How to do an NBI Online Registration

January 2, 2020 11:21 am


NBI Online Registration — Welcome to NBI CLEARANCE ONLINE. A page dedicated to help fellow Filipinos to apply for their NBI Clearance conveniently and avoid any hassle as much as possible.

Today, we’ll be discussing the NBI Online Registration which all NBI Clearance Online Applicant must do.

To give you a context what is an NBI Online Registration, this simply means that the user needs to register first their respective NBI Clearance Online Account before securing one. He or She must submit an NBI Online Application form by completing all the required personal information such as Gender, Civil Status, Birth Date (Month, Date and Year), First Name, Middle Name, Surname, Mobile Number, his or her email address and their preferred and secured password.

The personal information mentioned above is just an initial requirement for NBI Clearance Online Registration. There are more personal details needed to be filled up but for the mean time, the NBI Clearance Online website will allow your NBI Clearance Online Registration application and have your account register.

But before the NBI Clearance Registration approves your application, it needs to be verified using a one time password.

NBI Clearance Registration One-Time Password

Failure to provide the One-Time Password (OTP) will result to rejection of your application. Though there’s a work around here which is by clicking the “RE-SEND ONE-TIME PASSWORD (OTP)”, a new and fresh OTP will be sent to your mobile number.

NBI Online Registration

How to do an NBI Online Registration — in this section, we will discuss how you can easily do an NBI Clearance Online Registration. Through this tutorial, we guarantee each and every one that they will be familiar at the NBI Online Registration procedures after reading our guide.

We will be providing text based instructions as well as images for everyone’s reference so our discussion will be crystal clear. Right at this time, without hesitation or delay. Let’s start the tutorial on NBI Clearance Registration.


Before we begin, I just want to inform you that we have written an updated tutorial guide on how to apply for an NBI Clearance Online for 2022, you may want to consider reading it. 🙂

To get started, open your favorite browser and navigate to the NBI Clearance website, which is

NBI Clearance Online Website

This is the official website of NBI Clearance Online Registration. When you arrive at the page, there are several pop out window that will greet you. All you have to do is just close it by clicking the “I AGREE” and “CLOSE” button respectively.


This is the start of your account registration. In the web page, at the right portion of your screen (if you are using a desktop), find the box that says “REGISTER“.

The Registration process has methods of submitting your application, these are the following:

  1. Renewal of existing NBI Clearance. (NBI Renewal)
  2. No existing NBI Clearance.

So what’s the difference?

The first method, the users has an existing copy of NBI Clearance that the user or applicant is required to enter his or her NBI ID Number in the Registration form.

This option is for the applicants who don’t have an NBI Clearance Online Account yet but have an NBI Clearance or forgotten their log in details to their NBI Clearance Online Account but have an NBI Clearance.

NBI Online Registration

Though there are various incidents as told by our readers here that when they do enter their NBI Clearance, an error occurs that prevents them to register.

As we have experienced also, the website says that the NBI Clearance ID Number was invalid even though its correct. Our scientific hunch to this error is that the NBI Clearance ID Number was not found on their Database. There is no official statement for this from the Official NBI Website though as we mention, this is only our guess.

The second method is for the users or applicants who do not have an Existing NBI Clearance and do not have an NBI Clearance Online Account yet. For this procedure, the applicant doesn’t need to provide any NBI ID Number. He or she just need to fill up the form with the personal information requested.

NBI Online Registration

This is also the procedure for all first time applicant which we usually recommends to do.

So which one should you choose?

To be honest, it depends upon your situation. If you have an existing NBI Clearance with you, tick the check box that says “YES”. If you already registered before but forgotten you log in details (ex. email address or password) and you have your NBI Clearance with you then you should choose “YES”. If you don’t have an NBI Clearance yet, tick the check box that says “NO”.

Moving on… For this tutorial, we will tick the “NO” because we’re assuming that you don’t have an existing NBI Clearance yet.

Now, in the NBI Clearance Online Registration Form, enter the following details:

  • Gender
  • Civil Status
  • Birth Date (Month, Date and Year)
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Surname
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • and your Preferred and Secured Password

Lastly, tick the check box next to the text that says “READ and ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICES“.

The website will present you the Terms of Service of the website.

NBI Clearance Online Registration

You have the freedom to read it. Once finished, press the button “AGREE” to continue.

It will return to your previous registration form, click the “SIGN UP” button found at the bottom to submit your NBI Online Application.

A One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone. Its usually a six (6) digit number which you need to enter in the space provided by the NBI website. See example below.

An exact example of the One-Time Password is the one shown in the screenshot below. This is the exact text message we received when we registered for NBI Clearance.

NBI Clearance One Time Password OTP

Now, the next step is enter correctly the OTP in the website. If, for any reason, you didn’t received this OTP text message from NBI Clearance. You need to click the “RE-SEND ONE-TIME PASSWORD (OTP)” button so the NBI Website will send new a new one.

If you still didn’t receive any texts, you should go back to your registration form and check the mobile number you entered for correctness. You should also consider your mobile phone signal or reception. Sometimes, text are delayed due to poor signals.


Once you have entered the One-Time Pin, a small green box will appear located at the top right side of your screen. The message says that you have successfully registered an NBI Account.

Congratulations to you my dear fellow kababayan! You now have an active NBI Clearance Online Account!

This NBI Online Registration tutorial is now complete! Our goal to discuss the NBI Clearance Registration was achieved and we’re glad you finished reading it up to here.

You may be interested in reading our article about: Can I Walk In for NBI Clearance Application?

But wait! There’s more!

Yep! You’ve heard it right! What we’ve discussed above is only for the NBI Clearance Registration only. This is only a portion or part of the entire process of applying for NBI Clearance Online.

This is the first step for you. You still have to do the other three (3) steps.

To know more about the other three steps, we have written also a comprehensive guide on how to apply NBI Clearance Online

READ! How To Apply NBI Clearance Online in 2020 [UPDATED!]

  1. NBI Online Registration
  2. NBI Clearance Registration
  3. NBI Clearance Online Registration
NBI Clearance OnlineNBI Clearance Online RegistrationNBI Clearance RegistrationNBI Online Registration

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    I don’t have middle name, what should I do?

  • Ter-ter Parajes Lozada says:

    nung july 11 po ung kuha kuh ng nbi..ndi ku po nabalikan..pwd kuh poh ba un makuha anytime?

  • Madonna Quijano Dela Peña says:

    ask ko lang po bakit po un 4 email accounts ko is may ibang gumagamit sa online application po? gusto ko pong malinawan kasi po kukuha po ako ng NBI clearance and i think it’s my right to know bakit iba un gumagamit ng gmail and yahoo accounts ko (both personal and accounts given by the school). last na kuha ko po is nun 2013 kaya new account un gamit ko sa pagregister

  • Sa Che says:

    log in po kayo uli and resched nyopo , / twag po kayo s hotline nila regarding payment

  • Sa Che says:

    pde na pla po direct sa website nila, edit information nyo nalang po 🙂

  • Arlene Arnaiz says:

    Or need talaga mag online ulit at mag pa reschedule?

  • Sa Che says:


  • Sa Che says:

    Pag nakakuha na po kayo dati is renewal po

  • Mica De Guzman says:

    Anong hit?

  • Arlene Arnaiz says:

    ask ko po hanggang kelan po validity date ng appointment online, naka schedule po ako ng pagkuha sa NBI BRANCH ng Calapan City Oriental Mindoro ngayon kaso Hindi ko po siya nakuha at Hindi po ako nakapuntang Calapan ngayon dahil po sa masama ang panahon.. paid na po Yun. Makukuha ko pa Rin ba iyon bukas? Salamat po

  • Mhelow Rhein Carias Rangelova says:

    Denz Rams Tebs for delivery on te. 200 kasi delivery charge

  • Jhen Rabago says:

    Magkano ang bayad sa nbi po

  • Kigam Owatan Salaza says:

    Sir/ma’am pde kumuha nbi anu po req. Nio

  • Jerome Bajamonde Bautista says:

    Belgira Jetz din k ma apply haw

  • Jolly Villanueva says:

    Che Che Lumangkibe thanks par

  • Sha Heen Nna says:

    small claims lang dn man

  • Samuel Y. Ador says:

    paano naman po magrenew?

  • Aljun Aldava Bade says:

    Geraldine Bade Macuja

  • Angeline Galvadores says:

    Rey Hallador

  • Marie Fortin says:

    Kelan ko po ba makukuha nbi clearance ko? Nov 29 (thursday) ko pa nabayaran sa bayad center. 330 din po yon hindi po pinupulot ang pera sana naman dumating na. Paki aksyunan naman po. Hanggang ngayon dec 4(tuesday) wala paren e.

  • Marie Fortin says:

    Sana pala pumila nalang ako. Akala ko kase mabilis process nila

  • Janeawel Berces says:

    Paano po mg kuha ng n.b.i.

  • Johanna Soriano says:

    Tse! Nasend mo naman na. Kaya bakit pa ako magpliplease

  • Oinotna Serrot Oatamse says:

    bat walang sumasagot na staff sa mga question??ang hirap namam makapag online registration down site ba?

  • Pheng Amparo Lamela says:

    pano po ba mag pa renew ng nbi online? at magkano po ba?

  • Marco Santos says:

    Yon wed nyo po puro sagod nalang updating your website

  • MacRestie Domingo Reyes says:

    How to apply online?

  • Zhel Lobrio Espenesin says:

    pano mag online ng NBI

  • John David San Andres says:

    Ask lamg po panu po makakuha ng NBI kng nasa abroad yung tao need kasi. Is there any way?

  • Iam Athon says:

    Bulok n page nato. Dami nagtatanong d man sumasagot

  • Mikee Ortiz PabaLinas says:

    yes po. dapat po alam mo yung nbi # ng old clearance mo. para no need to fill up again na

  • Dave Reyes says:

    Walang bayad pag nag pasa ka sa online?

  • Maritess Misenas Danipog says:

    Paano po ba magapply online para sa mga bagong aplikante

  • Angelita Leuterio-Morelos says:

    Paano ma-avail ang free NBI Clearance, per D30’s directive, for first time job seekers kung online application ang system nyo?

  • Angelica Jazmine Tabuzo says:

    Pano po pag magpapa renew na lang

  • Armela Bongcarawan says:

    Gud am po.. paano po mag register online for NBI clearance?

  • Miego Hassan says:

    Paano poe PAG kuha ng NBI clearance

  • Ma Lourdes Tolentino says:

    Panu po b mg apply ng nbi online

  • Sherley Tobias Sumibcay says:

    Ano po kaylangan

  • Jen Jen Jen says:

    Jinky Lubiano oo makuha mo kapag may resibo ka..

  • Amping Kah Permi says:

    Paano po mag apply?

  • Dhapnie Ayexel Clyne says:

    Punta ka NBI may bantay don tatanung lang sayo kung may babaguhin o wala sa NBI mo pag wala may isusulat sa dati mong NBI pag meron babaguhin sa online ka kukuha sabay pag wala pipila ka lang magbabayad ka sa cashier pag wala kapangalan madali lang makukuha mo agad alabang starmall ako kumuha e

  • Ronilo Estranero Toledo says:

    Ang alam ko po 1 year

  • Dhapnie Ayexel Clyne says:

    Nakalagay naman po yun sa NBI mo kung anong validity date maeexpired NBI mo

  • Mq Quisel says:

    Pano poba mag pa nbi pa ask naman po??

  • Fafa Yaj says:

    Hi maam/sir pwede po ba walk- in na lng sa office niyo, for applying nbi clearance?

  • Mary Grace says:

    Everytime po ba na kukuha kayo ng nbi you choose new? Kasi po kapag kumuha po kayo dati tapos po kukuha kayo ulit as new, yun po ang possibility kaya may hit kasi same info po talaga lalabas.

  • Rhysell Ruse Atompag says:

    ..gudpm po kukuha po sana ako na nbi clearance for abroad po..Thanks ..

  • Marcjebcjaj Marcjebcjaj says:

    Abz Lucero thank you.

  • Maydelyn Casiping Cuntapay says:

    Karen Aserios-Golez nakuha nyo po ba inyo miss?

  • MA RK IE says:

    hindi ko na nakuha until now kase nandito na ako sa mindanao

  • Jullian Gar Ferrero Rocher says:

    taga bukidnon ako..

  • Mary Grace says:

    Question po?ilang beses na po ako nag try mag bayad either bayad center or 711 pero offline po sa bayad center tas decline sa 711. Ano po issue? Paano po yung transaction niyan? Schedule ko po sa sept 6. Pa assist naman po. Ty

  • Maria Olivia Hernandez says:

    Pwede ko pa b maclaim ung nbi clearance for printing na un last july 31 pa.. possible kaya ma claim ko pa un

  • Luis Gutierrez Riva says:

    Sir sana mabigyan na ng solusyon ang mga hit tapos na cleared naman para sa susunod na pagkuha ulit ay hindi na maabala, abala po kasi sa totoo lang, dami na pong nag rereklamo bakit hindi pa binubura ang record kung cleared naman. At iba iba naman ang middle name, lugar etc. Abala po kasi sa totoo lang, sana maintindihan niyo mga sir

  • Isabel Roque says:

    Ako po kukuha sana ng nbi pano po

  • Guialorna Guevarra says:

    sir nbi renewal 2016 date..kylangan p b online registration renewal??nbi dagupan city pangasinan

  • Jullian Gar Ferrero Rocher says:

    ano po ang requirements para kumuha nang nbi clearance?

  • Keanna Keasha Lei Astrera says:

    Rose Olano Samson bawal po iwanan ng blank. wala din po akong middle name :/

  • Bebilyn Apay Natividad says:

    sir anu po recquirments kukuha ng n.b.i po

  • Breaker Bernabe says:

    Panu mg kwa NBI online

  • Maria Crystal Ona says:

    Tapos na. Renewal na nga lang ako eh. Kaso yung service nila sa Lipa batangas offline na. Sayang naman yung panahon ng pagppasched namin lalo na’t may mga trabaho kami

  • Callysta Gail says:

    Ask ko nga po pano po pag yong Educational background ko po ay high school graduate lang, pero naka pag college nman ako okay lang po ba yon, or kaylangan mapalitan

  • Jerick A Manalo says:

    Nakaka kuha poba ng nbi yung 17 years old

  • Marcjebcjaj Marcjebcjaj says:

    god day po. ang huling nbi clearance ko po was on july 2009 p po. pag po ba ngregister ako online un application ko po will be considered as new? tinry ko po iecode ung nbi id number ko pero di po inaaccept.

  • David Dave Fines says:

    Tanong ko lang kng meron kana nbi tas na expired na pwede ba yun i present nalang sa may pinakamalapit na branch ng hindi na.kaylangan dumaan sa online process salamat sa sasagot

  • Datu Pinaasa says:

    ,panu po ba magkuha ng NBI Clearance? Anu ang proseso?

  • Andres Lagat says:

    ilang araw bago ireleased NB

  • Anna Dominguez says:

    Sadya po bang 8days na processing ng NBI kapag may kapangalan ka. Grabe naman po yung tagal nun. Sa NBI Bacoor ako kmuha. Sana pala sa main na lang ako noong 2016 2days lang release na. 8 DAYS! Grabe. kailangan na sa work e.

  • Dionesio Ramirez Coronado says:


  • Tina Abril says:

    Kapag senior citizen po ba kailangan pa din ng online appointment for NBI?

  • Anthony Gonzales says:

    Wag na po kau mgpaonline sa ibang computer shop dun nlng po kayo pumunta sa tapat nang gate nang NBI sa batangas ung kulay red na building andun po ang knilang cguradong paonline nang NBI batangas cguradong cgurado po dun.tnong lng po kau sa tao na nandun sa gate nang NBI OPICE

  • Vince Preniano says:

    matagal na po ako nag online kaso hindi pa a deliver sakin… renewal for Quick delivery ung sakin

  • Mia Valencia says:

    Kapag po ba renewal, no need to go to NBI anymore?I applied online for RENEWAL but there was no option for selecting the branch and date – the system took me directly to the payment page. My payment was already confirmed but when I am re directed to the site, there is no option for selecting the branch. Please advice po

  • Ana Sawwi Shay says:

    Hnd ako mkakuha n nbi kc ,common dw name ko,

  • Em Ion says:

    Ask lang po sa Quezon ave. Pa rin ba yung NBi clearance .. Balak ko po kc kumuha sa myerkoles

  • Nin Zonid says:

    155 po

  • Haizhiale'z Yamiahz says:

    Magpapa online po ng NBI needs po Tomorrow, reply po

  • Daveryl Jord Rirao says:

    Kahit po ba walang psa ok lang meron ako police clearance at voters certification ok lang po ba?

  • Yhan Santander says:

    Need ko po ng online ng NBI how po ? Reply po.

  • Belgira Jetz says:

    Jaja.monday na mkuha kuna

  • Mark Olofernes says:

    bagsak po ba ang ngayon? hindi po kami makapasok sa website

  • Errine Nozaer-Ogale says:

    ano po requirements sa pagkuha ng nbi?

  • Chelmar Petersblank says:

    Two valid id

  • Ted Francis Asuncion says:

    How can I apply from Dubai?

  • Animrac Adartse Dabal says:

    Pno po pag student plng po kukuha 18y/o &17

  • Natalie Anderson says:

    0pen po b kayo ngayon?

  • Cloud Tracey Cabili says:

    meron po b d2 s laguna

  • Princess Fausto Closa says:

    San po pwede kumuha ng NBI taga taguig po ako at anu po req sa pagkuha ? Magkano rin po. Salamat

  • RM Niño Jimenez says:

    Punta ka po sa website nila NBI Online

  • John says:

    Hindi mka proceed sa site..

  • Cristian Merto says:

    Pwede na po ba kumuha ng nbi clearance kahut 17 yrs old pa lang??? Salamat

  • Christian Billoso Dela Peña says:

    sir ask ko lng po kelan po magbubukas nbi robinson gen.tri branch ?salamat po ngayun po kasi sched ko a makukuha ko na po yung clearance ko need ko na po kasi yun para requirments ko.salamat po.

  • Aladin Kanapia Delna says:

    Papanu mag online s NBI gsto ko mag online nw

  • Rolly Pacala says:

    Paano po mg aply ng nbi .Now pra po makakoha a gad ?

  • Niel Mar Tabud Magallano says:

    Pano mag apply online po

  • Jrico Yon says:

    Nakakatawa un?

  • Einal Oncal Aicrag says:

    Hi po panu po mag apply ng onLine nbi po thank you!

  • Dondon Omoso Flores says:

    .pag tinatanong ang sagut are you kidding me agad ani to .lukohan..nagtatabong lang ang tao .boy

  • Licej Melaj Nosyas says:

    Paano pag freeData haha ko Di kita .magtatanong talaga haizt lami rang tok on aah

  • Ana Marie Sabandeja Rubi says:

    Ano pong isesearch para sa online registration ng nbi

  • Sëihdreîanä says:

    Need PRC and NBI Online Assistance?? Just pm me 🙂 Service fee: P100 only Ps. For those who have not yet appointed, feel free to reach me out and send your informations via messenger.

  • Karen Ondoy Ib-ib says:

    paAno po ba mag apply ng nbi through online?

  • Elmo Solaiman says:

    How po need ko sa lunes

  • Andi Bastasa says:

    Hello.tulomg poh Kong paanoag online application.for nbi

  • Joseph Austria says:

    Gud morning po

  • Joseph Austria says:

    Paano po mag aapply ng NBI C.

  • Ravel Lee Broquil says:

    magkano po nbi first time po ako kukuha.asap po

  • Windee Zamora Doreza says:

    Pila ang NBA

  • Beathriz Zoilo says:

    Gud am po, pnu po b mg register online for NBI.

  • Samanodin C Ali says:

    paanu mag NBI dto sa online….

  • Joel Nazareno says:

    Pano po mag apply

  • Ruport Sanchez says:

    Pno mg apply NG nbi clearance po

  • Tenorio Sajie says:

    kahit saang robinson pwede magrenew??basta sa cashier na agad at hindi na pipila?

  • Ericboy Gerolaga says:

    bukas ba nbi sa malolos khit sabado

  • Sarah Jean Maiso Morallos says:

    pano po kung yung NBI 2011 pa? mag rerenew po ba? o kukuha na ng bago? Thank you in advance sa sasagot

  • Santos Datuin Syehsreh says:

    How PO? Mag Papa renewal PO sana ako nag expired na PO nbi ko last January 16 2018??

  • Leugim Regonay Ergelaetnom says:

    Tan0ng ko lang po kung pwd pa mkuha ung nbi kht d nkapunta sa binigay na schdule

  • Edvin Tabuzo says:

    Nakuha nio na po ba tanong ko lng..nag babalak kc aq mag pa deliver n lng.

  • Ingga Grace says:

    open po ba ang nbi clearance ngayon?

  • Paulamarie Paus Reyes says:

    Good day,pag kumuha ng nbi clearance,klangan po ba talaga muna kumuha ng malayan insurance? Dito sa tarlac obligado ka kumuha ng malayan insurance bago ka makakuha ng nbi clearance

  • Paulamarie Paus Reyes says:

    Hehehe!hindi pa po ako kumuha te. Yung mga kasama ko kumuha sila my kasama malayan insurance.sabi ko optional, hindi daw

  • Maydelyn Casiping Cuntapay says:

    Good afternoon. Ask ko lang po kasi nagrenew po ako tas door to door may code naman po na binigay tas binyaran pero nung naglog in ako sa account wala po sya under transactions.

  • Lloyd Hizon says:

    Ask lang po. Kumuha kase ako NBI last dec 2017 den pina balik ako kase may Hit daw. Peru dina ako naka balik till now pwede pa kaya kunin ulit yun? Nasakin naman resibo ty asap

  • Arwyn Laurio says:

    Pano po ba magapply Ng online NBI !!??

  • Rose Olano Samson says:

    dati ka n po bang may kaso??

  • Ron Estimada says:

    Good day nbi marilao may ask lang po ako regarding to my nbi number, magrerenew po sana ako thru online registration kaso hinihingi po don yung old nbi number ko and the problem is wala na po akong hawak na nbi ko before kasi nabigay ko po sya sa dating kung work..anu po ba pwedeng gawin para makapag renew po ako. MARAMING SALAMAT PO.

  • Jvelnath Ayadas says:

    ask ko lang po…valid po ba kahit after the schedule na makuha ang nbi clearance online?salamat..

    • Ligaya F Jalin says:

      Four apply

  • Rochel Casque says:

    please help me,,,anu po bah requarments,, pra mka kuha ng NBI ID?,,,i need,, tnx,,

  • Emhael Aveles says:

    Pm po ..,ma’am/Sir kukuha ako nbi

  • Judy Resurreccion says:

    Pwede po ba PSA ? Wala pa po kc ako ni isang valid ids.. and sad

  • Murodz Sailila says:

    . ilang year po mg expire ag NBI

  • Euqaidta Fare Diocares Woshihao says:

    Ipalita mo lng yong dating NBI mo if gusto mo kumuha ulit

  • Rania Dimapunong says:

    Hello po. pwede po ba b-certificate lang pero hnd NSO

  • Clc Castro says:

    Pano po pag Renewal?

  • Eu Car says:

    Bakit walang way para ma retrieve ung password? Ilang araw ko na sinusubukan ang laging lumalabas error – either we are updating or something wrong with internet connection. 1 week na lagi ganun

  • Angeline Danyagan Curopan says:

    how po kukuha ng NBI and were

  • Marcjebcjaj Marcjebcjaj says:

    Ok na .salamat. inapply ko nlng as new. Nkuha ko n din clearance ko

  • Rhysell Ruse Atompag says:

    Maam sir pa apoint nga po ako kukuha po ako ng nbi clearance

  • David Dave Fines says:

    Ladyblack Javier salamat

  • David Dave Fines says:

    Mag rerenew po kc Ko ng panibago

  • Marcjebcjaj Marcjebcjaj says:

    NBI Clearance good day po. ang huling nbi clearance ko po was july 2009 p po. pag po ba ngregister ako online un application ko po will be considered as new? tinry ko po iencode ung nbi id number ko pero di po inaaccept. salamat po sa sagot

  • Andres Lagat says:

    ilang araw bago ireleased ang NB

  • Jessa Palalon says:

    Sir kukuha po ako ng NBI

  • Gabbie Sican Catembong says:

    Valid id hipag pwd na sa online 150 kht sa 7 eleven pwd mgbyad

  • Kyle Hernandez says:

    Pano po pag nbi.clearance.kuha po sana ako salamat. Po

  • Lian R. Arañas says:

    Ask ko lng if kailangan ko pa ba ng brngy clearance at police clearance pag pupunta nko sa office at Nakapag fill up nko online at Nakapag bayad na tnx.

  • Mayes Regie says:

    Mag KANU po NBI nyu ????

  • Mayes Regie says:

    Ty po

  • Angeline Yuga Galicia says:

    gudeve po..Ask lang po kung anong problem sa pag apply ko kanina ng nbi kasi pnpabalik ako ng 24..dna man po kc ako ng onlin dati,knina lng po..T.Y po.Ana Ronalyn Yuga from Catanduanes po

  • Ethan Nol says:

    Ok lng ba kumuha ng nbi clearance na mas maaga pa sa appointment date? Thank u for response..

  • Kath Santos says:

    Allan Rey Allarey

  • Ro-ann Carreon Escartin says:

    Ask ko lang po kc Kumuha ako po ng sked RENEW po sana kaso pag fifill upan ko na ung name RO-ANN nageerror po bawal kc may -Kapag naman po tinanggal ko ung – ayaw pa din kc ndi daw un ung naka register na name ko.. Kaya ginawa ko po nag NEW sa apllication type nalang ako… Okay lang po ba yon? Tom n po ang sked ko bayad na din at nakapa print na thanks in advance

  • Sa Che says:

    May website po sila

  • Vicky Camacho Perido says:

    Gd pm po pwd po mlaman po kng ok na po ba yung nbi ng aking kpted ang name nya chanito t camacho salamat po

  • Cherry Catina says:

    Magdadala pa po ba ng police clearance? Or valid I’d nlng po

  • Sa Che says:

    Ok na po voters id 🙂

  • Nör A Lyn says:

    Ask lang po, pag ex abroad ba na kukuha ng nbi clearance ay new or renewal?

  • Rosajessica Noveno Williams says:

    Hi, paano po magrenew ng nbi kung nsa abroad? Pls answer,wat po requirements, thanks

  • Joakim Ong says:

    Open kayo now?

  • Jm Cruz Espina says:

    ano pong need kapag kukuha po ng NBI

  • Ariel Mendoza Jr. says:

    bukas po b nbi naun

  • Ronnah D. Galang says:

    Bukas pu ba nbi sa monday

  • Angelica Alsado Jover says:

    hm nbi?

  • Mark Olofernes says:

    the is offline, how can we apply online to have schedule now?

  • Zainab Mohammed Khamar says:

    Hi po..Pwd po bang maka koha ng NBI CLEARANCE W/ Authorisation and SPA From DFA ?

  • Natalie Anderson says:

    0pen po b nbi ngaun-?

  • Naem Dooc Muico says:

    Gndang hpon po…Isang i.d LNG po b kailngan?

  • Jessa Flores Takashashichuy says:

    Ask ko lng po pano mag pa book sa NBI

  • Armando Patropez says:

    Bakit Multi-Purpose na po ang lumalabas wala ng ng for Local Employment ang NBI ganun na po ba talaga ngayun sana po may makasagot

  • Ardie Dela Cruz says:

    Sir/mam sana po naman pag halimbawa my hit katulad koNg punta ako sa araw ng realising ng nbi ko sa isa sa.mga branch nyo dito sa qeuzon cityMas maganda po ata na sa.main.branch nalang kumuha kung ganun din naman poSlamat.

  • Sarah Jean Siscon says:

    paano po ba kumuha nang nbi?

  • Aj Smith RD says:

    Paano po maka kuha ng NBI LOCATION IN ILIGAN CITY

  • Mark Angelo Ihada Cachero says:

    pa ano kmoha ng NBI

  • Yramnnaysiad Enolatsaceidas Nis says:

    kailangan po b ng appointment khit renewal lang? Pls pkisagot po.tnx

  • Angelina Lopez Grajo says:

    Pwede ko parin po gamitin for requirements ung NBI ko? valid lang po sya until january 8,2019. Sayang kse eh, Di naman ako kriminal

  • Charles Singson says:

    Palagay ko po dahil may third party payment channels na nag aassist sa pag process, kaya may fee din para sa kanila. 🙂

  • Rose Sagum Pelayo says:

    Hi. So kahit di mo pa sched pede kumuha as long as bayad na? Thanks

  • Mikee Ortiz PabaLinas says:

    Joycee Rañeses Mendez Joycee Rañeses Mendez 170php if sa 7’11 ka near your home. pero if cebuana less 15php. yes mabilis lang, kapag nasa mismong nbi ka na kung walang pila, it will take 5mins only. depende kung gaano kacrowded yung nbi branch na puntahan mo. pero if walang pila, 3-5mins na sayo na yun.

  • Tonanq Escame says:

    Panu po ba mag apply online

  • Amante Acom Pinar says:

    Mahimoot kos lami tok-on bitaw oi d man lang jud magtarung tubag no nganu mosemang man jud kidding2x diha Ahhahaahah. Tinarung pag ask tubagun rag ingun. Ana kaayu sumpawhun

  • Mark Mark Cando says:

    pa rich kid si gagong “kidding”

  • May Joy Pelino says:

    Pano po mg nbi online

  • Kimberly Grace Reyes says:

    Ano po mag apply ng NBI clearance online?

  • Ricardo Amador says:

    How po…. need ko ngaun

  • John Peter Luis Vuitton says:

    How to apply po

  • Rom Pedrosa says:

    Ask ko lang po Kong paano po ba mag apply online. Parapo maka koha ng NBI.???

  • Fam-ela Allonar says:

    Paano po kumuha ng NBI

  • Anne Camille Leonardo says:

    Tanong ko lang po pag nag claim po ba ng nbi ngayon kailangan na po ba mag present ng ID ? Respect and salamat po .

  • Emerien Sensontic Amboy says:

    pano po need kona po sa sabado

  • Jhamel Rnyng says:

    Mkaka kuha poba ng NBI kahit ID or BRGY clearance and diploma..

  • Cris Loreto II says:

    Hellow ano ping requirements if mag renew thank you

  • Rowel Abayon says:

    Ano po requirements ng nbi clearance?

  • Gina F. Bonuel says:

    Panu po b mkakuha ng nbi

  • Norlando Mendoza says:

    Hello Po pano Po mag apply Ng NBI online

  • Sherley Tobias Sumibcay says:

    Dati na po akong my NBI kaso expr na at nabagyu pa yung kapi Nia nong opong na bagyu ano po gawin ko sir mam

  • Sherley Tobias Sumibcay says:

    2012 payun NBI kong dati sir mam gosto kana kumuha ulit kaya ng tatanong ako paanu gawin ko

  • Chan Hernandez says:


  • Cabuguason Rebecca says:

    May nbi den po sa holl???salamat po

  • Anthony Estimar Callao says:

    Pano po.gusto ko kasi kumuha ng NBI.true online

  • Mhejss Equipelag Castillo says:

    Ibg sbhn kapag may Babagohin sa NBI , magpaonline na lang ulet 2lad ng unang process sa pagkuha ?

  • Julie Ann Valeros Abogado says:

    For renewal na po

  • Cristina Al Harrasi says:

    Naka pag bayad po kami online foreigner po husband ko for renewal di naman pi naka lagay na bawal sa sattelite office ng nbi siya mag renew. Paki sagot naman po pano ko mababago yung place and sched.

  • Mavi Gelen says:

    wat do u min? online app po ba?

  • Leugim Regonay Ergelaetnom says:

    Nung friday pa sched nun eh.. pwd pa kya un.

  • Abz Lucero says:

    Lol!But kidding aside, you made a good point. Sa tagal na ng computer system, dapat meron ng improvement sa pag-hahandle ng mga HIT cases. Sagabal kasi ung kumuha ka na nga ng sched para magpa-biometrics, tapos hahanap ka ulit ng available day and time para kunin ung clearance mo na na-delayed due to HIT naman.

  • Rose Mendoza Aguila - Colasito says:

    Hi po ngrenew aq ng nbi q kahapon aq ngbayaf ilang araw po b bago madeliver?

  • Mavi Gelen says:

    nung nag online app po kyo ano po pinili niyong way of payment? 24hrs lng po vlidity nung ref #

  • Mavi Gelen says:

    bdo or lbc. just make sure na un po ikiclick niu sa online app

  • Maria Olivia Hernandez says:

    Pwede ko pa ba i claim ung nbi clearance dapat kc july 31 ako bblik hindi pa ako nkabalik kc wala akong restday.. malau kc sa area..

  • Michael Gaspar says:

    Wla ba kyo nbi id clearance kgaya nung dating nbi.khit hit kapa minuto lng mkukuwa na agad

  • Jonathan Bautista says:

    mam ser mag reneo po sana ako ng nbi tanung ko lng po ilan araw po ba bago makuha salamat po

  • Lea Jane Ilagan Razona says:

    Good morning po. I just want to inquire about my nbi clearance. Nakapag online napo ako. Nakasched po kasi ako sa Monday na makuha nbi ko but I lost my receipt na binayaran ko sa 7eleven. Pano po kaya Yun?

  • Rosemarie Llanera says:

    Pwdi ko parin po gamitin ulit ung apilyedo ng asawa ko dati dahil kasal kami noon eh kaso may iba nren po sya asawa po ngayon pati nren po ako may asawa ng iba ren gusto kung kumoha ng bago sana piro hindi gagamitin ung apilyedo nya kasi hiwalay naman po kami eh

  • Cecil Mabbayad says:

    Paano po

  • AMy Mergillano Pacada says:

    .pwede po ba kumuha ng nbi clearance kahit walang valid id? wala pa po kasi akong valid id.

  • Somar Jerej says:

    ask ko lng. .pwede pa bang makuha yung NBI. kahit di nakapunta sa schedule

  • Grace S. Ines says:

    Paano po kumuha ng nbi clearance po ?

  • Mhae Rodriguez says:

    Ask lang po may ID card po ba ang NBI?

  • Diane Maglanoc Del Rosario says:

    Hi. I paid & choose delivery option. I got a confirmation from dragon pay right away & none from you. On your website, it doesn’t show when will my NBI clearance will be delivered. Your website also keeps acting up and the option to check delivery status & contact us does not work as it brings me straight to re- login. I chose delivery option expecting that it will be convenient & faster as I paid 200 for the delivery fee plus 25 for the site fee. I cannot get a hold of anyone. Kindly help me on this. Thanks

  • Arlene Arnaiz says:

    pwede ba walk in na lang? Kase mahirap hanapin ng hotline ng NBI nila tapus nag email ako can’t be found Yung email nila na naka post sa website nila

  • Nör A Lyn says:

    Ok po

  • Ana Sawwi Shay says:

    Ano po gwin pg ng hit s nbi, anu po mangyayari, sana my mkapansin

  • Denz Rams Tebs says:

    baka may naka encounter nag online kasi ako using NBI CLEARANCE QUICK RENEWAL, i fill up old NBI no. and other info pero wala ako na fillout regarding schedule/appointment tas dare-daretso sya sa payment. Nagbayad ako Online via coins kaso wla rin di konrin nakita kng kelan ang sched ko wala din ako na fillout kng anong ID presented… Please enlighten me. baka masayany 355 ko hahaha

  • Carl Llamado Bertulfo says:

    Pwede kopa po ba makuha ang nbi ko nag online registration ako noong july 10 tapos nakapag bayad nqpo ako sa 7-11 pde kopa po ba makuha . Tnx po

  • Belgira Jetz says:

    Ma’am kukuha po ako ng nbi pano po ba..

  • Quidong Maylyn says:

    Bkit 355 nb nbi pag renew

  • Jolly Villanueva says:

    good day po.. tanung ko lang po kung valid yung Phil health id company id at nso birth certificate pagkuha ng nbi clearance?

  • RM Niño Jimenez says:

    What time po open NBI UN branch?

  • Grace Alvarez says:

    Panu poh pag nawala ung resibo…pwd p kaya makuha ung nbi k

  • Dice Tolentino says:


  • Iyye Beltran Acera says:

    Marie Antoinette Junttonen Fortin pareho tayo, ang pagkakaiba lang november 16 ko pa yun binayaran, until now wala pa.

  • Abril Allen Montero says:

    hi nag online po ako ung NBI CLEARANCE QUICK RENEWAL DOOR TO DOOR paano ko po malalaman kung kailan siya dadating ??

  • Ai Lim says:

    I have a question please help me kumuha ako ng NBI clearance tapos ang release date eh nung December 5 kaso lang di ko nakuha gawa ng nasa province ako ngayon, pwede ba kunin yung nbi clearance anytime?

  • Rfel Tuiza says:

    Yung renewal.. Need pba ng online appointment

  • Ronnel Ermita Bulalin says:

    say please muna. hahaha

  • Paolo H. Rivera says:

    Aaron Francis Abella Barredo

  • Stephen White Curry says:

    Pag abroad” Tama ba na kaagad mag OFW? Sagot hindi dapat kaagad mag abroad…lalo na kung domestic helper bakit?? Sagot alam moba ang iyong future…o kayay future ng iyong mga kapamilya..hindi mo alam…maliban nalang may gift of prophecy ka…..kaya hindi dapat kaagad…yong iba ginawang sugal ang pag abroad….e susugal nila ang kanilang bukas future life ..lalo na sa domestic helper Maling gawing sugal yan ang cultura ng pinoy…ang dapat gawin…ay magtanung tayo sa kalooban ng Dios….kalooban ba ng Dios mag abroad ikaw….kung kalooban saang daku ng mundo mag abroad Magtanong tayo sa ating Ama na nasa langit….tanungin kung ano ang kalooban niya…payag ba ang ating AMA NA NASA LANGIT….let our father decide….hindi sariling kalooban pagkatapos salungat sa kalooban ng AMA…..THRU PRAYER SA PAMAMAGITAN NG DALANGIN MAGTANONG TAYO….AT HIHINGI NG TULONG SA MGA SANTO INTERCESSION AT SA MGA KAMAG ANAK….PRAYER …sabihin ninyo tulungan ninyo ako sa Dasal Ito ang dapat gawin…

  • Richelle Sensiao Asmad says:

    Sir/maam, pano po mag apply 0nline?

  • Andrellin Santos says:

    How po please

  • Erleen Joy Ann Santos says:

    May i ask why price posted sa site is 130 pesos but upon paying thru channels naging 155 pesos plus service charges? The amount may be minimal to some but a 25 pesos difference is huge to some…

  • Erleen Joy Ann Santos says:
  • Cess Lagaras says:

    Ask lang po if pag byad na sa byad center , tapos di po agad nakuha ung clearance sa date na dapat nakasched po, ok lang po b makuha un sa ibng araw ?

  • Winalyn De la Fuente says:

    Hello po. mag papa appointment po sana ako ?

  • Warren Mineses says:

    pano po

  • Jrico Yon says:

    Jenebeth Lacumbis

  • Jenebeth Lacumbis says:

    Jrico Galano hahahha

  • Dette Villarama says:

    Inquire ko lang po ano po bang dapat gawin pag nalimutan yung password sa online account profile sa NBI? Tniry ko na po magforget password ayaw po gumana. Sana po matulungan nyo po ako dahil para po ito sa regularization ng partner ko. Salamat po!

  • Maria Roxanne Ornedo says:

    Good day po..ask qo LNG po how to apply to have a NBI clearance

  • Carve Rous says:

    Are you kidding me? Don’t you see the link in the post you’re commenting on?

  • Myrna Villaraza Ranas says:

    Dondon Omoso Flores matalino daw sya eh

  • Mij Silva Caser says:

    Renew po akomy online dlvery dto ako tgaytay

  • Regino Prevendido says:

    Jerico R. Oclarit kukuha ka pa po ng clearance sa barangay. Tor o diploma kailangan

  • Impal Siaboc Estella Maris says:

    Makuha ba NBI qng y requirements.unsae requirements sa NBI qng MOKUHA ka

  • Ruport Sanchez says:

    Kukuha po me by nbi

  • Ruport Sanchez says:

    Pno mag apply NG nbi clearance po mam sir

  • Anne Salcedo says:

    Aak lng po how to apply for an nbi and how much its cost…

  • Jeffrey Cono says:

    Unsaon pag apply

  • Nolibra Bagacay Mary Jane says:

    Gudmorning kailangan pa po ba online sa renew.??

  • Alfie Romero says:

    Good day po tanong ko lang po pede ko po vah kunin kahit anung branch ang nbi ko kung sa pangasinan po ako kumuha pede ko din po vah kunin sa bulacan ung nbi ko po salamat po…

  • Sheralyn Cuaresma says:

    Ano pong requirements pagkuha ng nbi thanks po

  • Lance King says:

    Good day s lahat.. hingi po sana ako idea sa inyo. Pg hindi po nakapunta s appointment date ibibigay parin po ba ang NBI clearance kahit the following week na kukunin? Salamat po s sagot

  • Matheo Javier says:

    bakit po antagal ng release ng nbi clearance q e renewal lng nman inabot ng 2weeks?

  • Dhapnie Ayexel Clyne says:

    Bakit ako kahapon kumuha ako ng NBI , 130 lang binayad ko ska renewal sya mabilis process un nga lang aug30 pa balik ko may kapangalan kasi ako eh

  • Lester John Damasco says:

    Paano ka nagrenew ma’am ?

  • Stephanie Marquez says:

    Jayce Valencia

  • Pa Pa Anjo says:

    goodeve po. bukas po yung nbi bukas?

  • Bhogz Naboya says:

    Pdey Pa Eann Budz , Ganun Din Eyy

  • Bhogz Naboya says:

    Yup Saan Uba Qqnin ?

  • Gutierrez E. Alfred says:

    Magkano po NBI

  • Abz Lucero says:

    In ur case na 2011 pa huling kumuha ng NBI clearance, I think you’d need to apply for new NBI clearance via online.And eventually, need mo mag-personal appearance sa appointment mo.

  • Aron Lazareto says:

    Pano mag re new ?

  • Maricel Tacluyan Calinao says:

    Mag Kano naman po?

  • JhamJezt Jo Cortez says:

    ask ko lng after ng online applicatio form at naka paid n po aq s BAYAD CENTER or 7-11 panu ko po makukuha??

  • Jullian Gar Ferrero Rocher says:

    di na po ba pwde ang direct sa office na lang?di kase ako gaanong nagtitiwala sa online appointment na yan..gusto ko sanang kumuha nang NBI Clearance..

  • Norman Adriano says:

    Gud day po kuha po sana ako ng NBI po asa baguio po ako nowvthnxz

  • Kigam Owatan Salaza says:

    Hello po sir/ma’am panu kumuha nbi po

  • Rose Olano Samson says:

    wala kang ilalagay po

  • Jhep De Ocampo says:

    Ok n.. NMN n lng ilagay if wlang middle name

  • Albino Breboneria says:

    Meron bang makukuhaan ng NBI clearance and police clearance sa montalban

  • Bong Isagunde says:

    Ano silbi ng page n to kung wlang sagot s mga querries????

  • Mark Catalan says:

    NSA Bacolod Ako ngaun

  • Amethyst Sapphire says:

    Low po may bayad ba pag magpa authenticate sa main?

  • Rjj Vergara Baniqued says:

    panu po ba magpa online

  • Tyrone Cotoner says:

    paano po kumuha ng NBI CLEARANCE

  • Neil Candoy says:

    Magandang araw po. Nagbayad na po ako sa 7/11 at Paid na po ung lumabas kaso wala pong nakalagay na DETAILS para mai-print po ang NBI FORM. Paano po kaya un. Reply naman po please kasi need ko na po sa trabaho.

  • タノラ マリベル says:


  • Monica Diaz Campit says:

    Pwdi po ba padelivery ng Nbi

  • Rhica Gabriel Torres says:

    pno po magrenew ng NBI at POLICE CLEARANCE

  • Elmer Boong Romero says:

    Good pm po.kukuha po akoNBI.

  • Baby Mj says:

    Sir pano kumuha ng nbi clearance

  • Bhabhes Canillo says:

    Tanungko lang pp.if renewal ng nbi need appoinment

  • Lyn Samosam Mirasol says:

    Mgkano po kuha ng nbi

  • Angeline Yuga Galicia says:

    ana ronalyn yuga po 2

  • Ellesor Olviga says:

    Nag online nbi clearance ako today and nkalagay dun sa application form is RENEW kc nag apply na ko ng nbi dati for local employment purpose nga lng but now for work abroad na. Tama ba yun or kelangan ko mag new application?

  • Digan Micth says:

    Gud pm po gusto ko po mgkuha ng NBI magkano po ba? may dalhin pa ng ibang dokominto?

  • Madonna Quijano Dela Peña says:

    nagforgot password ako dun sa account and change password since ako un owner ng gmail account pero ito un lumabas .. kung 1 email account ko pa lang to what more dun sa 2 email accounts ko na never ko ginamit sa government websites pero may gumagamit na sa inyo?

  • Sheila Mae Caloyloy Diestro says:

    Panu po mag online para maka kuha ng nbi clearance .

  • Samantha Roa says:

    Sa Che salmat! Pa resked ko lang po pwd na ulit.

  • Samantha Roa says:

    Sa Che ask ko lang lam nyo ba kung bukas ang nbi un ngaun?

  • Arlene Arnaiz says:

    paano po Kung nabayaran na? Marefund po kaya Yun kapag nag pa reschedule?

  • Sa Che says:

    pde po kaht bayad na 🙂

  • Sa Che says:


  • Sa Che says:

    no po

  • Rose Marie Leonor says:

    gawa po kse na holiday ngaun ..e baka po sarado po cla .

  • Dianne Rosas says:

    iveverify pa ang name, mga 1 week bago marealise,un ang alam ko

  • Gearóidín Mella Painaga says:

    Magkano n po nbi

  • Jonalyn Najaro Cochesa says:

    ,,pano po ba mgpaapointment need koh po kase ng NBI para po makatransfer po akoh sa comelec dito po sa caloocan,,

  • Anthony Landrito says:

    Bawal po ba yan?

  • Blessy Jade Pamplona Lacsi says:

    i min dpat meron kpa ibang documents, mali din kasi spelling nung voters id nya

  • Angelica Alsado Jover says:

    nka kuha nkog nbi last 2016 nya expire nmn, e. renew na? or new nsd?

  • Armando Lina says:

    Hello sir anu po ang mga requirement sir..

  • Yiyi Tang says:

    Robber with license

  • Luisa Friginal Valuz says:

    Hm po pag kuha ng nbi clearance

  • Noe Lyn says:

    Ilang valid id po ba kailangan? And pwede ba yung company id?

  • Lai Serrano says:

    Cris Joy Ayson

  • Lenard Ross Samson Garcia says:

    Till 5pm lang ba sa Robinsions Cainta Junction?

  • Casper Jan G. Cayetano says:

    Bogus naman kayo

  • Martin Del says:

    May Saturday po ba ?

  • Melissa Baluyot says:

    Hi. Nakakakuha ka ba ng nbi mo kahit lagpas na sa date?

  • Geraldine Pacheco says:

    at dati na po ako nakakuha kaso expire na. need ko kasi bago

  • Swing Swing says:

    RezzyPeteza open mo daw ni

  • Mido Van says:

    Mag 2 weeks na hindi pa nadeliver yung nbi clearance. Ano ang hassle free na pinagsasabi nyo?

  • Ellyn Lyn says:

    my ngreply ba sa page na to?

  • Joy Ilstrsm says:

    Pano po if sa ibang branch kinuha ok lang po ba un?

  • Trisha Dumalus says:

    dapat po yata pumunta pa ng NBI mismo kailangan pa ng appearance

  • Marie Fortin says:

    Opo. Mas mura po pag dun ka po mismo kumuha.

  • Joy Lamando says:

    Marie Antoinette Junttonen Fortin hellow gano po katagal bago nadeliver ung nbi clearance mo? Ngrenew din kasi ako kahapon ako nagbayad ng 330plus service charge na 25php

  • Iyye Beltran Acera says:

    3 weeks ago nagbayad ako sa lbc for my nbi renewal door to door delivery, until now wala pa akong narereceive. 355 din po yun. Hindi po napupulot ang pera. Nakakatanga lang, nag aantay ata ako sa wala

  • Kimmie Lu Coloma says:

    Anu po requirmens pg kukuha po ng nbi makukuha po b agad ilagan po aqo

  • Zyriel F Valencia says:

    pano po mag oline ng nbi

  • Mikee Ortiz PabaLinas says:

    Joan Dela Cruz nakuha ko na. 3mins lang. ahehe thanks. basta bayad na pwede na makuha agad.

  • Mikee Ortiz PabaLinas says:

    Rose Sagum Pelayo yes po. as long as hindi crowded. mas maaga ka sa pila mas mabilis mo makukuha. ako kasi wala pang 5mins nakuha ko na. 5mins from finger prints, info verification and picture to release. ahehe

  • Miya Miku says:

    Mayron ba nbi sa gmall bajada davao

  • Hyakkimaru Dororo says:

    open po ba nbi bukas

  • Amalia Castro says:

    How po? From guimba post.

  • Jehaila Amil says:

    i want to ask how many days valid bayaran ang nbi..nagregister aq kagabi tapos ngaun babayaran q sna sa seven eleven kaso.offline cla..pwede pba bukas??

  • Rheyan Regio says:

    Ako po nag walk in just today po ng afternoon..I go directly sa NBI Sta.Rosa..before ako magfill out ng form siningil ako ng 25.00..for online registration hinayaan ko nalang kasi need ko ng NBI clearance..but in back of my mind why is it needed to registrr thru online eh walk in na nga ako..nag direct nako..anu yun?

  • Slohj Vienne Ben says:

    hello po, sabe po ur system is opt for some updates.. hnggang kelan po ba? can we go directly to nbi branches?

  • Cliff Evan A. Namare says:

    Pa feeling din eh are you kidding me kidding me pa nalalaman

  • Igloso Renalyn says:

    Pano po mag pa online NBI clearance po?thanks po s sasagot

  • Kyle Abordo Torres says:

    Open ba ngayon NBI?

  • Myrna Villaraza Ranas says:

    Renalyn Igloso baka may sumagot sa u sis arw kidding?

  • Aiza Ibanez says:

    Good day po ask qlng po how to apply to have a NBI clearance

  • Hale Naval says:

    Kaecy James Debuque

  • Kimberly Raposon Barasona says:


  • Hanna Aureo says:

    Pwede po ba ibang tao kumuha ng NBI clearance?

  • Zanlloyd Brayan Cardenas says:

    Panu poh mag apply

  • Tamika Leigh Nocon says:

    Meil Venz Chio hi sir, same problem po. Ask ko lang po if nahanap niyo na? Thank you.

  • Cres Athena Paris Fudolin says:

    magandang gabi po… Matanong ko lang po kung paano gumawa nang online nbi clearance po kasi iba po ang lumalabas isang app tas pag inan install ko po error naman po. Sana po tulungan niyo po ako. Maraming salamat and God bless sa inyo

  • Abegail Reyes says:


  • Sellihca Zetineb says:

    May nbi clearance po kea sa rob palapala bukas khit Holiday?

  • Victor Ancheta Torres says:

    How to apply

  • Jenalyn Erjas Raon says:

    Good am po.asked ko kng po f pwede po ngaun makakuha nang NBI clearance.kc need ko po sa monday.tnxs

  • May Joy Pelino says:

    Kuha po aqo nbi

  • John Rey Cierva Raposon says:

    pwede po mag tanong pwede po ba ang id na barangay at id ng philhealth makakuha ng nbi

  • Judy Xela Guevarra says:

    Andrea Salamanca

  • Denver Tuquib says:

    Steffy de Quito dito ka tumingin

  • Iris David Dela Cuesta says:

    Paano po pag may Hit?

  • Angielyn Belarmino Gibraltar says:

    Ask lang po panu po kung mali po yung spelling ng apileydo sa pag register mo true online pwede po ba sya correct pagkukuha kna.

  • Pedro Penduko says:

    Hello po tanong lang po kung ilang months ma eexpired yung nbi??

  • Mae Blairs says:

    Good evening po ask qo lng po kung mag kano mag aplay ng nbi sa online. Tnx po

  • Juliet Cabanog Dongco says:

    Im juliet cabañog dongco kukuha sana aq ng nbi clearance mam & sir kasi po tagal na expire ang nbi q mga 2011 pa po yon…pwde po bang humingi ng info kon ano ang gagawin frm dvo del sur po aq pero andito sa bukidnon ngaun….ngwork gusto q sana mg online nlng

  • Jay-ar Camiling says:

    Ask q0h lng p0h kng pwd p0h kumuha ng nbi ng twis…kc ung 0riginal q0h knuha p0h ng 0pis nmin…wla p0h kc ntira sken…pwd pa p0h b kmuha ulit???

  • Rosel Guittu Buenaflor says:

    Magandang gabi po puwedi po b aqoe kumuha nang nbi clearance sir mam

  • Triago Tjokroaminoto says:

    Pwede rin ba walk in sa renewal?

  • Agustina Usman Asande says:

    Kuha panu ka nkakuha ng nbi mo

  • Charmaine Cabrera Paglinawan says:

    I already paid thru RCBC Online but after payment, message appeared something like “access to server has been blocked.” What can I do next? Thanks.. Nakadalawa na po akong payment wala pa rin.. Paano po ito.. I tried calling your helpdesk, wala naman sumasagot.. =(

  • Wphillipz Delta Go Ahead says:

    maam/sir,kukuha po sana ako ng nbi clearance ko

  • Shirley Marfa says:

    pano po kumuha nbi for abroad?

  • Paulo U. Ray says:

    Hi good evening may concern lang po ako sir/ ma’am paano po kya un NBI ko nagkuha ako last january 23 sa POEA ng NBi pero pnbabalik nila kasi may kapangalan ata ako eh paano kaya un hanggang ngayon nd kopa nbabalikan hindi kopa sya nbabalikan sa baranch ng POEA kasi nguwe po ako province kakablik kolng pero andito pa un resebo na bngay skin pero sad nabura na un mga details sa resibo ang ntira na lng eh un hand written ng teller sa POEA

  • Mark Catalan says:

    Good morning po ma’am and sir kukuha Ako ngaun ng nbi anu po kailangan Na requirements for travel abroad bagkano balayran

  • Mark Catalan says:

    Salamat po

  • Sa Che says:

    may website po ang nbi

  • Rjj Vergara Baniqued says:

    Che Sa ayaw nmn mag click eh

  • Tah Ki Ni says:

    Good am,ask lg po kung saan² pwd maka bayad ng NBI ??

  • Somar Jerej says:

    bayad center

  • John Ralph says:

    pwd po ba mag renew online ? pano po ?

  • Rai Nichole Aniñon Ho says:

    What time po magbubukas NBI sa UN?

  • Ukhty Shahida Kadilon Abdulsatar says:

    Magkano po ba NBI

  • Andres Lagat says:

    ilang araw bago ireleased NBl

  • Ann Caoagas says:

    hi po tnong lng po .ksi yung gingmt ko ngym e yung sa mother side ko na aplydo tps yung sa bday year po e magkaiba 1995 yung ngyn gngmt ko yung sa father na aplydo ko n ggmtn ko ngyn 1997 ano po requiremnts dpt dlhn mslmt sa sgot

  • Joana Marie Escranda Reyes says:

    Hi po! Sana masagot nyo nawala ko kasi nbi receipt ko nay tatak na yun na with hit, makukuha ko pa rn po ba ung nbi clearance ko. Sayang naman po binayad ko eh thank you in advance

  • Lyn Paclibar Lhewat says:

    Hi po kukuha ho sa na Ako NBI

  • Reyes Rivera Lovelove says:

    magkno nb nbi ngaun??

  • Mary Grace Alcaraz says:

    Gud pm po… Ask ko lng po paano po b ggwin? Nkkuha npo nbi ung kptd ko… Kso po ng mpnsin po nya… wla pong nklgy n, juan dela cruz ( y) ung y po wla po nklgy?

  • Quidong Maylyn says:

    Bkit 355 na ang renew nang nbi

  • Lara Lee Alao says:

    Bakit wala yung Brgy namin sa options. Tama naman yung inilagay kong province at municipality/city pero wala yung brgy namin.

  • Rosemarie Cinco says:

    , paano po?

  • Nör A Lyn says:

    One year validity lang ata yan once na makakuha ka ng clearance mo

  • Zoe Mabaquiao says:

    hi same tau i paid 355 but til nowzwala pa rin deliverey din pinili ko kala ko mabilis

  • Madeline Paconla says:

    Ma’am paanu PO mag pa appointment online ng Nbi ma’am.

  • Denz Rams Tebs says:

    ano na bakita dito? same nangyare sakin.

  • Christopher Pepito says:

    Good morning po! Bukas po ba NBI Taft today? Thanks po

  • Sa Che says:

    Pde po. Log in po uli kayo then paresched nyopo. Or contact nyopo hotline nla dahil sa payment nyo dn po kasi 🙂

  • Gezza Lee says:

    Hi wala pong resched sa online. Nabayaran ko na po ung akin supposed to be friday po ung sched may biglaan pong dinala sa hospital kaso hndi nakapunta ng nbi. Paano po kaya un?

  • Cha Cha says:

    pano pp pag voters cert lng?

  • Denz Rams Tebs says:

    eh kaso nakapag bayad na ko online hahaha tas wala binigay na schedule… tas ang mahal 355 akala ko nag mahal na nagcheck ako web 100+ lang dapat eh hahaha pero baka dahil multi purpose nbi yung na select ko (pero yun lang pala talaga ang choice hahaha)

  • Noel Luardo says:

    .sir San po yn.kko po aqo nbi.sir.

  • Blessy Jade Pamplona Lacsi says:

    Anthony Landrito kelangan pa daw id,

  • Abril Gollena Garcia says:

    Gud pm po kuha po aqu ng appointment PRA po s nbi clearance

  • Carlota Supiter says:

    Ask q lang Anu PO kailangan Kung kukuha ka ng NBI

  • Leneh Amihan Gotara says:

    Sir / Ma’am kukuha po ako ng NBI pa appoint po ako ..SLamat po.Nag pm na po ako wala nman po reply.

  • Marimel Rabago says:

    Good morning sir mam,bukas na po ba ang NBI dagupan sa Monday? Kkuha pO km renewal po,

  • Grace S. Ines says:

    Paano po kumuha ng nbi clearance at ano po ang mga requirements po?

  • Judylyn Estabillo Peñas says:

    Sir/maam ku2ha poh aq ng nbi panu poh b.

  • Jerome Bajamonde Bautista says:

    Belgira Jetz 2 valid I’d Kong Wala berth certepecate punta ka sa Robinson’s Kong saan merong nbi maaga pa pra makapila k a agad ang online na yn tagal pa yan

  • Sha Heen Nna says:

    pwede ba magreklamo sa nbi pag niloko ka . sa pera

  • Yut Ramo Joseph says:

    Pwede ba mag pa fingerprinting sa nbi regional offices for my FBI CARD NCLEX-RN requiremnets?

  • MV Bilolo says:

    mam Raquel Reyes

  • Kristel Song says:

    Pia Angela Soriano

  • Raygie Baladad says:

    gud am po kukuha ako NBI clearance mam sir dto po ako baguio ngaun san banda office nyo.

  • Julie Ann Ora-a Saludes says:

    d ko po makuha ung nbi ko .. panu po ko po makuha nbi ko po need ko po ung s regrestion s comelec

  • Susana Mateo - Manginga says:

    Good AM..Steps and instructions of getting NBI clearance are clear, however, the site or link (Online appointment) seems not accurate or reliable — page cannot be displayed.

  • Marie Fortin says:

    Pag wala ka pang record sakanila. Renewal kase saken. Ok na saken dumating na kanina after lunch LBC.

  • Mechelle E. Dagasa-an says:

    Mag oonline parin po ba khit renewal?

  • Maria Alanna Salcedo says:

    Jana Cuyos same here

  • Gerlie Bal-ut says:

    Paano po mgpa appoint pRa mkakuha ng nbi clearance

  • Ruth Anne Eleria Tugade says:

    Ano requirements sa pagkuha ng nbi?

  • Mace Gemillan says:

    Good morning po. Magtatanong lang po sana. Pano po if hindi ako naka show up sa scheduled date last week? Pwede pa po bang mag show up this week if ever? Thank you

  • Cl Ai Re says:

    Pag nakapag sched na ilang araw ang extension nun na pwede bayaran?Kase down ang 7/11 dito diko na alam san paba ako magbayad

  • Christine Molina says:

    Bakit ganun? Kumuha yung kasama ko sa bahay ng NBI tapos sabi balikan na binigay nilang date. Then nung binalikan na ang sabi sa NBI main branch kunin. Ano ba yan, kaya nga nagpa-schedule malapit sa amin para di malayo tapos sasabihin ganun lang!! Paki-ayos naman..

  • Christine Gabino says:

    Ask lng po my branch po b kyo s taytay rizal po.

  • Aladin Kanapia Delna says:

    Para lng s wrk s manila

  • Collin Siervo says:

    Saan po mag fill up ng form ng nbi?

  • Niel Mar Tabud Magallano says:

    Pwde po ba kahit saan ? Nasa iloilokc aku ngayun

  • Mikee Ortiz PabaLinas says:

    Hi, ask ko lang nag apply kasi ako for renew ng NBI ko and scheduled appointment ng oct 17,2018. ang kaso, upon paying sa 7’11 naconfuse ako sa O and 0 so i decided to cancel it and set for another schedule. ang kaso hindi na available yung 17 na date online. kaya oct 18,2018 na lang pinili ko. then i paid 170.00 for it (including the 130.00 + 25.00 srvc chrge + 15.00 channel charge) tru 7’11. Tanong ko lang po if ever ba pwede ko siya iclaim ng oct 17,2018 kahit ang appointment ko ay 18? maraming salamat po sa sasagot.

  • Mikee Ortiz PabaLinas says:

    pwede naman

  • Charles Singson says:

    I suggest go to the website, sa baba, try mo yung renewal. 🙂

  • Rhamz Franco Mortel says:

    How po pampanga area po

  • Marilou Cabildo says:

    How to apply po and how much? Need q na po sa hwebes kasi

  • Gamay Cabual says:

    God am poh paano mgkuha ng N B I clrnce sa online po

  • Jean Felix Bartolay says:

    Good morning poh mag Kno poh Yong bayad mag koha Ng nbi

  • Eric Bibon Barquilla says:

    Godpm Po ask ko lng Po kng mgkno nbi clearance

  • Meil Venz Chio says:

    Need help. Saan po ba makikita ang purpose id field? Thanks.

  • Jerico R. Oclarit says:

    ask ko lang kung wala na po ba bayad kapag first time job seeker po at kukuha ng nbi clearance ? salamat po sa sasagot.

  • Clarisse Bie Sabasa says:

    Mkaka kuha puba ng NBI kht nd PSA ang gmit

  • Nikita says:

    John Anthony Lopez Flores

  • Mj Jm says:

    gud pm ask ko lng po aproved n po ba sa nga fresh grad na free ang pgkuha ng nbi? salmat po sa sagot

  • Vilma Lozano says:

    ANO PO KAILAGAN SA PAGKUHA NG NBI pls pksagot po pls.thanks

  • Marilyn Ducot says:

    Ano po requirmens pg kukuha po ng NBI makukuha po b agad po b

  • Judith Albiad says:

    Pwede po bang police clearance ang ipepresent sa nbi kung wala pang id??

  • Job At Jacob says:

    bulok pa rin,

  • Rezalin Ruelan Neri says:

    Hi po ask lng po ako,mgkuha po ako ng nbi ngaun martes pwd natong voters cert.og police clearance

  • Jasper Paolo Fuentebella Mallari says:

    Ask ko lang po, pag ba hindi agad nakuha yung nbi within a week after mag pa process pwede parin ba makuha results or need ulit kumuha?

  • Alvarez Lyza says:

    good evez po paano po kumuha nag NBI

  • MC M Pardillo says:

    GUD pm po,magtanong LNG po ako magkano magkuha ng online NBI clearance at paanu magpa rigester tga tagum,Davao Del norte po kami salamat po

  • Christopher Lucas Balmaceda says:

    Julie Ann Valeros Abogado bakit po yung akin 2015 ang expiration date pero hindi ako makapagrenew sa online. Kahit na sinasabi sa website ng nbi na Renewal Applicable only on 2014-2018 NBI Clearances. everytime i put my NBI ID NO eto lumalabas kahit may Internet ako.

  • Mq Quisel says:

    Pano poba mag pa nbi pa ask naman po?? Ng isang araw lang makukuha?

  • Mavi Gelen says:

    online application po

  • Mhejss Equipelag Castillo says:

    San po ba NBI office?

  • Janine Palma Vicente II says:

    Pano po pag nbi na pang international?E ang nbi ko po dati local tas kukuha po ako ng pang international, bago na po ba kukunin ko?

  • Juliet Cabanog Dongco says:

    Sorry maam i 4got na b.c mn gud q sa aqng negosyo nalimutan q…sory f andoon na aq sa bahay i 4ward q yong appointment q maya pgdating q sa bahay

  • Margot Martinez Villarojo says:

    On line but it would still take minimum half day to accomplish with a need to go back another day.Useless

  • Abz Lucero says:

    Unfortunately, your NBI number happens to be invalid na. So you’ll need to apply for new clearance na po.ACTUALLY, valid ung NBI number ko, pero gaya ng ibang mga nagrereklamo here, di rin naman naha-handle ng system. Kaya naka-New rin ung application type ko WHEN IN FACT meron na akong previous clearance wayback 2015. So dapat for renewal na ako.BTW, 2014 pataas lang ang valid NBI number sa online form.

  • Maricel Marqueses Maristela Sayman says:

    hello po maam/sir ask ko lng po kung ano mga requirements ng kukuha ng nbi at ska magkno po byad.slmat po

  • Mavi Gelen says:

    punthan mo ung lugar kung san pinili mo

  • Mary Grace says:

    Mavi Gelen Sanchez Ponce first po yun bayad center kaso po offline sila. Nag online ako uli kasi 24hrs nga lang validity tas pinili ko 7/11 kaso laging decline

  • Mary Grace Ungria-Carolino Flores says:

    Good pm po.. Kuha po sana ako ng NBI ko San po pwed mag bayad.. Wala po kc 7/11 at bayad center dto sa lugar nmin..San p po pwed mag bayad..? Salamat po.

  • Triago Tjokroaminoto says:

    Pag set appointment po ba babayaran muna dapat bago pumunta at kuhain? Pwede ba bayaran sa lbc?

  • Jyessa Babila says:

    Paanu po kukuha ng NBI po plsss

  • Arlene Molina Amandoron says:

    Sir tanong ko Lang Kung paano,Kung Ang kumuha ng NBI clearance ay yong disability at ano Ang my requirements.?

  • Roger Po-ag Bayachan says:

    Hellow poh paano poh Mag pa appoint na kukuha ng nbi

  • Jhep De Ocampo says:

    Ask ko lang po. Ano po pwedeng ilagay sa MIDDLE NAME. EH Wala po kc aqng Middle Name.. Cant leave it blank po kc. Pls. Reply. Thnx

  • Jay Mark Sadili says:

    .Ask ko lng po if ano dpat ko gawin dun s Already Paid n Nbi clearance Application… hindi po agd napansin n mali pala ung birthdate n nailagay ko….n dpat ay 1991 nging 1990…Di n po kc maedit ung information… help po pls… d po kya yun mgkkaroon ng conflict kung mgaaply ulet ng bgo…?s nxt day n ung sched ko po….

  • Sa Che says:

    online appointment lang po kayo sa website ng nbi

  • Ranie Taruc says:

    Pede po kaya voter certification as valid id?

  • Eivoj Gacot Namzug says:

    Mam anu puh kailangan pag mag renew ng nbi clearance mam kahit 2014 pa nag expire pwedi pa ngaun eh renew…

  • CJ Honsayco says:

    Kelangan lang daw yung reference #

  • Rosemarie Llanera says:

    Gud pm po ako po si Rosemarie llanera kun kukuha poba ako ulit ng nbi ko ano ang gagawen ko pero meron na po akung dating nbi clearance po ito paano po ang gagawen ko

  • Euqaidta Fare Diocares Woshihao says:

    Birth certificate or PSA and passport ok.lng

  • Mhae Rodriguez says:

    hi po ask lang may id card po ba ang nbi?

  • Ron Escosura Alido says:

    Asko ko lang yung Multi-Purpose na NBI ba pwede for travel abroad ?

  • Avegail Tanon says:

    Hello po ask ko lang po.. Kc ung father ko nag lakad po ng nbi nung Monday . sa city hall. Hindi po nila nakuha agad kc po may kapangalan raw po sya.. Bumalik nlng daw po cla next Monday.. Bakit po do nakuha agad.. Thanks po…

  • Angel Vria Ebreo says:

    Erica Atienza

  • Chris Christ Aton says:

    My renewal po b ang nbi. At magkanu

  • Mark Prudencio says:

    pano, po ang pagkuha ng True on-line NBI.

  • De Yah says:

    Gud evening po..ask ko LNG po kung bakit karamihan po ng NBI clearance number na veniverify namin eh hindi maverify. Sinasabi naman po ng nagaapply samin na kakukuha plng at dinaan din sa online application pero ang problema mo hindi maverify. Tapos po iba- iba ang bilang ng NBI number. Ilan po ba dapat ang bilang ng nasa NBI number? Thank you po sa mkasasagot.

  • Anthony Gonzales says:

    Bukas po ba an opicna nyo ngaung july 17 2018.kc cancelado ang buong batangas sa pagpasok po ih.

  • JhoAnn Mabao says:

    ask k lng po kng pwde ako kumuha sa ibang branch ng nbi nag online kc ako ..

  • John Hong says:

    Apply po ako online

  • Nove Ramos says:

    Hello ma’am ask ko lng PO paanu PO mag pa appointment ng online ng NBI kialangan ko kaseng kumuha ng NBI PO and ano po kailangan na dokomento PO?

  • Alpearl Q. Magsipoc says:

    …good pm po ! kumuha po ako kanina ng NBI pero my NBI po ako kaso xpired na. kaso mali yong isang letra ng apelyedo ko sa huli tapos ndi kona sinabi sa nag aasist saken .. sabi ko wala akong NBI .. pero wala akong HIT noon.. bat ngayon my hit na …. dahil ba sa sinabi ko na wala akong NBI .? kaya nagka HIT ako? pa answer namn po .. na sstress kasi ako sa kaiisip ko bat nag ka hit akop …

  • Sa Che says:

    pde naman kht di masunod yung saktong date ng appointment. Paresched po :).

  • Arlene Arnaiz says:

    Ok wait try ko

  • Cherry Catina says:

    Tnx PO Dina PO ako kukuha ng police clearance,valid I’d po ksi Ang nsa akin voters tsaka tin

  • Ryt Leyto Avila says:

    Bukas na NBI branches ngayon kahit may SONA?

  • Vincent Salado says:

    GU pm kukuha po sana ako ng nbi kaso po wala po ako I’d at birth certfacate pwd po b mkakuha ng nbi khit walang id at birth

  • April Curan Lagumbay says:

    tey kung renewal pwd na d mag online punta lng sa nbi tas dala mo ung old nbi mo para ma scan. tas dun na payment

  • Aliyah Mukatil Esmail says:

    Anu po mga kailangan dahil sa pagkuha ng NBI kailangan po ba ng birthcertificate o kahit ID lng po plz neek ko kasi ang NBI

  • Yhan Santander says:

    Kukuha po ako NBI ngayun paano po ba ?

  • Blessy Jade Pamplona Lacsi says:

    bakit hndi nka pasok to since represented id naman is nka lagay birthcertificate?

  • Caparal Barredo Mai Mai says:

    Ask lang po aq panu po un pag kuha aq ng NBI may prblme po aq sa spelling q sa birth kc ang gamit q ngaun sa lhat ng valid q mylene po at sa merrage q mylene din po ang spelling na gamit q pero sa birtcertefecate q po mailene pano po un sana po matulungan nyo q advice po anu gawin q paraan

  • Marcjebcjaj Marcjebcjaj says:

    NBI Clearancegood day po. ang huling nbi clearance ko po was july 2009 p po. pag po ba ngregister ako online un application ko po will be considered as new? tinry ko po iencode ung nbi id number ko pero di po inaaccept. salamat po sa sagot

  • MA RK IE says:

    Bakit po nag renew ako ng NBI through online with delivery 4days na po di pa na dedeliver ung NBI ko gagamitin ko pa naman sa flight un

  • Jhay Cee says:


  • Armando Lina says:

    Hello sir anu po ang kailangan pag nag p red ribbon s NBI



  • lovely says:

    panu po pagkuha ng nbi online ngayon

  • Arnold M. Cortes says:

    Good morning,Paano po mag online ng NBI?

  • Henedinadangalan says:

    Na cancel kopo Yung Appointment ko Sa Payment ‘kasi diko ma edite Yung maling Surename na ALEa dapat at DANGALAn as A Married woman Po Mag There apply Sana ako paano Po ba?

  • Rose Ann Radam says:

    What is the requirements to get NBI

  • Sarah says:

    Question po if meron na po akong nbi clearance online pero single p po ung name ko sa account
    And i need to renew and change the status from single to married.
    I cant edit my name there,
    For my married name?
    How can I change my name or I need to register a new account for my married name?
    Thank you in advance

  • Reynaldo esteban tolentino says:

    Good morning who i get the form of renewal nbi.2018 my last renew.iwant to renew my nbi again on line

  • Jonalie beronia says:

    Bago po bah. Makuha yung reference number ay magbayad muna

    • Kat Delano says:

      Bibigyan ka po ng website ng NBI Clearance ng Reference Number. Itong Reference number na ito ay dapat mong bayaran sa payment option na napili mo gaya ng 7-Eleven o Bayad Center.

  • Nonito Nadela says:

    Ang Hirap mag apply online ng NBI clearance.
    Dapat po users Friendly, ito gumawa ng website na ito para matanda na po cguro kasi dapat yong simple lang.
    Dito napakahiran laging pa balik balik sa main menu.

    Hay nako, NBI web developer please try to improve your website

  • Jonalie beronia says:

    Nakapag regester na po ako through online pero wala naman po akong natanggap na reference galing NBI schedule ko po ngaun sana Di ako pumunta. Paano po mag regester uli ako

  • Elmer Regalado Domingo says:

    puro tutorial wala ng narating! very easy daw,very easy daw! ang dami pang commercial!! benta doon!! pautang dito!!


    How to be able to gwt tje nbi clearance rwnwal online

  • Leny Poblete says:

    sana po mas easy at user-friendly ang website nyo ang hirap mag-apply ng appointment. may account na po ako pero di pa din makapagpareserve ng appointment. Ang daming info wala namang pinupuntahan, ulit-ulit lang ng site.

  • Nelson R. Latumbo Jr. says:

    Kokoha po ng NBI clearance

  • Rica Panghubasan Alcazar says:

    Kukuha po ng NBI

  • Diosdado Rabina Lacuerda says:

    kukuha po ako ng NBI clearance

  • Aldrine says:

    Paano po yung sa akin.. naiset na po appointment kaso di ko po napuntahan dahil nay tarvel po ako.. ano po pwedeng gawin?? Thanks po

  • Jo says:

    nbi file has beeb save in pdf jow do I secure QR code ?

  • LUCKY says:


    • Kat Delano says:

      That’s because you didn’t read it. The NBI application is plain and simple.

      • lyka Mae Llaneta says:

        how to register this application?

      • Julie Bandoquillo says:

        Paano po kapag 1st Timer Job Seeker ?

        • Kat Delano says:

          Meron pong FREE para po sa mga first time job seekers. Check nyo lang po ung website ng NBI Clearance. May option dun.

  • nerisa lacsinto says:

    please guide me on how to renew NBI online thanks

    • Lalaine Camotes says:

      How to renew my nbi clearance

  • lyka Mae Llaneta says:

    i just want to have a NBI requirements to this purposes.

  • Perly joy dolatre says:

    Good day po! Tanong Lang po ako .paano po kapag nabayaran ko na nbi clearance ko through online registration. Monday ko po na sched yung pag release ..pero hindi po ako nakapunta ng monday.. Pwede ko pa po ba makuha yun ng tuesday?
    Salamat po sa maka sagot! ?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes, pwede po yun.

  • Patrick De Ocampo says:

    I apply NBI clearance.

  • Antoniette bas says:

    Good morning. My son who is 18 y.o. needs nbi clearance for his scholarship application. It is one of the rqts to be submitted during his interview on friday feb 21. It is possible that if we apply now we van get it tomorrow?

  • rhenz cortez says:

    how to renew !

  • Jonard R. Tampos says:

    Application for nbi renewal

  • Jason HErnandez says:

    Maam May tanong po ako po ako bakit yung mag babayad na po ako ng NBI sa BAYAD CENTER at pinakita ko reffernce number bakt sabi hindi daw napasok.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Check mo po kung Bayad Center ang ginamit o pinili mong Payment Method nung nag set ka ng appointment.

      • Elma Grace Llanes says:

        maam pwedi po ba mag online ang ofw po ?nasa macau po ako at ban po dito expire po ung nbi ko need ko po ba umuwi or pwedi online? pls help me po salmaat

  • Elma Grace Llanes says:

    maam pwedi po ba mag online ang ofw po ?nasa macau po ako at ban po dito expire po ung nbi ko need ko po ba umuwi or pwedi online? pls help me po salmaat

  • Lanie Trillana Camporidondo says:

    Mam paano po kung di tinatanggap sa payment center at ang sabi ng teller invalid daw po reference number,thank you

  • Lea Mae dolores says:

    Pwde asking kahapon po nag paregusterd ako sa nbi online pero dko po mabayaran kahapun kc offline bayad center pwd ko po ba bayaran ngayun na kahapon ko po naregisterd

  • Manel Anne Claudio says:


  • Mary Ann Amarante says:


  • juniefuentes says:

    Please can I ask nbi schedule

  • Mark nichol gomez says:


  • Anane Decinan says:

    Can I ask a schedule for my nbi clearance?

  • Cartney R. Caburnay says:


  • MR.YOSO says:

    CAN I ASK ?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Possible po na may remark po ang inyong NBI Clearance. Hindi ko po masasabi kung pwede nyo po itong mapaalis dahil convicted na po kayo. pero para sure, dalhin nyo po ang lahat ng inyong documents na nagpapatunay na released na po kayo at tapos na ang kaso. baka po pwede na itong ipaalis.

  • Jia says:

    Dapat direct nalang sa sign in for registration the loggin in for account hondi ung dami pang pupuntahan mas waste of time

  • Niger says:


  • drive says:



    Online registration not working… why?

    • randy villa says:

      Ongoing ba ang NBI clearance application process kahit ECQ tayo sa metro manila?

  • attitude says:


  • Romualdo Garces says:

    Hi, i want to renew my nbi thru online application.

  • Romualdo Garces says:

    Hi, i want to renew my nbi thru online application. I hope that it will help me to access without any cercumstances.

  • array says:

    Generic Frozen Chips

  • Shirley paclita bryant says:

    My NBI before single now im already married so my i will add my last name before my name only this shirley pclita but i m married so my name shirley paclita Bryant

  • Shirley paclita bryant says:

    My NBI before single now im already married so my i will add my last name before my name only this shirley pclita but i m married so my name shirley paclita Bryant this coming june its will be expire so i need to renew plese

  • John Rey Bustamante says:

    Pano po ang pag claim ng nbi clearance?pwede po ba through padala like LBC?since lockdown po.thanks.

  • connecting says:


  • disintermediate says:


  • Romualdo Garces says:

    I want get nbi online regestration

  • alvin sevillano cruz says:

    panu po makakuha ng nbi po?

  • reynaldo rindon balanza jr says:

    how to apply NBI online appointment

    • Micaela Oñate Leanillo says:

      Pano po makakuha ng nbi?

  • reynaldo rindon balanza jr says:

    how to apply NBI online appointment

  • Licensed Rubber Pants says:


  • cheryl a. varca says:

    paano po kumuha ng schedule nbi clearance para pick up nalang ang nbi clearance pag na process na

  • Adonis Gamo Constantino says:

    paano po makakuha Ng NBI online, renew na Lang po

  • Donald balerado villamor says:

    Urgently needed

  • Randy lucernas bontuyan says:

    I want to get an nbi clearance online

  • marnelli macalla says:

    i want to accept online nbi clearance new client. how to start to apply.

  • marnelli macalla says:

    how to apply nbi clearance true my online how to start

    • Baliling Diana paganao says:

      Post comment

  • Christopher d turquesa says:

    Renewal of my nbi clearance……how?

  • Christopher d turquesa says:

    Renewal of my nbi clearance……how?
    It can register thru online teach me some advise.using my smartphone

  • Future says:

    Cayman Islands

  • Myla datu says:

    How can i renew my nbi clearance thru online without my appearance

  • joana almerol says:

    applying for clearance but the date is not available

  • Johnny Soliva Amar says:

    Apply renewal

    • Johnny Soliva Amar says:

      Apply renewal

      • Carlos Klien Bercilla says:

        can you teach me how to work my nbi

  • ederic matic says:

    how can apply onlne

  • Marilyn Bartolome Cruz says:

    im applying nbi clearance

  • Vincent rj salangsang torres says:

    Paano ko po makakuha ang nbi clearance

  • kimmy dancel says:

    hi pano ko po iclick kung am or pm..saan po ba banda ..

    • Kat Delano says:

      Meron pong BLUE Box na nasa loob ng box ng Date na napili nyo. Kung wala po kayong makita, ibig sabihin po nito ay hindi available ang date napili nyo. Subukan nyo pong magpalit ng ibang branch para makakita kayo ng available slot sa NBI Online appointment.

  • Dennis Abendaño says:

    Ang hirap naman po

    • Jeffrey says:

      How to fill up appointments nbi clearance

  • Roel fran ferro says:

    On line nbi

  • Robert Dalapa Jara says:

    Ang hirap sundan Yung step po.

  • Jeffrey says:

    How to fill up appointments nbi clearance

  • Neil christian j. Libanan says:

    I want to get nbi clearance

  • Kier says:

    May nbi clearance na po ako at yon po ay noon 2018 pa po gusto ko po sana i renew at nagugulohan po ako sa steps niyo rito pano ko po marerenew nbi ko pupunta nalang po ba ako diyan or any suggestion po,

  • rodalyn buena manalo says:

    renewal nbi

  • Rodrigo Cadayong jr. says:

    How to fiilup d ko po nahanap eh,thanks

  • Dante Bolso says:

    How to make appointment po?..

  • emmanuella chinazor says:

    hello, i am not in the Philippines at the moment but i have an authorized person to help me submit the required documents at the NBI mailing section. do i still need to apply online?

  • Maureen Dalisay says:

    Paano po baguhin yung applicant information such as birth date? thanks

  • Jerald Alimurung says:

    Can i appointment nbi clearance

  • Leanna Joyce de guzman camua says:

    How to have one time password


    How to claim it?

  • Manolito A. Torrejano says:

    how to apply online registration

  • Lorence Ogoc says:

    Available po b ung door to door delivery kz everytime I clicked the payment option may mag pop up n*the purpose id field is required*

  • Raquel Lastica says:

    How to apply online rewal of NBI clearance PO?

  • Antonio pacheco says:

    Paano po mag online sa nbi

  • Robelyn A. Burgess says:

    How to apply online reg. Sa nbi clearace po? Salamat,,,

  • Teresita P. Bacena says:

    I can’t log in using my e-mail ad. I’d been using that ever since. I can open my gmail with that, but I can’t open it here in NBI online application. I’ll use that clearance as a requirement for my teaching job.
    I am a senior citizen already, so in problems like this, online application thing is too much for me. I’d rather prefer applying personally to relieve me from this kind of burden. I really hope you can help me. Thank you.

  • Teresita P. Bacena says:

    Ano po ang gagawin kung palagi na lang nagpa-pop out ang “invalid email/password”? E, yon naman po ang ginagamit ko sa mga email transactions ko, bakit dito, hindi tinatanggap? Sana masagot ito. Salamat po.

  • nervin marayag realda says:

    how to apply for nbi renewal immediately

  • Richelle Villacillo says:

    hi good day!!! how can i get an nbi while im working here in canada,cause i would need in my application in immigration.Waiting for your response..thank you

  • Romeo says:

    I live overseas (USA). I didn’t get a one-time password. Please advise.

  • Glecelle Miah Causing Poblete says:

    I need to get NBI clearance

  • Jar-aisha Amirul. Tabilas says:

    When can I receive my NBI clearance?




  • Gerald GarnodoGrajo says:

    How to get my schedule in NBI Clearance

  • Roxanne Torres says:

    Good day! Currently dito po ako sa Saudi ngayon, i tried to use my roaming number to receive the OTP but sad to say di po ako nakakareceive ang message. Pwede ko po bang gamitin ang mobile # ng kapatid ko para lang makareceive ng OTP para makaproceed sa next step? Pls intervene. Thank you

  • Roxanne Torres says:

    Good day! Currently dito po ako sa Saudi ngayon, i tried to use my roaming number to receive the OTP but sad to say di po ako nakakareceive ng message. Pwede ko po bang gamitin ang mobile # ng kapatid ko para lang makareceive ng OTP para makaproceed sa next step? Pls intervene. Thank you

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    Kukuwa poh ako nang passport

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    How to register , meron akong account ng NBI

  • marie joyce buemio says:

    ang hirap po mag registered ang dami daming mga sisanbi hindi nalang gawin ung registration, until now di ko pa makita san mag register, ginawa nio complicated. so ngyun ang tanung sang mag registered ni need for deep explanation show the link where to register


    I want to apply for an NBI Online

  • Algie Lanuza Ramos says:

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  • amarante bobby jamito says:

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    • Sheba halim says:

      How to regiater nbi clearnce?


    Your online assistance service po does not seem to be working. I tried several times but am unable to:
    – reset my password
    – apply for online renewal (my current clearance is still valid but will expire in the near future)

    Hope you could assist please. The efficiency of your online service is critical especially during this time of the pandemic.

    Thank you!

  • Alminah B. Alyamen says:

    Is it possible to apply NBI online clearance using philhealth ID AND voter’s ID that have different birth date?

    How can we get the NBI clearance?

  • Marven P. Artubado says:

    Good morning po, may open ba ngayon ang NBI TAGUM kahit na ideneklara ng pangulo na may Special Holiday ngayon po? Salamat po

    • Noraikan salendab kaguiw says:

      Paano po mag apply ng online nbi magrerenew sana ako

  • Mohaima yap taha says:

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    Paano po mag appointment ng NBI?

  • anna liza says:

    re NBI new application for Filipinos abroad.On OTP requirement via mobile. What are the other options if one has a foreign county ( outside Philippines)registered mobile number? thank you

  • Josephine Vergara Andres says:

    I have my nbi last April 2017 but unfortunately I lost my clearance and I don’t have a copy.i don’t know my nbi no.what I’m gonna do,I want to apply my new nbi

  • Teresita Jolancob Bernadaz says:

    Ano po gagawin kung meron nang NBI clearance pero yung apelyedo pa ng namatay na asawa ang gamit then mag apply ng bago gamit na ang Maiden name pde po ba yun?

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  • Pilita Vito Villarojo says:

    Not remember my last nbi number. Want to schedule for renewal. For my new employment. Thank you

  • Juliana Lee says:

    I did not receive my 6 digit number nothing on the phone or e-mail. I followed all the procedure but it did not register. I would like to register only because I have a finger printing Form 5 done by the Phil embassy in London and I want to send it by post to Mail Clearance NBI building. Please help and tell me what to do.

  • LIEZL T. AZNAR says:

    How to renew an NBI clearance thru online?

    • Gierold c. Devilleres says:

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  • Jennebeth Laoyon says:

    Gud afternoon Po, mam/sir Tanong ko lng Po ulit ano Po ba yung ibig sabihin Ng first time job seeke!? 3 Po kase DBA yung PG pipilian PG Ng register online Ng nbi
    1.yung renewal Ng nbi
    2.kung bago palang na kukuha Ng nbi
    At yung pang
    3.1st time job seeker free lng daw sya!? Sana Po masagot Po agad Ang ak8ng mga Tanong Po thank you!

  • Marilou G. Angeles says:

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  • Dayanara Lyre Lyka Agbugay says:

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  • Dayanara Lyre Lyka Agbugay says:

    What is the requirements to get a NBI clearance po sir ma’am. Its my first time to get my NBI

    • Sorayah says:

      How to apply to Get NBI Clearances because it’s my first time po

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  • Ruel Vergara says:

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  • Ruel Vergara says:

    Can i apply for NBI clearance walk in.How much do i pay for nbi clearance

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    • Crisanto alvarado says:

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  • Clarita Zepeda says:

    Saan po makikita yung otp ko, kasi di na naisend nagpanibago ako fill-up pero di na nagsesend ang otp ko paano magiging successful ang pagfillup ko ng form kung di ko masend ang otp ko, pareply nman pls, salamat

  • Jonalyn M. Rabarra says:

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    I want apply appointment NBI CLEARANCE

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    I can’t register online why? How many days I try but it can’t

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    Saan po ba pwede maka pasok o makita para makapag register ng nbi online clearance

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    Gusto kung kumuha ng NBI clearances para sana sa trabaho

  • Adeil Serad says:

    Hello I want to apply the NBI Clearance. My I ask if where can I open the link? and also what is the link of the NBI Clearance for the new application. Thank you for your reply

  • Warion laya Narbarte says:

    how to get a printed nbi application

  • Jayson Poserio Adion says:

    Hirap naman mag online

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