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NBI Online Application — Do you want to know how to do an NBI Online Application? Lucky for you, this website might be the answer to all your NBI Clearance Online questions.

In this article, we’ll cover every corners of your NBI Clearance application where any applicant will experience.

We have tackled the following topics below but we just want to be sure that you get it right to avoid any mistakes while doing your NBI Application. For your reference, we have listed down below the individual topics so you’ll find it convenient in reading our article.

Actually, what we’re discussing here is a summary of the topics or steps that we have written in the individual post listed above.

NBI Online Application

NBI Clearance Application shouldn’t be that difficult. All you need is a decent internet connection and a mobile phone or desktop or laptop computer. You can do the application anytime and anywhere. It will only take a minimum of 15 minutes before you can submit your application.

Anyway, we won’t keep this long. We want you to start immediately. For the first step, I want you to go to the https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/ sign up website.

In your browser, type in clearance.nbi.gov.ph, just pick one. They’re both the same and leads you to the NBI Clearance Online Application website.

NBI Clearance Online Website

For those people who’s asking if walk in application for NBI Clearance is allowed, you may wanna read this article.

Do you have an account already?

The website requires a registered account, if you don’t have one yet then its best that you register first. To do that, fill up the registration form shown in the website. It looks like the image down below.

NBI Online Registration

Enter all the required personal information to accomplish your application form. Tick the “Read and Accept the Terms of Services” checkbox and click the “SIGN UP” button to complete the registration.

Before it lets you register, it will send you a one time password to your mobile phone.

NBI Clearance One Time Password OTP

Enter correctly the One-Time Password provided to you to finish the registration. Yeah, the one that you just received in your mobile phone. So if you entered your mobile phone incorrectly, then you have to repeat the steps that you have taken above.

NBI Clearance Online OTP

If your registration is successful, it will notify you by showing you a small pop out box saying “Your registration is successful”. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a screenshot of this confirmation box. It will show up for a split seconds and will be gone. But don’t worry, you’ll notice it when it show up.

Fill up the NBI Clearance Application Form

You may be asking why are you doing this again, actually, you’re not. This application form is the continuation of the required personal information in the NBI application form.

These additional information will be reflected in your printed NBI Clearance.

NBI Clearance Online Application Form

Enter the details listed below in their respective fields provided.

  • Middle Name – if not available, please type MNU which means Middle Name Unknown
  • Nickname
  • AKA/Other Name
  • Civil Status (if you want to change it)
  • Birth Place
  • Citizenship
  • Your Address – following this format Street / Unit / Bldg / Village
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Father’s Name
  • Father’s Birth Place
  • Mother’s Name
  • Mother’s Birth Place
  • Educational Attainment
  • Occupation
  • Religion
  • Height in centimeters
  • Weight in Kilograms
  • Complexion
  • Identifying Marks

Once you’re finished, you may now proceed with the NBI Clearance Appointment by clicking the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button.


NBI Clearance Online Application Schedule

Here’s how you can schedule an appointment to process your NBI Clearance.

When you arrive at this page, you have four (4) task to do. The first one is select the NBI Branch you want to process your NBI Clearance. Our advice is to choose the most convenient branch for you. We have experienced a fast and convenient processing in NBI Main Building located at U.N ave corner Taft Ave.

Now scroll down and up using the arrow button to show the list of NBI Clearance Branches and select what you preferred.

The second and third task is to choose when and what time you will process your NBI application. This means that you will be choosing a date in the calendar of what’s your preferred day. Each day is enclosed to a white box just like a regular calendar.

The next is to choose whether you’re going to the branch in the morning or the afternoon. There are two (2) option for this, AM and PM. Just click the blue boxes shown in the calendar within the date you have chosen.

NBI Online Appointment

The last thing will be to choose the payment option. You know that NBI Clearance Application comes with a fee, right? Well if not, then it will cost you at around P155 plus service fee.

But before you select the payment option, make sure to do double check and verify the summary of your NBI Clearance Online Application. Its something like this:

Appointment Schedule:
Friday, January 10, 2020 PM
Please pay before January 25, 2020

Back to the payment option, you have six (6) payment option to choose from:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Bank Over the Counter
  • Online Banking
  • ECPay
  • Bayad Center Outlets
  • Bayad Center Mobile App

We usually recommend paying your NBI Clearance Fee at the nearest 7-Eleven because its hassle free. You just have to find a 7-Eleven equipped with Cliqq booth and you can pay your fees instantly!

Once you’ve selected the payment option, it will show you the summary again. Click the Proceed to Payment button to generate a Reference number to be used for payment.


The NBI Reference Number looks like this:


All you need to do is copy this and bring it to the 7-Eleven or whatever payment option you have chosen and pay it there.

After payment, all you need to do now is to wait for your schedule appointment for your NBI Clearance application.

Remember your schedule? Yes, even if you already paid your fees, it doesn’t mean that you just just go to the branch and barge in to process your application. They will not entertain you and ask you to leave!

You can’t process your NBI Clearance Application earlier than your scheduled NBI appointment!

When your appointment date arrives, make sure to go to the NBI Clearance on time. That is, if you scheduled an appointment in the morning you must go there in the morning. Not afternoon!

NBI Clearance Application Expectation

When you arrive in the NBI Branch, you should expect to do the following:

  • Photo Capture
  • Biometrics
  • Signing (Signature)
  • Final verification of your Personal Information
  • Possible Releasing
  • Possible HIT Status on your NBI Clearance

Photo Capture, Biometrics and Signature

The aforementioned activities will be instructed to you by the NBI Clearance Staff. He or she will guide you on how to do this especially the biometrics. It’s a no brainer and all you need to do is just follow their instruction.

Final Verification of NBI Personal Information

Right after the things that you have done above, you will instructed to double check the personal information written on the screen. Make sure to check it for possible errors. If you found one, you an politely ask the NBI Staff to do the correction for you.

If you want to change any information written such as your Name (First, Middle or Last), you should present at least one valid ID showing the correct information.

NBI Clearance Releasing

Ideally, NBI Clearance will be released right after the final verification of NBI Personal Information. The staff will ask you to proceed to the Printing Area where all you need is to wait for your name to be called. This is the time where they will print your NBI Clearance and hand it over to you.

Congratulations! You succeeded in your NBI Clearance Online Application journey!


We’ve already tackled this topic in our previous blog “YOU’VE BEEN HIT: REASONS WHY YOU CAN’T AFFORD A ONE DAY PROCESSING NBI CLEARANCE!” but for the sake of others who haven’t read it, we’ll be discussing this briefly.

There are time that you will be asked by the staff to return some other day to claim your NBI Clearance. They will mention that you have a “HIT” status and go back after ten (10) working days.

That is because you have a hit status wherein you have a namesake and further verification will be done before they release it.

Don’t worry about it. All you have to do is to wait and return when the assigned or instructed date arrives.

Conclusion: NBI Clearance Online Application

We’ve noticed that several people are leaving comments in our blog that they find it hard to apply an NBI Clearance.

I have no idea what they’re talking about, because the truth is the entire application is really easy!

Many people asks these question most of the time:

  • What should I do?
  • How to apply NBI Clearance?
  • How to Apply NBI Clearance Renewal Online?
  • Where is nbi.gov.ph Online Application Login?
  • How to do an https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/ sign up?
  • What is NBI Renewal?

To be honest, these questions can be answered if they just read the article. They won’t miss anything. All they have to do is just read! They can find the answers.

We don’t discourage readers asking questions or leaving a comment but its better for us reading a valid question and answering it than replying to an obvious question that can be answered by just reading the article for a few minutes.

This article is all about the following topics:

  • NBI Clearance Application
  • NBI Online Application
  • NBI Clearance Application
  • NBI Clearance Renewal Online Application
  • NBI Clearance Online Application
  • NBI Online
  • NBI Renewal

We hope you find it helpful. Leave a comment down below for any concerns you have and we’re more that willing to help!

Have a hassle free NBI Clearance Online Application experience!

NBI ApplicationNBI Clearance ApplicationNBI Clearance Online ApplicationNBI Clearance Renewal Online Application FormNBI Online Application


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    ONE INTERESTING NOTE: I applied online and I entered my SSS ID No. When my turn came at NBI Clearance Center, I am surprised when I was never asked to present my SSS ID to validate what I entered online. When I subtly asked why ever asked to present my SSS ID, the reply was “a matter of honesty on your part”… REALLY?, so I can now use any name and any ID number and I have a clearance with the fictitious name? The office staff may not have been aware of the word “VALIDATION”… so I respectfully suggest that they undergo proper training before they handle a very sensitive document like an NBI Clearance.

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    No. You need to register online and set your appointment first.

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    Sna pag may NBI n sna ideretso n sa national ID pra sa lhat pag wlang NBI wlang ID.

  • Julius Cuizon says:

    d na kelangan pumila na parang NFA? hahaha

  • Jamaeca Espiritu says:

    may difference kaya sa pag-apply in person? Jay Vee

  • Jan Alfred Sarabillo Ranile says:

    sa maynila lang ba to?

  • Jen Cortez says:

    eh paano doon kumikita ang gobyerno, sa mga fees na sinisingil nila tuwing kukuha tayo ng iba’ t-ibang IDs.

  • Gene Nadales says:

    Useless kc haba p din pila

  • JE N DA says:

    magkano na ba bayad pag nag renew ng nbi ngaun

  • Jen Cortez says:

    Depende po sa lugar, yung ibang NBI, hindi na tumatanggap ng applikante sa hapon.

  • Fernando Maquilang says:


  • Roderick Cayari Alas says:

    Matagal nga yan 1 day,

  • Chareth Mañalac says:

    Lucia Solano..

  • Derek Oponda Peña says:

    Ganun din lol… Dapat online na din pagbabayad, anung ginagawa ng online banking transaction lol…

  • Mark Cris Brazil says:

    Bakit kailangan sa main pa pumunta kung online registration naman? Sana mas marami din pagkuhaan. Dati meron dito sa Ever Commonwealth, laking tulong sa mga bandang Fairview nakatira kaso itinigil. Saka utang na loob, ayusin naman nila yung HITS! Ever since nagsimula ako kumuha laging meron. Nainterview na nga ako ng pulis last time eh, baka pag-renew meron pa rin.

  • Christine Bumanlag Datu says:

    Malapit nanaman ma-expire yung NBI ko, kaylangan nanaman pumila ng pumila ng pumila para malamang hit ka! Nyeta.

  • Rafael Sison says:

    Ang Lazada nga may COD eh, NBI clearance kailangan pa puntahan after mo mag online? Ano yun? Para hindi humaba ang pila? Branch on every district and full workforce EVERYDAY! Tignan mo kung may pipila pa ng matagal jan sa NBI. Yang Online Department ng NBI na yan walang kwentang pagastos ng gobyerno na kinukuha nyo sa mga tax na ninanakaw nyo sa mga nagpapakakubang magtrabaho. #2cents

  • Yevrre Agsunal says:

    almost the same lang. ppunta ka pa rin dun para kunin ang clearance. bkit hindi na lang i-COD at ska meron namn na biometrics record un mga datihan kumukuha bkit paulit-ulit? okay lang kun first time plang.

  • Marilou V. Pia says:

    how about it from the province, can we do it also online?

  • Ramos Mylene says:

    Wla n yatang pgasa tlaga ang pilipinas n umunladParisan nman ng gobyerno ntin ang ibang bansa, wa puro

  • Anne Diocares says:

    Mkapal at the tamad sa UN branch. Masusungit akala mo kung sino.

  • Eddie Boy Piga says:

    Pera pera pera loko mo

  • Sumer C Paras says:

    Let the politicians apply clearance first, ha ha ha…. 100% they will be cleared then, you may close the agency establish a new NBI Agency for clearance and teach us how systematic it will be.

  • Mark Jordan Hidalgo Dalayap says:

    Daming like

  • Mackoy Villaroman says:

    Ha?…. Pag print out ng application form pupunta pa rin sa NBI Main sa Taft?… That does not make any sense…

  • Woo Chi Abano says:

    Ndi ka makakakuha ng nbi online, pang form lang po yun tpos pipila ka ulit sa nbi step 2 ka na

  • Joseph Yryn V. Abaring says:

    Sa haba ng pila,dagdagan nyo mga outlet nyo..hay naku,,kung saan pa yong computerized tayo doon pa lumalala..

  • Aurora Pascua says:

    Ganito din sa Amin probinsya– pakuyakuyakoy- lang tapos — tanggalin na,at Balik ng umaga ganoon din..iisa lang ang empleado .. Sa labas ng bansa– murahin mo sila -saka kikilos –lalo na yong lalaki –ang tatamad ng GOVERMENT employee-kasarap sabuyang ng asido o Granada

  • Jharbry Brylle Naubusac says:

    Nakakalungkot isipin my mga ahensya ang gobyerno tulad nito na sa simpleng systema wala cla. Mula 7am hanggang 5:30pm nkapila ka sa mainit na lugar at sobrang siksikan ang mga tao para lng mkakuha ng NBI. ung online nila hindi nmn nasusunod parehas lng ang pila nga online at walkin. Tpos nkikita mo pa yung iba malalakas khit hindi n pumila pasisingitin pa sa harapan para mauna sa pila. QUEZON CITY HALL NBI tinutukoy ko wlang sistema..salamat

  • Nikko Hersey Melgar Santos says:

    Dba ang alam ko magbabayad pa bgo pumasok sa pnaka loob ng NBI parang entrance fee wow dba

  • Otep Xtusares says:

    Sa QC mahirap talaga kumuha NBI don… kung sino mas malapit dito sa MARILAO, jan na kayo kumuha… walang mahabang pila at mabilis pa. kuha agad basta di ka hits…

  • Nylever Lee says:

    Mas mgnda ang pi2la k kesa mg online k syang oras s com shop. Nung aq kmuha ng n.b.i. abroad ksama q pa anak q heheh maa nka2tuwa kc me kausap aq hbng nkapila..

  • Catt Joseph says:

    Pano po kung hindi nakapunta sa araw ng appointment ng nbi pano gagawin salamat

  • Patrick Murillo says:

    Salamat idol

  • mico paulo aguilar says:

    Hello po sana may makatulong. Kapag nilalagay ko po kase n/a sa middle name ko ayaw nyang tanggapin ng application nag eerror ano ba dapat nilalagay kapag walang middle name ?

  • Hanalyn Bacalla says:

    Te dez, pwedi dri na ig print? Ha cp nla ig screenshot tas ipakita ngadto ha ira branch?

  • Rica Garcia says:

    gudafternun poh mam/ sir ask q lng po..kng pano maonline for nbi…thanks po.

  • Rey Pineda says:

    God pma po mam sir aqs ko po pano mg kuha ng ñbi online may nbi na po ako kaso pasu na po cia

  • Estela Mapalo says:

    hillo po mam. sir. paano po ba maka aply ng nbi clearance?

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    pano po b kumuha ng clearance

  • Mhon Adrian Cardenas Arguelles says:

    how to sign this form?? ..

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  • Lester Vi says:

    Ano po yung site na isesearch para makita yung ganyan

  • Susana Mateo - Manginga says:

    Your site or link seems like not working. Please send us more accurate link where we can set an appointment. I badly need the NBI clearance to comply with my employment reqs.

  • Rose Biñan says:

    please po bkit hirap magonline for nbi

  • Elmer Barato says:

    saan ka kumuha?kasi last may pumila ako sa main napakahaba ng pila.

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  • Phoebe Castillo says:

    Saka pakiupdate din ung may mga hit! Hindi ung kada kukuha e hit ng hit jusko matokhang kayo jan.

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    Oh ayos yan, maganda idea❤️

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    Mliban b s UN my pwdi p bng kunan ng NBI Clearance n yan s mga mall pwdi nb?

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    Sa awa Ng dios everytime Ako kumuha Ng NBI lagi Ako mabilis hinde Ako nahihirapan kuha agad thanks god ^_^

  • Arriane Garner says:

    Ang hirap kumuha ng nbi Clearance 11 pm kami ng gabe pumunta tapos pag dating namin sa robinson hala ang dami na ng nakapila,pang 89 na ako at anong Oras ako na tapos 1pm na ng hapon…sana naman baguhin na nila sistema..peanut naman yong malalayo pa ang Luger pag umaga na cila pumunta di na silva aabot…

  • Jeri Nemenz says:

    too much have been said but too little have been done!

  • Evia Santos says:

    National ID system nalang kasi dapat para lahat andun na pinapadami nyo requirements ng kung anu anu para malaki kikitain nyo kakakuha ng kung anu anung lintek na mga papeles! Sistemang bulok talaga Pilipinas

  • Madel Castorico says:

    …2 days n ako nkapila dyan huh..lge naabutan ng cut off grabeh….huh until now di p ako nkkuha..usad pagong ang pila..

  • Omar Ponco says:

    basta gobyerno, mabagal tska tamad

  • Cherry Mel Jualo Fuentes says:

    Baka naman mag bago na ngayon, sana lang….

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  • Talya Brosamle says:

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    Nationwide yan. Kaso nga. Saksakan ng daming taong kumukuha. Araw araw laging cutoff na. Hindi ako umaabot.

  • Omega S Mhay Mariz says:

    Dapat bawat city meron para mabilis kumuha ng NBI clearance ….

  • P'Jeric Hizon says:

    Sympre dapat pa kayo Kunan ng biometrics , meaning finger printing at pic Niyo, pano Gagawin yun Kung wala Kayo personal sa nbi ofis?

  • Janina Millan says:

    pupunta pa din ng nbi ofis ,saglit lang pag hintay pkita lang valid id tapis take pic na agad at finger printing

  • Chie Picasos says:

    Alam ko hindi lang 2-3 hrs ang wait time ng NBI ah. Whole day, mga 8-10 hrs kaya!

  • Jeng Ferrer says:

    Suggestion n lng pr mg improve…lalo s ktulad nmin mrmi kpngalan, dpt me fingerprint machine n pde n magverify pr ms mdli na

  • Olivia Lofton says:

    Hindi kasi pro masses yung mga nakaraan… mga elitista kasi …

  • Jake Jose says:

    Sana gawin plastic card na yun personal copy ng NBI clearance para madaling dalin at gamitin parang extra ID na din .

  • Joash Alonsabe says:

    Hindi naman kasi kailangan ng specific reason basta ma clear ka un na!

  • Rodge Domingo says:

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    That’s good

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    tama po kau kung kukuha ka nbi clearance magdala na kau tanghalian at cgurado masuwerte kayo kung makuha nyo agad sa loob ng isang buong maghapon

  • Jen Cortez says:

    siguro maliit lang ang budget na inilaan sa computerization niyan, kaya hanggang sa online registration lang ang ginawa ng system designer/programmer.

  • Domilyn Baquiran Kibjis says:

    Dapat isang ID lang

  • Pao C. Hernandez says:

    this system is USELESS!!!

  • Beng Ballentos says:

    form lang makukuha mo online… d rest fall in line ka na… long way to go ang sistemang bulok

  • Dionne Chris Fisico says:

    yung mga bayad natin dito binubulsa lang nila

  • Ralph Joseph Nebres Tua says:

    Sa UN ave manila. Naalala ko. Napakahaba ng pila nyan. Whole day ako dyan. Mula sa pag fill up bayad papikture at fingerprint. Tas may kapareho p ako na pangalan pinabblik ako.

  • Bzench Roca Benablo Jr. says:

    One Id system maganda.. katulad d2 sa S.K. maganda ang systema nila.. kaya maunlad ang bansa nila…

  • Junior Colyn Ac Carmella says:

    wala ngang pila knina madali tlga pero 5days naman hintayin bago makuha ang NBI clearance..tgal nmn 5days

  • Paulo Pascal says:

    Tuwing kumukuha ako ng NBI natatagalan lagi dahil may kapangalan daw akong artista kaya ilang beses ako kinukunan ng picture kung ako ba talaga yun.

  • Safiah Galgo says:

    Bakit may bayad ang NBI clearance?

  • Ed R. Labitad says:

    tama! ONLINE…in Tagalog “Sa Pila”..

  • Bojo Delacruz says:

    kawawa namn kame sa probinsya…. kailangan pa pumunta ng manila… para lng kumuha ng nbi

  • Michelle Arguelles Lopez says:

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    Nkakatawa nman ito!Nag-online ka nga pero kelangan mo pa rin pumunta at pumila pra mkuha ito,kakaloka!Nag-online ka pa!Ewan ko sa inyo!

  • Orb del Rosario says:

    The headline should read: How to fill up online application form for an NBI clearance.

  • Ruel Garcia says:

    OO Gcing Ng maaGA mga 3am Alas4 Pila na Sa UN ave Painipan at PahabaaN ng PACENCIa! PagTAPOS Ng TANGHALIAN ska plang TATAWAGIN ung name mo Ay Buhay ALAMANG.

  • AJ Santos Padilla says:

    Thank goodness

  • Kathy Lerma-Mallari says:

    Joseph Lyle P Lerma

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    Nyek… punta padin sa ofice ng nbi

  • Jeffrey Oliveros says:

    Paano papalitan yung purpose? To travel abroad

  • johnny hwang says:

    hindi n mam updated itong video…

  • pogi aragones says:

    Kada renew ng nbi mag papalit din email ???
    Dapat baguhin yan ng nbi
    Sayang oras

  • Lynix Villa says:

    Kahit ano lang po ba ang pwedeng ilagay sa email adress

  • tremor Lesnar says:

    Prang nsa loob ng drum ung nagssalita pero nice atlis sa maddalian ung mga 1st tym pa lang kkuha ng nbi

  • Edmond Casenas says:

    Many thanks ^_^

  • Worst Nation says:

    when po ba ilalagay yung purpose whether local or for abroad? doon napo ba sa pick up procedure? thank you

  • Rose Wanders says:

    thank you sa info sis,, more vlogs to come..

  • mohrjanahmackenzie caballero says:

    tanung kulang kung panu kung abroad n nbi ang kukunin

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    paano po magpa online?

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    Hellow po maam and sir,,pano po kumuha ng NBI clearance

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    hai. ma’am mag papa online po sana ako sa cb mall urdaneta

  • Dina Alpon says:

    Bkit poh Hindi tinaggap yong NBI clearance ng aswa ko sa pinag applyn nia na company na uber

  • Given Estor says:

    what kind of system is this pa online online pang nalalaman wala nmn silbi..

  • Reyna D Cornista says:

    Gumawa po kayo ng google account sa computer kung saan kau nag-oonline mag-apply at pumunta www. Nbiclearance. Com yun makapagsign na po kau doon sa form nila.

  • Paulina Lawsin Nayra says:

    NBI Clearance used that still the same

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    Wala pong rqrmnts mam nagdala lang ako ng i.d sa alabang metropolis mall kasama na yung police clearance pero need ng cedula.3rd flr yung NBI 2nd flr naman yung police clrnce

  • Chris Lilam says:

    Yes. Nagkataon siguro na wala akong Hit. My nakita akong nakapila, siguro sila yung my mga problem, pero kung wala nmn after m magbayad ibibigay n agad yung clearance

  • Carlos Mangaoil Afleje says:

    Pwede naman palang gawin na ganyan sana noon pa …tatak DUTERTE

  • Jengsika Mostero says:

    ahh kala q po mabilis na proseso dto samen pila pa rn talaga kahit na nagonline ka.

  • Ryan Velasco says:

    Raket yan boss…pati sa immigration. Yung certificate of not the same person, twice a year pabalik balik na istorya tuwing dadaan sa immigration. Naiprisinta mo na once yung certification dapat clear na pangalan mo.

  • Osanne Briones says:

    tama 2ladko my ka pangalan din ako

  • Efren Reyes says:

    kunin nyo pangalan sir report nyo sa 888 Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines)

  • Cracken Thadle says:

    Jan sila mahina ako taon2 kumukuha gnun prn pg hit hnd mkuha agad,hndi tulad dti swipe lng nla ung xpyr n nbi

  • Walter Toledo says:

    Imbes na pinag-iisipan nyo panu maipag-isa yung NBI clerance bkit hindi nyo ipapasa yung National ID System para iisang database lang ang titingnan para malamang yung information ng isang tao… wag kase puro kita o kick back iniisip nyo… tsktsk

  • Karen Reyes says:

    Totoo na ba to ?

  • Baby Thea Koh says:

    Ako nka experience ng subrang bilis n pgkuha ng nbi n hnd pumila ng mdaling araw actually 2:30pm n me pmunta pero isang oras lng kuha kn agad mbilis kc s metro east Robinson mbilis kumilos ang mga employado nla.

  • Joseph Guzman Jayme says:

    naalala ko nung April 2012, 1st time kong kumuha ng NBI clearance para sa OJT, nagsimula ako pumila ng 9am, walang alisan sa pila dahil kapag umalis ako babalik ako sa pinakahuli ng pila, ang lunch ko nun skyflakes at mineral water, buti na lang may mga pumapasok na tindera sa loob para magbenta sa mga naka’pila. from 9am to 4pm ang tinagal ko dun. sobrang bulok talaga ng sistema nila, mga empleyado ang susungit, mga suplado, ang tataray. naalala ko yung babaeng nagtanong sa officer/employee kung ano ang gagawin sa pagpapa’renew ng clearance, bigla ba naman sinigawan sa mukha na magbasa daw ng instructions sa mga gagawing proseso. maski ako at yung mga katabi ko sa pila nanggagalaiti sa galit nung nakita at narinig namen yun. share ko lang yung kaputanginahan na sistema at pag-uugali ng mga empleyado. -_-

  • Tez Farinas Junio says:

    we consumed 14 hrs last monday just for that thing,and unfortunately were not able to get it despite of patience.we hve to go back again on d 15 for another burden fr govt people…wdf

  • Chelle Diaz says:

    Corruptions on all levels of govt mga walang hiya baga nawong callouse. The people are suffering so much.

  • Jo Asmann says:

    Talaga lang ha pinabilis???, eh bakit ang hahaba ng pila sa cebu.dah!

  • James Sho says:

    Delima is no good!

  • Hope Capuz says:

    sir san kaba kumuha ng NBI ?

  • Fe Dela Cruz Tab says:

    Beware of fixer

  • Maricel Dionson says:

    What about in Cebu?

  • Alexia Miller says:

    Sn sa past port din sobrang bagal ng Phil gov sa mga importanteng dapat unahin nakakahiya tayong bansa sa mga kaba galan kahit San nagpunta my palpak

  • Joan Layson says:

    kaya nman pala…sana before registration sa election ganyan na rin…

  • Tasya Macantan says:

    Ok yan atlis malalaman kung my record ang isang tao. Pero sana nman wag na pahirapan ang pag kuha NBI.

  • Arevalo Mirou says:

    Maryosep ang binago lng naman ay hnd nakalagay kung for abroad o local. Ok sana kung libre n ang pgkuha atleast mapakinabangan nman ung vat n kinukuha ng gobyerno s tao.

  • Löverböy Oj says:

    naintangaan agjy immuna nga president

  • Gordiano Ayag says:

    magandang balita ito sa mga ating kababayan na kukuha ng NBI clearance .

  • Arevalo Mirou says:

    May kaso ka o wala may passport kang makukuha pero pgdting s NBI ay hnd ka makakuha pero ipaprocess kp din nila pr makuha ang perang ibabayad mo hahaha NBI napakacorrupt.Maryosep ang binago lng naman ay hnd nakalagay kung for abroad o local. Ok sana kung libre n ang pgkuha atleast mapakinabangan nman ung vat n kinukuha ng gobyerno s tao.

  • Joseph Cabais says:

    walang kwenta ang online

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    Alam namin kung paano kumuha ng NBI ang kaso sobrang tagal at bagal ng mga empleyado nyo.

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    korek…dapat s lahat ng distrito.ka gaya ng pagkuha ng police clearance madali lng.

  • Jen Cortez says:

    oo ganyan nga gawa kahit sa Pasay, Dasmarinas, Cavite.

  • Rowell Rowell Rowell Everywhere says:

    within 15 mins.i already got my nbi:-) mabilis n sya compared before..its here in malolos.register online-print-bayad-biometrics-picture-thats it!technique is wag pumunta ng maaga mhaba kc tlaga pila.bandang hapon or tanghali konti lng tao:-)#nbi

  • Antonio Suganob Lu-ayon says:

    Dapat wala bayad yan,,,may B I R na tayu,,

  • Johnny Tomas says:

    Wlang silbi ang sistema ng pilipinas gastos lng yan Pareho lng nmn kalokohan lng yan….

  • Chona Velasquez says:

    Haha talo kita 3 am nkapila na aq tapos pag nag hit balik pila ka eh dalawa pa kinuha ko local at abroad di nasabihang kailangan magkabukod picture balik uli aq hay buhay pinoy napakahirap ng sistema ng pag kuha ng valid id

  • Maldita Daw Akoh says:

    Mas mabuti yan at dina mauuso yang kunwariay sabit ang name mo,kaya maghintay ka,tapos sasabihin sayo,punta ka dito before mag close ihanda mo bayad mo para makuha mo rin today,nagbayad kana sa cashier,magbabayad kapa sa kanya ulit..#base on my experienced

  • Mitch McDeer says:

    one of thw worst agency ng pinas… Dami pa fixer…

  • Paulo Pascal says:

    Ang mga politiko ba kumukuha ng NBI clearance bago maging presidente, VP, Senator, Congressman, mayor?

  • Moises Dula Parane Jr. says:

    kupoad lang nganga

  • Jovelyn Aral Labuca says:

    Pa ano mag kuha NBI

  • Bryan Zosa Langbayan says:

    di ako pulis sir, ginamit ko lang yan sa friend ko yan, anti govt din ako hahaha

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    Dami na nating Id.. paraan lang ng gobyerno yan para gatasan tayong mga mamamayan!

  • Capistrano R. Jo says:

    Sa lucena city,maghapon pag minalas balik tom…

  • Miguel Labao says:

    they made it very convenient. pero go to NBI 5-6am. kasi 6am onwards, people starts to pile up.

  • Emma Almerido says:

    sa Cabugao Ilocos Sur sana may branch para dina magbiahe pa papuntang main manila magastos at isang araw byahe

  • Victor Florencio says:

    naks! pinakitang mabilis mag-apply,,,syempre kaharap ang media at si belmonte at si de lima ang nagsarzuela eh.pero sa ordinaryong sistema bulok at dating gawi pa rin. eh diba nagpakitang-gilas na si de lima noong nakaraan lang pero di nakatiis at umalis din? nag-alibi na lang na may very important agenda raw? ha!ha!

  • Kellypad Biasong says:

    Deejay Barte

  • Rylche Tayco Tadia says:

    Gusto lang nila kumita ng peru

  • Emman Relonia says:

    bkit d nalng kc gawing parang drivers licence ang validity . den same type of card d ung papel d kc worth it sa amount na 115 pesos. lakilaki ng binbayad sa nbi tas ang bgal pa ng systema. non sense ung online kc kahit meron kna online pipila ka parin ng pagkahaba haba, bat d nalng kc gawin tulad ng dfa ang systema.

  • Aileen Babor says:

    hi po yung email address po ba dapat bago po ba dapat yung pang nbi lang o yung email address na ginagamit mo currently ? thank you

  • TIGAS ULO says:

    Pano po kung wala kapa pong kahit anong id.???

  • Brian Esbieto says:

    Hi po pwede n po ba ang.. Certificate of registraion? (wla pa ksing voters id
    At police clearance..
    Answer please

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    totoo po ba ito Mam. ?

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    Thank you for sharing this

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    Mamm pwede po kaya police clearance and voters certification lang dalhin? Wala pa po kase valid id

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    hi po,pwede po kaya yung philhealth id tsaka police clearance?

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    Hello po sa inyong lahat. Pwede napo ba kumuha ang 17yrsold ng NBI clearance. Thankyou

  • Anthony Cortez says:

    NB I this a report gma7 trigger in in g the people in the ear

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  • Dhodoy Raquel Nagallo says:

    Agree. Para naman mabawasan ang haba nag pila at sa kahihintay nag ilang oras. And ang mga empleyado naka upo at nagkukwetuhan lang instead na tumulong sa pagtawag ng customer na humaba na ang liig at napapagod sa katatayo sa linya. I agree na dapat bawat province na may branches nang NBI para naman mabawasan ang siksikan sa NBI sa Manila. Gaya dito sa America bawat State may branches of FBI at Immigration or any Federal or government offices.

  • Alex Cabusas says:

    Nothing, the only process eliminated here is filling up the form. Old process as usual.

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  • Chard Vill says:

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    Aldie Cabalan dong for renewal online raman kuno para makakuha reference number tas isend ang reference number sa atong gi-authorize sa Pinas tas cya na magsubmit sa Manila sa mga requirements lakipan ug self addressed envelope., gatry na kog sign in using old nbi number pero ambot di mn ko ka-proceed kay wrong email address or password daw. Cge lang kay nag-email na ko nila basun mohatag ra response dayun. Thank you

  • Seniagan Renante says:

    maayong hapon ma’am/sir poyde pa ba nako ma renew Ang akong NBI clearances bisag expired na? January 2019 pako nakalokat og hantod karon Wala nako ma renew. Salamat’

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    Kung HIT ba may solution na sila na hindi na kelangan mag antay ang applicants ng 3 weeks??

  • P'Jeric Hizon says:

    Ganyan din dapat maisip ng COMELEC para sa OAV or overseas absentee registration voting for us ofw’s , para iwas pila at maka boto skim online without going through the Phil. Embassy, dapat online registration at voting, (out of topic lang)

  • Jessa Quarteros says:

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    its too late,ive got mine already…and fiy guys its not 2 to 3 hrs waiting for the next step,its 11 hrs….and thats from last jan 2….phenomenal sacrifice…..u know what i mean??????????????

  • Florentino Doroin Asay Jr. says:

    Galing ako dyan kanina lang. Nag-online muna ako at nagprint ng form. Mga 7:30am na ako dumating sa NBI pero mga 9am pa lang tapos na ako. Pipila ka pa din pero di kasinglala ng normal process. 🙂

  • Tong Oremor Etnafele says:

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    Anak ng tokwa… Alaka ko online na… Online fill-up lang pala tapos dun magbabayad…Sana ganitong online process:1. Pumunta sa online2. Fill-up application form3. Online payment4. Pag walang HIT saka pumunta para sa finger print at picture with schedule date and time5. Then releaseTapos…

  • Jovellanos Antonio says:

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    Alam nyo noong araw konti lang kumukuha ng NBI, sa ngaun kc pati na lahat ng LABORER pinakukuha na. Kahit saan ka magtatrabaho kuha NBI,…. kaya siksikan na. KONTING UNAWA LANG PO SA INYONG LAHAT.

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    isa ito sa walang kwentang computerized system daw. Pero haba pa rin ng pila. Mas humirap pa ngang kumuha kapag may hit ang name mo.

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  • Robert S. Kho says:

    pabalik balik pa rin ang kukuha nang clearance! its still not efficient

  • Fred Bilbao says:

    May ka pangalan ako may criminal record, iba ang M.I. nya sa akin iba rin spelling ng name nya pero sounds like, 1981 pa tuwing ako kukuha nga NBI yun parin ang problema hiningian na nila ako nga papers ko kasama birth cert. Tuwing kuha ko ng NBI yun na yun parin ang kaso

  • Bher Bernardo says:

    Wala ka tlaga maasahan basta lhat ng sangay ng gobyerno ang serbisyo puro palpak.. palakasan system pa rin.. kung may kilala ka sa loob yun swerte ka pero kpag wala ay malas mo… parang pagong sa sobrang kupad lhat ng transakyon basta sa gobyerno palpak…

  • Mike W. Malao says:

    Kalokohan namang tanong yan…alang kwenta! Benj Flora OA kc ang mga tga gobyerno d2 s pinas..di man lang mag isip..e bata ka pa nung mga panahon na un eh! Haiizzzt..

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    Need hellp!! How about po sa walang middle name ano po ilalagay ko? Ayaw kasi mag “save information” kapag walang middle name huhuh

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    imagine everytime may aayusin kang documento lagi ka hahanapan ng NBI clearance or ID; okay sana kung libre, hindi na ng libre gagastos ka pa ang malabo pa dun yung binayad mong Tax ang ginagastos nila sa clearance mo… db ang malupet!!! tsktsk

  • Sharon Salonga Galicio says:

    Ang tagal ng proseso ng NBI. Pwde ka pang matulog habang nag aantay, nagising ka na nagmeryenda ka pa, di mo pa turn..

  • Elaine Nora says:

    Baliw wala ako pasok later pa.

  • Jones Hernandez says:

    Yan ganyan dapat makaluwag sa mga mamamayan

  • Pew Ajicom Euqalgam says:

    Old system 95 mins e bakit 1 day inaabot..

  • Sharon Mana de Vera says:

    bakit ang tataray at suplado ang karamihan sa mga empleyado ng gubyerno, nasa public service po kayo mam at ser, tax ng taumbayan ang sinusweldo nyo.

  • Crispin M. Punongbayan says:

    Bkt kaming mga OFW dito sa Qatar kapag need ng NBI clearance ang tagal makuha at Dami processó d ba Pwedeng embasy na lng mag issue? Please sec de Lima Pakisilip po nito.

  • Marsz Rogero says:

    Meron din ba sa Davao?

  • Malou Majorenos says:

    inform nyo pob aq plss ano poh ang kinaiba..matagal dn poh ba pg online po pano gawin help poh plss

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    Sana ganito din d2 s amin..sana 1 day process lng..sana agad2x

  • Bea Vea Asuncion says:

    Sa NBI Ilagan City, Isabela kakukuha namin kahapon inabot kami ng 12hours tapos 150 lang ang ginagawa nila in a day.. Madaling araw pa lang may pila na pero sobrang tagal ng proseso..

  • Celerino Abad says:

    Ayos, para uniform “For legal intent na lang.

  • Michael Astilla says:

    Well maganda ng alternative to habang wala pabg id system ang pinas atleast isahang clearance na lang from nbi

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  • Löverböy Oj says:

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  • RC Panes says:

    :'( useless lang din, tapos ikaw pa nagpaprint. Sana trinatry din nilang pumila para malaman nila kung paano ang queuing dito.

  • Edrick Gonzales Madeja says:

    Take note may nalalaman pa silang biometrics tapos magkaroon Lang ng kapangalan Hindi kagad marerelease para saan pa yung biometrics?

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    Sus gumastos pa sila, hndi pa lubos lubusin pra matuwa nmn kming mga and2 sa abroad na hndi mka uwi dyan sa pinas pra kumuha nang NBI etc…

  • Mj Kadusale says:

    paanu kumuha nang police clearance

  • Arnel Turaray Panganiban says:

    un ID System ng NBI wala rin nanyari sa panahon ni gloria may ID system ang NBI 100 pesos ang isang ID pero mag babayad k rin ng NBI clearance sa panahon ni noynoy asan n un ID sayang lang un 100 pesos sann napunta

  • Maria Maria says:

    Sana nagalit ka

  • Jun Banting says:

    sana naman,, ang NBI clearance sa paghahanap ng trabaho at sa anu mang pangangailangan ay isa na lang, wala na iyong lokal o abroad o ano mang purpose, total naman iisa lang ang sini-certipayan na good citizen ang may ari!! at yang Birth certificate na yan dapat xerox o photo copy ang i submit sa pagkuha ng pasaporte,,, para sa ibang bagay,,, total wala namang expiration yan di ho ba?

  • Anj Solomon Tolentino says:

    Soph De la Paz 😀 Share mo ke Arriane. Ganun din naman tulad ng sinabi ko actually. Haha

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  • Jear Luchavez says:

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  • Tin Caabay Paras says:

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    Sana ganito lagi post nyo admin…. hindi yn puro mukha ni trillanes.

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    Sana yun nasa hit list na na clear na matagal na, alisin na rin nila sa hit list. Ndi yun everytime kumukuha mag wait palagi mag clear sayang oras.

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    Dito nga sa nbi lipa batangas lagi ako kumukuha aba ngayong taon pag kuha ko hit daw after 15days pinababalik ako yunding araw na yun pumunta ako main sa maynila 30 mins lang kuha ko na yan Experience ko sa nbi…..

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  • Roseny Medina Espanola says:

    Naku! Ang mabilis sinasabi nyo dec.2013 pa kami nag apply hanggang ngayun hindi pa namin nakuha clearance namin bakit kaya ang bagal dito sa bacolod negros occidental? Now po sabihin nyo mabilis serbisyo nyo! LOL pa kayo

  • ReyDonald Feliprada Esclada says:

    Galit n naman ang mga militante nyan at mga kritiko ni Pnoy pg my mga magagandang development na nangyayari sa ating bansa. Go Pnoy ur d best!

  • Ned Deleon says:

    With your new system, can the bureau will able to accommodate thousands of applicants a day? or should people proceed during normal working hours not at the middle of the nite or top of the footbridge? Maawa po kayo sa taong nagpapasahod sa inyo!

  • Dela Cruz Marc Russell says:

    kelangan pa rin pumila… kakukuha ko lng ng NBI knina… 10:30am ako nagsimula 1:30 na ko natapos… NBIRobinsonMetroEast … =/

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  • Arnold Tellez says:

    wla din ,useless din kailangan pa pumunta sa NBI main,ang layo rin ,eh magtyatyaga nlng ako pumunta sa pinakamalapit na NBI.

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    Ganyan ang procedure dati. Pinalitan na naman nila – ng mas hassle! Imbis na mas maging madali ang serbisyo, mas naging mahirap pa ang online nila.

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  • Minda Linda says:

    Ano silbi nang ONLINE kung pupunta pa rin sa branch pra magbayad at mag fingerprint?? Anak nang teteng nmn oh…hndi ba pwedeng i scan at ung bayad eh bank to bank transper or credit card???

  • Divina Evangelista Real Pernia says:

    i did the procedure but alabang branch will instruct u to fall in line together with those who haven’t registered online, because they won’t allow you to finish first before those who came earlier than you that doesn’t have the online registration. i don’t get the logic behind such a process of that branch it defeats the purpose of online registration. it took me 4 hours

  • Mark Almario says:

    naku wala nga ako kapangalan ang release 2 weeks p

  • Larry Reyes says:

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  • Cherry Agbanlog Cuison says:

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  • Jane Zamora says:

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  • Ar Lyn says:

    or better yet give us the national ID national id na pwde gamitin sa lahat ng sangay ng gov. Sa pinas.dami dami nyo na iisip na kung anu anu airport nga wlang gumaganang elevator!!! Ayusin nyo nga muna. Ung mga dapat ayusin. Puronkayo kurakot! Pag nakulong naman kayo lahat kayo nag kakasakit! JUICECOLORED!!! Pero talaga ayusin nyo NAIA nakaka hiya kayo

  • Edgar Ditan II says:

    kahit ilang beses pang ipakita kung paanong kumuha ng NBI clearance kung sobrang bagal ng process, no sense din! sobrang slow talaga ng mga government offices ng pinas. sobrang huli na tayo sa ibang bansa. ikaw na pumila. masusungit pa ang mga empleyado.

  • Harvey Bayron Trono says:

    Sana ibalik yung Bio-metric ID

  • Bryan Zosa Langbayan says:

    http://www.nbi.gov.ph apply ka, fill up mo lang dun, submit,pag success, take a picture na No. sa screen then ipakita mo sa nbi office, easy lang

  • Bryan Zosa Langbayan says:

    out of stock ng empleyado na tatamad tamad, kaya mahaba pila 🙂

  • Arnel Turaray Panganiban says:

    taon taon ako kumukuha ng NBI clearnce taon taon din ako may link taon taon din ako pabalik palik sa main sayang ang oras at pamasahe

  • Juliana Rebbeca Dapulang Jayawon says:

    We need National ID para easy Sa lahat,

  • Aggie Berdin-Federizo says:

    the link for clearance is not working…

  • Ed Manibog says:

    Kudos to the men & women of NBI who make this project a reality.

  • Marlon Belleza Cortez says:

    its a long long long line untill now! :/

  • Crazydragon189 says:

    Paano poh kong wala sa pinas yong kukuha ng nbi clearance poh ano dapat gawin maraming salamat poh

  • Rayjohn Moraleda says:

    Hi po,paano po kung may dati na po akong account sa nbi tapos nalimutan ko po ung password at username.pwede po ba akong gumawa ng panibagong account?

  • Emelyn Rebato says:

    What if po wala id?

  • Janyll Brian Barigues says:

    Paano Mam kapag isa lang po ang valid id ang dala for example: Voter’s id. Thanks

  • Rumble tv says:

    tnx po sa tips

  • Frinston Lim says:

    Galing ng tutorial mo ms dhez. helpful sa mga naguguluhan at nabibiktima ng fixers

  • Enzo Cyrus says:

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    ayosin nyo ang sa cagayan de oro, 1am pa lang nka pila na ang mga tao. Dati naman hindi ganyan.

  • RJ Hernandez Magaling says:

    NBI License/Clearance ID Card nalang dapat. Like Driver’s License and PRC ID, it can be renewed for those who don’t have criminal record/s. On the other hand, can be confiscated if found having record/s or once caught.

  • Robbie Quillosa Vilchez says:

    experience ko unang kuha ng nbi clearance sa victoria plaza davao kht tapos clearance ko d pa binigay nag antay pa ako ng ilang oras taz sbi ng kasama ko taga agency magbgay dw ako ng pang meryenda para mlabas un kht 100 lng dw eh ignorante pa ako nun nagbgay dn ako alm nyo san cla nla binigay clearance ko nun sa scaletor kunwari pababa xa at saka nya inabot kasabay nung pera..pangalawang kuha ko sa quezon city na ok na 2 hrs lng nanjan na

  • Grace Nelcar says:

    what’s new?!bulok talaga sistema d2 sa pnas!

  • Richard Menk says:

    Govt should take advantage the modern technology, dapat lahat naka data base ang facility, hindi yung lagi na lang apply nang apply. Another sample ay yung pagkuha nang OEC, mayat maya na lamang nag fill up nang POEA at OWWA form… sus maryosep.. tinatapon lang naman yata sa basurahan yung mga papeles…

  • Jeraldine Parcon says:

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    Nag online ka muna boss ? Tapos dumiretso kana sa rob ? Pls reply thanks.

  • Anthony Melendrez says:

    less corruption as well.

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  • Darb Maturino says:

    sana mas matagal din yung validity nya .. good job sec. aguirre .

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    Unforgetable experience q NBI manila matagal akong nkapila tas mas inunang inasikaso ung seksi at kakila nla..at nang itanong q if bakit ganun c Sir pa nagalit at sinabihan akong di daw nya ako bibigyan ng clearance..lintik na un..

  • Irene Maraggun Carag says:

    Di ako ganun..staff un ng nbi sa malate.

  • Jun Banting says:

    yon nga e,,, pinahihirapan lalo na ang mga naghahanap ng trabaho,,kailangan original ang birth certificate at NBI,, para maraming makolektang pera ang mga agencia… hindi tama yon, dapat hanggang di pa expired ang NBI,, sa owner dapat ang may hawak ng original for other purpose,,, lalo na sa birth certificate,,, na dapat magamit habang buhay,,, dahil wala naman talagang dapat expiration yon!!

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  • Ash Démétério says:

    Dto sa brisbane pagkukuha ka ng NBI aabuting pa ng 5 working days bago mu mkukuha ang card na nkafinger print.Pababayarin kpa ng 45$Aud nawalang resibo TPos ang nkalagay this card is not for sale! Ipapadala pa sa pinas at aabuting nghalos isang buwan bgo maibalik sayu sa australia

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    Wala silbi nman yan. Clearance. Na.. Yan.. Lalo. Pa. Nga dumarami kriminal… bakit nga ba dumadami??? Dahil gutom ang mamamayang pilipino.. Kaya nakakagawa ng di maganda. Sino. May kasalanan? Goverment. Ang totoong mhusay na pamamahala dapat walang pulubi or mahirap. Sa. Pinas.

  • Jay-ar San Jose says:

    Zi San Jose

  • Zyra Mariel says:

    walang nagbago sa systema dinagdagan lang nila ng gastos (magcomputer at print nung form) para sa kukuha ng NBI clearance…walang kwenta ppila ka parin ng mahaba at matagal kase 3-4 lang yung empleyado nila. san ang pagunlad?

  • Julia De vera says:

    Pwede po kaya ang tin id at nso lng

  • june le bermoy says:

    paano po malaman na makukuna nag ang nbi clearance?

  • Marvin Apelo says:

    Pwede Po bang gumawa Lang Ng ibang E-mailed ?

  • Superb Dhez says:

    Guys update lang! I think hindi ko nasabi sa video na ito na dalawang ID ang kailangan. I just got my new NBI Clearance today, OCT 09,2019 and It needs Two Valid ID to present when you pick up your NBI Clearance! Thankyou

  • Triskelion 1968 says:

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    Paano kung wala akong id? I mean first time ko magapply for this. Anong gagawin ko? Help me pls lol

  • Baby Jane Perolino says:

    May NBI na ako last year , kailangan ko nnman next year balak ko kumuha this week . Kailangan ba tlaga renew or I need to get new? Hindi ko na ma alala Yung email na ginamit ko dti

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    Hellow magandang hapon po m’am, ser gusto sana ako kumuha ng NBI Clearance jan sa cotabato city kahit dito lang ako nag massege sa online para puntahan ko kaAgad kung hanggang kailan ko makuha yan lang maraming salamat po.

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  • Warren Endino says:

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  • Jeysi Janniz says:

    NBI to implement general, multi-purpose clearance Published February 21, 2017 5:44pmFuture applicants of a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance will no longer have to indicate the specific purpose of their application. In a department circular dated February 15, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II directed the NBI to immediately change the format of the clearance form for it to bear the phrase “Issued for whatever legal purpose” instead of specific purpose such as local or overseas employment. As a result, current formats for the NBI clearance would have to be replaced with the multi-purpose clearance. “The Unified NBI Clearance system is our answer to the needs of our people who are faced with the modern demands for record-keeping and civilian identification imposed challenges amongst many Filipinos who seek clearances from the NBI for their specific purposes,” Aguirre said in a statement. “Once the NBI clears an applicant, he is cleared for whatever purpose, plain and

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    weh…di nga!masasabi ko lang na nakakaDISTRACT kasi pagapply ng trabaho eh kailangan daw ng nbi clearance tapos sabi nila one year expired daw…dapat five years na para di na kailangang magparenew para tipid ka pa sa pamasahe

  • LieN SagulaC says:

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    Thanks in advance sa mga sasagot

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    When I left the Philippines , I have to give “put” to get my clearances in every dept even locally ! They let you waiting there hanging like a dead duck

  • Reynold Gonzales Ilaya says:

    Paanu ba yang sa nbi may appointment system din? Paano naman kaming walang time sa appointment at kusang pupunta sa center para kumuha ng nbi o kaya passport?

  • Bryan Villaflores Cagampang says:

    no longer to wait daw…..at two to three hours pa daw. hahaha baka 2 to 3 months yan. namali lang ng type. lol

  • Christina Yabo-Loquere says:

    May pa ONLINE ONLINE pa. Hindi nga nila malaman kaagad kung bakit ako naHIT. kailangan ko pang bumalik after 1 month kc nga HIT daw. Kailangan pang iverify. Hayyyy nakkuuuuuu. Bulok talaga…..

  • P'Jeric Hizon says:

    Kaya punta Kayo regional offices outside metro Manila ng nbi clearance less pila at 2 hours bago magsara dun Kayo pumunta paubos na Tao nun.

  • Louie Veran says:

    Despite 2.5B ang pondo para dito, eh failure pa nga yung system,be aware, ganun din pipila ka pa din nmn, at disadvantage pa nito sa mga average people na hindi literate sa comp. They cant even think about a better proposal for a well and functional system.

  • Jude Roz says:

    In spite of this good news, nag rereklamo pa rin ang mga tao. Go and rant more! That’s what you all do best -magreklamo at manira! Instead of appreciating and/or thinking of better ideas. Talaga naman mga Pilipino!

  • Samantha Jannet Lee says:

    hahah this funy.. coz kanina lang mg renew ako sa NBI ko sa feb pa balik ko..

  • Erickson Brucal says:

    Isip isip din ho pag may time nationwide nga it means buong bansa online registration.. Via online ka mag fillup ng application then print out the form after that go to the nearest NBI office sa inyong place for paying, finger printing, photo taking then tapos na.first come first serve ika nga pero atleast hindi kana pipila pa pra sa form and mag filup pa ron deretso na gad sa processing.. f may kapangalan lalo na kung may kaso matagal talaga ang releasing..ang hirap kc sa ating mga pinoy ginagawan na nga ng paraan pra mas mapabilis dami pa reklamo..

  • Shunlee Cuatro de Villa says:

    hahahahaha buti nlng hndi ikaw naging presidente,hahahaha

  • Michel Reyes says:

    Lintek un lng pla ggwin nyo i online ang pag kuha ng NBI.tsk.tsk.tsk

  • Nadine Shania says:

    O my g0d. Kung kelan nag intay nko ng mhbng panah0n.. Nag schedule na..

  • Nora Malaca says:

    ITS WORTH SERVING THE FILIPINO PEOPLE for the great percentage of these applicants are bound abroad earning OWA TAX for Phil. Government. God bless the upgraded system in NBI Office.

  • Red Menes says:

    Online? Walang kwenta din! 150 online applicants lang tinatangap and here’s more you will go through the same steps as walk in applicants. Asan na ang sinasabing 30 mins processing time? Binabawi ko na sinabi ko na good job! I don’t find any improvement in the process. #NBI hello????

  • Mon Cantina Co says:

    Noon p dapat ginawa ito.

  • Chris Toh says:

    Sa tagal ng panahon, salamat at matitino na ang nasa gobyerno..

  • Bamboo Cledera says:

    Di kasi kurap ang bansa nila ska maganda ung sisyema nila doon ☺

  • Georgecel Bayer says:

    hahah meron pala neto thx

  • Akolang To Si Bohol says:

    haha,,, well… sanayan lang yan! d mawawala ang mga crocs forever…

  • Casper David Ruz Delim says:

    Dami nating ID… Driver’s License, PRC, SSS, GSIS, Voter’s ID, POSTAL ID…. Dapat talaga pagisahin na lang nila yan… Computerized naman na sistema natin. Bakit hindi tayo gumaya sa ibang bansa?

  • Aniceto Casanova says:

    Walng kwenta yong online

  • Gerlie Chavez-Martinez says:

    magkano po ba bayad sa pagkuha nbi clearance

  • Mer Tadz says:

    Tuwing kumukuha ako ng NBI clearance 7am nasa office na ako ng NBI at matatapos ako 11am na Antay pa ng 2 weeks bago mairelease haba ng pila

  • Russell Crow says:

    Humahanap lang kayo pagkakakitaan bulok pa din yan

  • Maria Maria says:

    Original yung mga kinukuha sa dfa

  • Roldan Alda Mendoza says:

    Nku,dependi pdin yan sa dmi ng kapangalan at apelyido,ako 2wiks everytime na kukuha ako ng NbI.

  • Saturnino Jr. Ilao says:

    Tangalin ang NBI ,, solve ang problem..

  • Leosel Lomelo says:

    Bulok ang sistemang panggobyerno sa ating bansa puro pagkakaperahan ang hanap! Isang National ID lang tulad mg Emerates ID dto sa Dubai long term ang buhay ng id isang id pra sa lhat ng government transactions or kht saan business establishment. Khit ang sim card registered kya kung gagawa ka man ng kalokohan via cellphone traced ka agad less ang hassle sa gobyerno pra tugisin ang salarin! Isisip isip rin mga nasa gobyerno tama na ang pahirap!

  • Mattulo Rivera says:

    Walng kwenta pupunta kapa rin at magdudusa sa pila. Buti pa nso hindi na pinahirapan ang mamamayan.

  • Ako C Pot Pot says:

    Kung mag kakaroon ng finger print scanning sa lahat ng lugar sa luzon At pro provide ng mayayamang negosyante Mas gaganda siguro ang sitwasyon ng nbi clearance kilalang kilala ang pag katao ng isang tao lalabas agad sa computer ang personal data ng isang tao taga saan mismo saan pinanganak anu tunay na pag katao

  • Benj Flora says:

    Sobrang incompetent ng mga tao sa nbi. I had a namesake who has a pending slight physical injury case daw and it happened in 1992. Grade 5 pa lang ako nun. Hindi pa rin ako binigyan ng clearance hanggang di kumukuha ng resolution from the trial court na hindi ako yun. Tsk tsk.

  • Bryan Zosa Langbayan says:

    I love it…i tried it and its easy!! Sobrang dali…

  • Bryan Zosa Langbayan says:

    simpleng tao din ako helping yolanda victims here in Leyte, or let me say madali sakin kasi techy ako na tao or mahilig sa pc, which makes our life easier, at tamad ako pumila, kaya online nalang..

  • Jay Gregorio Gamutia says:

    City hall QC po.

  • Evol Amarillo says:

    Sana libre na yan para sa mga filipino…eh may budget naman ang gobyerno sa bawat sangay nito…kaya nagtataka ang marami kung bakit may bayad pa tong nbi clearance…

  • Gho Em-jay says:

    dapat free na yang NBI clearance para makatulong sa bayan..

  • Eds Adeza says:

    all govermet clearance dapat libre.

  • Ako Si Bebe says:

    Arnel gabinete jr. Napasaya aq ng comment mo hahaha..nawala homsik qs cnabi mo n mga step..minsan kc pumila aq ng 3am akala q aq n una un pala ing iba dun n natulog s para mas maaga cla hahaha..pang 250 p din aq s pila..maryosep!

  • Mirabelle Anay Supanga says:

    Punta kayo dto baguio city madali lang kumuha ng NBI 1oras

  • RoseRed Balde says:

    May ibang NBI stations na kahit may dala ka ng printed onlie registration pababaguhin pa at pagbabayarin ka ng additional 20 pesos. At kahit hindi mo gusto at hindi naman kelangan, pagbabayarin ka ulit ng additional 5 peso para sa envelop upon releasing ng NBI clearance. Take note, wala pong mga resibo yun. Magkano kayang dagdag kita ng gobyerno sa sa dami ng 20 at 5 piso na dagdag araw araw sa dami ng kumukuha ng clearance? At panu na lang yung mga estudyante o nagaaply pa lang ng trabaho kung sapat lang ang perang dala sa 115 na presyo ng NBI clearance? Tsk, tsk, tsk!

  • Roberto Algaba Perez says:

    e kung may “hit”ang name mo…..wala din yan punta ka parin sa main office nila. kaya dapat bigyan nila ng sulosyon ang problema ng mga walang “HIt”na name sa NBI kasi nadadamay lang ang mga walang kaso.

  • lucky stravinsky says:

    Need pb tlga valid id ??

  • Paolo Sarumagao says:

    Hellow po, tanong ko lang po ,kapag ba bayad kana sa bayad center, may e-email ba sila na confirm na bayad kana? -salamat!

  • ZombieBears says:

    edidilever bayan sa bahay mo mismo after makabayad?

  • your boi says:

    hi maam pwedi bang kumuha ng nbi kahit psa lang ang gamit mo? maraming salamat po

  • Pee Jay says:

    Hi, ma’am ask ko lang kapag married kaba, yung ilalagay mo sa personal info mo is yung sa pagkadalaga mo?

  • iyah libao says:

    hi ask ko lang un sa family background po, Apelyido po ba ng pagkadalaga or nung kasal na sila nag father ty po

  • justaconcerncitizen 08 says:

    Kahit saang branch po ba ng nbi office pwede kunin yung nbi clearance?

  • Baidido Abas says:

    Pwde nag online tapos diritso nlng bayad ? Kahit 7 eleven lnv nakalagay?

  • Che Ng Buhay Ko says:

    Hlow ,mam ,sir gdpm , po sa inyo, paano po bah , mag online ,ng NBI, clearance po,

  • Azp A Yerskie says:

    Basta may dati kang nbi, hndi nman kylangan ng online 2016 sept.23 kmuha ako deretso ako encoder,tpos casher .un lng dala. Ko lumang. Nbi

  • Sana Ako Nalang says:

    Antonio endricoso Bunac jr po ito paano po makuha

  • Amy Taganas Dacutanan says:

    Ang hirap nmn kumuha ng online paturo po pls

  • Jomar Rivera Aviñon Sr. says:

    Good mornng po sa inyo c Vicente Urbano Jr yan ang tunay na huldaper

  • Lee Guerrero says:

    ano b toh nhihirapan aqng mka acess

  • Ythorod Sotnac Otlaetnom says:

    Paano mag renew ng nbi online

  • Lyn Dadula says:

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  • Arnelkyle Calipayan says:

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    Paano ko po mkuha ang original copy ng nbi ko dto po ako kumuha Sa china

  • Romzkie López says:

    How to apply….

  • Jeff Ilagan says:

    Sana may online sila yung tipong ddeliver sa house nyo or di kaya sa Mag lagay dn sila sa SM para dun na kumuha and di na ppili sa initan

  • Chris Lilam says:

    P115 po ata yun o 120

  • Yeng Yeng says:

    140 lahat. May bayad ung pag gamit ng system

  • Jolevi Al Ghamdi says:

    tama ka dha dai mga buotan bitaw na cla dha.. dha ko nagakuha dati (nasight lng nko imong comment ditey)

  • Domingo James Baluyut Espinosa says:

    Marnie Berania

  • Bong Benito says:

    Mga may HIT ayusin nyo para di kami maabala taon taon n lang ganon b un

  • Lilibeth Caponpon says:

    Pero ang solusyon na pag may na-hit na kapangalan e hndi pa rin makakuha agad,d nmn siguro magkapareho ang edad,birthday,tirahan at mukha ng magkaparehong pangalan

  • Gilbert Malcolm says:

    Wag ganyan! Galit ang LP nyan!

  • Ronaldjr Malik Iscala Belleca says:

    Gawin nyo…at busisihin mabuti ung kumukuha ng clearance ung ibang kumukuha na may kaso..nkakakuha pa …hindi kaya ng cumputer na ma trase ung may mga kaso… paki lang po….salamat….

  • Serolf Eivyl says:

    sa cebu 12am nakapila na pero i.schdule ka pa nxt month….graveh naman to justice de lima???sana pinaghandaan nyo to…..ito bay tuwid na daan?nxt month pa kami may trabaho nito kac req. yan..

  • Hannah Standford says:

    _bulok na sistema,basura!

  • ReyDonald Feliprada Esclada says:

    Salamat naman! Thank u Pnoy!

  • Romel Barbosa Lagasca says:

    Niyemas! Kundi pa kayo mabubulgar ayaw niyo pang magbago buset!

  • Pusa Ñarigue says:

    Buti naman!! Sa diname pera ng gobyerno ngayon nio lang naisip yan!?

  • Bryan Villaflores Cagampang says:

    hahaha nakakatawa na balita. kahapon nga lang pumunta ako ng NBI para mag renew APRIL 1 pa balik ko. nakalista na ung lahat ng kukuha. hala

  • Vanessa Mina says:

    Super Bilis… That’s a good idea… Buti naimbento!!!

  • EmphOy WafUu says:

    wala eh . lahat napoles eh :v

  • Ellah Pererra says:

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  • Vin Pagal says:

    POSITIVE MIND people..Hindi tayo uusad pag palaging NEGA nalang at puro ngaw2x ang ating iniisip tungkol sa ating gobyerno…Tanong ko lang, ano kaya ang mga magagandang nai ambag nyo para umasenso ang ating bansa?

  • Cita Broniola says:

    Sana po d lng NBI..sna NSO/PSA ganun dn gawin nila at s iba pa.

  • Allan E. Cordero says:

    ang utak ng tao pa upgrade kaya naiisip yan, for info lang po di yan initiatives ng presidente madami po advisers yan, yan po ang nag susuggest…wag po lage mag compare sa iba kada tao iba iba po ang perception yun lang po ang explanation jan, yung time mo dati 70’s 80’s 90’s ibang iba po mahirap po i compare para rin po cp mo nag uupgrade ka din…panget naman siguro na 5110 lang gamit mong cp, tapos now mo sabihin sa sarili mo bakit kaya di subukan ang iphone na modelo now…

  • Roger Mercado says:

    Walang sistema ang government yun yun!! Matapos kang pumila na kaytagal tagal, sabay sisingitan ka pa kesyo vip daw, hehe mas may kapit mas mabilis!!

  • Jayson Jamilla Tallod says:

    Pangit ng systema

  • Upin Ipin says:

    Walang kwenta yun at nd totoo yun.. Pipila ka pa din.. Sandamakmak na pila.. Lol

  • Ramon Guinto says:

    ganon pa rin ang sistema nila kakukuha ko lng kahapon. sana ang gawin nila ung may mga kapangalan na may heat bigyan nila ng i.d. na katunayan na hindi cya ung may kaso. kc ako sa tagal ko ng kumukuha ng n.b.i lagi nalng akong sumusumpa na hindi ako ang may kaso ang hirap taon taon nalng laging ganon. sana bigyan nila ng solusyon lalo na ung mga nsa malayong lugar.saka bakit nila inalis ung renewal?? maraming salamat po…

  • James Tan says:

    Walang kwenta sayang lang ang ibabayad mo sa print

  • Rene L. Ren says:

    Sa recto la pila hehe…

  • Dinz Cagas Virtudazo says:

    Ako nga nagulat ako noong kumoha ako ng NBI last month sa cebu na hit ako na sa tagal ng panahon wala ako sa pinas , hindi madali ang pag kuha ng NBI naka linya kaparin ..

  • Carlos Rosal says:

    mabawasan ang pila at gawain sa opisina , Paano naman ang mga employee? dapat pag retire rin na mga matanda optional bawas sa pa sueldo,mga fixer pag huhuliin na, salamat

  • Jasmin Esaga says:

    Mahirap dito pag may kapangalan ka nako..fingerprints dpat ayusin kesa pabalik balik..sayang pamasahe

  • Ramiro Villarico says:

    on line b ikamo…wala lng masabi lng n may ginagawa ang gobyerno

  • Wangtotz Wang Whang says:

    bayad ka ng bayad sa clearance, pasweldo sa mga uneducated agent, ghost agent at mga agent na tambay.may kilala akong agent dyan high school graduate. yung isa namang agent ginawang agent para sa proteksyon ng negosyo!tsk tsk tsk

  • Lenmaye Irish Deguzman says:

    Sobrang dali sir kc pulis ka..normal you have a priority…what is tulad sa amin..simpleng mga tao..??? Hmmm..

  • Eddie Boy Piga says:

    Bulok na sistema wla na bang bago jan eto lng yan

  • Rosally Picadizo says:

    -goverment of the philipines can you explain the meaning of online,,

  • Winnie Violeta Ramos says:

    Kalokohan pa din yan nbi clearance na yan. Pinagkakakitaan lang ang mga honest na aplikante. Think of better ways to serve further sana para hindi parusa sa mag aapply ng clearance. Tapos ang yayabang pa ng nasa gates nila sa UN. Parang hindi sumusweldo ng tama yun naka assign dun.

  • Melanio Calayeg says:

    Wala naman pinag kaiba yan sa ordinary na pila…ganun din ang proseso…..

  • cindy delmo peradilla says:

    Good morning po! Magtatanong lng po sana ko, nag online registration po ko last Friday then ngayon po magbabayad na po sana ko sa LBC, SB ng LBC expire na DW po dapat DW po mag bayad n DW po ako once n nakapag registered n ko. Bkit po ganon? Mag online po ba ko uli para mag pa schedule ulit. Sana masagot nyo po katanungan ko. Tnx po!

    • Kat Delano says:

      That is correct, possible pong nagexpire na yung NBI Reference Number nyo. Ang kailangan nyo nalang po gawin ay maglog in po muli kayo sa account nyo at mag set ng bagong schedule saka nyo po bayaran agad.

  • Dihna Limpengco says:

    Nag apply po kaming mag anak (4) online last Jan. 24, 2020; nagbayad din po kami on that day sa 7-eleven. Pero until now wala pa po kaming natatanggap na confirmation sa scheduled appointment namin on January 31 AM.

    Thank you po for your prompt reply.

  • Solde bella Nada says:

    How to log in for nbi online appointment

  • Rommel says:

    Where’s the link please?

  • Anthony says:

    Ok ,I read all letter from NBI.

  • Anthony says:

    Ok ,I read all letter from NBI. Its very good service…

  • William says:

    I am a foreigner, when filling the online NBI clearance form do i put my present ACR certificate of Residence number beginning with the letter G. Thank you.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes William. You need to provide your ACR Number in the online form. You will also need to present it when you arrive at the NBI Clearance center.

  • shain E padecio says:

    i want to apply nbi clearance

  • - says:

    Do I need to print anything after I have paid the amount due? I’m afraid that I’ll be going there empty handed because I will be only bringing my valid IDs.

  • Moises Silvestre Mamaril III says:

    How to registered an appointment

  • Jade says:

    I am a first-time applicant from Canada. I have filled-up the NBI form assisted by the Philippine Consulate office and all the documents are ready for submission. I have opted to ask a Manila-based representative to submit my application to the NBI Main in Manila, IRD Mailed Clearance Section (based on the Consulate NBI clearance instruction). The NBI site mentioned getting an NBI Appointment online. Should my representative fill-up the info at NBI appointment online? Can he pay in cash directly to the NBI office or should he strictly pay thru the payment option stated at NBI site? I shall appreciate your clarification. Thank you.

  • Eufrocino B Flores says:

    I want to apply NBI clearance?
    How to get an application form?

  • Gilbert says:

    Klan po open nbi quezon city.

  • Philip v.dalangin says:

    To whim it may concern im philip dalangin presently working in new zealand how can i avail to renew my nbi clearance even im here in new zealand i need the document for renewing my visa ..thank you and godbless

  • darius says:

    How to registered an appointment

  • Marchel T. Saja says:

    How to apply for nbi clearance?

  • Claudette Piedad says:

    Pag po pumilili ako ng date sa nbi, wala pong ibang lumalabas na option for AM or PM

  • Rowena T. Rodriguez says:

    Good day! I already applied for NBI clearance renewal last February 24,2020 (Robinson’s Manila) and asked me to pick-up March 6, 2020. However, I failed to get the clearance on the said date and due to ECQ, I haven’t got it yet. May I know if there will be an option of sending me the clearance? Or if not, is Robinsons Manila NBI Satellite Office now open for public and may I ask its schedule?

  • Armando A. Manifor II says:

    Application form

  • Joana Marie G. Guinto says:

    Paano po kumuha sa online ng NBI Clearance

  • Nelisa E. Padua says:

    My mom is 62 years old now. we know that senior citizen is not allowed to enter some gov. agency. my sister leaves in USA and she started to process our parents’ petition. one of my mom’s lacking documents is NBI clearance and now my sister received a notice that they cannot proceed to process her petition. can my mom get NBI clearance?

  • patrick christopher clarke says:


    i am a foreign passport holder and require to renew my resident visa as such i am required to provide a new NBI clearance.

    kindly advice to which NBI office should i proceed to file and obtain NBI clearance since the online NBI clearance is no longer available.

    thanking you for your quick response.


  • Loreto A. Salas says:

    May office po ba ngayun Ang NBI Novaliches II?
    Saka bakit po di ko po input names Ng parents ko sa dialogue box? Thank you po.

  • Alice R Balanlayos says:

    I want to get Nbi clearance for work requirements but the nearest date for me to get an schedule is three months more before to apply. Can i apply and get the next day my clearance if i dont have hits..?


    how to apply nbi in online?

  • Bernadette Yngson says:

    hi good eve pls assist me how to change my family name pls ,I got mistake while filling up the form because of my kid is playing around me thank you

  • Raissa A. Hernandez says:

    My reference number for payment in 7/11 is not acceptable now.. I tried to pay after a few days of application for NBI clearance.. how do i pay now ? i cannot edit the transaction and appliaction.. how do i chaneg payment option?

  • Crisbelly Caberto Custodio says:


    • Crisbelly Caberto Custodio says:


  • Rockefeller Sajulga says:

    Kailan po schedule my nbi ko?

  • Linda mae contreras says:

    Do you delivery

  • Jhon Lester T. Rodriguez says:

    Kukuha po sna ako nbi

    • Ellaine Cagalingan Enon says:

      Pano po mag online ng NBI?

  • Leo Kim Denosta Deita says:

    Kukuha po ako Sana Ng nbi clearance


      how to download nbi form

      • Romanito R. Llanillo says:

        Application for clearance


    how to download nbi form

    • Romanito R. Llanillo says:

      Application for clearance

  • Judelyn S.Orcullo says:

    How to apply nbi id

  • Mary Jane Gaid Dela Peña says:

    Paano po maka kakuha ng NBI Form?

  • Rolando Sambilay says:

    Piano mkkuha ng NBI clearance

  • Lemuel Carel says:

    How to download nbi apps?

  • Richelle Credo Baja says:

    How to apply nbi online appointment?

    • Romanito R. Llanillo says:

      Application for clearance

  • Romanito R. Llanillo says:

    Application for clearance

  • Junvi Donato says:

    How to apply online nbi

  • Arvin John S. Andal says:

    application for clearance

  • Jervin Ralp Sotto Camp says:

    First time ko lang pong mag aapply ng NBI Clearance, napaka laking tulong po ng guideline na’to. And suggestion ko lang po na sana po i-include niyo din po yung tungkol sa free payment ng mga first time jobseeker. Medyo nakakalito lang po kasi ang nasa example lang po ay yung may payment. Pero all in all, napakalaking tulong po nito. Maraming salamat po!

  • James Ebrona Claro says:

    how to sign up online registration

  • Romil T Piloton says:

    How to sign up nbi online

  • Jose Garcia says:

    Good Morning and thank you for very informative article. Simple question
    Coming from the province and have an am schedule
    Does this mean i can get in at 11 am. Schedule to get there before 9. But no so familiar with traffic congestion in the area.
    Thank you

    • Danica says:

      Hi Jose, as long as dumating ka the day of your scheduled appointment, ok na po yun. hindi sila ganon ka strict kung AM or PM ka. Just don’t mention it nalang.

      OR kung magtanong man, sabihin mo nalang na you came straight from the province pa and dumirecho ka na agad dito sa NBI. Make excuses, in short.

      Pero I highly doubt na magtanong un kasi (sabi ko nga), hindi sila ganon ka strict sa time. sa Scheduled Date sila strict, luke you are schedule on the 20th but pumunta ka sa NBI Branch ng 25th. anyway ,hope i answered your question.

  • Gary Sanchez. Feria says:


  • Marjay A delacruz says:

    Nbi apply

  • christifany a gumiala says:

    pano po ba mag aply po

  • christifany a gumiala says:

    pano po ba mag aply

  • Altazer suhaili waras says:

    I need a NBI clearans

  • Altazer suhaili waras says:

    How to apply for NBI clearans?

  • riheca jean says:

    if ever have a hit like same name that have any criminal case what should we do ?

    if ever i cant get my nbi clearance can you give us certification that prove that i get it ?

  • Reika G Garcia says:

    May i see my registration

  • Mia Jane C Dreo says:

    How to apply

  • Celso Mataya says:

    How to apply in online NBI clearance

  • Michael Anin Peres says:

    For nbi clearance

  • Marjorie aLBasin Dautil says:


  • Marjorie aLBasin Dautil says:

    Make NBI