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NBI Will Start Issuing a Multi Purpose NBI Clearance

Multi Purpose NBI Clearance is live now! Yes, you’ve heard it right. Starting October 2, 2017, National Bureau of Investigation, the Philippine Government Agency in charge of NBI clearance are now  issuing a Multi Purpose NBI Clearance. That means a multi purpose NBI Clearance can be used for any transactions that is required both local and also in abroad. Just like the old NBI Clearance, the multi purpose NBI Clearance is still valid for one (1) year with a fee of Php115 per copy.

Through an issued memorandum dated September 7, the NBI Director Dante Gierran said that the National Bureau of Investigation has changed the format of its NBI clearance Form to bear the phrase “Issued for whatever legal purpose,” instead of the old version for specific purpose such as local or overseas employment and travel abroad.

This action from National Bureau of Investigation was in response to President Rodrigo Duterte’s call to simply all the government transactions. Fixing the a href=”” alt=”NBI Clearance Online” title=”NBI Clearance Online”>NBI Clearance Online simplies everything and addresses the red tape. The new Multi Purpose NBI Clearance aims to provide convenience to all Filipino who’s applying for NBI Clearance.

So starting on Monday, all the various types of NBI clearance being issued for specific purposes for example, a gun license, travel abroad, visa application and for job application will be gone.

The newly implemented Multi Purpose NBI Clearance will start to be issued at the price of P115, following a directive from Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II.

“All existing NBI clearance forms shall be utilized and consumed for this purpose using the NBI clearance printing program to be deployed by the ICTD (Information and Communications Technology Division)” Gierran said.

Gierran also instructed all NBI clearance processing centers nationwide until September 18 to post an announcement in “conspicuous places” of their respective offices about the implementation of the multi-purpose clearance.

An example was given by NBI – Information and Communication Technology Division Executive Officer Welerme Haplasca Jr.was an instance wherein an NBI Clearance applicant will apply for a local job and he/she was not hired. Previously, he/she can’t used it anymore but now, through the help of Multi Purpose NBI Clearance he or she can still use it.

It was also stated by Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II that the Multi Purpose NBI Clearance system is the answer to the needs of the people who are facing the growing demands for record-keeping and civilian identification. After the Multi purpose NBI Clearance clears the applicant’s name, he or she can use it for any purpose they wants.

Before, the applicants of NBI Clearance have to state the specific purpose of  their application. Also the fees varies according for each purpose.

Another change the National Bureau of Investigation has implemented was making the process for “HITs” more convenient and easier.  “HIT” is the term used by NBI Clearance if the applicant has a namesake, a pending case or his/her namesake has a pending case which requires the NBI Clearance to be verified further before released to its owner. There are 104 Million (and counting) breathing individuals in the Philippines. With that size of population, there’s a very small chance that you have a namesake who already applied for their NBI Clearance. It was also noted that this change is applicable both local and NBI Clearance in abroad.

If you have a pending case or if your namesake has an existing one, You only have to appear to an NBI Clearance Quality Interview to verify your identity  without having to pay additional fees.

According to NBI-Information and Communication Technology Division Deputy Director Atty. Jojo Yap,

“First, we need to know the case. During the interview, it will be determined if indeed it was you. If there is a doubt, you will need to secure clearance from the court, if there is a warrant, to prove that it was not you.”

If you’re wondering how to apply for Multi Purpose NBI Clearance, here’s how:

1. First, Register an account with NBI Clearance website.

2. Fill up the Application form online.

3. Set an appointment schedule and pick a branch we’re you will process your NBI Clearance.

4. Get the reference code for your NBI Clearance and pay NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven or in any payment option available.

5. Go to your selected NBI Clearance and present your Valid IDs as a requirement for Multi purpose NBI Clearance. You can use your Philippine Passport as a requirement for your Multi Purpose NBI Clearance Application.

6. Have your Photo and Finger print taken.

7. Go to releasing area to get the printed Multi purpose NBI Clearance of yours!

Read here for more detailed discussion on how to apply for NBI Clearance Online.


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  • runkil john manuel
    September 4, 2018

    Hi question lang po.
    yung nkalagay sa appointment ko is local eh gagamitin ko po sya sa abroad. wala kasing option for travel abroad. panu po yun magbabayad pa po ba aq ng panibago for travel abroad

    • Kat Delano
      September 4, 2018

      Multi purpose na po ang lahat ng ini issue na NBI Clearance. Pakibasa nalang po ang article sa itaas para po malinawagan ka.

  • joelyn m. locading
    August 21, 2018

    good day po ask ko lng po yung nbi k po nklgaya sya multipurpose pwd ko po b gmtn yun pg kukuha ako ng passport?tnx po

  • concerned lang po
    August 13, 2018

    May napansin lang po akong kaunting mga pagkakamali sa article na ito.

    Una po yung maling pagkaka-embed ng link sa linya na to:

    Fixing the a href=”” alt=”NBI Clearance Online” title=”NBI Clearance Online”>NBI Clearance Online

    Sumunod po ay yung mga maling spelling at grammar:

    simplies everything and addresses the red tape.
    he/she can’t used it anymore
    for any purpose they wants

    Yung lang po. Wala po akong hangad na mag marunong. Baka lang po pwede pa i-correct. Gusto ko lang po sana makatulong para narin po sa mga nakakabasa at sa ikabubuti ng imahe ng NBI.

  • Can Checks
    July 30, 2018

    Hi there. Urgent question. I am a foreigner living outside the Philippines. I sent in the NBI fingerprinting card and NBI has issued a multipurpose clearance in my name to my authorised representative. I checked online and they mention the NBI clearance number is valid.

    However, NBI has NOT printed my signature and my thumbprint (provided earlier) near the QR code (I am referring to the images of the clearance you have posted). Why is this and will this be an issue in future?

    • Kat Delano
      August 2, 2018

      I think this will not be a problem. As long as the NBI Clearance can be verified in that its valid.

  • Jovelyn
    July 22, 2018

    Good day ask ko lang po kasi na lost po Yong nbi clearance ko last month ko lang siya na renew. Ang concern ko po is makakuha pa ba ako ulit thanks

    • Kat Delano
      July 28, 2018

      Yes of course, pwede ka pa po ulit kumuha ulit ng nbi clearance. wala naman pong magiging problema dun.

  • Jen
    July 13, 2018

    Hi, I was just a bit confused about the required NBI Clearance of the US Embassy for the visa application . They required an NBI with an AKA. I already got my clearance, the blue one which i think its the new NBI clearance form. Does the clearance is applicable for what USEM required? When i research on NBI web, i hardly could find the form for the NBI Clearance with an AKA

    Please advise.

    Thank you!

  • Khristine altares
    May 21, 2018

    Eow’ po aq po ay nka schedule na po sa appointment sa june 04, 2018. Wala po aqng kahit na anong valid na ID.gawa na kmi po ay nsunugan po. Ang NSO BIRTH CERTIFICATE ang meron po aq.

    • adzmin
      June 22, 2018

      have a good day.
      itatanong ko lng po mayroon po akong nbi clearance kinuha ko po november 23,2017 valid pa nmn po till nov 23 2018 pero ang tanong ko ok lng po ba un green pa po ang color ang new nbi mgayon is sky blue na ipapared ribbon ko po sana gagamitin ko po pang abroad.