anytime and anyday pumunta? Kasi wala nmn schedule na binigay sa kanya? Walk-in nlan po? Or san po pwede kumuha ng schedule? Thanks po. Godbls

  • dens says:

    pls answer poh!! sir

  • Kiko says:

    Does anyone attends the concern of below comments?

  • yeye says:

    Hello po. 6yrs ago, nahuli po ako ng guard ng isang grocery store na nagshoplift ng maliit na cologne, I was 13years old that time. Nirerecord po ba sa NBI yun kapag minor po ang gumawa? 19years old na po ako ngayon. Kumuha po ako ng NBI clearance kanina kaso po biglang lumabas yung WITH HIT. maari po bang yung case na yun ung narecord? Paano po ako maki-clear sa NBI? HELP PO. PLEASE.

    • Shawee says:

      Nope. Hanggat walang naifile na kaso sa iyo. Wala un.

      • pam says:

        Shawee gandang araw…nung 2013 kumuha ako nbi local at abroad..ung local tama spelling ung abroad wrong spelling middle name na nakalagay.ngaung 2015 hit ung lumabas sa receipt ko..posible kaya na ung spelling ang dahilan?salamat

  • Marc says:

    Whats with the name dela cruz”? Either surname or middle name you have to go back to vtify?i have been renewing my clearance yearly and all of a sudden my name is on the hit list? And someone from nbi asked me in order to fast forward the process i have to pay him? Rediculous!”

  • Ronna Jane Nisperos says:

    wait ko po yung reply nyo. thanks.

  • Ronna Jane Nisperos says:

    kelangan pa po ba yung release paper nya para makakuha ng nbi?nawala na po kasi yun eh,makakakuha pa po ba sya ulit ng releasepapaer kung kelangan po yun

  • ai says:

    pwede po ba ako magkarecord if nagfile kame ng police blotter? Tnx

  • jose Dalida says:

    renewal po

  • samantha says:

    Im trying to get a NBI today,but I got HIT ,,last 2011 kumuha ako wala nman problema ,actually naoffload ako twice by the immigration tourist papunta thailand thats why they did it ,pwed ba maging kaso un?

  • Marie says:

    Hi, ang awol ba mag aappear sa nbi? thank you

    • Shawee says:


  • its says:

    I have pending cases but on bail.. will it show up on my clearance? if so.. what would the remark” be? will it be bad enough to let me lose my job if I submit the NBI clearance to my employer? will I not be able to find work till my cases are resolved? will I not be given a fair chance in life now

    • Shawee says:

      yes, there will be a remark. it says with derogatory record”. not really sure

  • anjo says:

    kaya nga poh pano pag may kaso na makoa pa kaya un?

  • Sweet_Snob says:

    Finally got my NBI clearance today at main office in U.N. Avenue, Manila. Got there before 730am and I was #21. Made it inside the QC room after about an hour waiting. Took only about 5 minutes, no oath, after filling the form given to me I was told to go already to the Releasing section. All in all, I was done in an hour including the time I waited for my turn 🙂

  • jerson lopez says:

    on my case nman,nbi personnel ay npaka bastos.i was hit .on my sked of release i was told my kaso k”..n tipong pinarinig s lhat ng nsa compound..so i obediently follwd what had been instructed to me

  • lia says:

    Hi ung fren ko nghit sya nung friday blik dw s 16 pra mkuha pro dti nmn hndi xa nahihit…my posible b n mdetect nila ung blotter ng fren ko kc pinagbbyad xa ng 29k pnablotter xa kso d n dw xa ngprmdm dw pno un..pag hndi ba b cia bmlik s nbi s 16 hahanpin p dn xa

  • rone john says:

    hi ito po problem ko.. naku antagal na po ng case ko.. di parin po natatapos wala paring hearing o ano pa man… reckless imprudence resulting to damage in property.. wla naman pong damage yung sasakyan..tapos sinisingil ako… ewan ba.. lalabas po ba yun sa record ko?2 years na ata on file panay subpoena tapos sinasagot ko din ayon wala parin

  • Ian says:

    Ang nangyari sa akin na hit ang name ko kasi may kaparihas na may kaso. Kaya pinapunta ako for interview sa main office. Ngayon doon sa loob ng office pinakita sa akin sa online verification na mayron nga kaparihas ng name ko na may pending case na naka file doon sa kabilang syudad. Ang advice ng personel na nag interview sa akin ay kukuha daw ako ng clearance doon mismo sa MTC sa kabilang syudad. Ang tanung ko ganito ba ka sakripisyo ang system natin? actually same name lang naman hindi nga parihas ang Midle name. At wala namang photos sa nasabing kaparihas ng name ko Bakit ganito. Gagastus pa ako ng gasolina at oras, at kailangan kong mag absent sa klase…..Ok na intendihan ko maganda ang pakay nyo …. i admire for that pero kailangan ko ba talagang mag sakripisyo para lang sa kalokohan na ginagawa ng kaparihas ng name ko? Its unfair very unfair….

  • Jonalee v. De guzman says:

    Panu k malalaman kng may nagfile skn ng case..?knna po kz kmuha me ng nbi tapos HIT po Ang nklagay s form k.

  • johnrick says:

    Nakakuha aku ng nbi last year,peru ngaun dna. .

  • lorna says:

    gud day po..ahm kc po un husband ko kumuha ng nbi nun sept.9..with hit sya pero xpctd npo nmin yan kc last time n kumuha sya my hit din sya..sept.16 pn blikan po s knya un nbi 4 releasing..e hndi npo nya nblikan kc po wl nki pg plit ng sked nya s work..so nag decide nlng po kme mag asawa kunin nbi nya nun oct.12 sby sn s appointment nya s dfa..e nun oct
    12 dpo n release nbi nya s main po pnppnta asawa ko 4 ntrview s q.cntrol…ask q lng po sn pwde po b mag pnta s main s nx n day off nlng ng asawa ko??tnx po

  • pourya fayazi says:

    Greetings of Peace! I will share to all of you my experience when i’m getting my NBI CLEARANCE and need it for my job documents,i was interviewing in the quality control,and they found out that i have a case in MMDA a violation of MMDA because my real name is like names of one of a bus company who travelling around the EDSA so i was schocked that i haved a case,however for the sake of my family on how to lived and our daily needs for our life and for no more arguments i was charged a 500 pesos for that violation and i paid it,because i need a NBI CLEARANCE using for my job documents after all my names is clean…’parang isa akong BIKTIMA ng maling panghuhusga’ but i do believed that in the EYES of ALMIGHTY GOD that i’am INNOCENT and CLEAN….

    • Shawee says:

      hi sir, mejo magulo po ang pagkakakwento nyo. ang hirap po intindihin. ok po sana kung tinagalog mo nalang pra po maintindihan ng mga ibang babasa pa.

  • Mae says:

    Maraming salamat sa article.makakatulong sa dapat paghandaan….mayroon akong katanungan sana po matulungan po ninyo ako sa may experience na…malaking bagay po para sa akin ang sagot nyo po…my kapamilya po ako na nag mamayari ng moto .sinauli nya ang motor sa pinagbilhan.may nakabili na uli na bago at nakasagasa po sya ng bata.nag file po ng kaso ang parents ng bata hit and run po gamit po ang plate number ng motor dahil d kilala ang tao.ngaun po ang nag appear na name eh ung name ng kapamilya ko po dahil d pa nalipat ng may ari ang pangalan sa bagong nakabili.ngaun po ang kapamilya ko po ung may kaso .inayos namin dati pero hanggang quality control interview lang natapos namin.pinayuhan kami na kumin lahat ng evidensya na nagpapatunay na naibenta na ang motor bago ang accident at lahat completo na mga documents namin.ang kulang nalang ay ano ano po ang mga hakbang na gagawin po namin..magkano po magagastos para po mapaglaan ng pera.makukulong po ba ang kapamilya ko.kaya po sya natatakot.wala po syang pera at wala din po syang trabaho dahil d sya makakuha ng nbi…sana po matulungan nyo po ako

  • nino says:

    Gud day poh.kumuha po ako Ng nbi at na hit po ako.dati po kinasuhan ako Ng theft last 2011.nireklamo po ako Sa di ko ginawa at dinamay Lang po ako.ngayon pag ka released ko dapat Ng nbi pumunta po ako Sa quality control for,interview now lumabas po na wanted ako.dati po pinadalhan ako mg subpoena then pumunta po,ako Sa RTC ang kaso po wala naman doon ung nagrereklamo..at wala nadin po ako natatanggap na subpoena or warrant of arrest.malilinis ko pa po BA ung pangalan ko Sa nbi kapag kumukuha ako Ng nbi.kc last 2012 and 2013 nakakuha naman po ako mg nbi.ano po maganda gawin ko Para makakuha po ako Ng nbi.
    Sana po matulungan nyo ako.

  • Mj says:

    Hit po pagkuha ko ng nbi clearance ko. My kaso po b s nbi kpag d nkbyad ng utang. Ngaun lng po nangyari sken to. Pasagot nman po. Knakbhan kc aq. Wala nman po ko nttanggap n letter n may case aq

    • mj says:

      patulong nman po s ssgot

  • jose Dalida says:

    bakit d ko po mahanap application form??

  • Angelo says:

    I have HIT, the personnel from the Robinson’s Metro East directed me to NBI Main for quality control but she did not gave me a date. When can I come?

  • Anna says:

    DOST Scholars sometimes also gets a hit, so for all DOST scholars, make sure to bring your DOST Clearance with you if your asked for a quality control interview.

  • Anony says:

    Pinapunta ako sa main office for Quality Control Interview after ko mabigay yung receipt ko pinababalik naman ako bukas pero marami din namang hindi pinababalik kinabukasan. Ano ibig sabihin kapag pinababalik kinabukasan?

  • mey says:

    Pano po pag pinablotter ? Dina po mkakakuha ng nbi? Yung friend ko kase ng shoplift pero di sya kinulong .. Pina blotter lng.. Mgkaka hit napo ba yun sa NBI? just asking .. Thanks po sa mga mgrereply 🙂

  • michelle says:

    Bakit kaya dito sa CLA Mall Pagsanjan branch na NBI wala silang resident lawyer? Kailangan ko pa daw magpagawa sa lawyer kaya makakagastos ako. Hindi po dapat required sila na dapat may Resident Lawyer? yearly ako kumukuha lagi ngang may hit pero ngayon lang ako pinag affidavit of denial.

  • tikz16 says:

    Hi! This post is very helpful and informative. I just went this morning and the quality control area was very easy to find. Just follow the arrows. Also, you may want to update also, interview schedule is from 7am to 5pm. I arrived at 8am and they are already serving #25. I waited for my number to be called for about 40minutes, interview lasted for 10minutes and I got my clearance immediately.

  • sonny thomas s arenas says:

    bkt kalangan puumunta ako main ano b kaso nung kapangalan?

  • Elbert says:

    It is really helpful, I have now an idea for tomorrow’s NBI appointment. Nag hit” din sa akin.”

  • Ronna Jane Nisperos says:

    hello tanong ko lang po ko if makakakuha ba ng nbi ang isang tao na nakulong sa city jail dahil sa kasong physical injury pero nadismiss naman po sya?lalabas po ba sa nbi ung kaso nya at kung sya man po yung nasa hit huhulihin po ba sya at makukulong?

  • myssy says:

    Mine was a little different. I also got a namesake which has a case, so i was instructed to proceed to NBI main in Bulacan. I thought i was lucky enough because im 1st in line. Only to be very disappointed that Mr. Interviewer doesn’t even ask me anything. He just write down something on a plain paper and instructed me to go get a Court Clearance. Sobrang abala. Nakaka disappoint lang na i have to go through all of those.

  • Jaime F. Anonas Orge Jr says:

    God bless and good day.
    Una po, after ko makuha ang certification ng Clearance mula sa City Prosecutor
    1.Para sa drop case, na dinismiss ng City Prosecutor ng Manila., at
    2. Sa case na dinismiss ng Municipal Trial Court.
    Pero ng Ako ay nag rerequest para sa Clearance of Dismissal ng nadrop na case at dismissed by the Manila City Prosecutor, nagulat ako ng sabihin sa akin ng empleyado sa Manila City Prosecutor ay kailangan ko muna kumuha ng NBI Clearance.
    Tama ba. Paano ako kukuha ng NBI Clearance kung isa sa requirement na magpatunay na nadismiss na ang nabanggit na cass ay Certificate of Clearance of dismissal ng case from the Prosecutor?

    • Jerry says:

      (Just now)

      Ganyan din po sa amin…Na hit yung name ko kase may case noon na nadamay ako pero na dismissed na.
      Tapos pinapunta ako sa nbi main dahil dun lng daw pwede makuha yung clearance ko.(under quality control)

      Sobrang kaba ako nun kasi NBI yun ..ang lalaki pa ng 2 pulis sa pintuan. ??? pero hindi pala. Maayos po silang lahat sa loob. Mawawala kaba mo. At tutulungan ka pa kung san ka pupunta at kukuha ng additional na kelangan mo para ipasa sa kanila.

      Yun nga daw ang naka hit sa akin so binigyan ako ng konting request form from the nbi main pra ibigay sa attorney.

      Umuwi ako at pinuntahan agad ang kapitolyo.
      Pag bigay ko ng form alam na agad nila na sa nbi ako galing…kaya yun …sabi nila pababalikin ako sa monday pra kunin yung certificate. Para mawala na daw record ko sa NBI..??(haay salamat) .Kasi matagal na yun..maghahalungkat pa sila ?.

      • Kat Delano says:

        Great news po yan and I admire your courage Jerry. Buti nalang di ka natakot at pinagpatuloy mo pa din ang NBI Clearance Online Application mo. Yung iba kasi sa sobrang takot eh hindi na tumutuloy.

        Anyway, God Bless po. 🙂

  • Dianne says:

    Hi po! I sincerely thank you for sharing this very very helpful blog!

  • Thonn says:

    Kahapon oct. 29 tumawag ako sa nbi starmall sa alabang, ngtanong lng ako kung pde ko ng mkuha ngayon ang clearance ko, hndi ko kc npancin na nov 9 ang releasing, sabi skn sa telepono kelan ako ng apply ng nbi clearance sbi ko, oct, 26, ngayon sgot ng nsa teleponi pde n daw ngayon mkuha, oct. 30. Eh d pumunta ako ngayon, sa awa ng dyos hnd ko nkuha, kc under quality control dw ako, e sbi ko wala nmn cnb skn ung nksagot ng telepono, na may interviewer khpon sa starmall, dpat dw khpon p ako pumunta, eh malay ko ba.. Db my contact number nman ako n nligay doon, bkt d n lng doon ako ininform, pnpnta ako sa main, ngayon pra mainterbyu, anong dpat kung gwin hhntayin ko n lng b ung nov. 9 o mgderitso n ko sa main, o ipgpaliban ko muna kc puyat p ako at walang tulog, sana my mgresponse,

  • Gracelyn Labini Abelino says:

    Nabasa ko po ang mga comment at ilang mga tanong,, pero sa kalagayan ko po na ginamit ang aking pangalan ng ibang Tao pra mkagawa say ng krimen,, Hindi ko po napanindigan na Hindi po ako ang taong nagkaron ng case,,, dahil hind po ako nabigyan ng pagkakataon na mag explain ng side ko… Nakaka depress po talga.
    Ngaun po ang taong gumamit ng pangalan ko ay nkapag abroad na,, habang ako ay dinadanas ang gantong problema

  • Gracelyn Labini Abelino says:

    Nabasa ko po ang mga comment at ilang mga tanong,, pero sa kalagayan ko po na ginamit ang aking pangalan ng ibang Tao pra mkagawa say ng krimen,, Hindi ko po napanindigan na Hindi po ako ang taong nagkaron ng case,,, dahil hind po ako nabigyan ng pagkakataon na mag explain ng side ko… Nakaka depress po talga.
    Ngaun po ang taong gumamit ng pangalan ko ay nkapag abroad na,, habang ako ay dinadanas ang gantong problema.
    Hindi ko po alam ang gagawin Kong hakbang pra malinis ang pangalan ko na nagamit ng iba.

  • antonette says:

    puwd po kaya kumuha ulit ng appointment sa nbi main? kase po nagkuha ako knina sa cabanatuan nakalagay is hit..so need ko po mag wait ng 10 days..mas mabilis po kaya if sa main ako magkuha?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Same lang din po yung magiging resulta. Kung hit ka sa NBI Clearance Cabanatuan, hit ka pa din po pagdating sa NBI Main. So non sense po at sayang lang. wait mo nalang ang 10 days.

    • topher says:

      ask ko lang din po yun sakin kasi under quality control din po ako matagal na po yun bale ginawan lang po ako talaga nung kaso para hindi ako matuloy dati nun s abroad mga 7 years n po ata yun nabail ko na din po yun dati pa kaso wala po ako papel na hinahawakan kasi ns kinakasama ko dati yun papel..kinasuhan nya po ako ng para lang sa mga bata pero cya rin po ang nagbail sakin…hindi po b ako aarestuhin kasi warrant po yun pero nakalabas din po ako kagad wala pa isang araw…ano po ba maari kong gawin kasi natatakot ako baka ako ay arestuhin..ginawan lang po talaga ako nun para maperwisyo po pero wala naman na po ako natatanggap na letter para sa ginawa nya na kaso sakin..

      • Kat Delano says:

        Hello Topher, hindi po ako eksperto sa ganitong bagay ha pero magbibigay po ako ng aking opinhyon.

        Kung aarestuhin ka, sa aking opinyon, hindi po. sa tingin ko naman hindi ka naman kinasuhan ng rape, or murder or pagnanakaw ng malakeng halaga noh?

        Kung sabi mo nagbail ka, maari ka pa din makakuha siguro ng kopya nito sa presinto kung saan ka dinala.

        Sabi mong 7 taon na ang nakararaan, possibleng wala na po yung isinampang kaso sayo. possibleng sarado na. since wala na naman nagfollow up sayo at base sa comment mo, parang wala kang nabanggit na nagkaron kayo ng paglilitis. pwede mo din ikaw mismo ang humingi ng update mismo sa presinto kung saan ka dinala.

        In short, makakakuha ka pa din ng NBI Clearance. Ang problema, POSSIBLENG meron record na lumabas dun. Mas magandang bago ka kumuha ng NBI Clearance, kumuha ka ng kahit anong papeles sa pulisya na naiserve na sayo ung warrant of arrest at nakapagpost ka ng bail para mayroon kang maipapakita sa NBI Clearance.

        Good luck po at God bless.

  • Altaïr Ibn'La-Ahad says:

    Would it be possible for me to take a duplicate record off so I wouldn’t experience a hit? I’ve stated it clearly to the personnel that the records that hold my namesake definitely has one birthday, one birthplace, one môther’s name, one father’s name, both the same age, and with same employers. I’ve presented IDs to try and clear out the duplicates to no avail, saying that it’s totally not possible, even if those are duplicates. So, is there a way, or another way to do such? I’d appreciate any answer.

    • buta says:

      in your case, you got hit because you’re a foreigner. it’s not just going to any governement agency and saying “hey i’m clear, i have no crime commented in your country. “ok, where’s your proof”. It’s a long process for you bro. sorry.

  • Winston says:

    How come for 5 straight years, the HIT has not been removed and everytime I go through the same lenghty process. I was told the first time that the following year should be cleared. I am told about this every year and still no change!!!

    • Kat Delano says:

      No, hindi po basta basta mawawala ang iyong NBI Clearance HIT. Im not sure pero wala pong pagbabago sa sistema ng NBI Clearance in terms of HIT. So expect nyo po na in the next years, HIT pa din po kayo unless magkaron po ng changes sa NBI Clearance on how they handle the cross checking.

  • Cielo says:

    Hello po, ask ko lang.. paano po ba pumunta ng NBI MAIN sa UN daw un? Kasi nung pumunta ako sa Satellite Branch sa Caloocan.. ininstruct po na pumunta sa NBI MAIn sa UN para sa Quality Interview daw po. Paano po b pumunta duon and what time po sila open? Thank you po.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Located po ito sa Taft Avenue, UN. Kung alam mo po ang LRT1, pwede mo po itong sakyan at bumaba sa UN station. Then konting lakad nalang po at makikita mo na ang NBI Main Building.

  • bree kachu says:

    this is crazy . bkit di nlang idirekta kung ikaw tlga yon hindi yong may ka pangalan ka lang . abala

    • Carlo S. Moriente says:

      Ask ko lang.. 2008 kumuha ako ng nbi clearance.. After 10 years nag resign ako sa work ko.. Then need ko kumuha ng nbi.. Nagkahit ang name ko pinababalik ako ng after 10 days.. Pagbalik ko.. Sabi saken need ko pumunta sa UN main office ng nbi.. Samantala nung 2008 wala naman problem sa nbi ko nung kumuha ako.. Anu po kaya prob ng saken? Salamat po..

      • Kat Delano says:

        Possibleng may kapangalan ka lang po at need mo mag undergo ng NBI Clearance Quality Control.

  • bree kachu says:

    after 10yrs sa pagluha ng clearance ngayon lang nagka hit ng walang kaso . posible bang nagkaroon na ko ng kapangalan ? hahaha

  • Paul Ignacio says:

    I’d like to air my grievances and also share my own experience regarding the quality control step in getting the nbi clearance. As of this writing, I have not yet been interviewed for the quality control. First off, the earlier steps were quite speedy. Then they told me that I must be interviewed before I can get my clearance but since I was there on a tuesday, they told me that the interviews are only on MWF. They wrote the schedule on my clearance application form. This is where the nightmare begins. I went back there on a friday that same week, and when I got there, they informed that the person who was conducting the interviews is at the main office since it was the day of the “CHRISTMAS PARTY” and I was told to return the following week. I was furious because I took time out of my work schedule just to be there and then I was greeted with that. I showed my disdain for what happened but kept my composure to not make a scene. Today, wednesday the 19th of December 2018, I went back there for the interview thinking that finally I can get the clearance, and yet again I was disappointed. I was there early and the staff told me that the person doing interviews is at the main office and that the interviews in that branch were to resume on the 26th of December. And that if I wanted to have it done today, I need to go to the main office. I mean, come on! First of all, having a christmas party is not supposed to hamper the delivery of services in a government office. People take time out of their schedules just to get the government documents they need and they are greeted with such inefficiencies that government offices are so well known for. Secondly, can’t they give proper notice to the applicants that the interviewer won’t be available for a week. Come on people, use your common sense. And lastly, what’s the sense of having a satellite office if you send an applicant to the main office for an interview. That defeats the purpose of having a satellite office. This kind of thing gives credence to the fact that government offices are ill-equipped and inefficient, and add to that the indifference of the staff that don’t seem to care about the hassle that the applicant is experiencing.

    • Bea says:

      Up to now (2019) kaya eh MWF pa rin ang sched nila? 🙁 Anyone here na nainterview recently?

  • Joseph Carlo Sambas says:

    Hello po, sa aking case ay kailangan ko po daw pumunta sa Bohol para sa interview eh taga Mindanao ako, ask ko lang po kung pwede bang sa main office nalng sa Mindanao kung meron man?

  • Shy says:

    Hi ask ko lng kung sakaling may nag file ng case against sayo from small claims court, mag rereflect kaya ito sa nbi clearance? TIA sa sasagot po

    • Ver says:

      Meron din akong ganyan but i does not show up. Got my clearance also recently with hit then. Was also interviewed as narrated above and it appears I have a namesake with criminal record. So for all who are askng above unpaid loans, it will not appear unless you issued a check that bounced, then its a different story kasi bouncing check is criminal in nature.

      • Kat Delano says:

        Yup, that’s correct. ang pagkakaroon ng utang ay hindi criminal liability at hindi lalabas sa iyong NBI Clearance.

  • Erhell perote says:

    Bakit may cutoff ang quality control till 12pm?? Sayang ang punta ang layo pa ng pinanggalingan at absent sa trabaho..

  • ford says:

    thank you for this!

  • Carol says:

    Ako ko lang po. Naging Co-Maker po ako sa lending ng kaibigan ko tapos po Hindi niya nabayaran nung utang niya nagkaroon ng hearing ako umaattend yung gumamit ng pera Hindi po..Napagkasunduan pi namin na yung sa part ko kahit Hindi ako yung gumamit ng pera may babayaran po ako.. Every month magbabayad po ako..ang tanong ko po Makakakuha po ba ako ng NBI Clearance para makakuha ako ng passport

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes of course. Dahil ang pagkakaron ng utang ay hindi at walang kasong criminal.

  • Bien says:

    May oast case oo ako pero na dismiss napo ito.. may dismissal paper din ako… kahapon kumuha ako ng nbi may HIT ako.. mag rereflect parin ba sa record ko yung na dismiss na case ko??

    Waiting for respond po… tnx

    • Kat Delano says:

      Pumunta ka po sa NBI Clearance Main Office para ipaclear ang dismissed case mo. Submit all the supporting documents proving the dismissal of your case.

  • Mykee says:

    Ask ko lng lagi ako ng my hit pag kumukuha ako ng nbi clearance but this time naka wuality control na daw need ko pumnta ng main office.bkit kaya? Pwede ba kse my utang pa ako sa home credit? Sana my makaka sagot po salamat

  • ronald mendoza says:

    hi ask good day po sa inyo… ask ko lang po sana kng cno dito ung nka experience ng kumuha ng nbi clearance dati pa na me ka hit… pero nung pina balik release naman ung clearance nya… nagtataka lang kc ako dati nakong me.ka hit pag nakuha ng nbi… pero never akong na qc interview pag binabalikan ko ung clearance ko release naman on the same day na pinabalik ako unh huling kuha ko sa sta. rosa laguna pa pero bat ngaun kumuha ako ng bagong clearance mga 2 weeks ago dito sa lianas calamba laguna dahil mag a apply ako para mka kuha ng bagong work ei. pinababalik ako ng march 6 2019 kase nga me ka hit daw ako… nung binalkan ko na knina march 6 2019, ei sinulatan ung claim stub ko na kelangan kong bumalik ng march 15 2019 para ma qc interview ako.. bat po kaya ganun alam ko nmn na dati pako me ka hit ei at sa tuwing kukuha ako napapabalik ako pero nare release nmn ung clearance ko sa actual date ng pagpapa balik sakin ng wlang qc interview na nagaganap… or kino conduct….ngaun lang ngyari na masasalang ako sa qc interview bt po kaya ganun ngaun???

    • Kat Delano says:

      Possibleng yung kapangalan mo ngayon ay may pending criminal case na naka record sa NBI. Wag ka magalala, kelangan mo lang iprove na hindi ikaw yung taong may criminal case na yun. Makukuha mo din po agad ang iyong NBI Clearance after ng QC Interview.

      • Mike says:

        Hi kat.gNun din situation ko lagi akong my hit pero nakukuha ko naman after a week pero this time for qc na sya.posible ba about sa home credit loan ko?

        • Kat Delano says:

          Hi Mike, hindi po. Ang pagkakaroon ng utang ay wala pong kinalaman sa NBI Clearance HIT. Hindi po ito criminal case. Possible pong may kapangalan ka lang or ang iyong kapangalan ay may pending case.

          • Mike says:

            Salamat kat. Lagi kse akong my hit tapos ngtn first time na qc nbi ko.cge pupunta nalng ako dun sa main para ma clear ko na to.hanagng anong oras kaya cla or oras ng wc interview nila?anong oras at araw magndang pumunta dun.

          • Kat Delano says:

            Morning po magandang pumunta. Usually po may pila sa quality control interview. Naglalast po ang interview ng 5 to 15 mins. So mas maganda maghanda ka nalang ng mejo mahabang pasensya kasi mejo may karamihan ang nag uundergo ng quality control interview.

          • Mykee says:

            Salamat kat.. ???

          • Celo mahinay says:

            Mam.panapatanong Ng kasama ko sa work.
            Kung makakaroon daw Po ba Ng problema pag Kumuha Sya Ng nbi clearance
            Kase Kumuha Sya Ng police clearance iba pangalan nya
            Maraming Salamat Po
            Ingat Po palage

      • Ram says:

        Hi Mam kat, may case po ako nung 2010 dn nkapag pyansa po ako at nagkaruon nang hearing sa bulacan, since di nman po uma atend ang complainant nang ilang hearing un nga ang sabi nang judge e ma dismissed ung kaso,pero po wala po akung papers na nagppatunay na na dismissed nga,,makakuwa parin bah ako nang nbi clearance?.thanks

  • Ronald says:

    Bakit lastyear nag qc na ko tapos ngyon pagkuha ko ulit pinapapunta n nman ako sa main pra sa qc. Ano ba ginagawa ng naguupdate ng system nyan? Magkakamuka ba ng birthday at middlename ung mga magkakapangalan? Same address din b mga yan? Napakalaking abala yang ginagawa nla.

  • Ronald says:

    Bakit lastyear nag qc na ko tapos ngyon pagkuha ko ulit pinapapunta n nman ako sa main pra sa qc. Ano ba ginagawa ng naguupdate ng system nyan? Magkakamuka ba ng birthday at midlename ung mga magkakapangalan? Same address din b mga yan? Napakalaking abala yang ginagawa nla.

    • Roberto R. Lizardo says:

      I have the same predicament as yours. last year when i got my NBI clearance, I went through this process of going thru Quality Control. I thought everything is fine. But just recently I applied for renewal of my NBI clearance at Duty free satellite, and I was asked to go back after 2 weeks because according to them, I Have a hit.When I came back after 2 weeks I was asked to go to main for Quality control. I don’t understand the system of NBI, why do we need to go through this process if they had done clearing my name in their system.
      I hope anyone from them could answer this. Why do I need to go to the same Quality control procedure for NBI renewal. Napakalaki abala sa akin to be absent from my work just to process my NBI renewal.

  • Aya says:

    Hello po, pahelp naman po, may hinarap po akong case before,sa dati kong work, dismissed na po siya nung november 14, 2018, the result po is Provisional, gusto ko na po kasi mag work, may letter po na pinadala sakin ang Phil post galing sa trial court nung november din na dismissed na daw yung case ko, pano po yun pag kukuha ako ng nbi? Possible po kasi na may hit ako, at iniexpect ko na po yun, kinakabahan po kasi ako baka pag kumuha ako nbi, kuhain din po ako ? thanks po sa sasagot 🙂

  • Mae says:

    Hello po, pahelp naman po, may hinarap po akong case before,sa dati kong work, dismissed na po siya nung november 14, 2018, the result po is Provisional, gusto ko na po kasi mag work, may letter po na pinadala sakin ang Phil post galing sa trial court nung november din na dismissed na daw yung case ko, pano po yun pag kukuha ako ng nbi? Possible po kasi na may hit ako, at iniexpect ko na po yun, kinakabahan po kasi ako baka pag kumuha ako nbi, kuhain din po ako ? thanks po sa sasagot 🙂

    • Kat Delano says:

      Possible pong mag reflect po yung dismissed case mo. Pero wag kang magalala, dahil meron ka naman pong document na nagpapatunay na ito’y dismissed na. Pwede mo itong ipaalis sa NBI Clearance kung ito’y mag reflect. Just make sure na magprovide ka ng copy sa kanila.

    • Alvin says:

      Sa sm ba yan ms.? Gaano ba katagal bago maayos yun same kase nangyare skin e

  • Gelyn says:

    Meron po akong appointment s NBI bukas nag register ako online ska nag bayad ako s 7-eleven Ang problem po may biglaang importante po akong pupuntahan bukas pwede PO bang mag pa reappointment ulit may bayad p po ba un? Kasi bayad narin po ako.. di Lang ako maka punta bukas Kasi may importanteng lakad nga .

    • Kat Delano says:

      Kung bayad na po ang NBI Clearance Application Fee mo at hindi ka lang nakapunta sa appointment, ok lang po iyong. Pumunta ka nalang po sa araw na available ka at sa lalong madaling panahon. Wag mo lang po papaabutin ng isang buwan.

  • Felix N says:

    Thank you so much for the share! You’re really a big help to our nation! Hopefully someday our system would be easier so not to waste everyone’s time.

  • Almabilla Sadie says:

    need pa po ba kumuha ng appointment pag na quality control ka? thank u

    • Kat Delano says:

      No need na ng NBI Clearance appointment kung Quality Control ka lang. Punta ka nalang sa NBI Clearance Main Building para ma interview ka.

  • Jess Boiser says:

    Once na naquality control kana,every year naba yun mangyayari na interviewhin ka?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Dapat hindi na po yun mauulit sa tuwing kukuha ka ng NBI Clearance.

      • Bonsai says:

        Hi, tuwing kukuha ako ng NBI lagi akong may hit at binalikan ko naman eh OK naman lagi. this is the first time that i need to go to the main branch for an interview. Nabago na ba system pag may hit?

        • Kat Delano says:

          Same po tayo ng case, lage po akong hit pero last January 2017 bigla akong inischedule for Quality Interview. Nalaman ko na kaya ako hit ay una, meron akong 3 kapangalan. pangalawa, isa sa tatlong kapangalan ko ay mayroong outstanding warrant. Ininterview ako ng kanilang resident Lawyer at naprove ko naman na hindi ako yun. Nirelease din po ang NBI Clearancce ko.

      • mark anthony says:

        hello mis kat kumuha po aq ng nbi noon april 11 tapos pinabalik aq april 26 kc my hit aq taposbnow nah kukunin kuna pinapuntah aq sa main office para sa quality control ganun po bah talaga pag kumuha ng nbi tapos ung dati q nbi mg eexpire pah lng po ngyn may 2

  • renato santos says:

    hi may paraan po ba para mapaaga ung pag kuha ng nbi clearance na may hit.? nag apply po ako last friday then sabi balik ako sa April 16. kailangan ko po kasi urgent ung nbi clearance para makapasok ako sa trabahong na applyan ko. first time ko po na experience to.tnx

    • Kat Delano says:

      Wala pong ibang paraan. Kailangan mo po talaga maghintay ng release ng iyong NBI Clearance.

  • FIN says:

    Good afternoon!

    Pa help po. Kumuha ako knina ng NBI clearance (April 2) kaso pinapabaik pa ako sa APRIL 17. pde po kaya dumiretso na ako sa MAIN ng NBI CLEARANCE pra makuha ko agad yung NBI Clearance ko. NEED KO NA MAKUHA AGAD.
    Salamat po

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hindi po. Kahit po pumunta ka ng NBI Main office, hindi din nila ibibigay sayo ang iyong NBI Clearance.

  • go says:

    hi nagkuha ako nbi clearance march 19 sa sm las piñas pero nag hit pinabalik ako april 2 2017 ang sabi punta daw ako sa nbi main office kasi under quality control bakit ganon last na nagkuha ng nbi 2017 .puede ba ako mgkuha sa alabang.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Sa NBI Main Office ka po pinapapunta dahil dun po talaga ginagawa ang NBI Clearance Quality COntrol Interview. Kailangan po na andun ka bago nila iissue ang iyong NBI Clearance after mo mainterview.

  • lynch says:

    hi ms kat, need pa ba ng mga docs before you go to nbi main quality control office?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Just bring 2 valid ids po. Yun lang dalhin mo.

  • Lyn says:

    Dear ms kat…may record po ba na nbi kung nademanda ng bp 22 tapos di natuloy hearing then pinabayaran na lang ng cash bigla nagsarado na ung company na nagdemanda … may record po ba

    • Kat Delano says:

      Depende po, dapat po meron kayong dismissal document ng inyong kaso. Kung wala po kayong pinanghahawakan na ganon, possibleng lumabas ito sa NBI Clearance.

  • Noel says:

    How long did it take?

    • Lyn says:

      Siguro mga 17 years na po..nawala na po yong company ng tinawagan ko.

  • Kyla says:

    Hello Miss Kat, tanong lang ako kapag ba nagapply ako ng NBI clearance then my hit ako, which always happen kapag kumukuha ako, may chance ba na makuha ko sya the same day basta magpapainterview ako sa quality control? Or no, kasi sila ang nagseset nun if for interview ako?

    Thank you

    • Kat Delano says:

      No po, dahil sila ang mag sasabi kung kelan ka babalik. In short, maghihintay ka po talaga ng 10 working days.

  • Joyce says:

    Hi, what if kung may case ka tapos after a year kukuha ka ulit ng NBI and Police Clearance magkakarecord ka po ba dun? Please answer. Thank you

    • Kat Delano says:

      POssible po na may record ka na sa NBI Clearance.

  • AIDA says:

    Hi po
    May bp 22 case po ako way back 2009, di na po ako nkaattend ng hearing kc ngabroad po ako ng 8 years, pgbalik ko dito sa pinas wala na po ako balita kung ano na nangyari sa case at sa warrant po. gusto ko po kumuha ng nbi clearance para makapgwork, mahuhuli po ba ako pag nahit name ko dahil sa warrant ko 10 years ago? salamat po

    • Kat Delano says:

      Sorry but I can’t help. I have no idea kung huhulihin ka. dapat sigurong harapin mo nalang muna ung hindi mo pinuntahang hearing. Subukan mong makipag usap muna kung saang korte ka ipinapatawag.

      Pero probably, maghihit ka dahil may pending kang kaso at malake ang possibilidad na magrereflect ito sa NBI Clearance mo na may pending kang kaso.

  • Jeffree phill says:

    Hi miss kat, ako po ay nag renew ng NBI clearance.. renewal lang siya tapos nung kukunin ko na sa releasing kanina biglang sinabi na punta daw ako sa main office kasi may homicide case daw etc. Nagulat ako. Pano sila nagkamali ng ganon, samantalang feeling ko kakaiba naman name ko wala naman siguro ako kapangalan and kahit pumatay nga ng langaw hindi ko magagawa e?

    • Kat Delano says:

      ganon po talaga, weak po kasi ang verification process ng nbi clearance kaya po ganon. puntahan mo nalang po para makuha ung nbi clearance mo. Kung hindi ka naman may sala, wala kang dapat ikatakot. mas maganda nga yun na maayos mo yung hit mo na yun.

  • Eme says:

    Hi miss kat! matanong ko lang po, i have a case still ongoing , Section 11. Will i still be able to get NBI clearance ?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes makakakuha ka pero dahil may case ka, possible na magreflect yun. not familiar sa section 11 pero kung criminal case yun, possible na lumabas yun sa nbi clearance. pero kung civil case sya, hindi po.

      • Meih says:

        Miss kat, what if na hit ka tapos hindi ka nakapunta sa quality control … Makukulong ka po ba or makakatanggap ka ba ng warrant or watever… Ano po mangyayari sau? Thanks po

    • jennica says:

      Eme nung malaman na may case sa diring interview ndi kba inaresto o anung process po ginawa ninyo?

  • Angelo Lanot says:

    kakakuha ko lng ng copy ng NBI clearance sa Starmall Alabang. last April 16 ako nag apply pero dahil may HIT ako o kapangalan pinabalik ako ng May 3, 2019. So pagpunta ko ng May 3 para kunin clearance ko, nagulat ako kase tinatakan nila papel na hawak ko at magproceed daw ako sa Quality Control Area nila. nalaman ko na ung kapangalan ko me existing case na Estafa at taga Pinamalayan Oriental Mindoro ito. kahit sinabi ko na sa Boac Marinduque ako pinanganak na makikita naman sa details na input ko nung nag online application ako. Need pa din daw gumawa ng Affidavit of Denial at ipanotaryo ko. ung notary nila nasa loob mismo ng office nila at sisingilan ka ng 100pesos. Hindi pa sila nag issue ng resibo.

  • Kel says:

    Mis kat dati po ako kinasuhan ng theft at nakulong din po ng 2months pero mag piyansa po ako para makalabas at pag hearing po di nmn sumisipot yun conplainant kaya nadismissed na po kaso ko.. pag kumuha po ba ako ng nbi lalabas po ba yun? Pero may document po ako na nagppatunay na tapos na yun kaso ko.. salamat po sa sagot..

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hi Kel, oo lalabas ang iyong dating kaso pero dahil sabi mo nga na nadismissed ang iyong kaso at merong kang mga hawak na documents. maari mo itong gamitin para maipatanggal ang record na iyon. Ihohold lang ang iyong nbi clearance at subject ka sa Quality Control Interview. dun mo po pwede ipakita lahat ng documents.

      • Ben10 says:

        Hi miss Kat have a nice day…nahuli po ako noong 2006 Na nagpuslit sa savemore dahil sa tiwala ko sa kaibigan ko ,may pinil upan po ako at nakuhanan ako ng fingerprint pero d naman po ako kinasuhan…mag a appear ba yun pag kumuha ako ng nbi clearance?pakisagot na lang po …salamat po.

  • Jessabelle says:

    Hi po . 2016 pa ko kumuha ng nbi ko . 2016 ko pa dn po nalaman na quality control ako . Pag punta ko po sa nbi nalaman ko po may kaso ako na pag skandalo sa isang restaurant . Na hindi ko naman po ginawa . Anu po bang pede kong gawin .

    • Kat Delano says:

      Paano ka po nakasuhan ng hindi mo nalalaman? Ikaw ba talaga yon? Kung oo, dapat mo pong makipag ugnayan sa NBI Clearance at humingi ng advice kung anong dapat gawin.

      Kung hindi naman ikaw yun, wala ka pong dapat gawin. pumunta ka lang sa QUality control interview at patunayan na hindi ikaw un.

  • Jigs says:

    Pag na blotter ba makikita sa nbi clearance? The incident happened around the time na nasa 2nd year hs pa ako.

    • Kat Delano says:

      i am not sure ha pero possible na hindi naman. Unless merong naisampa na criminal case sa iyo, pwede itong mag appear sa iyong NBI Clearance.

    • Axle Adam Rothman says:

      Hi po, May case po akong dismissed, nakakuha na po ako ng Nbi nung 2018, na-expire po ngayong 2019. Ask ko lang po kung sa Main Office ng Nbi parin po ba ako pupunta with the same procedures last year? or pwede na po ako kumuha sa nearest branch/online ng nbi? Salamat po!

      • khei says:

        Same po kau ng asawa q… pero pagkakuha nia po ng nbi pinapapunta pa rin po sya sa main office for quality control interview

  • A.G. says:

    I have 2 accounts on NBI Clearance Online. I thought I had to make another account for renewal because I cannot change the application type from “New” to “Renew” on my original account. I applied for renewal using the new account and now I have “HIT” and I think this is caused by my original account. Both accounts contains the same personal information. How can I permanently delete my first account? I wish to avoid this issue from recurring every time I renew my NBI clearance. Thank you for your assistance.

  • francis says:

    maari po bang makasuhan ang isang tao ng hindi nya nlalaman? walang ibingay na notice o kung ano pa man. at mag aappear po ba iyon sa nbi clearance?

  • Belinda parel says:

    Good morning po..ask ko lng po if makakakuha pa ba ng clearance ang taong nahatulan ng arresto mayor??

  • julia says:

    I have to correct my date of birth , should be 1959 instead of 1962

  • julia says:

    Ms. Kat, need ko change ng date of birth ko, should be 1959 instead of 1962. I was advised to go to Main for QC. I remember sa BP22 yun pero that was cleared but wala nang copy na keep.

  • Salvador Garcia says:

    Hello po! Need po ng assistance regarding my NBI clearance. My NBI clearance says “No Criminal Record” and this is due to a case filed against me by my neighbor around 2007. There were hearings but the case was dismissed as the plaintiff passed away because of her long time illness. Now I’m going to lodge for a Canadian Visa however I was advised that I will need a written explanation from the NBI regarding the comment: “No Criminal Record”. I just want to know how do I go about securing this written explanation from the NBI. Hope to get some advice. Thank you in advance.

    • mm says:

      the embassy will be sending them a request letter for your clearance

  • Marie Antonette Villafuerte says:

    For five years of getting the nbi clearance I always get a hit. The funny thing is I have never been asked to do Quality Control interview. When I pick up my nbi on the given date they just hand it over. However like I said every year I get it I always have to wait the extra 7 business days to get my clearance which is so annoying. I want this to go away because obviously I don’t have a case. It is stupid when they say my name is common but exactly the same first, 2nd, middle and last name? Any suggestions cause I am truly burned out already.

    • Juan Paolo Antonio B. says:

      Same here. My name is not so common but everytime I get my NBI clearance, I got a HIT. Everytime naman na kukuha ako yearly ng NBI clearance eh for work related. Samantalang pinepresent mo na yung xerox copy sa kanila tapos di pa nga expired eh renew nako. Pag ba nag affidavit of oath ako sa NBI main eh mawawala yung HIT na yon?

      • Kat Delano says:

        Kung pinapapunta ka ng NBI Main para sa Quality Control Interview, puntahan mo para maisyuhan ka ng nbi vclearance. Kapag na bigay na sa iyo ito, make sure na itago mo ang personal copy mo.

        Please take note of this tip dahil importante to.

        Yung makukuha mong NBI Clearance, tandaan or sulat mo sa papel ung NBI Clearance Number or better yet itago mo yung personal copy. para in the future, yung NBI Clearance Number na yun ang iyong gagamitin para sa RENEWAL. Pag nagapply ka ulit gamit yun, malake ang possibility na cleared na ang status mo dahil nga dumaan ka na sa Quality Control Interview at verified na sya.

        Ang nangyayari kasi, yung HIT status, hindi buong name ang comparison. May nagsabi sa akin na kung ang name mo ay Juan Paolo Wally Santos, icocompare ni NBI lahat ng names na “JUAN Santos” then “Paolo Santos” tapos “Wally Santos”. Ngayon, dahil tatlo ang first name po, possibleng magkaron ka ng hit talaga.

        Anyway, hope this helps you.

  • Apol Villanueva says:

    Just an additional information, I came around 11:30AM because my slip didn’t indicate an appointment time. Apparently, they now have a cut off at 11:15AM. So come in extra early if you don’t want to be sent home.

  • Jaya says:

    Makakakuha po ba ng NBI clearance ung kamag-anak ng kaibigan q na nakulong sa Lucena pero nakalaya dahil sa prebargaining? Need po kc nya ung NBI para sa requirement nya sa pagtatrabaho? Nasa kanya nman po ung patunay released paper

  • Jason says:

    Hello po mam, I was told to go to the nbi main office for an interview. I do not have any cases filed against me. Should I be worried? How early can I go for the interview? And what are the needed documents thank you.

  • JAY says:

    Is there any chances na ma pabilis yung process pag “WITH HIT” kasi sobrang need ko na talaga makuha yung nbi clearance para makaflight na pa ibang bansa ?

  • Ivyjean says:

    Hi po pksagot lng po may kaso po ako ar nag hain yung amo ko ng stafa laban sakin sa korte . Kaso lng hindi ko ina nks dalo khit isa sa hearing. Noong nagkuha po ako ng nbi clearance pinapabalik po ako in 1 week dhil may hit po ako. Tapus may schedule po ako for hit interview. Ang tanong ko lng po pde ba akong ma aresto at makulong dun sa nbi dhil sa kaso ko o hit ko po. Salamat sa mg reply

    • DANICA CHAGAS says:

      Hi I have the same case for you .Kinasuhan po ako ng DSWD as child abuse .Oo nag reflect sya but kung gusto mu kumuha ng NBI all you need to do is to get an affidavit of desistance.
      Magkuha ka ng lawyer or a government lawyer tapos balik ka release duon sa case ko kase late na sila nag sampa ng kaso still nagkuha pa ako ng affidavit of desistance to make it clear na iurong nila ang demanda way back 3 years ago yun I was 17 years old nag reflect lang sa NBI last year . Balitaan nlng kita pag naka balik ako to get my NBI .

      • Kat Delano says:

        Thank you for sharing your experience Danica! God bless!

  • Kate says:

    Pano po kung nahuli for smoking violation, 1st offense, tapos hindi po nabayaran yung fine? Magiging hit po ba to sa NBI clearance?

    • Mac mac says:

      Naka kuha ka ba

  • juan dela cruz says:

    comment ko lang po kasi may provisionary dismissal po ako and gusto ko pong kumuha ng nbi clearance ask ko lang kung lalabas po ba ung case ko or hindi na lalabas?

    • Miyuu says:

      Same tayo ng case. Naka probationary status din ako and need ko na magka work. Question ko rin is kung makakakuha ng NBI.

      • Kat Delano says:

        Makakakuha ka pa din ng nbi clearance online pero hindi ko maga guarantee na hindi ito lalabas sa nbi clearance mo pag na print. Hindi ka naman huhulihin. So ang mapapayo ko sayo eh kumuha ka ng nbi online para malaman mo.

  • Erika says:

    Pano po pag yung pangalan ko ginamit ng kapatid ko noon… Tapos ngayon po na gagamitin ko pangalan ko pwede po ba ako kumuha pa ng nbi clearance

  • JADE says:

    Tanong ko lang po, how in the world nangyayari na may Police Clearance naman at Barangay Clearance pero nagkaka HIT parin?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yung barangay Clearance po, wala namang background check or namesake hit verification na nangyayari. Kung nakakuha ka na ng barangay Clearance, alam kong alam mo yan dahil isa lamang itong sertipikasyon na tinaype ang pangalan, address at iba pang personal mong impormasyon.

      Samantalang ang Police Clearance, meron itong verification ngunit hindi ganon kalawak ang sakop. sa pagkakaalam ko ha (di ako sigurado), ichecheck lang nila ang record mo sa kanila. Kung taga Makati ka at kumuha ka sa Police Dept ng Makati, kung anong record lang ang meron sila ay yun lang ang makikita nila. Hindi nila makikita ung record mo sa ibang lugar. Hindi ako sigurado at 100% sure sa impormasyon na ito pero yan ang pagkakaalam ko.

  • Ben10 says:

    Hi miss Kat have a nice day…nahuli po ako noong 2006 Na nagpuslit sa savemore dahil sa tiwala ko sa kaibigan ko ,may pinil upan po ako at nakuhanan ako ng fingerprint pero d naman po ako kinasuhan…mag a appear ba yun pag kumuha ako ng nbi clearance?pakisagot na lang po …salamat po.

    • Kat Delano says:

      kung wala namang naisampang criminal case, wala ka pong record sa NBI Clearance.

  • JONATHAN says:

    Good day po. Tanung ko lang po, maraming beses na po kase akong nakapagrenew ng NBI. At mula noon ay may HIT ako lagi sa di malamang dahilan o reason. KUng mga kapangalan po ako noong una o nitong kasalukuyan na may kaso, hindi po ba iyan makikita ? Kase online po ako may application. Makikita po naman doon kumpletong details ko. Pangalan, kasarian, taong kapanganakan, lugar ng kapanganakan, magulang. at may Picture din po. Kung may kaso po iyong kapangalan ko na makikita sa system po ninyo, di rin po ba makikita doon ang kanyang kumpletong detalye at ang kanyang mukha? Maraming salamat.

    • Reygie ariza says:

      Paano po pag may release paper ka dahil nakapag piyansa ka pero hindi winidraw ng complainant ung sinampa sayo.. May record parin ba iyon? Makakakuha ka ba ng NBI na walang hit?

      • Kat Delano says:

        Yes, may record pa din po yun. Hindi pa po kasi tapos ang case mo at wala ka pa pong dismissal document proving na tapos na ang kaso.

  • Krisha Patrice Mae Baclason says:

    Hi last september 18 kumuha po ako ng NBI ko sad to say may hit ako.. pero yes alam ko nagkaron ako ng case sa last job ko pero nadismissed na yun. Ano po ba ang kailangan kong gawin kase bumalik ako ngayong oct. 1 yung araw na pinapabalik ako eh ang sabe need ko dw pumunta sa NBI main sa taft manila .. may dismissed letter naman po ako yung lang po ba ipapakita ko ? Possible po kaya na on that day makukuha ko din po NBI ko ? Mag start na po kase ako ng work ko .. please bgyan nyo po ako jg sagot 🙁 nastressed na talaga ko di pa ko nakakapunta balak ko sa monday pumunta pakisagot po sana tanong ko salamat po.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes po, kung pinapapunta ka po sa NBI Main bldg sa taft, ibig sabihin possibleng may quality control interview ka po at dun mo makeclear un. Just bring your dismissal letter for supporting documents and some valid ids.

      • Reygie ariza says:

        Paano po pag may release paper ka dahil nakapag piyansa ka pero hindi winidraw ng complainant ung sinampa sayo.. May record parin ba iyon? Makakakuha ka ba ng NBI na walang hit?

  • Jayson almayda says:

    Paano po pag may release paper ka dahil nakapag piyansa ka pero hindi winidraw ng complainant ung sinampa sayo.. May record parin ba iyon? Makakakuha ka ba ng NBI na walang hit?

    • Reygie ariza says:

      Pareho tyo ng case..may sagot nb tanong mo??

  • Rolly says:

    Every year..when i always applying for renewal..its all ways have a hit…i dont why…its always a waste of time

  • noel says:

    Good day po. Tanong lang po, kung may unsettled cellphone loan ba ang isang tao, magrereflect po ba ito sa nbi record?

  • mary Jane pagdanganan says:

    i have a bp 22 case which is still Archive?can i still get nbi?and what shouldi bring upon release of my nbi claiming? thanks.

    • M says:

      nakakuha po ba kau ng clearance?

  • mary Jane pagdanganan says:

    have not tried to get nbi for 4 years now kse nong paclaim na aq hinold aq sa quality control tapos nagbail tapos naghearing and sa complaint archive daw muna hanggang matapos ko payment q.mabibigyan ba ako ng nbi?

  • Jenny Go says:

    Kapag po ba may pending loan sa cellphone na di nabayaran, jaywalking and smoking unsettled. Makakakuha paba ng nbi clearance

  • Mark Anthony Pulido says:

    Gaano kaya ka tagal tong process na to?

  • christopher c. montes says:

    hit din po ang nbi.clearance ko pero nakakuha na ako after 2 weeks since application..they got me interviewed pero ang sabi nila need ko pumunta sa cainta rtc para humingi ng certificate of not same person at dun ngyari ang case kng saan kapangalan ko ang may kaso pero hnd nmn kmi mgkatulad ng middle name…

  • Kelly L. Hernandez says:

    I have a sad experience on HIT issue and its been cleared and recieved clearances several times I applied since I went overseas in 1990. Right now, I cant recieve the clearance as they are requiring a copy of the dismissal case noted in the form “case dismissed”. I also showed too my old NBI Clearance Certificate mentioned “NO CRIMINAL RECORD. Is this authentic record not Valid to prove to Clear myself everytime I applied for NBI Clearance which is really disappointing and waste of time. I hope this will help to improve the system on applying NBI CLEARANCE..

  • Hatdog says:

    Ang butaw ng narrative to. Dapat to descriptive. Andaming tanong na di nasasagot kasi experience to ng ISANG tao na sakanya lang specifically applicable. Lagay niyo steps hindi yung ganto. Incompetent

  • BJ says:

    Kapag di nakapunta sa quality control interview kasi may trabaho ako sa sched na yun pano gagawin ko? Pls answer

  • Jbb says:

    Ano gagawin pag namiss quality control dahil may work nung sched ko?

  • Joan sison sol says:

    Tanong kulang po nung mayo po na bwan nag reniew po ako ng NBI ko sa iba zambales ..pero hnd ko n po nakuha kase nakaluwas n po ako dto . Sa quezon city..at ngayon po reniew ko po dto sa NBi quezon city my hit po ako ..pag realese ko po punta dw po ako sa taft sa main office ..quality control po nakalagay ..bkt po un …?

    • Christian says:

      Anong klaseng NBI to, hi tech na tayo ngayon, pero bakit ganon lagi nalang tuwing kukuha ako ng NBI may hit at this time kelangan ko pang pumunta para sa QC interview. Para san pa ang mga details pwedeng iba ang middle name, iba ang age, iba ang name ng parents lalo ng mag iiba, nag sscan pa ng fingerprint, dun palang malalaman na nila kung ikaw ba o hindi ang may kaso.

  • Ken says:

    Hi pakisagot naman po..nagkaroon ng complaint sakin 2016 tita ko po may gawa she accusing me staffa. Sa totoo po nabudol budol po yung pera gusto nya ipaako sakin then gumawa ng kasulatan sa baranggay ..may mga id po ako sa knya and nag apply ako ng nbi 2019 may hit po ..gagamitin ko pa naman sa work ..still can i get my nbi ?

  • Jon Mitchel says:

    Actually po, na hit po ako noong una po. The purpose was for afp enlistment. Naterminate po ako sa training ng afp. Paglabas ko po sa afp specifically, paf., expire yung nbi clearance ko po ng May 2016. Gusto ko po sana mag apply ng ibang trabaho. Ikalawang kuha ng nbi clearance, hindi ako nagrenew, kumuha ako ulit ng bago. Sa ikatlong kuha ko sa nbi clearance, renewal na. Hit parin po.

  • Jon Mitchel Galang says:

    Actually po, na hit po ako noong una po. The purpose was for afp enlistment. Naterminate po ako sa training ng afp. Paglabas ko po sa afp specifically, paf., expire yung nbi clearance ko po ng May 2016. Gusto ko po sana mag apply ng ibang trabaho. Ikalawang kuha ng nbi clearance, hindi ako nagrenew, kumuha ako ulit ng bago. Sa ikatlong kuha ko sa nbi clearance, renewal na. Hit parin po.

  • Arnolfo M. Gardon says:

    Ask ko lng po, panu po kung alam mo na may pending case ka..
    Gaya ng pagkakautang na hindi tataas sa 10,000 na hindi mo pa nabayaran?
    Paano po kaya pag process noon?
    Doon na po ba mismo maisettle yun..
    I mean, pwede po bang doon na mismo sa nbi office bayaran yun?

    • Kat Delano says:

      First of all, make sure po muna na nagkaroon talaga ng pagsampa ng criminal case laban sa inyo. dapatpo ay mayroonkayong natanggap na subpoena or kahit anong dokumento galing sa kahit saang korte.

      Ang inyong pagkakautang ay dapat pong bayaran o isettle mismo sa tao o company na inyong pinagkakautangan at hindi sa NBI Clearance Branch.

      Kung kumuha man kayo ng NBI Clearance at nagsampa na po pala ang inyong pinagkakautangan ng criminal case, hindi po kayo aarestuhin sa NBI bagkus ito lamang po ay magrereflect sa inyong NBI Clearance as a “DEROGATORY RECORD”.

      • Mariko Arguelles says:

        Kat Delano, saan po pwede kumuha or saan pwede pumunta to check if there is a case file against me? Before going sa interview

        • Kat Delano says:

          Kumuha ka muna ng NBI Clearance. Sasabihin sayo dun kung kailangan mo magpunta ng Quality Control Interview. Kung sinabihan ka nga po na magpunta sa Interview, dapat po ay sinabi nila sayo kung saan. Sa aking experience, sa NBI Clearance Main Bldg sa Taft ave ako pinapunta.

          • Mariko Arguelles says:

            Hi Kat Delano hindi naman nila ako pinapupunta sa main dito lang din sa robinson mall. Thank you sa pagsagot sa mga tanong ko.

          • Kat Delano says:

            Walang anuman, Mariko! Congrats at nakakuha ka na ng NBI Clearance.

  • Henry Manlapaz says:

    If I have been interviewed by the Quality Control Interviewer the last time I renewed my NBI Clearance, does that mean that I will always be interviewed for QC every time I renew my NBI Clearance? Shouldn’t it be established already that though I have a namesake but my NBI ID No. is not the same with my namesake based on the prior QC Interview and the renewal process should be smoother like everyone else?

    • Camil says:

      Sobrang hassle po neto.
      Pinapapunta pa ko sa DOJ for a case na hindi naman ako ang sangkot. Kapangalan ko lang. Ayaw po magbigay ng Affidavit of Denial yung naginterview saken.
      Para saan ang info like BUONG pangalan, birthdate, fingerprints, picture kung hindi nyo po magamit ng maayos. Dinidiin nyo po mga wala namang kasalanan.
      2006 daw yung case at ang tagal ko na kumukuha ng clearance sainyo wala ako nagiging problema. Now, 14 years nakakalipas, biglang may kaso DAW ako. Kung ako yan bakit wala po nagpatawag saken, nanghuli, walang subpeona or kung ano man. 14 years po. Estudyante pa lang po ako nung 2006. Siguro naman po part ng trabaho nyo yung magkaron ng fair judgement. Tignan nyo ho ulit record ko pakisabi po kung kaya ng 1st year college na babae ang gumawa ng sinasabi ninyo.
      Maawa po kayo sa mga taong wala naman kasalanan, gusto lang makapagtrabaho para sa pamilya, pinapahirapan nyo po ng walang dahilan.
      Salamat po.

  • Mariko Arguelles says:

    It is is stated na hindi included ang small claims. I have a debt below 10k. I am not sure if the shark loan filed a complain against me, wala naman po akong natanggap na letter. Pwede po bang eto ang dahilan kung bakit ako may quality control interview? I got ill for 3years ngayon na lang ulit ako kukuha ng NBI Clearance and first time may HIT ang name ko.

    • Kat Delano says:

      That is correct, small claims na walang nafile na complaint ay hindi magrereflect sa iyong NBI Clearance. Possible lang na may name sake ka. wag ka magalala. 🙂

      • Mariko Arguelles says:

        Hi Kat, if ever nagfile ng case sa akin ang shark loan at may pending case po ako. Arestuhin po ba agad sa nbi or makakauwi ka para maayos at magawaan to ng action?

    • Kris says:

      hi mariko – i’d like to ask, were you able to get your nbi clearance?

  • Jan Bryan Mendoza says:

    Kung Hindi po Nakapag tuloy ng bayad Sa Home Credit . Ano Po Ang Kaso Don ! Thank you ..

    • Kat Delano says:

      Depende kung nagsampa po ng criminal case ang Home Credit sayo, saka lang po ito lalabas sa NBI clearance.

  • Cristina Hernandez says:

    How long did it take you to complete the process of interview to oath taking to printing and getting the clearance sa NBI main?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yung actual na oath taking ay saglit lang talaga pero dahil maraming applicant na na HIT at need mag undergo ng Quality Control interview, mejo maghihintay ka ng 30mins to 1 hour. Kung walang hit, makukuha mo agad agad ang iyong NBI ng 20 to 45 mins lang o pwedeng mas mabilis pa. depende po sa dami ng aplikante..

  • Kris says:

    10yrs ago ang last na kuha ko ng nbi clearance. Today kumuha uli ako as i need it for my new job and for the first time i got “hit”. Mejo worried ako, nakaka praning lng. I have my own fair share of credit card woes. My question is, could it be the reason of my hit? Tho wala naman akong nareresib n subpoena or any invite from court. As far as i know, ung subpoena should be received ng taong sinampahan ng case. Or could it be because now i changed my status from single to married – tho i kept my last name? Hope u can help me ease my worries.tnx!

    • Kat Delano says:

      As long as wala pong naisampang criminal case sa iyo, wala kang dapat ikatakot.

      Changing your last name from single to married po ay wala pong kinalaman sa pagkakaroon mo ng HIT. Wag ka pong magalala, maayos din po yan. Lalo na po na parang common ang iyong first name.

  • Rann dee says:

    Hi mis kat, magandang gabi po..
    Itatanong ko lang po sana, kung malalaman ba nang canad embassy/immigration ang background history mo sa nbi?
    Ganito po kasi,way back 2009 he was arrested and detain for a crime filed against him,then in 2014 he was “acquitted” for that case and order his immediate release. Now, after few years, nag-apply po xa as ofw ( canada ) at pinalad na ma hired ng employer. The problem now is, sa kanyang application he did not disclose na nakulong siya for how many years kasi natatakot siya noon at first na baka hindi sya matanggap,gawa nang sa kulungan siya galing, kaya pinili niya nalang ilihim gawa nang ” aqquital ” naman ang verdict ng at NO DEROGAROTY RECORD naman yung remark niya.. Tanong:
    Malalaman ba nang ( canada emabassy/ immigration ) ang background criminal record history nang isang tao na nagaaply papuntang canada?
    Mag aapear ba yung previous case filed againts you kahit na ang RTC Judge decision/ verdict ay ” ACQUITTED/ ACQUITAL “?
    Mabubura or mababago paba yung record mo sa nbi? Paano po mawawala yung hit?
    Maari parin ba siyang payagan makapasok sa canada?
    Maari bang mabago ang remarks na ” NO DEROGATORY RECORD into NO RECORD ON FILE?
    Anu po kaya ang magandang gawin? Para hindi siya ma refuse sa embassy?
    Pls advice us, wala din akong idea kung anu ang dapat gawin.
    Maraming salamat po.!

    • Kat Delano says:

      Subukan ko pong sagutin ung mga katanungan mo ha. Pero gusto ko lang ipaalam sayo na ang lahat ng ito ay HINDI opisyal ng sagot mula sa NBI Clearance. Ito ay base lamang sa aking mga nalalaman.

      Isa isahin natin:

      1. Malalaman ba nang ( canada emabassy/ immigration ) ang background criminal record history nang isang tao na nagaaply papuntang canada?

      Yes, yun ay kung magkakaron sila ng masusing imbestigasyon sa isang tao. Kaya nilang malaman yun.

      2. Mag aapear ba yung previous case filed againts you kahit na ang RTC Judge decision/ verdict ay ” ACQUITTED/ ACQUITAL “?

      Yes, possible itong magappear sa iyong NBI Clearance. Dahil yung mga “records” na lumalabas sa NBI Clearance ay galing mismo sa mga naifile na kaso sa korte.

      3. Mag aapear ba yung previous case filed againts you kahit na ang RTC Judge decision/ verdict ay ” ACQUITTED/ ACQUITAL “?

      Yes, magappear ito. Pero sa pagkakaalam ko, pwede mo itong ipaalis. As long as meron kang hawak na document proving of your dismissal. Yun nga lang, need mo pa ito ipaayos sa NBI Clearance pagkakuha mo.

      4. Mabubura or mababago paba yung record mo sa nbi? Paano po mawawala yung hit?

      Hindi na mabubura ang “DEROGATORY” record mo sa NBI Clearance. Andun na yun forever. Ang HIT naman po ay iba ibang klase. Pwede kasing HIT ka pero dahil may kapangalan ka lang at iveverify lang na magkaibang tao kayo. After that, irerelease din ang NBI Clearance mo na wala kang record.

      Sa sitwasyon mo, magkakaron ka ng HIT pero pag vinerify ay mapoprove nila na ikaw nga yung taong dating may kaso so ilalagay nila sa NBI Clearance mo na may Derogatory Record ka. Pero dahil nga acquitted ka na, may karapatan ka na ipaalis ito ito.

      5. Maari parin ba siyang payagan makapasok sa canada?

      Hindi ko masasagot ito dahil ang Canadian Embassy ang nagdedesisyon nito.

      6. Maari bang mabago ang remarks na ” NO DEROGATORY RECORD into NO RECORD ON FILE?

      I’m not sure kung pwede pero may mga nabasa na din ako dito sa comment section na nagnatatanong kung pwede mabago nga. I’m sorry di ko alam.

      7. Anu po kaya ang magandang gawin? Para hindi siya ma refuse sa embassy?

      Ang pagpasa sa VISA application ng isang bansa ay nakasalalay talaga sa EMBASSY. Wala pong kasiguraduhan yan. ANg maipapayo ko lang sayo ay magpasa ka ng mga requirements na tama. Wag ka magbibigay ng NBI Clearance na may “derogatory record” or may sinasabing may previous case filed against you dahil di magandang tingnang yan sa mata ng mga Consul. Make sure na ang ipapasa mo ay “NO Derogatory Record”.

  • Marie says:

    Hello kath!!
    Question lang, may kapatid kasi akong gusto kumuha ng NBI Clearance ang problem kasi meron siyang warrant. Sentense Serve naman na siya for 3 years, kaso need niya pa umatend ng counceling for 6 months. Di siya naka attend don gawa ng umuwi ng province. Feeling niya may active warrant siya dahil don.

    Possible bang arestuhin siya sa nbi pag may active warrant siya don mismo or di siya bigyan?


    • Kat Delano says:

      Hi Marie, pasensya na pero hindi ko po alam yung ganyang mga bagay. Isa lang ang alam ko, na magrereflect dun sa NBI Clearance nya na meron syang kaso kahit na “sentence served” na po ito.

      Sa tanong mong kung aarestuhin ba sya, yan po ang hindi ko alam. mas maigi pong bumalik ung kapatid mo para ayusin muna yung hindi nya natapos na counseling. yun lang po ang maipapayo ko.

  • Kimbeverlysoliva says:

    Pano po malalaman mahuhuli po ba Ang pinabloter lag sa pulis thanks po


    hi po tatanong ko lang po if ever ba na my case ka before then pina laya ng court kasi nga minor then ang case dapat na i serve is 6 mos. tapos minor pa sa jail talaga?
    na serve po siya for almost 9 month piana laya ng court di parin ba talaga siya totally clear ?
    kasi sabi pupunta ng DSWD e napunta po kami tapos ngayon bakit HIT parin po??
    salama po sa sagot need makakuha ng NBI CLEARANCE


      9 yrs. ago na po yun nangyari….tapos ngayon HIT po ….

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hintayin nyo nalang po ung araw kung kailan kayo pinapabalik para po malaman nyo kung bakit po kayo HIT. hindi ko din po kasi masabi kung yung hit nyo ay may kinalaman sa dati nyong kaso or may kapangalan lang ba talaga kayo.


    morethan 9 years na po yun nangyari…tapos ngayon HIT….

  • Arnel Royo says:

    good day if hit ka po how many days bago makuha yung NBI Clearance salamat po

    • Kat Delano says:

      8 to 10 working days po usually.

  • Mary Dhel Mecca says:

    Hi po good afternoon may question lng po, Yung father ko po kasi ngkaroon ng problem 20yrs ago sa nueva Vizcaya dahil sa pagtitinda Nila ng mga kitchenware Ginamit po Nila name ng nestle and other company den nireklamo sila NG taong Bayan den kinasuhan po sila den hindi po sila nka attend ng last hearing den Yung nga po ng reflect sa nbi na may hit sya pinapapunta po sya ng quality control Kaya Lang po natatakot sya na baka daw po hulihin sya overpricing po Ata ang kinaso sakanila, may possibility po Kaya na makulong sya? ano po Kaya ang dapat gawin, ty po and godbless.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Sa ganitong sitwasyon po, hindi ko po masabi kung huhulihin po sila o hindi. Dahil may pending case po sila. Pasensya na po pero dapat po muna nilang ayusin ung issue nila sa korte.

  • Gerry G Pascua says:

    Good day po,ask ko lang po kung nkarating nba sa NBI office ang kaso kung my nangyari ng agerement sa korte ng akusado at complainant na byaran nlang nya ung nadispalko nyang pera?kc 1 hearing lang po ang nangyari.

  • Gerry G Pascua says:

    Good day po,ask ko lang po kung nkarating nba sa NBI office ang kaso kung my nangyari ng agerement sa korte ng akusado at complainant na byaran nlang nya ung nadispalko nyang pera?kc 1 hearing lang po ang nangyari.pwd ba cyangmakakuha ng NBI clearance po ba?

  • Gerald says:

    Hello Magandang araw po sa lahat! May problema po ako at nakakahiya man pong sabihin e nahuli po ako nang awtoridad na lumabag sa curfew as Enhance Community Quarantine Violator po last April 23.
    Ask ko lang po kung makakasuhan po ba ako nito at kung may kaso man po e magkakarecord po ba ako sa Police Clearance o kaya Nbi po. Makakakuha pa po ba ako ulit nang mga documents na to? Salamat po.

  • Geraldine says:

    I renew my NBI last Jan. 2020 and asked to go for quality control interview. I was just accepted by a company and was undergoing training. I asked my trainer if I could file a leave but since I have my old nbi that expired on May 2020. Sabi sa May nalang ako pumunta.

    Ask ko lang po puede pa ba ako pumunta sa main office for Quality Control interview this May 2020 even yung receipt ko and application was on January 2020. Or do I have to reapply again. Since may ECQ kailan po open ang office sa main.

  • Domingo says:

    Hi magandang tanghali po, huling kuha ko ng nbi noong 2018 na hit po ako pero wala naman akong criminal record, ano ba ang dapat kong gawin? Paki reply naman sir, para malaman ko ang dapat kong gawin. Kukuha pa naman ako ng nbi clearance para sa e inaaplyan ko para sa ibang bansa. Salamat po sir..

  • Armando Heria says:

    Good pm. Kung pupunta ka SA Quality Control for interview at Wala Kang dala na Court Clearance SA cleared na case, dahil SA tagal na at change of address, ANO Ang susunod na processo?

  • Pearl Joy Baguhin Orde says:

    Mag tatanung Lang po ako .
    Kasi po may INTERVIE PO ako sana noong .3-18-20 .ang kaso po .Quarantine po tau ..
    Ngyun sep po .pwede na po bang .pumnta !?? maraming slmatpo

  • Arnold sumayang says:

    Makakuwa pa po ba nbi pag nagkakaso ka tapos kinulungan mo at naka pyansa

  • Joan Garcia Chua says:

    Pwede ko pa po ba makuha ung hindi ko po natapos nung jan 15,2020 nbi ko po, dahil sa kadahilan po kaso pero naayos ko na po ito?? Pwde po ba aq bumalik sa quality control? Salamat po

  • Soledad Masangcay Torda says:

    Pwede po ba maayos n.b.i clearance ko..nung march pa po ako ppunta sa quality control taga cavite city po ako..naabutan ng lockdown..kelan po kaya ako pwede mag punta para maayos ko n.b.clearance ko

  • Gaudencio Senarillos Jr says:

    Hi, meron akong hit na damage to property reported by the police, actually that was a blotter of traffic accident 40 years ago, it was already settled by my insurance and did not go to court, the court issued a clearance which I submitted to the NBI branch, I don’t have a copy, can an affidavit from consulate work, at present I am overseas applying for visa renewal, what will I do?

  • Gaudencio Senarillos Jr says:

    Hi, meron akong hit na damage to property reported by the police, actually that was a blotter of traffic accident 40 years ago, it was already settled by my insurance and did not go to court, the court issued a clearance which I submitted to the NBI branch, I don’t have a copy, can an affidavit from consulate work?present I am overseas applying for visa renewal.

  • Mark says:

    Hi, I just read about your article and it made me feel so worry about it, because I have hit also which is bothering me all time, I will not deny that I had been….. can we talk privately po? Im a little bit confuse of this matter. Thank you

  • jacq says:

    by appointment po ba ang NBI quality Control kasi po need ko po mag absent sa work
    and sabi po sa releasing ng NBI wala daw anytime puwede mag punta, sure po ba?
    hindi po sya by appointment ,, in case man san po mag papa appointment.

  • sha says:

    ano na nangyari sa case mo? nakakuha ka nbi clearance?

  • Joseph gregorio says:

    Clear na po ba ang isang kaso pag natapos na ang probation o lalabas pa din ito at hindi na makakawa saamat po

  • Anna carolina dela torre solis4 says:

    what is my case why i go on nbi clearance quality control?

  • Myralyn Peleño says:

    Good morning po ma’am Kat
    tanong ko lang po nag apply po ako ng police clearance nung (may 17) then pinababalik ako ng (may 26) nagulat ako may binigay uling papel na maliit puntahan ko daw ito sa main ng NBI clearance sa (may 28) buti nalang may kakilala ako sa NBI main pinaverify ko name ko qualified theft daw kaso ko nung (dec 12 2012) isinampa daw yung kaso tanong ko lang po diba magiging problema kung hindi ko na ituloy yung pag kuha ng NBI?kase natatakot po ako baket ganon ang kaso ko wala bang magiging problema kung hindi ko na ituloy eh naka register nako sa NBI branch yun lang po salamat sa sagot.

  • Let Let says:

    Pagpumunta ba ko sa sched na binigay saken para makuha NBI clearance ko dahil “Hit” nga daw, makukuha ko ba kagad or need ko din pumunta ng main. Grabe sobrang hassle, renewal na ko kung baga may record nako sakanila bat kalengan ko pa magsuffer dahil sa kapangalan ko. Common surname ng asawa ko pero hindi ang family name ko, siguro naman dun palang machecheck na. Saket sa bangs, pandemic pa naman ngayon.

  • katey cruz says:

    hi, so after your QC interview po,may instance ba na nagrenew ka uli NBI mo and pinapunta ka pa uli for QC interview? or nakalusot na po since nagundergo ka na and nagoath pa the last time? thanks for sharing!

  • Romeo Roderick Garcia Mendoza Jr says:

    Maari ko po bang malaman kung mayroon pong kaso na laban po sa akin?reply po sana kayo please,maraming salamat po..

  • Teresita Bernadaz Robillos says:

    Ang mga documents po na ginagamit ko sa kasalukuyan ay Naka pangalan po sa asawa kong namatay. Pati na po ang aking N.B.I. clearance. Puede po ba akong kumuha ng N.B.I. Clearance under my Maiden name na this time kasi yun po gagamitin ko sa pagkuha ng passport.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Ang kailangan po sa gusto nyong mangyari ay makapag present po kayo ng valid ids under your maiden name. Kung may mapepresent po kayong ganon, i think possible ung gusto nyong mangyari.

  • Rich chel says:

    Hi po ask ko lang po kukuha along nbi clearance pero my hit po,,pinababalik ako ng after 10 days, then ng bumalik ako that day pinababalik ulit ako ng after 2 day for interview same place (hindi po sa main),kung may kaso po ba ano po mantayari as akin,sana po masakit nyo,thanks po


    Ma’am/sir good evening,sobrang worry ko po ngayun dahil sinabi sakin nang staff sa NBI nong wensday 01,19,2022 na kailangan ko dumaan nang quality control for interview by Monday 01.24.2022 dahil may kaso daw ako, eh Wala nman akong kaso Wala nman ako naging kaaway,iniingatan ko pangalan at apilido ko, sagot sakin Hindi Naman daw pareho, middle name ko,pangalan lng at apilido,pero asked ko lng bakit ako dadaan nang quality control,?pa help nman mga ma’am/sir,Hindi ako makakain nang maayos at makatulog dahil Dyan,kasi 1st ko na ma quality control,since KUMUHA ako nang nbi na hihit ako pero Hindi ako ma quality control,

  • April caraang says:

    Hello po question po.

    I tried to get a nbi last 2018
    So they told me po na quality control po need q punta ng main office po.

  • Toni Rose Tejuco Velarde says:

    Good day! I would like to ask how long will it take for my records to be cleared? I submitted a clearance from DOST. I submitted it last January 2022. I was instructed that once I submit the clearance I can get a new nbi record without any hit. But when I renewed this February the hit was still reflected on my nbi record. Can anybody help me with this? Thank you.

  • Jethro B. Bayer says:

    Paano po ba kumuha ng NBI Clearance?

    Nung March po kasi kumuha ako as First time jobseeker ang maganda free na,para sa first time jobseeker. Ngayon po pumunta po ako jan sa NBI UN Manila5 United Nations Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, ang kaso po di po ako pinayagan ituloy kasi mali yung address ng nasa drivers license ko pero sabi ng nag aasist don pwede pa dapat e kaso walang original na pirma, bumalik ako mga kinabukasan kasi sabi ng barangay don pwede daw naman kasi may naka lusot naman din kahit sealed lang eh sabi din ng misis ko try daw magmakaawa edi bumalik nga ako,Nung bumalik naman po ako yung admin na kumausap sa akin nag makaawa na ako kasi ang mahal po talaga ng pamasahe tsaka sabi din ng office dun sa barangay namin pwede naman daw yung barangay cert. ko, nag labas siya ng memorandum na bawal yung ganon yun di parin ako pinayagan pero nag iwan siya ng sulat nya na naka stapler sa barangay cert. ko,Nung pagkauwi ko naman po dali dali ako pumunta barangay namin kasi malayo barangay sa amin mga kalahating kilometro pa bi-nike ko nalang po kasi wala na akong pamasahe, pagkarating ko barangay pinapirma ko ng original na pirma yung barangay cert. ko tapos nagtaka yung mga tao don sa office kasi saken lang daw po nangyari yon, ang sabi naman ng isang tao po don matatagalan daw yan bago ko makuha barangay cert ko kasi orig na pirma ilalagay. Lumipas po ilang araw na realesed na yung barangay cert. ko na may orig na pirma. Dali dali po kami pumunta ng misis ko sa Nbi,sinama ko na po misis ko incase na di parin tinanggap siya po kakausap e bawal pala po don yung may kasama pinahintay ko nalang siya sa baba kahit sobrang init, alam ko po kasi mabilis nalang yung process kasi complete na po ako sa requirments kaya iniwan ko nalang sya don saglit, Eh nung nasa cashier na po ako HINDI NANAMAN AKO PINAYAGAN KASI PUTOL DAW PO YUNG ADDRESS NA NAKASULAT SA LIKOD, EH KAILANGAN DAW PO KUNG ANO NAKA REFLECT SA UNAHAN YUN DIN DAW NAKALAGAY SA LIKOD ,HINDI NALANG DIN PO AKO PUMALAG EH PANO PO BA NAMAN YUNG SENIOR NGA DON PINAALIS AKO PA LAYANG REGULAR LANG,ORIGINAL NA PIRMA NA PO YUNG NAKALAGAY SA BIRTH CERTIFICATE KO! SAYANG PO PAMASAHE TSAKA PAGOD,MULA PARAÑAQUE AKO HANGGANG MANILA TAPOS PAG PUNTA KO DOON HINDI MAN LANG AKO PINAYAGAN MAKAKUHA,KAILANGAN KO NA DIN SA TRABAHO KO,SHOUT OUT PO DUN KAY KUYA NAG ASSIST SA AKIN KITA MO NAMAN BARANGAY MARCELO PARAÑAQUE PA KAMI PINABALIK MO PA,GALING MO PO ORIGINAL PIRMA NA NGA DI PA TINANGGAP,PINAGTATAWANAN NA NGA AKO DITO SA BARANGAY NAMIN PARA LANG JAN SA PINAGHIRAPAN KONG BARANGAY CERTIFICATE DI MO PARIN AKO PINAYAGAN, GALING KUNG MAY BAYAD SIGURO AKO PINAYAN NA SIGURO AKO,AYOS YUNG FREE SERVICE FOR FIRSTIME JOBSEEKER?.

    Sincerly yours,
    Jethro B. Bayer

  • Karen Roxas says:

    When i paid using gcash the status is pending. Why it is like that?


    Why im hit and i will go to the main office of NBI…Quality Control…Pls reply

  • Ericson de vera says:

    Good day po ask ko lang po if yong mga xcomvict or yong taong nakulong dati ay makaka kuha pa po ba ng NBI CLEARANCE po? issue po kasi nila yong kay Robin Padilla po.

    • Ericson de vera says:


  • Ryan Shagar Garcia says:

    Ive been at Quality Control this Tuesday and interviwed by Maam Helen, I forget to ask her why is it my clerance says still no criminal record I just saw my clearance just today, can I speak to her? my mobile 09197775033

  • jessica ann cayabyab says:

    Hi ask ko lang po kakakuha ko lang ng nbi clearance ko kanina, nacheck ko nakalimutan ko po pala lagyan ng second name ko na “Ann” kaya ang nakalagay na lang po don is Jessica Cayabyab
    Pano ko po mapapaayos yun?

  • Ryan Mendoza says:

    I was advised to go to RTC for an interview. I have read about what you had experience and I got something different. I paid the affidavit of denial for it to be notarized then another payment. You paid nothing compared to my and want to ask on why I was asked to pay?

    • Joan Ching says:

      Magkano po binayaran niyo?

  • Arthur tribdino reyes says:

    Sir mam. Good afternun oct. 6 2022 po ang quality control interview ko po pwede ko po b mas maaga s oct. 6 po mgpnta sa main ???

  • Francis o. Asis says:

    Good morning sir/ma’am
    Tanung ko Lang po dito po ako sa CAMARINEs Norte nagkuha ng nbi Ang release po ay sa Oct. 20 2022. Pag pumunta po ba ako ng nbi main makukuha ko agad? Hit po ako huling kuha ko po ng nbi last 2019 nag quality control po ako.1week lang po KC Ang binigay sakin time para ma complete Ang requirements ko nbi na lang po Ang kulang. Salamat po

  • Frederick cuera says:

    Paano po kumuha ng nbi sa online?

  • Einna says:

    Thank you for this. Was asked for nbi qc but got a dismissal of the case..

  • Cristy Ann guaio zafe says:

    Paano ko makukuha yung NBI naka apoinment na ako

  • Ericka ramos says:

    Pwede po ba ako mag apply work if my criminal record nako sa nbi tska police clearance? What if Kung kunin po ako Ng kapatid ko na kung maging citizen na sya sa abroad. Pwede pa po ba dn ako maka work dun ? Thanks po

  • Kurdapya says:

    This really helped me a lot. After 10yrs, I will get another NBI clearance for my new job.
    Thanks much!

  • Reggie says:


  • Joy says:

    Meron po akong kasong qualified theft pending po. Wala naman po akong kasalanan kaso ang company ko nag file po sya at yun nga po pending case po sya ngayon, mag a appear po ba yun sa nbi clearance ko?

  • jenny says:

    paano po kapag 5months na nakalipas , kase sobrang busy sa work nde ba makukwestyon o magdududa peru my mga papers naman na po

  • Luna says:

    May hít na po sa NBI kahit hinde pa nag hihiring?

  • Khae says:

    Meron po akong kasong qualified theft pending po. Wala naman po akong kasalanan kaso ang company ko nag file po sya at yun nga po pending case po sya ngayon sa Nov pa po mag hihiring mag an appear po ba yun sa nbi clearance ko?

  • Rose Concepcion Cuadro says:

    We need from NBI addressed to our DPO Team (dpo.ph@shopee.com).Then our DPO Team will liaise with NBI for information on the alleged fraudster account

  • John daryl mateo says:

    Can i make my nbi ?? Here’s the ref no 9NN

    • John daryl mateo says:

      Makakakuha po ba ng nbi kung sakali na my record kapo sa police ?