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January 16, 2020 4:45 am

NBI ONLINE APPOINTMENT — Hello NBI Clearance Online Applicants! Today we’re diving into to the popular topic and most searched question about the NBI Online Appointment.

NOTE: Step into the current year with our freshly updated guide. Unveiling the enhanced ‘[UPDATED] NBI Online Appointment 2023 and How To Apply NBI Clearance Online 2024,’ we ensure you’re equipped with the latest information.

We have written numerous tutorial about the NBI Clearance but I think we didn’t cover the topic related to NBI Online Appointment.

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To manage your expectation, the article explores the topic about the NBI Clearance Appointment. These steps are vital in the NBI Online Application so I suggest you to focus on reading the entire article.


To schedule an NBI Appointment, you need to have an active NBI Clearance Online Account.

If you don’t have one, you can register an account in the NBI website. If you don’t know how to or want to know how, you may read our article on how to do an NBI Online Registration. The article discusses all the steps that needs to be taken to complete the entire process on how to register an account in NBI Clearance website.

Read: How To Do An NBI Online Registration

Back to the tutorial, go to the official NBI Clearance website and log in to your account by entering your email address and password. You will be redirected to the main dashboard of your account which displays your NBI Clearance Online Application Form.

NBI Clearance Online Log In Website

There is a working “Forgot Password” feature for the users who already forgot their password. Clicking this link will instruct the website to send a reset link to your active email address. Clicking the reset link will activate the reset your password feature where you will assign a new password for your account.

Please note that you can’t retrieve your email address in the website if you forgot it.

You need to create a new account so you can apply for a new NBI Online Account.

If this is your first time to log in to your account, you will be asked to complete all the personal information in the application form.

NBI Clearance Online Application Form

Complete all the details need such as:

  • Middle Name – if not available, please type MNU which means Middle Name Unknown
  • Nickname
  • AKA/Other Name
  • Civil Status (if you want to change it)
  • Birth Place
  • Citizenship
  • Your Address – following this format Street / Unit / Bldg / Village
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Father’s Name
  • Father’s Birth Place
  • Mother’s Name
  • Mother’s Birth Place
  • Educational Attainment
  • Occupation
  • Religion
  • Height in centimeters
  • Weight in Kilograms
  • Complexion
  • Identifying Marks

After filling up the form, you may now proceed with the next step.

If this is not your first time to log in then I’m sure that the NBI clearance application form is already filled completely with you personal information. This time you don’t need to do anything and you may proceed to the next step.

The next step will be clicking the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button.


The website will bring you to the scheduling of your NBI APPOINTMENT page.

NBI Online Appointment

The page consist of three section. The first section is what I call the “scheduling” section where you can assign the date, time and NBI branch where you want to process your NBI Clearance.

Choose the best date and time that fits your busy schedule. I also encourage you that you choose the most convenient NBI Branch when processing your NBI clearance online.

For example, we will be choosing the NBI Main Building at Taft Avenue as our branch and we will be choosing the date January 14, 2020 at the afternoon as our scheduled date and time.

The second section is the “summary of your schedule”. This will show you the summary of you scheduled NBI Online Appointment that you chose at the first section. The image below shows the exact example of a summary of your NBI Clearance Appointment that we have just placed.

It also shows you the amount to be paid which is P130 plus P25 (that is for the NBI Clearance Fee and E-Service Fee).

The third section is the payment option section where you can see the list of payment options available in paying your fees.

You may choose from the six (6) choices which ever is convenient to you and these are the following:

  • Bank Over the Counter
  • Online Banking
  • Bayad Center Outlets
  • Bayad Center Mobile App
  • ECPay
  • 7-Eleven

Once you have selected your preferred payment option. The NBI Clearance Reference Number will appear. Take note of this as this will be use in paying your fees.


Please note that all scheduled NBI Online Appointments are not yet final unless you pay the fee.

When paying for your fees, as mentioned earlier, the one that you choose must be the most convenient payment option for you. For example, We will be choosing the 7-Eleven as our payment option because there’s a nearby store.

We will be publishing an article totally focused on NBI Clearance Fee payment. But for now, we’ll be skipping this.

The same NBI Reference Number will also be use when processing your NBI Clearance when you visit your chosen branch from your scheduled NBI Appointment

Common Questions about NBI Clearance Appointment

QUESTION: What if I missed my schedule in NBI Clearance?

You can still go the next day and process your application. Your Reference Number for the application have an expiration of fifteen (15) days including the weekends.

QUESTION: I have set an appointment and paid it, can I go one or several days earlier?

Let me just expand this question for better explanation. Say for example, I set an appointment on January 15, 2020. The question is can I go earlier, let’s say January 5, 2020 or January 14, 2020?

The straight forward answer is NO.

The reason behind this is the National Bureau of Investigation implemented the automation and appointment system of NBI Application due minimize and manage the volume of applicants. Everyday, an NBI Branch has a quota or maximum number of applicants that it can cater to avoid the long queue lines and backlogs.

If you go early, you will be contributing to the unexpected volume of applicants. This is the same reason why walk in NBI Clearance applicants are not entertain.

Plus, an appointment is a formal arrangement between you (as an applicant) and the NBI to meet or visit at a particular time and place.

QUESTION: Can I go to an NBI Branch different from my scheduled NBI Clearance Appointment?

I’m expanding this question for better explanation. So for example, I have set an appointment in NBI Main Building located at Taft Avenue. My appointment is confirmed meaning I already paid it. But then I decided that I want to process this in Quezon City Hall, is this practice allowed?

The straight forward answer is NO.

Again, you may read my answer explanation to the above question.

You may be interested in reading our latest tutorial about NBI Renewal (published January 2022).

NBI Renewal

Conclusion on NBI Appointment

So after reading the entire tutorial about the NBI Clearance Online Appointment, have you noticed the important parts of the article? If not, let me give you a recap.

To set an NBI Online Schedule, you must do these.

  1. You need to log in to your account. If you don’t have one, sign up!
  2. Click the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button to start scheduling your appointment
  3. Select the most convenient NBI Branch, Time and Date
  4. Pay your NBI Clearance Fee to your chosen Payment Option

Have you also noticed that the entire process that we’ve discussed above is more like or the same as the NBI renewal process?

We have covered mostly every angle of the NBI Online Appointments. Did you find it helpful? Is there something missing or you might want to add something to this post?

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. We highly encourage our readers to ask us questions. We have an active community of (helpful) readers that are willing to reply to each comment every once in a while.

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    New application po.

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    Depende po. Kung wala namang problema ang NBI Clearance mo, makukuha mo din agad. Kung may hit ka o kapangalan, pababalikin ka after 10 working days. Kung may kaso ka na naisampa sa korte, magrereflect un sa nbi clearance mo.

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    Mag register nalang po ulit kayo kung saang branch nyo gusto kumuha ng NBI Clearance upang wag kayo magka problema. Strikto po ang branches, baka masayang lang ang ibabayad nyo at hindi kyo iaccomodate dahil sa maling branch kayo nagpunta.

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    Ramos Cruz ANgelo Carlo

  • ReinaLyn Rebadomia Zamora says:

    Opo sir eric , sa kanila po kukunin ..

  • Dhai Ap Ril says:

    Maam need kopo kumuha ng nbi..wala pa akong valid id.pwede bà yong certificates of voters?

  • Real Fuldark Poulsen says:

    Magkano na po nbi clearance?

  • Sukor Lebas says:

    Paanu po b mgkuha ng nbi plssss pm me

  • Lewis Smith says:

    Ano ano ba req. Kapag kukuha ng NBI?

  • Rgdy Gardy says:

    hit din po ako kumuha po ak9 nung feb20 march 7 k dw bblikan bkit p b gnun ang tagal wala nmn ako bad record First time k p nmn kumuha ng nbi

  • France Villamor says:

    just want to ask, i have no middle name. di nagtatanggap ng – or N/A yung application online. ano po ilalagay ko? salamat

  • France Villamor says:

    Ok po! 🙂

  • MArk Eudela says:

    salamat po mam&sir

  • Stephen Klay Cruz says:

    Good day.. ask ko lang po my nag apply na po ako ng nbi clearance nung 2012 kaso di ko po nabalikan,, di ko na nakuha. If kuha po ako ulet as renewal na lang?

  • Emmarie Bautista - Salvador says:

    Thank you. ☺

  • Melvin Alagon Oroceo says:

    sir panu po mag register sa online ng Nbi?

  • Grefiel Jean says:

    Nagpaonline po ako pero hindi ku nakuha sa exact scedule hm makukuha kupa ba yun sa city hall ??? Slamt po sa mkkapansin

  • Roxan Ballares says:


  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Pag nandun ka na at mag ba biometrics, digital signature at picture. Pwede kang magsabi na mali ang isang detalye.

  • Jocelynlimbaga Baltar says:

    Paano po mag apply ng NBI online ma’am & Sir

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    hindi na po pwede.

  • Julie Ann Quijon says:

    Bka my kpangalan k n my kso kya my mga question sau kailangan mo LNG patunayan n ndi ikw ung my kaso

  • Nerissa Villanueva Yarcia says:

    good afthernon po maam/sir anu po b requarment kung mag papa NBI aku,salamat,

  • Justin Richard Nablo says:

    Good afternoon po ask ko LNG po sana kung pwd na po b mkakuha ng NBI clearance khit baptismal LNG tsaka isa LNG po valid id ? Need Qu po kc sana msagot nyo po Qu….salamat

  • Renjiero Natay Sebastian says:

    pwede na po ba yung birth certificate wla po kasi akong ID.

  • Madelyn Jaropoy Custorio says:

    Hindi ko na pinachange. Yung birthcertificate ko na lang yung babaguhin ko. Para isang lakaran lang

  • ReinaLyn Rebadomia Zamora says:

    Legit po yan maam .. 2-3 working days yung akin kasi po renew .. di ko lang alam sa new applicant

  • Ruel Paingas says:

    magkanu po ang bayad ng renew na nbi

  • Triztan Gino Sauro Tanglao says:

    how po

  • Dani Lim Diño says:

    Hi po ilang days po bago makuha ung renew

  • Maria Zobel says:

    Hindi na need ng appearance for renewal tas papadeliver ?? Sakin kc 7 days na wala padin

  • Donna Layug Blockley says:

    Oo dun lang di pwede sa mga provinces. Submit mo lahat ng pinadala niyang documents along with authorization letter.

  • Nestor Panlileo says:

    pwede po magtanong what if nawala na yung old NBI clearance?? Am i required to fill up new application form??? please response..

  • Ramgem Sayson says:

    bakit ang nbi ngayong dati hit ako nkuha ko isang linggo ngayong two weeks.lalo plang pumangit systema nla

  • Christopher Vallar Dela Cruz says:

    Ano po ba yung HIT?

  • Arnel Bombales says:

    Pano kumuha uli ng NBI matagal na poh! Hindi kmukuha kc DI clearance lng ang ginagamit wla nrin poh! Ung old NBI Clearance.

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Check this article para sa ibang ID na pwedeng gamitin https://goo.gl/it18zT

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Gumamit ka po ng Internet Explorer version 11.

  • Keithleen Delos Santos says:

    Till wat time po ba kuhaan ng nbi clearance if PM ung pinili?. Salamat po.

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Pwede pa naman po makuha sa lunes. Wala pong problema, basta kunin mo lang agad.

  • John Paul Vista says:

    Kailangan pa po ba talaga magdala ng valid id sa pagkuha ng nbi? Pano po kung walang valid id at 1 old college id lang po ang meron pero expired na.. kasi nung kumuha ako wala naman pong hininhing id sakin.. kukuha kasi yung girlfriend ko pero wala syang valid id.. baka masayang lang lakad nya..

  • Delmonte Juliado Cristian says:

    Ahh… Uki salamat po..

  • May Cachapero says:

    paano po mag apply ng NBI online..thanks

  • Roberto Balunan says:

    trinatry ko po mag online mag rrenew ako nang nbi kaso ayaw nag eerror bkit ganun?

  • Paolo Ramos says:

    How can i re-schedule my appointment date?

  • Jeffrey V. Manuel says:

    Hi,good day NBI,ask ko lang kung may renewal process pa po kayo?yung ibibigay na lang sa teller niyo yung last year NBI clearance or after ng 1 year validity ng NBI kailangan ulit mag online para sa new application?thanks po.,

  • Jon S Dela Cruz says:

    good day kukunin ko na nbi ko kanina pero nagulat ako may interview daw para san po kaya un may nilagay na for Q.C bka bukas na ko magpainterview at ma-late n ko kanina para san po kaya ung interview sino may idea po dito

  • Noemi Balidoy says:

    Thanks monday ako kukuha,ano b requirments..

  • Cool Kid says:

    kailangan padin.ba ng police clearance?

  • Kurt Yu says:

    Would it be okay to use my police clearance card? It has my picture and personal info like other IDs.

  • Mafe Valenzuela says:

    pwede po ung postal id kung kukuha ako ng nbi clearance.valid po ba ung postal.

  • ReinaLyn Rebadomia Zamora says:

    Ilang araw po ba bago madeliver yung nbi na online narenew ? Nung friday pa kasi ako nkabayad ii pero till now wala pa po.. tinatawagan ko yung binigay na number wala naman sumasagot

  • ReinaLyn Rebadomia Zamora says:

    Opo pwede po magpaonline kahit po bago lang ..

  • Merge Abayata says:

    How years po ba pwede e. Allowed na old clearance pa rin?.. Sample po last kuha ko nbi way back 2009 paano po yan?.. Pld pa rin bah.

  • Joesan Deita Samadan says:

    panu po kumuha ng nbi sa online thank u

  • ReinaLyn Rebadomia Zamora says:

    3-5 days po yung akin sir ii

  • Jessa Salmon Petalcorin says:

    Paano ba mka kuha ng nbi ?

  • Janelle Carlson Banquiles says:

    I need your assistance pls

  • Dave Flores Rabino says:

    Hello po saan po makukuha yung official receipt po? Yung reference number meron naeh.

  • Riza Rice Miñeque says:

    bkit blank naman

  • Jean Beverly Badua Roldan says:

    Hi ask ko lang kung nakakuha ka na ng nbi? Kasi ganyan din yung sakin, ang nalabas yung surname ko pa rin nung dalaga ako, anng ginawa mo para maayos yung sayo?thanks:)

  • Joana Marie Escranda Reyes says:

    Hi po! Sana masagot nyo nawala ko kasi nbi receipt ko nay tatak na yun na with hit, makukuha ko pa rn po ba ung nbi clearance ko. Sayang naman po binayad ko eh thank you in advance

  • Jobelle Fernandez Villegas says:

    Jr Bruce

  • NiwranBoy Bianes says:

    Saken kasi 1 week din mahigit ang lumipas then yung pinsan ko sa poea kumuha nung pmunta sya sa araw ng releasing ng nbi nya nung feb 27 pag punta nya wla pa din daw nagkaron daw mg delay kaya nag baka sakalo sya sa main sa taft kasi urgent na yung nbi nya pag punta nya dun ayon ok na release lng bigay ng resibo nkuha nya agad kaya gnawa nya txt ako hininge reference number ko pra ipa verify kung relesing nlng din ba and yun nga ok na din yung saken kya kinabukasan pmunta na aq sa main sa taft wla pang 10mins kuha ko na

  • Bonnex Custodio says:

    Gud pm po ano po ba mga dapat dalhin pagpunta sa N.B.I.satellite clearance center.May hit po kasi name ng kapatid ko.ty po

  • Ez Ra says:

    Bakit sobrang tagal nmn po ng proseso sa pagkuha ng nbi clearance?Ngonline register aq nung Feb 8 tas ngayon Feb 15 bumalik aq tapos hit aq sabi sa Feb 28 pa ang release ng clearance q..Graaabe..Dati 1 week lang ang hit,ngyon 9 working days???!!Bakit po ganon imbes na mapabilis ata mas tumagal pa??

  • Neslie Supan says:

    Kung pwede pa ung receipt ko, kailangan ko pa bang magpa appointment ulit online or pwede na ko pumunta sa kahit anong NBI branch?

  • Hu Yu says:

    Depende kung may kapangalan ka na may kaso basta 2 weeks pag ganun. Kung wala naman makukuha mo kagad bini-verify pa nila yun.

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Wala bang sinabi sayo kung kailan mo sya babaikan? Kung wala kang HIT, dapat nakuha mo din un nung araw na un. Kung meron kang HIT, sasabihin sayo kung kelan.

  • Judy Dela Cruz says:

    kmuha ako ng nbi ko nung july 23 2014 nag exprie ng july23 2015..pwede ko pa bang irenew or kukuha ako ule nag bago..

  • Jhac De Leon Quines says:

    Good Day!NBI march 7 po ung sinabing balik ko sa NBI .March 7 daw po kasi releasing..May interview na po kasi ng 7..pwede ko po ba ito makuha ng March 6 or 8..Answe please.Thank You.

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Depende. Kung matagal na, malamang wala na un.

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Pwede naman po.

  • Jonalyn Alban says:

    Anu poh b kylangan valid id s pagkuha ng NBI… At ilan po

  • Venzaid Galnod says:

    Slamat pi

  • Imelda Bongaitan Yusuf says:

    115 lng po kakakuha q lng po

  • Kenneth Lazona says:

    ask lang po paano po kung hindi ka pa nakakapag bayad ng 140 pesos sa bayad center at lagpas na sa deadline ng payment. bawal na po ba magbayad kahit sa office ng nbi??

  • Imelda Bongaitan Yusuf says:

    one valid id lng po ok na at online appointment un lng po.

  • Ysmap Ovreic says:

    Panu po pag mali ung naprint sa nbi q.. 1996 dpat nakalagay sa NBI q 1997 ang year of birth…??help please

  • Renjiero Natay Sebastian says:

    hello po ask lng po paano po kapag wla kang ID pwede po ba police clearance pki sagot nmn tnx po.

  • Erna Tamayo Agoo says:

    How to be you po?

  • Besco Jun says:

    mam/sir pwde poh ako sa inyo mag hinge ng tolong kc hnde ko poh alam mag kuha ng nbi..

  • Melody Cuizon says:

    Kukuha po aquo ng n.b.i

  • KI D Lat says:

    Kumuha po ako ng NBI clearance july 9. Kaso pinapabalik ako ng july 22, kc my hit ako. Nung bumalik ako ng july 22,, ang sabi sakin pnta daw ako maine opis, kc for interview quality control. Ngtataka ako noon nmn my hit ako, everytime n pinapabalik para kunin ung NBI clearance ko, nakukuha ko naman. Bkit kaya ngayon kailangan pa interviewhin. Samantala wala naman akong standing case, kc nga kakakuha ko lang ng court clearance at police clearance. Nakakuha nmn ako ng walang hazle no hit., kaya nkakapag taka sa NBI ko dati nakukuha ko naman khit my hit po ako pinapabalik lang ako ng mga 10days nakukuha ko nmn,, tpos now kailangan pa interviewhin daw ulit. Paano po ba ang proseso sa quality control ng NBI po? Salamat

  • Trushie Oicanibur says:


  • ReinaLyn Rebadomia Zamora says:

    http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph fill up nlng po kau , if may old nbi clearance po kau at nasa inyo pa mag quick renew nlng po kau .. idedeliver po mismo sa bahay nyu..

  • ReinaLyn Rebadomia Zamora says:

    Di ko po na try mam ailene yung akin po kasi renew maam .. much better po if punta nlng po kau sa ner service center nila maam

  • Aries Baylon says:

    anyone who knows what to do? wala po kasi akong Middle name, kahit sa NSO ko wala talaga. kaya lang ayaw tangapin ng system Online na naka leave na blank yung online application nila. paano pp bang gagawin?

  • Sam Sam says:

    tanung ko lang if ever na 12nn ung appointment ko pwede ko bang puntahan ng maaga??

  • Pido Molo says:

    NBI CLEARANCE Online Registration,Appointment and PaymentClick the Link »»https://www.facebook.com/NBIonlineappointment/posts/1960721744145583

  • Mikee Biñas says:

    Ahh. Ok Salamat po

  • Ricardo B. Caballero Jr. says:

    Gdam. Open po ba nbi ngaun?

  • Carlos Subingsubing says:

    Niwranboy ask lng po same dn ako ng problem hit status s nbi same name…pag pmunta po b ako s nbi main makakuha ako kgd ng clearance?d n po aq mgpapaapointmnt uli?

  • Marvin Atom Arcilla Yuzion says:

    Kpag po ba may record sa NBI at police clearance makapag work pa po kaya..?

  • Neslie Supan says:

    Hi NBI, ilang beses na kong nag email sainyo pero until now wala pa ring reply. Ang simple lang ng tanong ko. I paid my online registration last October 2016 pero di ako nakapunta sa NBI branch. Plan kong kumuha ng NBI clearance this month. Pwede pa ba ung receipt ko last October 2016 or magreregister ulit ako at magbabayad ulit?Sabi kasi ng HR namin, valid daw ung receipt for a year.

  • Cheng Elmido says:

    Paano po mag kuha ng nbi online

  • Irish Tablac says:

    Gano po ktagal ung pagclaim ng nbi? Supposedly, Feb. 9 ko pa po xa dapat I claim kaso nging busy po, pwede pa po ba iclaim un

  • Irish Tablac says:

    Yes may hit po ako nung Feb 9 ko daw po balikan kaso d ko na nabalikan till now nging busy po kc, kunin ko sana sa Monday po, mkkuha k pa po ba un?

  • Raquelin Bitang says:

    good day po.bkt po ganun kumuha ako ng nbi knina then march 7 p ung releasing.pro last year po naman ng kumuha aq ndala q din agad.

  • Lovely Parma Rilomesa says:

    Ok po salamat po

  • Grefiel Jean says:

    Good ev po’cn i asq sumthinq kc ng pa online aku but hindi ko nkuha sa tamang scedule’mkukuha ku pba un at anu maaari kung gawin slamat po

  • Cool Kid says:

    kailngan.paba.ng.police clearance.pag.kukuha ng nbi? thanks sa sagot

  • Joyborn Almazan says:

    Valid ID lang po ba ang kailangan police clearance po ai..

  • Emmentiza Arbas says:

    pwd po b mag bayad at kumuha ng nbi clearance kht wla ung formreference # lng po ska ung. valid id

  • Alka Lein says:

    hindi pala realtime kung magreflect yung payment thru bayad center. mamimiss out ko na yung sched ko for today. pending pa din un nakalagay sa site at hindi ko maiprint yung form ko!

  • Ruffa Diasnes Ciudad says:

    hi,.panu po ba mag sign up by suplying in the registrati0n f0rm?sa nbi website

  • Airene Golpeo says:

    Panu po pag kuha ng NBI clerance ?

  • Nidduhalas Adarom says:

    Paano po ba kmuha ng NBI clearance, at ano2x ag mga requirements?

  • Firzhadrafiq Exequiel Sulaiman says:

    ano ano poh ang mga requirements para sa nbi clearance ?

  • An Garrido says:

    pwede po ba yan nbi for travel abroad

  • Mercader Iris says:

    EVENING po paanu po ba kumuha ng NBI clearance

  • Jun Bernados Aspili says:

    nagbabago po ba ang NBI ID Number?

  • Donna Layug Blockley says:

    Extremely POOR SERVICE… It is frustrating that our government is not taking any actions to improve or regulate their process in obtaining NBI clearance abroad. And much worst ay ginagawa nilang business. I have applied for NBI clearance here in Australia. They asked me to pay AUD 45 (1,800 pesos) only to provide the form and finger prints. They told me to send back all the documents in Phils which took 1 week for express mail (AUD 38). At pagdating ng anak ko sa NBI he asked the guy name BOBBY how long it takes for the release of the clearance to my dismay 4 to 5 weeks daw.. what????? but BOBBY offered express service (1 hour) for 1,500 pesos. when the standard cost is only 130 pesos. At ang matindi hindi ka makatawad fixed na raw yung 1,500 pesos. And because we don’t wanna take the risk of 4-5 weeks, we had no choice kung hindi patulan ang 1,500 pesos kesa mamasahe na naman pabalik ng probinsya. I need the police clearances both from Dubai and Phils for my visa, and you can see how

  • Joromano Mandal says:

    Jeane Limsiaco

  • Jiecel Tomarong Erasmo says:

    Pabalik2 kami dun sa center kasi sabi 10 days tapos pagdating dun pipila ka mgaantay ka tapos wala pa rin pala.!

  • France Villamor says:

    every weekdays open un

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    One year validity po.

  • Ariel Raymond says:

    bakit po antagal parin ng pagkuha sa NBI CLEARANCE. sabi sakin may kapangalan daw ako kaya after 15days pa ako makakabalik para sa clearance na kinukuha ko. tama po ba yun? sa CB Mall Urdaneta, pangasinan po yung branch

  • Rodine Doruelo says:

    bakit d maaccess ang website nyo?

  • Lec Segundo says:

    Kapag expired na po ung nbi clearance ng 2013 (issued July 2012) new application na ba or renewal pa din? Thanks

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    5PM but its safe na after lunch andun ka na. Ung ibang branch ay merong cut off eh.

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Pwede naman po. Pero may ibang branch na gusto makita ang print out. Pero your Ref # is enough talaga.

  • Roxan Pedrajeta Dela Cruz says:

    Ok lng po ba pmnta ng mas maaga sa date na slot na nagpaappoint ka?

  • Jovelyn Ayala says:

    mam/sir panu po kapag nawala na ung dating nbi.year 2003 supposed to be.kaya uala na po xa. sa online application kase mam/sir kelangan nung old nbi number.pero mam/si meron na po xang police clearance.need po kase nia ng nbi pra sa passport renewal po. pareply nmn po.tnx

  • Charie MhEi says:

    as ko lang po kung sakali hindi nakapunta sa appointment schedule mo pero bayad ka namn po ..pwede po ba na pumunta na lang sa branch kung saan ka kukuha ng nbi?

  • John Michael Zacarias Oliva says:

    Pwede pong valid ID yun previous copy of NBI Clearance ?, as stated po dyan sa link.

  • Syra Garais Canape says:

    free data

  • Besco Jun says:

    paano poh ako mka-kuha..

  • Nicole Go says:

    Bakit ganto ang nalabas sakin magerenew sana ako ng NBI ko. Palagi nalang ganito ang nangyayari.

  • Jessa Salmon Petalcorin says:

    Anong reaquirements?

  • Laine Dionisio Reinoso says:

    Un nga lang po ung prob kakakuha k lng lbc tpos nwala..hnd k p nbu2ksan..pero salamat po ng madami

  • Marie Ann Mallari says:

    Ganto kc nlbas sken ee

  • Renz Jefferson Marquez says:

    Marie Ann Mallari ok nman po skin din ako nagapply ng renewal e.

  • Marivic Calupas Orlanda says:

    How po mgpill up ng nbi clearance

  • Mac Mond says:

    Hit k po my ka pangalan k khit renewal ako din renewal blik ako bukas.

  • Jobelle Fernandez Villegas says:

    hello po , pano po kung may hit anu mangyayare ?

  • Ve Nuz says:

    bukas pp ba ang nbi sa quezon city hall bukas.

  • Jane Cadorna says:

    Jusko mga tanga nalang ung mga NBI nayan porket may kapangalan may hit na agad ..sila kaya wala kaya silang kapangalan ?? Ehh pano kung kapangalan mo nga pero hindi mo ka apilyedo?? Hit parin ba un???

  • Jed Campos says:

    i got my previous since 2012

  • France Villamor says:

    Ok n po

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Ok maraming salamat po!

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    MNU po ay “Maiden Name Unknown” or “Middle Name Unknown”. Maraming salamat po ulit! God Bless!

  • France Villamor says:

    So pag sa online ba okay lang if un na ilalagay sa susunod?

  • Marlyn Mapa says:

    Eh qng ppasok p lang ng work anong pong ID ang pde?

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Opo, tama po ang sinabi nila sa iyo. Usually po, 10 WORKING days po bago mo makuha ang iyong NBI Clearance kapag mayroon kang HIT o kapangalan. Hanggang ngayon ay hindibpa nababago ang ganong proseso.

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Yes, pwede pong renewal.

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Hindi po pwede. Makukuha mo lang ito kung saan ka naka schedule ng appointment.

  • Regie Yapit says:

    Gud day po..nag apply po aq ng nbi clearance nung feb.16 at ang due date q po ay march 3 sa tuguegarao q po sana kunin ngaun peo hnd po aq nkapunta…pero balak q po sa monday kunin makukuha q pa po ba un?

  • Jibrill Cameron Khalifa says:

    pero tama naman po name ng nanay ko at ang akin po tama. pati po location tama

  • Haidee M. Marcaida says:

    good morning mam/sir ask ko lng po pano po ba kumuha oh mag apply ng nbi sa online ? thanks po

  • Yvuj Econar Alletse says:

    Ask ko po pwd po ba kumuha ng nbi clearance ng d dumadaan online?direct nlng sa office?

  • Cherry Rose Avila says:

    Nkakuha kna sis?

  • Janice Abid says:

    Ate ask ko lang po kung nakuha mo na yung nbi mo na online delivery po? Gaano katagal? At legit naman po ba?

  • Edwin-Heintjelin Tesorero says:

    Ask ko lang po ung quick renewal delivery option po ba ung pinili nio?? Hndi po kc lumabas sa transactions ko ung reference number na binayaran ko eh. Thanks

  • Aj Domingo says:

    open ba ngayon nbi ali mall kahit declared walang pasok? ngayon nakasched releasing clearance ko. ty.

  • Christina Buhain says:

    Kano nbi main

  • Mhalditah Uniicah says:

    Walang response, ??? Omg what happen in the phillipines ,haha

  • Marie Ann Mallari says:

    Panu po gnwa mu ?

  • Rosàlinda Baruzo says:

    Magandang umaga NBI my problema po ako,isa po akong bioda tapos my lalaking nanakit skin kahit san kmi titira ng mga anak ko sinusundan nya kmi at pinapihiya nya ako sa trabaho ko,sinampal nya ako at ayaw magbigay ng ambag sa ilaw tubig bahay ulam bigas sabon panligo sabon panlaba colgate skin po lahat tapos sinasiktan nya po ako ano po dapat kong gawin pag iniwan ko sya papatanggal nya ako sa trabaho ko,kaya pilit ko nlang kinakausap

  • Aq C Aj says:

    Dpo ba pwedeng I edit un payment ofline kc 7 eleven dpo ako makapag bayad

  • Brooke Shielda Dellosa says:

    Hi po ask ko lang po… pwede po bang kahit saang branch ng NBI mag claim ng clearance?? tapos napo ako mag appearance dn hit po ako… tapos pinababalik ako ngaun Feb 19 kasu nasunog po daw ang NBI na napuntahan ko.. pwd po ba yun?? Pls po i need answers

  • Sunshine Summer says:

    What is the sense ng renewal or biometrics kung doon pa lng eh d madetect ng system na cleared ka..i don’t really get it..year after year but still the same process..always two weeks before mo makuha..i’m not the only one who has this problem..pero d nyo man lang magawang ma expedite..madness..

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    No, required na po ang appointment sa pagkuha ng NBI Clearance.

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:


  • Michelle Acapulco says:

    Pwedi bang ndi na ipaprint yung form nakabayad na naman ako sa qc city hall ako kukuha

  • Delmonte Juliado Cristian says:

    Bukas po ba kayu sa Sunday..???

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    New application po ang piliin nyo, hindi po renewal.

  • Justin Richard Nablo says:

    Panu po pg hndi nkpgonline yung dirikta po sa NBI pwd po b yun mkakuha agad?

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Hindi din pwede ang reference number ba lagpas na sa cut off.

  • Belga Belga Belga says:

    Philhealth id pwede po ba

  • Christina Sabban Mape says:

    pano po mag sign ng nbi online

  • Nicole Go says:

    Gumana sainyo renewal sa online? Bakit sakin bawal kahit expired siya?

  • Dhai Ap Ril says:

    Wala po akong valid id.pwede bà kumuha ng nbi..kahit certificate of voters lang..reply pls

  • Raiza R. Pendatun says:

    how poo

  • Lyka Chua Magdato Conde says:

    anu po kailngan sa nbi

  • Joel Carolasan says:

    Hallo..ma’am..ano pa pong ibang gawin?salamt

  • Donna Layug Blockley says:

    Oo pag abroad pwede mag apply sa mga embassy. In my case dito sa australia ako nag apply pero after ng finger prints ibabalik sa yo para pa process sa manila

  • Analy Torres says:

    Ask ko lang po,iisa nalang po ba yong nbi for abroad and local?

  • Muyak Pimbayabaya says:

    Pwde po ba ang voter certification for nbi clearance?

  • Renz Jefferson Marquez says:

    Sino po nkakaalam if ilan days bago madeliever ung nbi . ng apply po ksi ako online reg. thanks ?

  • Rose Raf Ann says:

    Paanu po kumuha ng NBI CLEARANCE

  • Hazelle Ibanez Alcotas says:

    How po kumuha sa online

  • April Joy Dominado Porado says:

    How ?

  • Shara Mae Abedes Luces-Reyes says:

    ask ko nalang po sana maam/sir appointment ko po kasi sa pagkuha ng nbi july 18, 2018 pwede po ba ako pumunta nalang ng july 23, conflict po kasi schedule ko. .tnx

  • Rocelyn Somoza says:

    Gd pm poh.pnu magkuha ng nbi kylangan kc sa work

  • Gj B. Cadayona says:

    Sir ask ko lang po.Na hit po ako ng nag apply ako ng nbi ko. Pinapabalik ako sa feb. 28, just incase ba bukas ko na balikan andon na kaya yun?

  • Prancisco Prado says:

    Gd am po jbi bkt po hndi agad mo ko ang nbi paper now

  • Josh Andrei Palgan says:

    Na hit po Yong nbi KO 2weeks na pnuntahan KO kahapon wala parin daw ung record KO ano po kailangan gawin Kailangan KO na po .

  • Jiecel Tomarong Erasmo says:

    Hi po good noon ilan days po ba talaga makuha kapag hit ka sa nbi.. Bat ganun? Pg naghingi ng pangbayad online andyan kaagad peru yung paper ng mga HIT soooobraaang tagal,may mga company di talaga tinatanggap pag hindi clearance yung binigay..

  • Jiecel Tomarong Erasmo says:

    230 yung nabayaran tapus ang tagal ngs servive kainisss

  • Xander Apares says:

    May kapangalan ka po na may case.

  • France Villamor says:

    Sa online nilagay ko N A perp nung nandun na ako sinabe ko na wala akong middle name tas nilagay nya MNU ata un tas dash na lumabas nung pinrint

  • Raquelin Bitang says:

    ah ganun po b tenx:-)kse lastyr. nga nung kumuha aq ndala q dn agad then renewal gnawa q last week.pnblik paq sa 7 q pa mkuha

  • Jecyvel Lonzaga says:

    Pwede po ba yung valid ko kasi sa high school tapos year 2011/pwede po ba meron namn akong NSO birth

  • Grefiel Jean says:

    Hindi po ba un nawwla sir/maam???

  • Samer Preet Lovepreet says:

    Ay xpire na pla yng postal id ko,,,aftr 3weks pa bgo ma-erelease,,,pwd po vah Tin id nlng?

  • Jayson Panti says:

    Hindi n pwede walk in?

  • Wynne Panabang Balbin says:

    Helo po open po b nbi bkas ?myerkules Santo?tnx po

  • Yabuki Nako says:

    NBI Clearance pede po bang voters ID lang ang ibigay. yung lang po kasi vaild id ko ngayun. at kukuha po ako ng nbi clearance pang ID rin

  • Melody Cuizon says:

    Pwde poh ba aquo kmha ng n.b.i

  • Jun Dela Cruz Mermida says:

    Paanu po kung walang id pero may nso birth certificate ok lang po bayun?

  • ReinaLyn Rebadomia Zamora says:

    http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph ito po maam , site po ng nbi online

  • Eunice Canlas says:

    Naipadala na po ng nanay ko sakin yung mga papel. Taga Cabanatuan po ako, ang sabi ng napagtanungan ko sa Manila pa daw po kukuha pag Non Appearance. Dun po ba pumunta anak nyo? Sa Taft daw p

  • Cathyrine Austria says:

    kailangan ko po NBI for abroad

  • Shiela Mae Tangpuz says:


  • Rest Isaga Costanilla says:

    Paano po magkuha na NBI sa online tnx po

  • Derrick Royce Reyes Leodones says:

    Pwede po ba mag walk in ?

  • Farouk Ali Maunga says:

    wat requirements pgkha ng nbi clearance

  • Diego Mark Nino says:


  • France Villamor says:

    Ok po. Nilagay ko po N A

  • Marlyn Mapa says:

    Pde po b id sa work or student id?

  • Stephen Klay Cruz says:

    salamat po!

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Wala pong anuman!

  • Jhen Cristobal says:

    Pasagot po plss

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Police clearance po. Try nyo po ang postal at nso birth certificate.

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Pwede naman ipaayos mo pag nandun ka na. Sabihin mo lang na mali ung spelling at huli na nung mapansin mo.

  • Reden Jacob Contreras says:

    Tanong lang poh bang renewal ba?? Mag online padin ba? Or pede na nag walk in??

  • Reden Jacob Contreras says:

    Pano poh pala process ng renewal? Thanks

  • Jovelyn Ayala says:

    Ok po mam 🙂 salamat

  • Venzaid Galnod says:

    Sir valid Id lang ba kailangan sa nbi clearance.. Sir ?? Dto po ksi ako kidapawan at .dto nrin ako ..mgkuha ..ksi meron nang nbi dito near overland terminal…sir..

  • Maria Elyssa Dela Cruz says:

    pwede po ba kumuha ng NBI Clearance kaht 17years old but turning 18 this year?

  • Jezabel Garcia Ledesma says:

    pwedi po ba VOTERS CERTIFICATE if walang valid ID?

  • ReinaLyn Rebadomia Zamora says:

    355 po binayaran ko , medyo mahal po , multi purpose po ang nkalagay ii

  • Edwin-Heintjelin Tesorero says:

    Thanks po

  • ReinaLyn Rebadomia Zamora says:

    Kung may old nbi po kau sa quick renew nlng po

  • Ma Angelica Arca says:

    hello ask ko lng anong cmula ba dapat ng reference number ? mp******** kasi ang akin. dapat daw sa letter n nagccmula..tama b?

  • Oribe Durado Ar Jay says:

    Pakuha ako nang nbi clearance pila

  • Trisha Mae Caranatan Bayan says:

    Pano po kumuha ng nbi clearance

  • Jansen Lizaso says:

    Evie Acoba

  • Rose Milka Ogacho says:

    Ngaung feb 12 sana ako pinapabalik sa nbi pero di po ako mkapunta wlang bAntay sa anak q ngaun pwede kaya yun sa ibang araw?

  • Rose Milka Ogacho says:

    Thank u po

  • NiwranBoy Bianes says:

    Dun ako kmuha sa q.c hall nung feb 15 pero gawa ng hit ako balik ako ng march 5 ang tagal dba gnawa ko pmunta ako sa main sa taft sa releasing bnigay ko lng resibo ko nkuha ko dun yung nbi ko hndi pa kasi sila centralize kaya kung gusto mo mkuha agad yung sau sa taft kna pmunta

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Yes. Nasa link po ung complete list ng mga valid id na tinatanggap sa NBI Clearance https://goo.gl/it18zT

  • MArk Eudela says:

    sir & mam gud ev po mag tanong lng po sana ilang bwan po bago mag expire ang certificate aabot po bah ng 6 na bwan bago mag expire

  • Rashell Brongcano Larce says:

    How much po ba NBI clearance?

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    Pwede pa po yan ng 1 month.

  • Jhen Cristobal says:

    Ask ko lang po nag register po ako online then nagkamali po ako ng location na nailagay sa pag pipick upan ko . Pwede po bang kuhain ko to sa mas malapit lang skn ?

  • Christine Joy Magsino Ruzol says:

    sir paano po kung walang valid i.d .. meron ako dito philheatlh i.d .. kaso kakasal ko po kasi , so ibang last name na ang gamit .. okey lang ba kung police at barangay clearance lang po

  • Keithleen Delos Santos says:

    Ilang days po kapag new application pero may pass NBI clearance na kaso 2010 pa?. Tnx po.

  • Jonabelle B. Clariño says:

    Good day poh..kukuha ako nbi ang valid id ko poh kasi status single pa.pwede ba un.kasi married n ako ..thank you poh

  • Kram Nahx says:

    anong website yung pede mag apply online?? pm me back asap plsss…

  • Nico Robin Salazar says:

    No. Mon to Fri only, Except holidays.

  • Jibrill Cameron Khalifa says:

    kaso nga po tapos na nung nalana

  • Venize Coronado Santos says:

    Good afternoon ask ko lng po.. Nag online registration po ako.. And then 7:11 po yung mode of payment ko.. Kaso po Hindi tinatanggap yung reference no. Na binigay sakin sobra dw…thanks reply asap..

  • Venzaid Galnod says:


  • Joyborn Almazan says:

    Helo po kukuha po sana ako ng NBI clearance magpapaeskedule po sana ako

  • Renjiero Natay Sebastian says:

    wla po kasi akong ID birth certificate po ba pwede?

  • Tin Sabado says:

    Hello po magiinquire po kasi akoBackground: d ako nakapunta s scheduled appointment for june 21. pero bayad ko na siaQ: will i still able to get it tom? June 22?

  • Joesan Deita Samadan says:

    ask q lng po panu po mag apply ng nbi online thx

  • ReinaLyn Rebadomia Zamora says:

    If kukuha po ng nbi sir sa online fill up po if new applicant , kung renew nmn po tas nasa inyo pa yung old nbi clearance ilagay mo lang po yung old nbi number .. lalabas po if magkanu babayaran , bayaran nlng po sa bayad center ..

  • Rowena Olga Basaen David says:

    Tanung ko lng po Anu po mga requirements for NBI clearance po

  • Fiona Marie Apostolero Dino says:

    Dreza Mae Ayop Domingo

  • Reesha Casillan says:

    nagproceed pa rin po ako na ganyan, ok naman po. pag further editing ng details, nakabukod ung husband’s surname po dun po ilalagay ung new surname nio.

  • Russel Jacob Abacajen says:

    hello tatanong ko lan about my case, last NBI ko kasi 2012 pa yata, saka nwala na. Pag kumuha b ko RENEW p ba yun or NEW na?

  • Rielda Riri Llevado says:

    Papasa naman po ng nbi online

  • Lyremik BQ says:

    Same tayo sis. Hit din name ko pangalawa ko ng kuha.d ko nasabi na dapat renew ung clearance ko.

  • Edraline Cayag Asiw says:

    Gud pm poh…panu poh bah…maka kuha ng NBI clearance sa online

  • AprilDee Barredo says:

    same concern. to think naka biometrics na sila. ang lousy pa ring ng sistema.

  • Marissa V Darang says:

    Good and impormative.



  • Flordelyn egos guarte says:

    God pm.po..ask ko.lang po kong ok na n.b.i regestration ko makokoha.ko.na.po ba sya tomorrow

  • Erald Aceron says:

    How to get NBI for abroad purposes?

  • joseph quimado says:

    hindikomakita yong apply for clearance para makapunta na akosa appointment

  • papaje says:


  • vince says:

    sino po ba i.t developer nyo dto? ang panget ng update! mas okay pa yung dating NBI clearance online.

  • Benjie Martinez says:

    Ang gulo ng website nyo, di malalaman nung mga tech savvy kung pano magreregister sa website nyo… Paki simplehan nmn ung process ng online application…

    • Benjie Martinez says:

      I mean yung mga HINDI tech savvy…

  • Jerico sadal elige says:

    NBI clearance

    • Jerico sadala elige says:

      NBI clerance

      • Dador, Carl Nilven Victoriano says:

        NBI Clearance



  • Dan says:

    Your site is VERY CONFUSING. Nbi please invest naman kayo sa developer na skilled para maging user friendly naman ang website nyo.

  • Bert says:

    Anong nangyari po sa website nyo? Masyadong mahirap hanapin yung pag hanap kung saan pweding mag register para makakuha ng sched. Please be friendly po sa lahat

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hindi sya friendly sa mga hindi marunong magbasa. To be honest. Pero kung babasahin mo, magegets mo.

  • Elizabeth barongan says:

    My nbi id when i tried to proceeds several times always said that the system cannot find….kindly help me on this because i cannot registr for a renewal.

  • Paul schawarginzer says:

    nasan na ung applyan??? kainis e pabalik balik sa tutorial.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Did you read it? if not, malamang maliligaw ka po talaga.

  • Restmily B. Penaflor says:

    I need nbi appointment.

  • Ian Camba says:

    Nabasa ko naman po na hindi pa final ang appointment date if hindi pa bayad. Puwede kaya hindi ko bayaran yung Appointment na nauna tapos magpa sched ako ng mas maagang date. Tanong lang po baka may kaso eh hahahaha yare NBI pa naman.

    • Kat Delano says:

      That is correct! OK lang na wag mo bayaran ung nauna mong schedule at mag set ng ibang araw na appointment. wala pong itong problema. basta make sure na ang babayaran mong NBI Reference number ay yung bago na ha. Good luck Ian! Comment lang ulit kung may katanungan, kung alam ko eh sasagutin ko. 🙂

  • Kim says:

    What if I missed my *first time jobseeker” schedule in NBI clearance? Does the 15-day grace period apply to me too?

    • Kat Delano says:

      I think yes, may grace period pa din naman yan.

  • joyce anor says:

    paano po kung may mali akong na fill out?..can i still change it?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes, edit mo lang yung application form mo. meron “EDIT INFORMATION” button ka na makikita.

  • Paula says:

    Hi! I missed my first time jobseeker schedule. However, the 15 days grace period has already passed. May I know if I can just go to the same branch even after the grace period or can I just create a new account to reschedule and pay for a new appointment instead?

  • Ronmark Igat Sabay says:

    Hi can I make appointment today I need nbi clearance for abroad.

  • charlotte says:

    gud day po itataning ko lng po kung hindi po b nkapag bayad agad mag papa appointment po ulit..? may expiration po ba un…?
    nag online po ako nubg feb 10.. tpos nag pa appointment po ako nung feb 17…

  • charvin says:


  • Maribel says:

    Do i need to show the receipt from bayad center during my appointment or will they know already that i have paid?

    • Kat Delano says:

      They will know na paid ka na po. Pero for reference, keep your receipt until na maprocess yung NBI Clearance mo.

    • Whil says:

      May nananamtala sa NBI online appoinment ginagawang hanapbuhay ang online system n’yo masyadong mahal ang kinukuhang bayad (tota Pl250 lahat)..tapos pag nagpadala ng message sayo nakalagay lang na binayaran mo eh P155 lang ang mahal pala magtype 1min lang 95 agad dahil ba sila ang nag e-incode pero halos pareho sa bayad sa total ng NBI clearance… sobra naman yata yun… concern lng

      P.S wala po ba kayo ideya o gagawin man lang na paraan para sa mga aplikante na kumukuha ng NBI clearance lalo na sa mga old/dati ng may NBI clearance na palaging “HIT” tutal may old Record naman sila
      Kung wala naman silang kaso sana pwedeng makuha agad sa araw na yun at di na bumalik para iwas abala at iwas gastos ulit at habaan ang validity ng NBI clearance

      • Whil says:

        ****(total P250 lahat)

  • janice says:

    good day…
    inquire ko lang po pag ngaun po ung set ng appointment ko po kelan ko po kaya makukuha ung clearace ko po??kelangan ko na po kc by monday…

  • anselmo mislang says:

    bakit ganun naka pasok na ako sa nbi online pero hindi nag-aapeared ung form para fill up color red lang po xa need ko na po para sa work

  • Maricel talay says:

    Anu pong next na gawin ko tapos na po ako magregister e

  • Whil says:


    **(total P250 lahat)

  • May dela cruz says:

    How can i schedule my appointmeny in nbi robinson starmills pampanga? The mall has an nbi clearance outlet there. I saw the tarpaulin once on the way.

  • johan says:

    paassist naman po di ko makita ung form para sa online registration

  • Elizabeth B Sagandilan says:

    Kokuha po ako ng NBI clerance po local lang po

    • Elizabeth B Sagandilan says:

      Kailangan kona po bukas para sa work ko po reply naman po

  • Ariel mugot anoche says:

    kkuha Po ako NG NBI para sa Monday po

  • Ariel mugot anoche says:

    kkuha Po ako NG NBI sa Monday Po…paku assessment Po ako…sir or ma’am… thanks

    • henry tenecio says:

      may sira po ba ung web ng nbi po?
      contact nyo nmn kmi for updates 09257082558

  • Nancy lumba says:

    Paano po I correct Yung details, kasi po lumilitaw sa last name ko pangilinan na dapat ay lumba, Yung pangilinan po kasi Yun ang maiden name ko. Thanks po sa response

    • Kat Delano says:

      Sa mga ganyang correction po, mas magandang dun nyo na po ipacorrect sa mismong NBI Clearance center. Maari nyo po itong sabihin sa NBI Clearance staff na magaasikaso ng inyong photo capturing at biometrics. Sabihin nyo lang po ang inyong correction para po mabago po nya.

  • Mike joshua V. Badiang says:

    Kukuha po ako nang NBI clearance sa monday po

  • EVELYN B. MEDINA says:


  • Jennifer Luctu says:

    I am currently working here in UAE and I need to get NBI clearance for immigration purposes. I had already done taking my fingerprints thru Philippine Consulate Dubai and sent the documents (NBI Form No. 5 with SPA) to my representative in the Philippines. Can I book the appointment at any NBI branch or there is specific branch processing the applications for Filipinos working abroad?

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Catherine Jayme Camalon says:

    Paano po ba makapag nbi online appointment?

    • Catherine Jayme Camalon says:

      Paano po ba makapag nbi online appointment?

  • Jedalyn J. Evasco says:

    get NBI record for my new job.

  • Florence says:

    Sira ba system ng nbi clearance simula monday kukuha dapat ako pero sabi sken nag uupdate sila and no definite date kung kelan maayos, sa lahat ng branches daw to.

  • soul mendoza says:


  • Jimmy palmero de pedro says:

    Paano mgpa online appointment

    • Maria Beverly says:

      Nagbayad na ang pamangkin ko sa 711 Antipolo Rizal branch ng March 10, 2020. Pero ng pumunta siya sa NBI Taytay Rizal, lumalabas sa system nila na unpaid. Ilang araw po ba ang dapat hintayin para pumasok yung ibinayad ko sa 711… thank you

      • Kat Delano says:

        Dapat po ay minuto lang po ay magrereflect na po na PAID na ang inyong NBI Clearance. Icheck nyo po kung tama po ba ang inyong nabayaran na reference number. Baka po ba nagkamali? Possible kasi yun.

  • Maryjane A.Antonio says:

    Kaylangan ko po ng schedul ko ng pagkuha ng apointment

  • mark elson h.cortez says:

    Need ko po ng NBI clearance for my licence

    • Romeo jay balan says:

      Need ko po ng NBI para sa pag aapply ko sa work.

  • Kharenplasus says:

    Nakapag register bapo ako kaso bigla Na wala

  • Abby Ravenhearst says:

    Hi! So I finished paying the fee, and it has now reflected on my account that the reference number is paid. Is there anything I have to bring with me? Anything I have to print out?

    *Suggestion lng din po if okay lng na ilagay yung details (e.g. selected branch) sa Transaction History just in case makalimutan kung saan nag book ng appointment. Thanks

    • Kat Delano says:

      Congrats! just bring the screenshot of your NBI Clearance Reference Number and valid IDs. That’s it!

  • Frederick says:

    Kailangan Kopo Nang NBI Para Sa Pag Apply Ko Sa Trabaho

  • Laarnie san pablo says:

    Kilangan ko po kumuha ng nbi para sa trabaho ko

  • Mariella says:

    Kaylangan po Ng NBI for work po

  • Herminia S. Blanco says:

    Just want to ask if i will get NBI clearance for abroad, is it okay to get it in a branch near in our place located un Cainta Rizal at Robinson mall ?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes, you can do that. You can choose what’s convenient for you.

  • Joss Aisley G. Andaman says:


  • Liza says:

    need ko pong mag renew ng NBI for my passport, kaya lang nawawalan n yung dati kong NBI clearance, paano po ako makapag apply uli?

  • Billie Girl J. Bacus says:

    Hello, I applied for an NBI clearance yesterday. I want to log in today to check the details of my appointment, however, I cannot find the page to log in. I clicked the link that you have provided in this guide but it says that the site cannot be reached. What should I do?

  • Dixon Malo says:

    hi paulit ulit po yung link nyo.. ayaw mag direct sa application. thanks

  • sharon danggo says:

    i applied for clearance and my schedule supposed to be is march 4 but i couldn’t make it on that day so i’ve search again if i can go earlier but the answer is no.. and it says on the nxt paragraph that if i cannot make it on time there’s a 15 days grace period so i planned to go to the nbi branch today but because of the covid-19 i can’t manage to go.. so can i still get nbi clearance once it’s safe to travel?and can i use the receipt i already paid?

  • Renante Sta. Maria says:

    Hello my scheduled appointment is supposed to be last 20 March pero dahil sa lockdown of Luzon I wasnt able to go to the scheduled apoointment….Paano po iyon… Pano na ung binayad ko po sa NBI clearance ko

  • Irene says:

    Can I request a NBI clearance in behalf of my niece who is in Japan?

  • jaharah says:

    wala po bang vacant na araw para sa pag released ?

  • Racell says:

    Hindi po makapili ng appointment schedule..

    • Pescasio P. de vero 111 says:

      Pwede po mag pa oppoinment sa june8 renewal lang po open na b kayu sir dito lang aki sa mabalacat pamp.sa clark ku nalang kukukunin sa one stop tnx

  • CJ says:

    I can’t select a date for appointment/schedule. Please help.

  • Nathania S. Feliciano says:

    I can’t choose a schedule for my appointment please help.

  • alvin p maraguinot says:

    how i get my appointment number torenew my nbi clearance

  • Robb Louie M. Veroy says:

    I can’t select a date for an appointment sched/ plss help namn po 2 hours na ako nag hahanap san ba sa page nyu to set up for an appointment.

    • Kat Delano says:

      I think naka disable ngayon ang NBI Online appointment dahil sa COVID 19 and wala po munang processing na mangyayari.

  • Liezl Daquigan says:

    Makakakuha po b ng nbi clearance kahit meron pong kaso n di pa tapos

  • Kathleen Abedania says:

    Hi, bukas na po ba ang NBI offices sa Metro Manila? I already booked and paid for the clearance last April.

  • Richard Estrada Santiago says:

    Good day mam/sir anong link Po hanapin namin para s online registration kc pg hinahanap ko po Google Kung paano magpaschesule para s renewal ng nbi clearance Ang lumalabas lagi steps naman Po Ang gusto ko Sana maopen ko ung form n fill up para masked n Po ako salamat po

  • Haz says:

    I would like to apply for a renewal… When i encoded my NBI ID #, a message will pop up saying “The system cant find your number.” What does this mean? My NBI clearance is about to expire on May 24. What will i do with this?

  • Haz Madura says:

    I would like to apply for a renewal… When i encoded my NBI ID #, a message will pop up saying “The system cant find your number.” What does this mean? My NBI clearance is about to expire on May 24. What will i do with this?

  • Mike pascua campos says:

    I need nbi requirement for the job

  • Nannette C. Arada says:

    Is nbi clearance is now open to serve in nbi robinson cainta btanch ?

  • Joesell T. De leon says:

    What if I did not made it to come to NBI on my original scheduled appearance (March 3, 2020) due to hospitalization (emergency) that results to the death of my father? And after the burial.. ECQ was declared. Is it still possible to use the code given to me and the receipt of payment of p155.00? Please help… thanks!

  • Hyly Sandoval Labastida Canilao says:

    Can i get appointment on NBI San Pablo City Laguna

  • Lucille L Solitario says:

    Good Evening po!
    Ask lang po ako. open na po ba kayo sa robinson General Trias Cavite.
    Taga Tanza Cavite po ako. Pwde na po ba kami maka pag appointment po?
    Thank you po. wait po ako ng reply. God Bless You.

  • Anthony M. Cantre says:


    OFW po ako sa taiwan. My authorized person na po ako sa pinas na mag process with SPA, on my behalf. Ask ko lang po kung pwede po bang mag process sa kahit sang branches ng NBI clearance para sa OFW basta my SPA? salamat po sa tutugon. Stay safe everyone!

  • Robert nicolas says:

    Open na po ba lahat ng nbi.mgrenew po sna ako .reply asap.

    Salat po

  • Mesias james cruz says:

    Rewnewal of my nbi clearance

  • Julius says:

    Open ba NBI ngaun po?.di kc ako makaopen ng application online?


    Schedule pick-up of my NBI clearance is March 24,2020 it so happen that is ECQ. Where can i request to delivery it instead of pick-up. NBI branch Robinson Galleria. Thank you

    • Kat Delano says:

      There’s no option for delivery. You can claim your NBI Clearance when the branches resumes its operation.

  • Honey Grace D. Mayang says:

    How to apply NBI?

  • Chanmark casanares omoley says:

    How to apply nbi online

  • Annette Nimus says:

    NBI clearance cost 130 pesos, kapag nagpaschedule sa NBI online maging 155 na xa, tapos nagtry ako magbayad sa 7/11 pinagdownload pa ako ng Cliqq app by 7/11 naging 170 pesos na xa…. Hala, wala akong work magaapply pa lang kaya nga ako kumukuha ng NBI clearance db.. Pwede ba bawasan nyo ang presyo ng NBI clearance na yan, nakakahiblood… Pinadali nyo nga ang process napamahal naman kami…. Pwede ba, kaya hindi tayo naasenso eh!!

  • reyland orbisayan says:

    d ko po mahanap website ng nbi for online application po sana

  • Larry c. Ingosan says:

    Hello i am filling up nbi form i am already in select the time and date. When in time therebis no choices whether its am or pm. Pls help

  • Sheila Salazar Caldamo says:

    Good afternoon sir/ma’am ask ko lang po kung yung sched ko nong march is naabutan ng lockdown pwede ko parin po ba kunin yung nbi na nabayaranan ko na nong march? At this week ko po pupuntahan?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes po, acceptable naman ang reason nyo and nabayaran nyo na din sya. Kung madadala nyo ang receipt, mas ok pero I am very sure na andun din naman sa record nyo na paid kayo. Pwede nyo na po ito puntahan sa branch na kung saan kayo nagpaschedule parapo ay iproseso ang inyong NBI Clearance.

  • Narisa Lintorio says:


    I asked someone to process my NBI renewal. Bali paying agency sila. Ang pinakamalapit sanang lugar sa akin para kumuha ng NBI ay ang GT mall Robinson sa Molo Iloilo City. Bakit hindi makita sa system? Bakit wala sya sa option? Eh, Monday to Friday may mga tawo sa GT Mall Robinson sa Molo na kumukuha ng NBI.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Sorry pero sa fixer ka po lumapit para iprocess ang NBI Clearance mo? Personal pong pinoproseso ang NBI Clearance at hindi po ito inuutos sa ibang tao.

  • melandro villedo says:

    mam kailan po may nbi schedule para maka fill up.para maka kuha ng nbi

  • Anabelia alacre says:

    Gusto ko po mag apply Nang nbi. first time ko po, ask po sana kung anong requirements at Ang mga dapat dalhin at anong araw at oras dapat pumunta?

  • Christine Joy Santos says:

    May I ask kung kelan magkakaruon ng schedule? kasi right now kukuha na ako ng appointment but walang AM or PM button

    thank you and regards,

  • Enrique Rosales Santos says:

    NBI schedule appointment

    • Enrique Rosales Santos says:

      NBI schedule appointment

  • Sarah Katrine O. Alvarez says:

    Hi I would like to ask if I can resches my appointment yesterday June 10 2020 at Balanga City Bataan . I had a work here in Quezon City thats I didnt make it and theres No Transportation, I already Paid it. I hope you can help me.

  • Enrique Rosales Santos says:

    Schedule appointment sa nbi kaylan ko malalaman

  • Margie V. Barro says:

    What if married palang po last december 2019, is it okay that the proof of my civil status as married is the “certificate of marriage” from PSA?
    no ID’s pa po kase as married, lahat po ng ID’s ko ay naka name po nung single pa.

  • Johnny Soliva Amar says:

    Appointment for renewal nbi

  • Evangeline Ramirez says:

    may i know how to sched.appointment for nbi renewal please..thank you

  • Liezel V. Ocampo says:

    Tanong ko lang po kelan po bukas niyo para kumuha po ng nbi clearance open n po ba kyo ngaun? … Ska nagttry po ako naun s quick renewal ng nbi door to door po since gcq po mhrp po kc un transpo kso hnd po ako mkpagprocess dhl hnd dw po availble un nklagy po kc s system niyo.. kelan po magging available po un??? Salamat po sana magreply po …


    how can i set an appointment in nbi i cant see the right website

  • Angielyn S. Suratos says:

    I go to a 7 eleven to pay my nbi fees but the counter said declined so maybe the nbi is offline?. Pano po yun my sched is tomorrow. Di maproprocess yung clearance ko.

  • Fatima Grace S. CONIENDO says:

    Can I get this NBI?

  • Febby B. Balicao says:

    Hi ma’am/sir. Paano po qng mag change status ako,pwede po ba aqng mg walk in.matron akong old NBI but expired na so I need to get panibago but change status. Pwede po ba aqo mag walk in. Thanks

  • Melanie vidas says:

    may tanong Lang Po ako, Kase nag papa appointment Po kapatid ko online kaso nakalagay daw po fully book na. Isa Po akong ofw andito Po ako sa Israel. Nabasa ko Po meron din sa Duty free for travel abroad. Tama Po ba ung info na nabasa ko? Thanks po

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes meron po sa Duty Free pero kailangan pa din po na mag pa NBI Online Appointment dun.

  • Leslie Ann Robles says:

    Just for claiming here for my NBI Clearance should I still set an appointment for it? I wasn’t able to claim my NBI clearance due to lockdown declaration supposedly March 19,2020 to be claim and yet lockdown occurs so can I just go straight to NBI UN Ave Branch? or need to still set up an appointment ty .


    Good afternoon , kumuha po ako ng nbi last June 16 a ng nakalagay po is 10 working days , Kong kasama ang weekend DA Friday pwede na po na I claim
    U ng clearance? Thankyou

  • Norven libao badillo says:

    Papano Po kumuha Ng NBI clearance online

    • herman lunasco jr. says:

      schedule for appointment

  • Julie U.Sacopla says:

    Paano po kumuha ng appointments po

    • Emmanuel Gonzales says:


  • Christopher bacla Adoptante says:

    How to get

  • Christopher bacla Adoptante says:

    Panu po ba makakuha ng NBI

  • Michelle F.Villaruel says:

    paano poh kapag napamali ang schedule tapos nabayaran muh agad…..gagawa p poh b ulit ng schedule at panibagong bayad ulit…

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hindi na po pwede ang ireschedule yan thru NBI Online.

  • Paul says:

    Hi, I’m on the “picking on schedule” but there’s only blank on the dates that supposed to be having an AM and PM options. How should I proceed on this?

    • Marben T. Moralla says:

      Ano name mo

  • Angelito h. Palana says:

    Pano po magpa appointment sa quezon city hall satelite? May slot po ba bukas?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hindi ko po alam, kailangan nyo pong icheck ito sa NBI Online website kung merong slot.

  • Jerome Monin says:

    Panu po mgpaschedule ng NBI clearance at may bukas Naba Kau na office?

  • Rachell Libunao says:

    Hi, i forgot my password so i click ‘forgot password’. I already received an email however i wasn’t able acces the ‘reset password’ icon. Seems the link provided in no longer active. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Ulitin nyo lang po ulit. baka nagexpire na ung link para mareset ang inyong NBI Online Account.

      • Robert Bulaklak Brozula says:

        Iyon po bang ngaung araw na appointment ko sa nbi gusto ko lang pong malaman kung saan ko pong branch ako nakatala para kunin ang nbi clearance ko po?

  • Allan Gabrang says:

    Good am sanpo Ang am pm button

  • Mary Ann F. Magallanes says:

    Good day mam,sir
    I just want to clear if there’s somebody using my name. Because I found out that I have 2 open names in the philhealth which is its my first time to take the philhealth. So what I will do about this. I hope you reply as soon as possible. Thank you.


    If I didn’t pay the amount within a week is my schedule forfeited? do I need to make an appointment again?

  • Nestor Abe says:

    I want renew my NBI but I forgot my no. The old one clearance and my email before I registered sense2017.. what I can I do. What process I need.thanks u

  • Armando baricante says:

    How to renewed my nbi clearance

  • Theus Jean says:

    For everyone’s information.

    I have paid my NBI clearance at Balanga, Bataan last February 2020 where the scheduled location is at NBI Balanga. I have failed to process because I only have 1 valid ID that time. But I took a chance and have successfully processed it this July 2020 at Alimall Cubao.

  • Sofia Liclic says:

    Is there a way that I can schedule an appointment even though there are no longer available schedule in their website? The thing is, it is urgent. There are no longer available schedule for the month of July 🙁

  • John Jensen says:

    As a foreninger. Shall i also make online appointment. Or can i walk in with out appointment

  • Ronalyn caballero ignacio says:

    How can i apply nbi appointment?

  • JL says:

    I used the ECPay thru Security Bank and the total amount I’ve paid is P170.00. So, the service fee is not always P25.00?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes, paiba iba po sila. depende po sa payment method na pinili mo.

  • Neil Dela Cruz says:

    Paano po kapag nawala ang resibo ko (nabayaran ko na po sa 7-11 tapos pinababalik po ako within 4 days tapos accidentally naiwala ko po yubg resibo ng 7-11 with tatak ng date kung kailan po balik ko. Question: Nay alternative pa po ba para makakuha ng resibo ulit?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Wala pong problema yun, as long as nasa iyo ang NBI Reference Number mo. pwede mo pa itong maclaim.

  • Ernesto D Balunsat jr says:

    schedule for appointment


    how can i get an appointment in nbi or schedule for appointment?

  • daniel alivio says:

    appointment schedule to renew my NBI clearance

  • Christy Roldan says:

    Paano itama ang pangalan ko sa registration details? Nagkamali ang pag fill up ko.

  • Rachel Tuñacao says:

    Paano po ako mkakuha ng appoinment or schecdule for appoinment?

  • Fatima D. GavanzO says:

    When to pick up nbi clearance?? Need asap po.

  • Genny Davila Dela torre says:

    What areas in Rizal open NBI branch?

  • Norlita Callanta says:

    How to make online appointment for nbi

  • Allan Diverson says:

    HI! I’ve lost my NBI CLEAEANCE 7-11 receipt. Is that okay?

  • Jomar dalayap says:

    Good afternoon sir/ma’am ask ko lang po kung yung sched ko nong march is naabutan ng lockdown pwede ko parin po ba kunin yung nbi na nabayaranan ko na nong march? At this week ko po pupuntahan.
    Salamat po.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Pwede pa po yan. puntahan mo na po this week para ma process mo na ang iyong NBI Clearance online.

  • Christine Hernandez says:

    For NBI Clearance renewal:
    What if hnd ko po alam ung old NBI Clearance/ID number kc nawala n ung copy? May other way p po b na maretrieve ung old NBI ID Number? D n kc makapagsign up dahil nagamit ko n email ko dati.

  • Mona liza antonio says:

    How i get my appoinment and evwry time i get nbi i have hint whos using my name

  • Katrina says:

    Paano po Kung bayarin ko palang ung fee Sa mismong schedule na nilagay ko

  • Edna Bautista Tiamzon says:

    how to apply?


    How i make renewal the NBI ID NO i had entered does not exist in your system. My last clearance validity was on April 20, 2018.

  • Jonalyn Abrantes says:

    The online application are still available today?

  • Jennifer Temperatura Cabucos says:

    I want appointment for my renewal Nbi at Philippines in pagadian city region 1X

  • Jennifer Temperatura Cabucos says:

    i want my appointment date

  • Junrey S. Solayao says:

    How can i get online nbi clearance appointment and sched.tnx nd good day..

  • John allen tubongbanua says:

    How to get nbi appointment schedule


    How to get renewal of NBI clearance.

  • ANGELICA TUD says:

    No appointments appears why? Because today is Sunday?

  • Francis D Rico says:


  • Jenny Rose Lospo says:

    Bakit walang available dates sa appointment? Since Friday pa po ako nag aabang. When I click apply for clearance yung branch lang ang clickable pero walang dates na pweding pagpilian. I badly needed my nbi clearance now. Hope you’ll help me.

  • Nugas says:

    No application for clearance appears

  • Micheal constantino blanco lorenzo says:

    Kukuha po sna ako ng nbi clearance pra mkapag apply po ako ng trabaho

  • Nicka says:

    Need to renew my NBI but the dates are not clickable. Can someone help me? thanks

  • Princess Claire Manalo says:

    I already have my schedule for renewal online appointment, but then d ko pa sya nababayarn at naglockdown which is nkasama yung date sa araw ng lockdown. Do i need to reschedule it? And where to log in my online acc automatically? Kasi halos step by step process nkikita ko

  • Lindon B. Logtap says:

    I already registered my email account but still no application button appears for scheduling and payment?

  • Jerico Tumbaga Cruz says:

    Can I pay my nbi clearance on the exact date of the apointment date ?

  • Dhan win P. Domanico says:

    How to set an appointment for NBI clearance

  • Michael M. de Guzman says:

    Hello po, itatanong ko lang po kung kailan yung reschedule ng mga appointment last august 10 2020? Schedule po kasi ng appointment ko ay aug10, 2020 pero nagsara NBI shaw mandaluyong due to MECQ, may panibagong date na po ba?

  • Jomar dimasangal says:

    Mag rerenew po ako ng nbi . mag pay napo ako ng payment kopo . pwde ko po makuwa ngaun kahit hnd pa ngaun appointment ko?/salamat po


    Mag renew po ako Ng NBI for travel abroad pano poag access

  • rafael buna rotor says:

    for renewal


    I wantto renual tomy nbi


    Mag renew po ako para sa work mo po

  • Richard carlo namay says:

    How to schedule nbi

  • Bien michael obispo says:

    Pano po makakuha ng schedule po sa NBI clearance po for requirement po s trabaho

  • John jey Alcancia says:

    Pano po mag online renewal ng nbi salamt

  • Anna Liza A Daz says:

    What website can i renew my nbi?

  • Sandra Ericka sta ines says:

    How can I have an appointment

  • Wilme G. Galagate says:

    for appointment

  • Mohammad Abib says:

    Why is the renewal option says “Not available”

  • Pfiefer Buyagan Vino says:

    A friend used my email to get nbi clearance via online last year(2019). How can i used my email the same email where my friend used to to renew my nbi clearance?

  • Daniel Dennis C. Deinla says:

    appointment for renewal

    • Stanley OPENIANo valenciano says:

      Paano po mag pa deliver Ng NBI CLEARANCE renewal

    • jay callao says:

      how to renew

  • cyril mhai p. darunday says:

    how i can process my renewal of NBI?

  • Maria Aura S. Bances says:

    cant open the website.. For renewl po sana.. salamat.. iloilo po location ko..

  • roxanne joy manjares arines says:

    paano po makuha yung nbi clearance ko nag avail po ako nong feb 4 pinapabalik po march 18 hindi na po ako naka balik gawa po ng pandemic na lock down po boung manila

  • bryan allan viscaya says:

    nabayadan konapo sa bayad center ang nbi ko nag renew ako nakalimutan kopo ang date ng pick up ko at nawala kodin ang resibo ng bayad center

  • Raymund Tan Raquepo says:

    I’m sorry for asking this question here but i have been trying to set an appointment but unfortunately after selecting the Branch the Calendar seems to be stuck and is not loading the available times. I have tried moving the dates several months ahead and it is still the same. Is there any other way to proceed with the scheduling? The NBI clearance is required for my employment so it is really important and urgent. Thank you.

  • Apple B. Delacruz says:

    How to get Nbi?

  • Rhodamane fajarit says:

    Paano makakuha ng appointment sa nbi online? Wala kasi lumalabas na am and pm na button kaya di makapag apply ng renewal. Please help po

  • REY ANN GITGIT says:

    1. After 15 days if i can’t pay and get my nbi form on the area I’ve choosen, can i apply again thru online?
    2. Can I get my nbi form late? For example; the schedule date was September 16, can i get it by September 17?
    3. If I can’t get my nbi form on the scheduled date, can I sign up again,?

    Hope to entertain, thank you God bless.

  • Robene Pondang Reubal says:

    Magandang Araw po!

    Nais ko pong mag-pa”appointment” sana ng aking NBI clearance bilang baguhan. Maaari ko po bang malaman kung paano makapag-paiskedyul?
    Lubos ko pong inaasahan at pinahahalagahan ang inyong malawak na pang-unawa hinggil sa bagay na ito.
    Pauna na po ang aking pasasalamat!

  • Jeson c jalasan says:

    Get clearance

  • INA M. NACILLA says:

    Good evening po. Magkoha sana ulit ako ng NBI . Paano po ba?

  • Ana Cinco says:

    How can i apply nbi clearance online, Im having a trouble for the registration or renewal.
    Can i go.straight in nbi ofc? Where can i apply?
    Please help me. Thank you

  • Fred Nikko Villanueva says:

    I have an appointment and I already paid for it however, I don’t remember the actual branch i made the schedule too. Is there a way for me to find out the location where I am supposed to process my clearance?


    Appoinment for renewal of NBI Clearance

  • John Carls says:

    Would you know WHY does the schedule won’t pop up? The screen just won’t change to the next step wherein I SHOULD see the AM/PM button?

    • Jayson Yabut says:

      Same here. Been tryin’ to book for several days now, but the selection AM or PM button is not there.
      Anyone can help us?

  • Meliza Rosales Aguirre says:

    mag register po sana ako kayalang hindi ako makapag register?

  • Ermer J Pagkaliwangan says:

    How to get scheduling nbi

  • Jullius rey poquita says:

    How to get nbi online appointment

  • Robert Bulaklak Brozula says:

    What nbi branch can i get my nbi clearance?

  • Robert Bulaklak Brozula says:

    Can i ask if my nbi clearance is in your shaw blvd.branch?

  • Robert Bulaklak Brozula says:

    Can o ask what is my otp number?

    • Robert Bulaklak Brozula says:

      When is the schedule of my payments for my nbi clearance?


    Kuha po ako NBI para po sa work ku

  • April mary bringcula says:

    unsa na website ko mag apply for NBI appointment online?

  • Marc angelo T. Caños says:

    I follow na schedule to what i set

  • Marc angelo T. Caños says:

    Paano mag pa schedule na kukunin koung NBI ko

  • Ryan gabatin says:

    Im setting an appointment but theres no schedule showing so thats why i cant pay to get the reference

  • Ethan benedict p. Tepace says:

    Im setting an appointment but there’s no available schedule, so how and where can I get my NBI Clearance?

  • Fermina B. Argonista says:

    Actually i tried how many times to sign up for resgistration but i can not sign up….

  • Aina I.Bayani says:

    I’m a Senior Nurse Frontliners
    Can I do walkin registration
    Please give me consideration badly need for my promotion
    Will retire soon
    Thank you and Godbless

  • Geraldine Cabanas says:

    What if my schedule branch or satellite outlet is already closed and not processing already,can I go to other branch to claim my NBI clearance because I already paid it?

    • Queenlyka Valdez says:

      Can i take NBI clearance

  • Cindy B.Bacud says:

    Can I take a NBI clearance

  • Wilson Rebato pielago says:



    How can I take NBI clearance appointment?

  • Eve Servida says:

    I’m working abroad. How do I get my nbi renewed. Can I ask someone to do it on my behalf, my sibling for instance. How am I gonna give my finger-print.

  • Jhon christian A lampano says:

    I want to get NBI clerance

  • michael tenos loyola says:

    i cannot access the schedule pls help me

  • Polea manolito napoles says:

    Thank you

  • Elizabeth Frias Icawat says:

    how to online registration

  • Ramon tejedor says:

    Ilang days ang processing pag sa mall kukuha

  • Ronald Alimon Fegidero says:

    Ang hirap pasukin ang link, where to log in?

  • CamilleCruz says:

    Nakalimutan ko kung saang location ako nagpa appointment. Pano ko malalaman since wala naman details indicated sa Transacrions Tab. Thank you

  • Caren Cuartero says:

    Hi po, pwede po bang magpa autrhorize sa NBI pag renewal lang? Thank youpo

  • Rachel Joy A.Valdes says:

    Pwde pa help po.. Pano po malalaman ulit or machek ulit Yung appointment . Di po Kasi Ng message SA email ko para atlis ma remind ako.. already pay na po.. gusto ko Lang po malaman or iupdate Yung schedule ko. Thanks po SA makakatulong.

  • Jonathan Relucio says:

    My sister ask me to pass a form in the NBI. She’s in Australia and she need the form to be complete. Can I walk in or she need to register to have an appointment for me?

  • Disiree Rejas says:


  • Marilyn yumang isip says:

    How many days for the appointment

  • Rolando B. Taylo says:

    I forgot my schedule of my nbi clearance, how can i see it again? Thanks

  • Ike rhayan g. Salvador says:

    How to apply nbi clearance online?

  • Kim Bryan S Bolima says:

    Nbi clearance

  • Kim Bryan S Bolima says:

    How to apply nbi clearance?

  • Karla Mae Balatucan says:

    What if i forgot where branch i booked my nbi renewal ? How can i check it?

  • Caren Dela Cruz Cenidoza says:

    I neglected to pick up my nbi clearance a month ago and i already lost my receipt can i still claim it?

  • Caren Dela Cruz Cenidoza says:

    I neglected to pick up my nbi clearance a month ago and i already lost my receipt can i still claim it?

    • Dianila Mediana Manero says:

      How to apply nbi clearance for local only..?thank you and keep safe

      • jeric caya maligo says:

        howt to apply nbi clearance online

  • Marjorie Sembrano says:

    How to apply

  • Merry Joy Tecson Liway says:

    How to apply nbi clearance?

    • Ruel De Leon De Guzman says:

      If I finish applying NBI clearance Can I get NBI clearance earlier?

  • Daniella Denise Gail P. Lim says:

    I can not recall the NBI branch I selected, how do I retrieve that info?

  • Ruel De Leon De Guzman says:

    Can I apply now for NBI clearance?

  • Jomison John I. Magante says:

    I would like to renew my NBI clearance. How?

  • Elmer P Edquilang says:


  • Romelito Gamo says:

    Schedule Appointment Nbi

    • Romelito Gamo says:

      Their Amy schedule of appointment NBI

  • Grace Tembrevilla says:

    I just already apply an online renewal of my NBI yesterday nov.21.2020 some of the details of my records are already inputted and I can’t change it. Now my question is this possible to change the time of my schedule and appear on the branch that I chose? and how about the reference can I clarify the reference that appears on my payment is the same reference on my NBI appointment once I paid the amount of said schedule? because I didn’t have any copy of my NBI reference after I finished my online application and didn’t print it.

    Thanks and Best Regards

  • Vilma antipolo says:

    How to apply nbi

  • Jeffrey Villas says:

    I forgot where the appointment Ive selected since I was looking fdor the earliest schedule as possible. How would I know which branch Ive selected since on the transaction details it only says nbi clearance center

  • Julibeth Tomenio Palma says:

    How to regesterd

  • Christine Remoto Patron says:

    How can i get an online appointment?

    • RomeoE.Gomez jr says:

      How to alply nbi clearance used for LTOFP?

  • Rey maki dacanay says:

    Appionment schudeilefor nbi

    • Christine Joy aunzo melca says:

      How to schedule appointment for nbi clearance

  • Anjelica Lindo says:

    Schedule for NBI Clearance

    • Jayve Calvero Bugayong says:

      Kilan po makukuha

  • Hannah Lou De Vera says:

    NBI update

  • Angelo Adan Sito says:

    NBI Schedule

  • Christian john seva says:

    Can I pay to 7/11uwing the same reference number even if I already click the gcash for payment?

  • Friderick Amor Rico says:

    Pwede po bha kumuha ng nbi na khit d na po pupunta sa upisina nyo kasi kailangan ko na po bago 26?

  • Marlon. W. Delos Santos says:

    How to get the appointment to get nbi

    • PAUL EDWARD DIAZ says:

      Sir,ma’am Pwede PO magpa appointment para CLEARANCE PO for 2021?

    • Sitti-nur D. Mandai says:

      I want to get appointment on jluy 7,202q 0

  • Sitti-nur D. Mandai says:

    For appointment july p07 2021

  • mark roy baisak says:

    set an appointment

    • mark roy baisak says:

      set an appointment january 05. 2021

  • Etcobanez jr dominador says:

    Set an appointment

    • Fidel Castillo says:

      Kelangan po b yun barangay certificate sa pagkuha ng NBi clearance?

  • Romel C. Almiranes says:

    Set an appointment

    • Miracle santiago says:

      Mabilis lang po ba process

  • Emmanuel M. Managbanag says:

    For business purposes

  • Lea cabrera borja says:

    I’ve already paid P170 thru gcash but no appoibtment done.what should i do

  • Renato E Nero Jr says:

    Nbi clearance

  • Joey Lyn Gallenero says:

    Pwede ba kahit saang branch kunin ang NBI? Nagkamali ako ng Location sa Main sya napunta. Bayad na yon kahapon pa

  • Ruby Anna Bautista says:

    Pede na ba makuha buks agad un nbi

  • Meann Añasco Castro says:

    renewal lng po sana gusto NBI FOR ABROAD..

  • Christopher ryan conol says:

    I missed to pay my nbi clearance payment on seven eleven on the day i set my online registration.is it okay f i pay it for the next day

  • Merlita Mendaro De Chavez says:

    How to reschedule nbi appointment?

  • Queen fristel says:

    How to schedule an appointment in nbi clearance

  • Corazon T. Vergara says:

    Is there a Courtesy Lane for Seniors? Find it hard to do on line appointment, can’t find the right page or it’s very slow, any other options?

  • Adrian Laquindanum says:

    Nagpunta po ako sa appointment ko last Nov kaso iba daw yung Brgy. Clearance na dala ko. Kasi may iba daw na brgy clearance para sa mga first time job seeker. Ask ko lang po if pwede pa yung ref number ko if pupunta ako ulit after 2 months?

  • Eljay Capito says:

    What if I forgot which branch i booked? How to check?

  • Alma ebayan, Santelices says:

    Renewal nbi clearance

  • Reynalyn fetil says:

    Ask ko lang po , panu po magrefund kasi nagbyad ako para sa date na february 15,2021 eh hndi po ako nkapunta taz ng set ulit ako ng schedule na march 8,2021 pwde ko bang gamitin yung payment ko nung 15 ? waiting sa early response . Thank you

  • Beatriz Ariata says:

    How to online nbi

    • Judelyn S.Orcullo says:

      How to apply nbi id sir/maam.thank u

  • Analyn v fajardo says:

    How to get an appointment

  • Ryan Dubouzet says:

    Hi Team,

    Good day!

    I need your help in setting-up an appointment via your website. I have tried multiple times using different devices and different browsers but I still cannot get or find the AM/PM option. I have also read on your site that a lot of people has been experiencing the same problem, yet there’s no resolution posted on what steps must be taken.

    Hoping for your urgent response on this matter.


  • Alexinia mendoza says:


  • Gerry Vergara Rivera says:

    Apointment nbi clairance

  • Mercedes Halasan Comendador says:

    How to online appointment NBI

  • John Christian Vargas Eugenio says:

    What is ref no of jonh cristian eugenio

  • garry manzanillo sionicio says:

    san ko po makikita yung schedule ko po

  • Clint John Bautista says:

    What if my appointment schedule is April 15,2021 and i missed it can i still go tomorrow?

  • sonnyboyesguerr says:

    Paano Kung nakalimutan Ang email account at password

  • Aaron Oro says:

    Hi nagpabook ako online to get nbi clearance but di ko maalala saan nbi branch ako paparenew ano po gagawin? Nasa akin lang po code. But i cant remember the branch thanks. Sched on june 16,2021

  • Sarah May S.Lauro says:

    How i registered an appointment for NBI clearance in Zamboanga city.

  • rafael v. mendenilla says:

    appointment for nbi clearance

  • Arian David says:

    June 16 po ay pumunta ako ng nbi for processing my nbi new applicant po ako.. then may hit po ako. Pinabalik ako june 30. The problem is hindi po ako nakabalik. My question pwede ko pa ba makuha yung nbi ko ngayong July 25?? Kahit na lumagpas ako sa sinabing date na dapat balik ko.. thank you po.

  • Ricardo A. DESCUTIDO says:

    Good morning nag apply po ako Ng NBI renewal noong July 14,2021 bayad na po pati Yun door to door. Wla pa po dumadating sa akin simula noon hanggang ngayon. Paano ko po malalaman Kung darating pa?

  • emma mapalo dumat-ol says:

    maam ang hirap mg book ng appointment maraming lumalabas….kng anu anu…

  • abigail salvador beduya says:

    how can i appointment in n.b.i

  • Julie ann doria says:

    Applying for renewal nbi and help recover my account

    • Julie ann doria says:

      How can I recover my account

  • Edgar A Sabado says:

    Sir / Mam Bayad na po ako panu po sa renewal ng NBI Clearance ko for pick up po wala nag send ng schedule of pick up?

  • Emely F. Domingo says:

    Magpapa appointment po sna ako ng para sa NBI ko.

  • Jovie C.Bolanio says:

    How to apply appointment to get nbi clearance,,im from montevista davao de oro…thanks

  • Mariou G. Tomas says:

    i want to get a schedule for ofw renewal NBI

  • Francisco Lagda Balurin jr says:

    How to apply an appointment for NBi

  • Nestor Racho Bayocboc says:

    I have paid my nbi application but i didnt recieved any confirmation of my schedule and reference number.

  • Alfredo I Fernandez Jr. says:

    How to appointment to take NBI clearance

  • Elajane Casil Betita says:


  • Fredie Ibe says:

    It is possible to have chance to get an reschedule earlier prior to my appointment schedule,

  • TADEO, MARK DAVE A. says:

    How to appointment to get NBI CLEARANCE

  • Alberto villafranca jardinero says:

    How to apply for an appointment for NBI clearance
    Hope for a kind consideration
    Thank you

  • litel dizon cuenca says:

    pano po mag pa scadule sa NBI?

    • Azy Valdez says:

      You can pm me on messenger m.me/azyy.valdez for assistance.

  • Eric T.Pajarillo says:

    paid my NBI fee yesterday but until now no confirmation/appoient received from NBI


    Can i schedule appointment?

    • Judy Ann Romero Teopaco says:

      hello can you help me how to appointment in nbi clearance

  • Joy singson says:

    Terms and condition pag pindok ok tapos sunod step di na po makapasok paano po ba magrenew naguguluhan po ako

  • Rafael Rodriguez says:

    I already paid my Renewal fee online but i dont have an appointment and after i pay it thru 711 no one texting me about it can I get an appointment? i already paid it and I need it urgent.

  • Rafael Rodriguez says:

    I already paid my Renewal fee online but i dont have an appointment and after i pay it thru 711 no one texting me about it can I get an appointment? i already paid it.


    how to take a slot for renewal of nbi

    • Flores Gary Granadozof says:

      Good day i flii up my renew nbi via online appointment payment is done us well the problem is i forgot what nbi branch or location i choce im not sure to be honet can you tell me or can assest me how/where can find or pick up my nbi

  • Neil jason Atienza says:

    What if i forgot my schedule how to monitor my nbi clearance if it process already or not? i paid it online and i dont have any confirmation yet and almost a week since i paid it at 7 eleven. Please need info or i need to go to my chosen nbi brach without knowing my schedule because i forgot it.

  • Flores Gary Granadozo says:

    Good day i flii up my renew nbi via online appointment payment is done us well the problem is i forgot what nbi branch or location i choce im not sure to be honet can you tell me or can assest me how/where can find or pick up my nbi

  • Jade ARNRJO PINOTE says:

    I have already an appointment but I forget the location in Laspiñas?

  • Mary jane atibagos says:

    can I schedule more tomorrow

  • Bredina Drollet says:

    I am a New Zealand citizen and worked as a diplomat in Philippines from Oct 2018 until October 2021 but am now in New Zealand. Can I get an NBI clearance while physically in NZ?

  • Jaynna gallet flores says:

    Pano mag. Online apointment dito

  • Charlen Calapano says:

    Paano po mag pa online appointment Ng nbi clearance.thank you po!

  • Ma Lyn David Pancho says:

    How apply for appointment nbia

  • Zabrina Abella says:

    Can I have my appointment in NBI

  • Jesselyn Abante Umali says:

    Can i have an appointment for tomorrow?


    KAILAN ko pa ba yan makuha?

  • Kisha lyka robosa says:

    Can i have an appointment for tomorrow?

  • Mark michael ernacio says:

    How i can get a renewal nbi please..?.thanks

  • Mark michael ernacio says:

    How can i get a renewal nbi please..?.thanks

  • Nestor Lingan cabaddu says:

    I’m applying for nbi clearance but I completed my filing of forms and verify may Isang item na di nalaman kaya they advice me to go online appointment

    • Aleksei T. Pacal says:

      How to have an appointment

      • Sumampong Beverly says:


    • Venerando Santiago pa says:

      Pag nag karoon Ng kaso po.itoay napagdusahan na .makakakuha po Ng nbi Ang Isang tao na served sentence na po

      • Kat Delano says:

        I am not really sure about this pero sa pagkakaalam ko, pwede ka ng kumuha ng NBI Clearance. Kung may record ba na magrereflect sa NBI Clearance mo, hindi ko po alam. possible kasi na nakasulat yun dun.


    how to get schedule online fot nbi clearance

  • marvin luna paquiz says:

    how to process nbi appointment

  • Marmie Sumagang Sobrino says:

    How can i get an appointment?

  • Jacel Noval Pahilino says:

    Please set me an appointment

  • Ka Nyar Maw says:

    I am from Myanmar. I lived in the Philippines in 2000 to 2011. I need the Police Clearance for my stay in the Philippines. Can I know how to process it and how lone it takes?

  • Dynamae sumaria barnizo says:

    How can i get NBI clearance

  • josephine realda says:

    For appointment nbi

  • Eric Bagayna says:

    For appointment NBI


    For NBI Appointment

    • Cherrylyn R. Layos says:

      How many day’s?

      • Cherrylyn R. Layos says:

        For appointment NBI

      • Kat Delano says:

        Depende po, kung wala namang NBI Clearance HIT. same day kuha na po agad. kung meron babalik ka po ng 10 to 15 working days para kunin.

    • John Francis Caday says:

      I want set a appointment for may application form

  • Jomar Eugenio Rico says:

    How to renew my nbi

  • micel dasig says:

    How to make apointment nbi clearance for house kepper

    • santa calma says:

      paano po kung yung id na gamit ko e BALMEDINA ang apelyedo ko. pero ang papagawa po sa NBI ko Santa Calma po.

      • Kat Delano says:

        Kailangan po ay mayron kayong valid id as an NBI Requirement na ang apelyido eh Santa Calma. Kung wala po, baka hindi kayo payagan.

        • Bobby L. Fuentes says:

          Rush n I po need Tnx.

  • micel dasig says:

    For apointment nbi

  • Cherrylyn R. Layos says:

    Paano manguha Ng appointment Ng NBI

  • Rhea Mae Taduran Miday says:

    Pano makakuha ng appointment sa NBI?

  • Marilyn S.Aballe says:

    Available Schedule appointment this week date and tme month of November

  • Marilyn S.Aballe says:

    Available Schedule appointment this week date and time this month of November

    • Kat Delano says:

      Magbook po kayo ng NBI Clearance Appointment, dun nyo po malalaman kung merong available na schedule sa NBI this week or month. Kung wala na po kayong makita, ibig sabihin ay full na po ang araw na gusto nyo.

    • Marilyn S.Aballe says:

      Gosto mag kuhaNBI online para cross visited abroad di in ako mahulog sang akon mabayad

  • Aiyn Peñaflor says:

    Hello po, ilang araw nrin po ako nagttry makakuha ng appointment kso pagdating po sa pagkuha na ng picture laging lumalabas ang “opps something went wrong” either we are updating the website or you have an internet connection problem,. Malakas po ang internet connection nmin or signal, may problema po ba sa website nyo po? Di na po kc tinatanggap sa east west bank ang tin at voters id kya nid ko po ng nbi clearance.. Thanks po

    • Kat Delano says:

      try mo po gumamit ng ibang browser. minsan, offline po talaga ang website ng NBI Clearance.

  • Reymark Perico Pabia says:

    I need nbi, But i will not walk in w/out appointment. How can i get the appointment for asap?

    • Kat Delano says:

      No, matagal na pong hindi inaallow ang NBI Clearance walk in application. Yun na po ang patakaran, no appointment no application.

  • Carl Jason Agustin Quiñones says:

    How many days to get nbi clearance?

  • Rhonalyn salvador says:

    Ilang days po yong itatagal bago po makapag pa nbi po? deliver poba?

  • sheryl lobos says:

    panu kapag nakapag payment na ako peru wala po akung nalagay na appointment date ..sa gcash po ako nag payment

    • Angelo Torres Cabalza says:

      Nagbayad na po ako through gcash at wala pa po ako narereceive na e receipt sa email ko .processed naman na po sa gcash payment ko.

  • Jemar aharin maslin says:

    How to get clearance online and set appointment

  • Dranreb Ondiano says:

    good day po..ang reference number status ay paid na..pero hindi pa ako nkpag.bayad..at nung nagbayad na ako sa 7 eleven ay ayaw mag.process ng payment..ano po problema nun?

  • Eduardo Rosal Mercado says:

    hi good morning po, ask ko lang po, nagrenew ako kahapon nagbayad na rin tru gcash ng 155.00, ang sabi kc within 24hrs. ang reflect ng payment pero hanggang ngaun wala pa ring confirmation sa payment ko. saan po ba makikita ung confirmation ng bayad? Wala rin po akong nailagay na time and date ng pag visit. tnx po

  • Michelle Mercado Sahagun says:

    Ilang days ang ang release?

  • Leah Donor Estabillo says:

    NBi Appointment
    Ilng araw mkukuha

  • Denvy rose abdullah says:

    how to schedule an appointment in nbi clearance?

  • CIRILo Verceles lagmay jr says:

    what time will I get my clearance on Monday po


    how to apply nbi clearance


    paano magpaschedule ng nbi appointment

  • Diane Bernadette M. Pasion says:

    I have a previous appointment dated Dec. 13,2021. But i did’nt go because the i do”nt have the required dicuments that time. Can i change the apooibtment date to Jan.5 2022m

  • Rosemarie Penolbo Pacuan says:

    how to make nbi appointment my renewal cannot make it nbi issue 2012

  • JASMIN says:


  • Aljene Magrimbao says:

    What if I generated a reference number already and chose the payment method GCash. But I want to change it to 7 Eleven payment method. Can I still change it? And only pay the latter?

  • Stevejulius A. Lucasia says:

    Fow work

  • Stevejulius A. Lucasia says:


  • Jessica Danielle Marallag says:


    • Marbee Q. Peralta says:

      What is the available date for Gett’n NBI and police clearance

  • Benjie Bandiola De Vera says:

    how to appointment

  • Decelyn T. Badiang says:

    How to get NBI appointment


    For the NBI clearance, the name of the holder should be similar to their passport. However, the name (Daniell’e Yustine Gadiane) has an apostrophe, and the NBI’s site does not seem to allow this input. To avoid any complications, how may we proceed? I have previously called the number for customer service, but to no avail.

  • Sharalyn mendoza says:

    Nbi clearance

  • Ailene dimatulac pasia says:

    I need to NBI

  • Mike Atienza says:

    I need nbi clearance


    NBI clearance

  • Jenelyn manliguis says:

    My walk in na po sa pgkuha ng nbi clearance?

    • Kat Delano says:

      required na po ang NBI Clearance Appointment. hindi ka po papapasukin ng wala yun. bawal na po ang walk in.

      • Maricelanilao says:

        Paano po ako makakapag pa appointment


    How to appointment The NBI clearance From Iloilo

    • Kat Delano says:

      go to the website of NBI Clearance, sign up for an account then schedule an appointment. just search the NBI Branch in Ilo ilo. You can follow the instruction on how to schedule an appointment in the post tutorial above.

  • Rose Ann A. Matienzo says:

    how to change birthdate on my account?

  • Hannah macasusi says:

    How to online appoinment

  • Radzia jomari asakil says:

    Schedule nbi appointment

  • Leonida Tolentino says:

    Schedule appointment NBI

  • Leonida Tolentino says:

    Schedule appointment NBI. Feb 8 2022 10am

  • Shahani Akmad Acad says:

    Anu Link ngaba para mka online appointment

  • Razen Jade D. Murillo says:

    Where can i have an appoinment schedule for my nbi

  • Cathyln Amor Barceluna says:

    Renew nbi

  • Cathyln Amor Barceluna says:

    How to renewed nbi

  • Daisy Teves says:

    Pwede po b kumuha Yung minors po?


    For boar exam requirements

  • catherine velasco says:

    How to get an a appointment? am from north caloocan thank you

  • Cristina ARCONADo cabobos says:

    My edit na information


    Get nbi clearance



  • Ricajoy Camacho Cano says:

    ipaparenew kopo ulit yung dati ko kasi po expired na

  • Ricajoy Camacho Cano says:


  • ronnie trazo marfa says:


  • Alvin lleno says:

    Paano mag pa appointment

    • Rheycell santos says:

      How to apply nbi apostille appointment

    • Kat Delano says:

      If you will only ready the post above, you can easily answer your question on how to set an appointment with NBI Clearance website.

  • Perry Humberto G. Piccio says:

    My sister is a British Citizen and has been living at the United Kingdom for more than 40 years now. She applied for an NBI clearance at the Philippine Embassy there and she was given the necessary documents to fill up and was processed there (including fingerprints). She will be sending the docs to me thru FEDEX including my authorisation, for submission to the NBI office here in Manila.
    Do I need to book for an appointment?

  • Reynaldo Flaminiano Rabe says:

    Gud pm sir i already registered for renewal And i have already reference no. To pay in 7eleven but there is no appoinment,only mention is after payment 24 hrs. I can go to NBI Office pls confirmed

  • Dylan abirin says:

    I need this for PCG

  • Joana Marie C. Lopez says:

    How to apply NBI clearance

    • Ligaya dde dios Manzano7 says:

      Im need schedule apppinemt onlme

  • Cristy Balaguer says:

    Pano maG pa schedule nG appointment

  • Queenie domincel pascua says:

    Tomorrow working.
    But my NBI Clearance.

  • Rozil Melendrez Gonzales says:

    I need NBI


    I need schedule to get nbi clearance


    Ineed schedule for NBI

  • Ma.theresa tuasoc says:

    How to online appointment

    • Jonefe codino says:

      How to apply for appointments NBI?

  • Marina M Sulit says:

    We set an appointment already today,we paid also,do we need to bring the appointment letter? accidentally I used my old email account which I can’t remember the password,I can’t open it to print the appointment letter,but I kept the reciept.

  • Marcial T. Ubalde says:

    Pls email me link on how to set an appointment. Applying my NBI can’t connect link online services of NBI in your website. Thank you.

  • Stephen John S Libe says:

    Pls email me link on how to set an appointment. Applying my NBI can’t connect link online services of NBI in your website. Thank you.

  • Rosamay Rivamonte says:

    How to get NBI in online?

  • Danly sabularse says:

    Im looking for an appointment for my NBI

  • Shadrach Feliciano Telesforo says:

    When I can get a NBI clearance?

  • emma araneta says:

    Pls email me link on how to set an appointment. Applying my NBI can’t connect link online services of NBI in your website. Thank you.

  • emma araneta says:

    Pls email me link on how to set an appointment. Applying my NBI can’t connect link online services. Thank you.

  • emma araneta says:

    please email on how to set an appointment. Thank you.

  • Desiderio Ronelo H.Alcantara says:

    Hi, after i paid the payment process thru Gcash, will i receive text message or email for confirmation ? if none, what will i present to the branch when i come there?

  • Alice A. Morales says:

    Hi po nag error po yun payment ko sa paymaya or failed po.. pwede mag schedule uli ng bago for reference po. thanks po sa reply

  • Carlo maranan says:

    Can I pay at Baguio city hall??

  • Jhonil Rabanes says:

    Pwedi po ba ako humingi ng secondary copy of my NBI

  • luis j. nocillado jr. says:

    how to get an appointment in NBI clearance website

    • RamRam abordo says:

      Kailan ko po pwede makuha Yung NBI ko Kasi na Wala po yung resibo ng 7eleven nakapagbayad nako

      • RamRam abordo says:

        Ng bayad napo ako ng NBI kaso na Wala kopo Yung resibo ano po magbabayad ulit bako ng panibago po

  • Louise Joy Alolod Gallardo says:

    I want to apply for nbi clearance

  • Cupid Soriano says:


    Hope you can help with my question.
    I scheduled for my first time online clearance at the Robinsons Galeria branch. It was free, but when I received the confirmation, it said the appointment was at the NBI Clearance Center in Manila.

    I tried contacting the support numbers on the page to no avail. I also tried the email form and it consistently gives the message either they are upgrading the site or i have an internet problem (which I didn’t). So I missed that appointment because it was too far.

    I tried again 3 weeks after (this time I had to pay). Again Galleria site. And again, after paying this time), location listed is the NBI Clearance Center.

    I dont know why this is happening. I don’t see others with the same issue. I don’t know where to go for this new appointment.

  • alex says:

    hey, I’m trying to choose a date for schedule of application but unfortunately, I can’t click any of date of numbers in the page. I can choose what branch of NBI but I can’t choose any of dates in calendar.
    What happened is I did a mistake from registration, I chose first time job seeker instead of renew, my nbi clearance is before 2014 pa, that was a long time ago. The nbi personnel told mo to create a new account, so I did, I created new account with different email. But here I am, I can’t choose a schedule for my appointment. I tried everything but nothing works.

    I can’t find any answer, in any forum or sites. Am I the only one who experienced this error?

  • Mark Anthony ubay yandug says:

    Applying nbi new applicant

  • Ronalyn Sucat Vergara says:

    Where can I found the application form here.

  • Jiouana B Dumalayas says:

    how to schedule an appointment NBI

  • Charlie Cruz tison says:

    For nbi

  • Jerry L.Burlas says:

    How could I pay the NBI clearance through Gcash. What is the exact account number?

  • Marlene Carreon Ocampo says:

    Makukuha po ba kaagad ang NBI clearance

  • Emelita M. Pepito says:

    For NBI

  • Benzen Balinas Villamosada says:

    How to get nbi online

  • Daniel rutao says:


  • Mary Ann R Trinidad says:

    Paanu po kumuha ng appointment for sched po sa nbi sa taft ave.ofw po ako ,yung application form ko pinadala ko po sa kapatid ko ,and he will process my nbi clearance.thanks po sa tutugon.

    • reygie llanes says:


  • Gemma Coroneza Salvador says:

    How can I renew my NBI clearance if I change my address

  • Edgar Navidad Barcial says:

    Paano Po magpa appointment or magpa door to door hirap n. Po kc ma open sA google account yong akin,diko Po kc na filled upan LAHAT,pero may reference number na Po for payment via gcash Po,thank you Po…need na Po kc for applying for work..?

  • Lawrence saimon veñegas says:

    How to get nbi clearance

  • Norodin salik ali says:

    Paano mag register

  • Magarro Rommel Del Rosario says:

    How to claim my NBI CLEARANCE of your branch after my online appoinment

  • Rejean Mae says:

    I was authorized by my sister to process her NBI clearance here in the Philippines specifically in Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, since she’s in Ireland right now and she needs it for work purposes. My question is, what’s the steps and requirements needed for non-appearance appearances? Please answer! Thanks!

  • Recel Quibete lambayan says:

    How can i get NBI clearance

  • Alec Dela Cruz says:

    How can I re-schedule my appointment?? Cause there is a conflict between my nbi appointment and my work. But I’ve already pay for my NBI appointment I just want to Re-Schedule. Thank you!

  • Jan paolo lagrimas says:

    Renewal nbi


    I am a first time job seeker. I have set an appointment but unintentionally chose NBI Service Center and it is not possible that I can make it because it will cost me high. Can I still apply for new clearance for first time job seeker? thank you

    • Forsalyn noya says:

      Kukuha po ng n.b.i.clearce para makakuha ng passport

      • Forsalyn noya says:

        Papano ko pala malalaman kung naka schedule na po ako sa appointment ko po

  • jessa marie ocampo says:

    Paano po kung yung appointment ko is babalik ako para makuha yung nbi clearance kp dahil may ka pangalan ako pwede po ba na i move ang pagpunta ko..
    26 ang sched nang pagkuha ko pwede po ba na kinabukasan ako magpunta?

  • Salvador Garbin Solis jr says:


  • Dante Dasag Enerlan says:

    Nbi appoinment

  • Luzviminda Canoy Gumabat says:

    Anu po yung link sa NBI clearance appointment

    • Richard Gabi says:


  • Alvin Gotis Lleno says:


    • Alvin G Lleno says:

      Renewal Aug 9 appointment

  • EDNA G. NOLLORA says:

    Nagsign npo ako sa nbi tapos nanghingi ng otp nailagay kona po, kso ayaw ngproceed pano po yun

  • Reymark O. Manguiat says:

    NBI Appoinment

  • Joed Benito says:

    hindi ko po nakuha yung nbi ko pero bayad na noong feb. 2 pwede ko pa po ba makuha yun?

  • Forsalyn noya says:

    Kukuha po ng n.b.i.clearce para makakuha ng passport

  • Forsalyn noya says:

    Papano mg.pa appointment sa N.B.I po

  • Jamaila Valencia Dimaandal says:

    How to appointment NBI

  • Carmela legaspi Arsenue says:

    for employed

  • Kyrah B. Yabut says:

    How can i know my schedule for NBI clearance.

    • Kyrah B. Yabut says:

      For employee

    • Marygarce says:

      How much n b I clerans

  • Jocelyn Hernandez says:

    Wat if po nabayaran q n sa Di po sinasadya napindot q yung cancel po pano po gagawin q? Makukuha q p b ulit yung pera q or pano kung kumuha ulit po aq tapos pwede b Yun n lng ibayad q.. Salamat po

  • Romeo Espino Jr says:

    Hi good evening,

    How to apply global nbi clearance requirements for canada application.

    Thank you,

  • Rommel iresare says:

    Need Ng nbi

  • Alma Rosimo says:

    Why I cannot validated my account of machene of 7/11

  • Mary Jean V.Canlas says:

    May i request an NBI clearance. Thank you

    • Mary Jean V.Canlas says:

      How to make an online appointment?

  • Jennifer C.Nido says:

    Nbi clearance

  • Jean Cerbito says:

    For renewal para sa work

  • Caryl Ann Isagunde Romero says:


  • Reymark G.Morta says:

    How many days to claim ?

  • Mary Rose G. Pastrana says:

    How van have appointments in NBi clearance

    • Mary Rose G. Pastrana says:

      How can have a appointment to NBi Clearance?

  • Michelle Alivio Bacat says:

    Can I Go To An NBI Branch Different From My Scheduled NBI Clearance Appointment?

    • Norly alvarico batiller says:

      Kukuha Ng nbi pang abroad

  • Mary Jane Alcontado says:

    how can i renew my nbi do ineed to have. an appointment and where is the application for that for renewal

  • Emelita juanico cañete says:

    How to schedule appointment NBI please

  • Althedizon delgado says:

    How to schedule appoinment nbi pls

    • Raquel Olayta Oliquino says:

      How to apply appointment for NBI

  • Angelo Musñgi Garcia says:

    I already paid for my clearance and set the date. But i failed to go on that said date because I got sick with covid. And now it has been months since that said appointment. Now i’m again needing to get a clearance to the nbi. Do i still have to pay for another nbi clearance fee after scheduling an appointment again?

  • Narlyn Hamac Cenas says:

    How to set an appointment in NBI?

  • Jona Borras says:

    How to set an appointment in nbi ?

  • Christine flamiano says:

    how set and appointment nbi

  • Michelle abril de luna says:


  • Glydel mhae Viado Salinas says:

    How to apply for nbi clearance

  • Angelee Moncawe says:

    Good day, I have an appointment for my NBI clearance and it is alreayd paid. However, I missed my schedule and the 15-day availability of my reference number due to personal matters. Can i still reschedule it?

  • mohaimen guiamalo mama says:

    saan po mag regester

  • renato agustin sison says:

    i aply to nbi renewal clearance

  • Kristine Erica Ramon Esperida says:

    What schedule for the month of November

  • Kristine Erica Ramon Esperida says:

    What schedule for the month of November i am new applicant for NBI clearance thank you

  • John Steven Abrea says:

    I’ll apply a schedule for appointment in nbi

    • Monar C Vargas says:

      Where do i have to get a new NBI clearance?new applicant

  • Jan Kristopher Sambog says:

    paanu mag set nang appointment sainyo po?

  • Rea says:

    Renewal NBI

    • Jomuel Jr. An Cata says:

      Need employee

  • Marietta E. Rasgo says:

    Paano po mag set ng appointment para makuha nbi clearance?

  • CONCEPCION Balberama Saren says:

    How get schedule

  • Joshua Michael Omnes says:

    Nbi online appointment schedule legaspi loc.

  • Jasmine M. Genegabuas says:

    Can I get my NBI clearance?

  • Jasmine M. Genegabuas says:

    How to get my NBI clearance?

  • Joralera R. Bien says:

    Nag kamali ako ng binayaran , nabayaran ko ngaun is yung nakaraan kong pina appointment which is november 7, 2022 PM pero di ko napuntahan. kaya nag reschedule ako ng nov 25, 2022 PM pero ang Referrence na nainput ko sa Gcash is yung previous schedule na tapos na. Makukuha o mababalik pa kaya ang binayad ko?

  • Ariane Joyce Barnachea Calica says:

    Can I schedule for appointment tomorrow sir/maam

  • Princess Joy Masilang says:

    Until when can I claim my NBI Clearance? Example, the release date of my NBI Clearance is on December 6, 2022, can I still claim it on December 16, 2022? (It’s already paid, just need to come back to claim)

  • James brian acasio says:

    Online appointment

  • Rhealyn Ramos Anselmo says:

    How to apply NBI Clearance

  • Mary Rose Capa Calata says:

    How can i get appointment?

  • Jerome A. Guillermo says:

    How to apply?

  • Jonh Robert Amolar says:

    Can’t find my previous NBI ID number in the system. I can’t register for my renewal of NBI clearance form. Kindly help me to discuss it further so I could know how to.process it online.


    Can i have appoinment schedule today to renew my NBI ?please

  • Jhanlex tagle says:

    How can I apply NBI online appointment

  • Marvin atciro says:

    I apply a nbi

  • TONI MAGNO says:

    I forgot the Branch where I scheduled my appointment, there is no option/details in transaction, how can I retrieve that information? Response is highly appreciated

  • Ricardo villas martin says:

    Paano po mag aply

  • Sarah Joy Mayo says:

    I now reside in Singapore, I have my documents sent to Philippines with authorization for my mother to collect it on my behalf in a branch at Robinsons Dasmariñas but she was told that they can’t process my NBI there if I am overseas. Where can she go and how to I book appointment for that? Please advise Thank you

  • Ma Fidela M Pineda says:

    I registered online. It was successful, however I cannot correct my last name. What was written there was my middle name. I hope you can correct this. What happened was middle and last name are the same.

    One thing more, I have hit. The rule was it will take a week before they release the clearance. How can I be able to get the NBI clearance immediately? How can you expedite this.

  • genie castillo hugo roxas says:

    how to get aschedule my appoinment in nbi

  • Janisa Bago Maruhom says:

    How to appointment NBI clearance

  • Myrene J. Rufo says:

    How to apply nbi

  • Ramon Macaraig Dela Paz says:

    How to apply an appoinment

  • Mayros Pableo Dionio says:

    How to renew my NBI clearance

  • Dioscoro Y. Elisan Jr. says:

    how to make online Nbi appointment?

  • Vanessa Joy Tenorio says:

    Kailangan ko pa bang pumila ng pagka haba haba kahit may schedule naman na ako?

  • Ronnie says:

    How about the first time jobseeker that have a barangay certificate for first time jobseeker RA#12261.
    How they could avail for the clearance.

  • Lorilyn Miran Orquiales says:

    Kailangan makuha ang nbi

  • Loida Lacson Carlos-Gopez says:

    For appointment

  • James Hestorillo Porlares says:


  • James Hestorillo Porlares says:

    How to apply

  • Cherrybie Bongalos says:

    Pwd po ba mag set ng appointment then yong bayad sa NBI na po, salamat po

  • Joseph M. Macatal says:

    what should i do if i lost my copy of my NBI Clearance and forget my NBI account ID Number

  • Celso Salazar Credo Jr says:

    Everytime i renew my NBI Clearance I always have to go to Main Office in Taft Ave. due to I have a Similar Names how will this resolve so I can renew my Clearance in any Satellite office nearby


    I registered for online appointment yesterday and paid thru Gcash, I received a notification from Gcash about the payment but from NBI is no. Can I proceed to my scheduled appointment today even I didn’t received a notification from NBI?

    Thank you

  • Rachel Ann Fugado says:

    Pwede po ba mag renew Ng NBI clearance bago palang mag expired yong old NBI po

  • regina says:

    How can I use the First time job seekers certificate and privilege if I have to pay first to have an appointment?

  • Finella Chiann Ryiel Cuasay says:

    May i ask po almost a month na po nung nag apply ako for renewal paid na din po yun, pero hindi ko pa na claim, pwede ko parin po ba ma claim un? May reference number po ako

  • Rea B Avanzado says:

    How to schedule NBI apppointment

  • Jonnalyn mitra says:

    NBI appointment

  • Marvin Colango Ornias says:

    NBI clearance

  • Rodelyn Jacinto Paganao says:

    how to get NBI clearance

  • Albanie M. Rothum says:

    Saan po yung pinaka malapit na branch nyopo taga avida po kc ako

  • Sherilyn dapulano fenis says:

    I apply nbi

  • Marian Menside berdos says:

    Application appointment nbi

  • Marian Menside berdos says:

    Application appointment nbi
    Saan po malapit

    • Noraimah inoray dimacaling says:

      How to online appointment

  • Noraimah inoray dimacaling says:

    How to online appointment

  • Lanette Figueroa says:

    Can I re-schedule my appointment at any earlier date or later date if the date chosen is still open?

  • Marjay Gomez Torres says:

    Bakit ang hirap po hanapn Mg sign up

  • JA LAWAS says:

    Sir/Ma’am, paano po if 4months na-miss yung appointment. Pwede pa ba magpa-resched ulit? Or if pwede magpalipat ng branch for new appointment?

  • Jopher lyn Dumo Macayan says:

    Panu po mag pa appointment

  • Rachelle raymundo zambrano says:

    Can I apply online NBI appointment

  • Elma Roda says:

    I renew my NBI clearance then need to appointment .

  • Elma Roda says:

    I renew my NBI clearance then need to appointment .
    Need ko po magpa appointment para ma renew ko Yung NBI clearance ko po.

  • Ma.Narissa S. Sampang says:

    My NBI is for Renewal


    For appointment in NBI clerance

    • MARY JANE O.AGNER says:

      What date for my appointment!

      • MARY JANE O.AGNER says:

        San ako mg apply for my appointment


    What date for my appointment!

  • Jude Adrias Degala says:


  • Carla marga tiposo says:

    Thank you po sa madaling pag process online

  • Maria.Criselda E. Grganta says:

    Im applying for NBI..

  • Michel says:

    I want to get an nbi online appointment

  • Jaymark salazar pegad says:

    For work

  • John kerwin Antaran Poliarco says:

    San po ako magfill up ng form firstime ko po magonline appoinment, salamat po

  • Eric Mon Palmes Castillano says:

    Can i apply NBI clearance?

  • Lawrence Bautista Capacia says:

    Requesting NBI Clearance

  • John Rey Peña Precioso says:

    How to apply nbi clearance online

  • Christian Ancajas Sato says:

    Good day ma’am sir

    Asa diay ang link?

  • Cris Francis B. Partisala says:

    How to get nbi clearance?

  • Marissa says:

    Where to register online NBI clearance

  • Richard Jason payumo jamili says:

    How to apply?thank you


    Paano po kumuha ng appoinment ng new job seeker sa NBI clearance po? Fisrt time ko po kukuha ng NBI CLEARANCE.At ano pong mga requirements?at magkano po babayaran ko po? Salamat po sa sagot.dito po sa Bacolod city

  • Nathaniel Rodriguez says:

    Aak ko lang po, what if may appointment ako na paid na bukas September 1,2023. However sinusoend ng pamahalaan dahil sa bagyo, ano po ang dapat kong gawin at pede pa kaya makuha yun sa ibang araw.

  • Jester ortega says:

    First time ko lang po kumuha ng NBI .anung link po ung titignan para magkapag
    Appointment po sa NBI

  • Jester ortega says:

    First time ko lang po kumuha ng NBI .anung link po yon.

  • Ramon Kristoffer Salazar David says:


  • Jocelyn tamparong says:


  • Michael says:

    Appointment nbi clearance

  • Ma. ROMALYN B. APALLA says:

    Ask ko po panu po un Wala pong period ung na issue po sakin na nbi Kase Di daw po nag lalagay Ng characters .
    Need ko po kase ung MA. KO po SA name may period talaga
    For requirements po ako abroad

  • Arturo says:

    My dad applied for a US tourist visa. He had 2 cases that are already closed. The US embassy is sending him to the NBI for an interview to obtain a clearance (he already got NBI clearance from our local city). He is a senior citizen (72yo). Does he need to have an appointment even he’s already a SC? Does he need to do online registration? If he can do walk in considering of his age, how and where to pay the clearance fee if he doesnt have a code from the online registration? Please help.

  • Ma concesa lasco says:

    May I have my online appointment

  • Joanna Grace Ortiguero says:

    Paano po mag appointment ang nbi clearance

  • John bel Solivio says:

    Paanu Po mag pa Appointment NBI ?

  • Catherine almonte gavino says:

    I can’t proceed further, how can I sign up? I’m using my email address and Singapore number but I didn’t receive any code. Please help me or can I go tru walk in?

  • Michael Limpot Redulla says:

    October 26 2023for renewal payment schedule

  • Vanessa uy says:

    Wrong question to this NBI form.
    Kung kasal yung mahpiFill-up Ng Form dapat Ang question na nakalagay sa form is “MAIDEN NAME”
    BOBO gumawa neto form. Kurakot nyo na bawat Mali fill-up. Panibagong appointment at bayad nanaman. Kaya Wala asenso bansa natin.nakakalungkot sarili bayan pahirapan pa sa DAMI mga requirements AT PABAYAD para Lang MAKAPAGTRABAHO. WALA KAYO TINULONG SA MAMAYAN KUNG DI MAGING TAMBAY NALANG ANG MGA GUSTO MAGTRABAHO.

  • Fe Evangelista Navelgas says:

    Nbi appointment alaminis

    • Fe Evangelista Navelgas says:

      Nbi appointment

      • Fe Evangelista Navelgas says:

        Nbi appointment alaminos

        • Fe Evangelista Navelgas says:

          Nbi appointment alaminos

  • Janero Briz says:

    I missed my schedule last month. I have a reference number as a first time job seeker but when I tried to create again using the first time job seeker it says that I already used it. Can I still use that reference number or I need to pay now since I missed that schedule.

  • Rebecca Rollera Lenesis says:

    Appointment NBI

  • Felix S.Briones jr. says:

    Magpa schedule lang po sana ako kung when po Yung exact date ng schedule parakumuha ng NBI po?

  • Leyo Primor Tapang says:

    Can I request NBI Clearance

  • Jacob Sambili says:


  • Santa A. Ladrera says:

    going to apply an NBI Clearance

  • Aizel Chanco says:

    Nakalimutan pong ipick up ang nbi clearance sa date na pinapabalik kase may HIT pwede pa po bang iclaim?

  • Lynelene Cesar Basiano says:

    How to apply first timer NBI clearance?

  • Ma. Lyka Fernandez olazo says:

    How to available appointments to get NBI clearance. Thank you for response.

  • Rica Fatima Manalinding Biang says:

    Appointment for NBI

  • Mika Eleuterio says:

    Yung 15 days expiration, kasama po ba dun yung mga First Time Job Seekers?

    Kumuha po kasi kami ng clearance sa barangay, pero ang ibinigay po samin Residency.

    Salamat po.

  • Ryan Alvarez says:

    Kailan po ung appointment ko?

  • Cherry Amor Felisilda Maniego says:



    Kuha Po Ako nbi dagupan city pangasinan

  • Lance Arcillas Baylon says:

    Nbi clearance


    NBI schedule

  • Clement ligouti pontillas says:

    Ang appointment ko month of November 2023.ang priblema ko po do sya napuntahan until now April 2024 na po at bayad na din po Ako..marerecover ko pa kaya or makukuha pa ung nbi ko

  • Clement ligouti pontillas says:

    Ang appointment ko month of November 2023.ang priblema ko po do sya napuntahan until now April 2024 na po at bayad na din po Ako..marerecover ko pa kaya or makukuha pa ung nbi ko?

  • Bonn angelo buenafe bugarin says:

    Kukuha nbi

  • Haydie Valdez Papasin says:

    how to do NBI clearance

  • Vincent Cordero Dayao says:

    Nbi appointment

  • Aira says:

    Hi! For example, I have scheduled an appointment on the afternoon of Monday. Can I go Tuesday in the morning?