How To Apply for an NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

January 2, 2019 12:02 am

NBI Clearance Quick Renewal — Today, we’re going to discuss the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. A new feature added in NBI Clearance website where the applicant of NBI Clearance can just request it online and wait for it to be delivered at the specified home address.

Announcement! The NBI Clearance Quick Renewal feature of the website is TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE for unknown reasons. You may continue using the website and have your NBI Online Registration.

To all applicants, you may try the NBI Renewal process.

You’ve heard it right. The NBI Clearance will be delivered to your doorsteps. No more personal appearance. No more queue lines. No more PhotoCapture and Biometrics. Nadah! All you have to do is wait!

The drawback about this thing NBI Clearance Quick Renewal is its not available to all. That means, NEW Applicants of NBI Clearance are not allowed to avail this service.

The Quick Renewal of NBI Clearance Online is only available to all applicants who have their own NBI Clearance issued between 2014 to present AND to those NBI Clearance ID Numbers can be found in the website.

Unfortunately, missing NBI Clearance ID numbers can’t avail this service.

Another disadvantage of this service is its much more expensive because it includes delivery fee. Unlike the conventional method of NBI Clearance Renewal which only costs you P170.

Before we start our tutorial, I need to inform everyone that the process of NBI Clearance Quick Renewal won’t work if you don’t have your NBI ID No.

The NBI ID No. is vital to NBI Clearance Quick Renewal because it will be used to pull your NBI Clearance from the Database of NBI to facilitate your application. There’s no way you can’t proceed with the steps in NBI Clearance Quick Renewal if you don’t have your NBI ID No.

Below is the sample of an NBI Clearance showing where to find the NBI ID No. that you can use when applying for NBI Clearance Quick Renewal

How to apply for NBI Clearance Quick Renewal

Visit the official website of NBI Clearance ( and locate the button for NBI Clearance Quick Renewal feature.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal

Click the button that says “NBI Clearance Quick Renewal” to start your NBI Clearance renewal process.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Button

After that, it will open a small pop up window where it will ask you to enter your NBI ID Number.

As mentioned earlier, this only works to all NBI Clearance issued 2014 to 2018.

You can refer to your old or expired NBI Clearance for your NBI ID number.

Click the “VERIFY” button to continue.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Delivery

Note: If after entering your NBI ID Number, you encountered an error saying “The system cannot find the given NBI ID Number”, this means that you can’t use with the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

For some unknown reasons, there are NBI Clearances that are missing or not saved in the database of the NBI. If you’re one of the few who encountered this, then you can’t proceed with the process.

My advice to you is to apply for an NBI Clearance as a NEW Application and not as a Renewal.

Unfortunately, the Application of a NEW NBI Online Clearance requires personal appearance from your selected NBI Branch. You can read more about our updated article on How to Apply for an NBI Clearance in 2019.

Going back to out tutorial…

The next window will display your personal information such as your First name and Last name.

It will also show you the photo taken when you previously applied for an NBI Clearance.

This is the same exact photo taken and reflected in your printed NBI Clearance.

In the window shown above, you need to provide the following to proceed with the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal:

  • Purpose
  • Purpose Detail
  • Province
  • City or Municipality
  • Barangay
  • Street, unit, Bldg / Village
  • and lastly, your Zip Code
NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Delivery Details

Ignore the amount for the mean time as this is not the correct amount that you should be paying.

Right after you finished filling up the form, the amount will change.

If I’m not mistaken, the price depends on your location. The reason for this is the total amount includes delivery fee of your NBI Clearance.

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Take note of the NBI Clearance Fee that you will be paying. If you’re just located within Metro Manila, its P355. It may change if you’re outside of Metro Manila.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Details

The amount you’re seeing (P330) is not final yet. Ignore this for the meantime.

If you’re going to pay this in Bayad Center, Multipay or ECPay, expect that there’s additional charges.

Press the NEXT button to proceed to the next step.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Personal Details Payment

Enter your Date of Birth (Month, Day and Year). Now select from the three Payment options provided. There’s Bayad Center, Multipay and ECPay.

For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll select Bayad Center to pay for our NBI Clearance.

Click the icon/logo of Bayad center shown from the screeshot above.

You will be directed to another small pop up window. It contains a reminder, please read it carefully.

Press the “NEXT” button to proceed with your NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Next Button

The next window will show you again the amount you’ll be paying.

Noticed that it shows you P330 but if you look at the bottom, there’s a note stating that an additional fee amounting to P25 will be charged.

As of this moment, your NBI Clearance Fee is now P355.

Press the “PROCEED” button.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Express Delivery

Once you pressed the proceed button, the NBI Clearance Reference Number will be shown.

The NBI Clearance Reference Number will be used when you pay your NBI Clearance Fee in Bayad Center.

Show this to the cashier and pay the appropriate amount.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Reference Number

Again, there’s additional fee charged to the original NBI Clearance Fee (P355) by Bayad Center.

NBI Clearance Fee Payment Online

Bonus Tip! You can now pay Your NBI Clearance Fee Online!

That’s right, you can now pay your NBI Clearance Fees Online without leaving your home!

But (yes, there’s a but), this feature is not available for all. The requirement to avail this NBI Clearance Fee Online Payment is that the user must have a Bayad Center Account and (the most important) a Verified Paypal Account.

To be able to have a Bayad Center account, you just have to register an account through their website. Just go to and start your account registration.

The next requirement for this process to succeed is to have a verified Paypal account. To have a Verified Paypal Account requires a credit card. If you have a credit card then you can easily create a paypal account.

Anyway, we will not discuss how to register an account with paypal more deeper.

To continue the tutorial, go to the Bayad Center website (

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Website

Browse or scroll the page down and find the “GOVERNMENT” icon. Click the “View Items” button.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Government Document Details

This opens a new page showing all the Government agencies accepted by Bayad Center to process various payments.

Look for the logo of NBI. It’s usually the second from the list.

Click the “View Details” button.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal NBI Clearance

It will direct you to the NBI Payment Reference Details page where you have to input the Reference Number (usually 10 characters), the amount due (P355) and your contact number.

Note: You have to enter the Amount Due twice. That is the two blank spaces located at the left (under Reference Number) and the Amount to Pay (under National Bureau of Investigation – NBI).

In the “Additional Instructions” field, you don’t have to input anything in it. You may leave it blank.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Payment Details

Press the “Add to Cart” button.

It will bring you to the “Checkout” page where there’s the final summary of your payment.

One button exist and that is the “PAY NOW” button. Click it to finalise your payment.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Check Out

NBI Clearance Fee Payment Using Paypal

The “Pay Now” button will redirect the page to a Paypal login. Log in your email address and password.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Paypal Payment

When you successfully logged in, it will show you the same page where it contains how much you’ll be paying using your Paypal Account.

Press “Pay Now”.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Paypal Pay Now Button

A confirmation page will show up after the previous step.

If you’re seeing the the same screenshot below, that means, you’ve successfully paid your NBI Clearance Fee using your Paypal.


NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Paypal Payment

If you click the “Return to Merchant”, it will bring you back to Bayad Center Website showing your Order.

Your order will show you that your payment is still pending for the mean time. All you have to do is to wait at least five (5) to thirty (30) minutes.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Payment Pending

After a few minutes, the status of your payment will change from PENDING to COMPLETE.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Payment Complete

Check your email address. Bayad Center Online will be sending you an email stating the confirmation of the completion of your Order.

NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Bayad Center Email Confirmation

This concludes our tutorial on how to apply an NBI Clearance Quick Renewal feature of the NBI Clearance Website.

All you have to do now is to wait for your NBI Clearance Quick Renewal to be delivered at your door steps. It usually takes five (5) to ten (10) working days before it gets delivered so be patient.

Before we go, the only thing missing in this process which the NBI Clearance Agency forgot to include is the ability of the applicant to verify or track the status of the delivery of his or her NBI Clearance.

NBI Clearance Quick Renewal LBC Delivery

Three (3) working days have past and I was surprise that there’s a knock on my door. It was the delivery man from LBC and handing me this small brown envelop!

It seems that LBC is handling the delivery of all NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Applications.

NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Delivered

When I opened it, it was my NBI Clearance! Hoooray! I got my NBI Clearance Renewal hassle free! That was easy right? I didn’t have to schedule an NBI Online Appointment and leave the house.

If you prefer the old method or process in NBI Clearance Renewal, you can read our latest article about this.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below and we’ll be glad to help! 🙂

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    Counted din po ba ang Saturday and Sunday sa 5 working days?

    • Kat Delano says:

      No, working days po ay Monday to Friday lang.

  • Nikki Cendana says:

    I have applied my renewal thru quick renewal last January 9, 2019 and paid this in 7 eleven kiosk. until now I havent receive
    my NBI clearance

    • Realiza says:

      Same here. January 19, 2019 ako nagbayad thru 711, worth 370 until now wala parin delivery. Sigh

  • Ace King Santos says:

    San pwede mag follow up, 2 months na hindi ko pa nkukuha NBI ko.

  • Alvin Galvez says:

    Pwede po ba payment thru 711 din pag online quick renewal? Thanks.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Bayad Center, MultiPay at ECPay lang po. Hindi po tinatanggap ang payment sa 7-eleven para sa Quick Renewal. Maisusuggest ko na sa Bayad Center ka nalang po dahil madali po mahanap ang mga branches nila.

  • Ryan c pasaforte says:

    How to sign up nbi form

  • Dexter padogdog says:

    Ask KO Lang po Nag bayad na ako sA bayad center Sa quick renewal Nang NBI clearance ang tanung ko bakit wala po akong confirmation galing s nbi or sA bayad center, Ang Binigay Lang sa akin Yung resibo Lang na machine ValidaTe sa binayad kO. Consider Napo bah As proof yun. I’m hoping for your response sir ma’am regarding this matter thank you God bless

    • Kat Delano says:

      Wala po talagang confirmation na matatanggap pag ikaw ay nagbayad na ng application fee for NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. All you have to do is just wait na madeliver ito sayo.

      • Mark says:

        ilang day po ba bago ma i-deliver?

        • Kat Delano says:

          3 to 10 working days po ang NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. Depende din po ito sa location nyo.

  • icey says:

    hello, if inedit ko po ba and status ko at address sa profile ko online, kusa po ba syang mag a update kapag nag quick renewal ako? bagong address na po ba ilalagay nila sa bagong NBI Clearance ko?

  • Alexander Cruz says:

    How can i get a print copy of my existing nbi clearance.. Bec. It is not yet expired 5months ago only.. Pls. Help.. Thank you.. L

  • oliver cabauatan says:

    ask ko lng po kung pwede magrenew ng nbi clearance sa manila kahit dito ko sa probinsya kinuha?wala po bang pick-up pag renewal?tnx god bless

    • Kat Delano says:

      PWede po mag renew ng NBI Clearance. mas maganda kung magapply ka nalang dyan mismo sa probinsya kung nasaan ka. Wala naman pong magiging problema dun.

  • Edelia Dellota says:

    Good Evening po I had some inquiries po regarding for the quick renewal Mam/Sir I process my quick renewal last Jan.23, 2019 we paid thru and stated their the ref.number and phone number and we are waiting my nbi to received after 1 to 2 weeks and I am worry coz that is the requirements need for my field of work.Why is that until now Mam/Sir I dont even received my NBI CLEARANCE.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Pwede mo po ifollow up ang delivery ng iyong NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Delivery at this nos. (02)-526-1294.



    • Kat Delano says:

      Usually, 3 to 10 working days po ang delivery period ng NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. Just wait nalang po. Nagmamatter din po ang location nyo.

  • Mark Anthony Semana says:

    waht if wala po sa drop down ung name ng barangay ko? nag iba na po kase ako ng address, dun sa ideliver ung new nbi clearance, kaso wala po sa dropdown ung barangay kong bago pano yun

  • mark says:

    what is the telephone number for delivery

  • Felizardo L. Esteron Jr. says:

    Ask kolang po,kelan ko po makukuha yong NBI ko nagbayad na ako nong Feb.6,2019.Renewal lang po ako at around Manila lang po ako kaya mas malapit lang.Kailangan na kailangan ko na po kasi sa aking trabaho…..Thanks
    I need your response immediately.

  • Chona Malabad says:

    hello po. pano po pag nawala yung unang NBI clearance ID no. ?kailangan po bang mag apply ng bagong clearance?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes po. Required ang NBI Clearance ID No. upang makapag NBI Clearance Quick Renewal ka. Kung wala po nito, need mo magapply nalang ng new NBI Clearance.

  • wheng says:

    Hi mam nag try po ako nian .. un old NBI ko is year 2015 ko kinuka then mag renew sana ako kaso ang nag pop up is need ko ng apprearance mismo sa NBI office, my problema po ba un NBI ko as far as I can remember wala po ako HIT ever since. mejo kinabahan po ako kasi baka my problema na sa NBI. BADLY NEEDED KO PO UN NBI.

    • Kat Delano says:

      SInce sinabi sayo ng personal appearance, ibig sabihin lang na kailangan mong magpunta dun mismo para irenew ang iyong NBI Clearance.

  • Esther L Enolpe says:

    keylan ko po to makukuha..
    san po ako mag ilang days po bago ko sya ma claim..thank you po.

  • Vanessa says:

    Hi! My first attempt to register an account under “renewal” failed. I kept on getting “invalid information” error. So, I’ve decided to register as a “new” applicant instead of “renewal”. When I navigated through the website and tried validating my nbi id number, I found my account. I realized that my mistake on my first registration attempt was “I entered my married surname”. So, I tried it again using my maiden surname and it worked. Now, there are two accounts under my name: renewal and new. How can I request to delete the first account I created (new) since it was made by mistake? I don’t want to keep duplicate accounts. Thank you!

    • Kat Delano says:

      You can’t. There’s no feature in the website to delete your account. NBI also don’t take request to delete any account. Just leave it and forget about it.

  • tin says:

    Magrerenew ako ng nbi clearnce ko pero nasa abroad ako tapos gusto kong ipadeliver sa bahay sa pinas. paano kung sabihin na kailangan ng personal appearance at paano kung nakapagbayad kana para sa courier???

    • Kat Delano says:

      Question po, ganito po ba ang nangyari sayo? Nagrequest ka na po ng NBI Clearance Quick Renewal tapos pinapapunta ka ng NBI for Personal Appearance?

      Natanong ko po ito kasi po ang NBI Clearance Quick Renewal ay hindi na po kinakailangan ng Personal Appearance…

  • LUIS says:

    Is the address in the form the shipping address or do I have to input the same address from my NBI clearance. thanks! I can’t find my brgy in Santa Rosa.

  • Methusela Dones says:

    Hello ma’am.ask ko lng po kasi sa april24 pa mag expired yng nbi clearance ko.kaso pinapakuha nku ng bago.kasi kailangan ko travel abroad at requirements ko po sa pag process ng papers ko,dapat daw ang validity is 6to 8months,pwed na po kaya ako mag renew?thank you po.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes po pwede ka po mag NBI Clearance Renewal kung gusto mo upang makakuha ng latest or recently issued. Wala pong problema yun.

      • hy says:

        kat nasa japan ako hindi akop makapapasok sa door to door quick renewal paano yun any help guys need it badly here in japan

        • Kat Delano says:

          Kung meron kang kamag anak na willing mag aaccept ng nbi clearance quick renewal mo dito sa philippines, pwede un. Mag bigay ka lang ng copy ng passport mo sa taong mag rereceive dito sa pilipinas.

  • Lori says:

    I never expected to receive my NBI today. I renewed my NBI through Quick Renewal on Feb 10, then I paid the P355 fee on Feb 11, and my NBI clearance arrived today, Feb 12. Take note, I live in Tanza, Cavite, that’s why I didn’t expect that my clearance will arrive today. Thanks NBI for the prompt service! I highly recommend this Quick Renewal. It’ll save you so much of your time.

  • Lori says:

    I never expected to receive my NBI today. I renewed my NBI through Quick Renewal on Feb 10, then I paid the P355 fee on Feb 11 thru LBC, and my NBI clearance arrived today, Feb 14 (correction on the date)– it only took 3 days from the date of my paypment. Take note, I live in Tanza, Cavite, that’s why I didn’t expect that my clearance will arrive today. Thanks NBI for the prompt service! I highly recommend this Quick Renewal. It’ll save you so much of your time.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Actually, ako din po 3 days lang ang itinagal ng NBI CLEARANCE Quick Renewal. Na deliver po agad ito sa aming condo located in BGC Taguig City. Thanks for your input! God bless!

  • PABIE says:

    hi good day, can someone answer my query??…nagrenew ako ng NBI through online QUICK RENEWAL…then nagbayad narin po ako sa bayad center…kaso nung pagpunta ko sa NBI branch na malapit samin ang sabi antayin ko lng daw sa bahay kasi e dediliver daw yun door to door…pero tinanung ko cla kung kaylan darating..ang sabi mga 7 days daw…pero hanggang ngayun mahigit ng 7 days pero hindi parin po dumadating..nag messege din po ako dun sa contact nila sa website ng NBI online pero wala pong response…anu gagawin ko..salamat po sa answer.God bless

    • PABIE says:

      feb.08 pa po ako nagbayad sa bayad center.and until now wala pa po NBI ko.thanks

      • joy says:

        na received niyo na po ba?

        • Rhyan says:

          yung sakin feb 12 ako nag online paid na pero diko pa nakuha feb 28 na eh! huhuhuhu kelangan pa nmn yun ng pinsan koo

  • Sammy says:

    Hi! Just want to ask if this is applicable overseas?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Pwede po kung ipapadala mo din sa local (PH) address mo. Pero kung sa abroad mo po papadirecho, im not sure, parang hindi po pwede.

  • Jay De Jesus says:

    Tanong ko lang bakit hindi ako makapag-proceed sa payment? “You are not eligible for the quick renewal service.” Yan po ang lumalabas pag nagseselect na ako kung saan magbabayad.
    Additional question, kung pwede bang personal na akong pupunta for renewal, pwede po ba yun?
    Naalala ko kasi na may sinabi sakin ung personnel na pwede mo dalhin ang personal copy mo at pipila na lang sa cashier, ipapaconfirm ko lang po. Salamat!

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes pwede po iyon. Pero kailangan mo muna mag secure ng appointment sa NBI CLEARANCE ONLINE bago mo magawa un.

  • Carla Marie Rodrigo says:

    How can I verify that my payment was successfully processed? I paid mine in a 711 branch.

  • Raz says:

    Hi! Tried the quick renewal feature just now and it went through, will settle my fees soon once I get sure about this single issue – I already moved to my province 2 years ago, I got my old clearance in Baguio way back 2016 pa and I was living there then. I updated my profile with my current address and entered the same in the address asked for the quick renewal. Yung current address ko na ba yung mailalagay for the clearance that I availed and will be paying for? My worry is that baka naman maideliver nga siya pero old address naman ang nakalagay. Help please? Thank you.

    • Marisol says:

      Same case rin po sa akin miss. Late ko na po narealize na baka hindi mabago yung address, for payment na rin sana ako. May circumstances po kaya pag hindi nakabayad on time or di na talaga tinuloy due to an honest mistake? Salamat po.

      • Nyl nyl says:

        Hi sis, may fill out ka pa nmn na address don kung sa idedeliver yung nbi mo yun nga lng sa dami ng nagsasabi na ilang weeks or months na wala pa ang nbi mas ok pa cguro kung wag na mag door to door hehe naisip ko din sana pinuntahan ko nalang pla kesa maghintay ka ng maghintay , tapos wala nmn update ng nbi natin

  • Ilyn legaspi says:

    How many days before you deliver my clearance after my transaction and payment? Thanks

    • Rhyan says:

      16 days ko na hinintay pero wala pa rin yung NBI

  • Jade says:

    Hi po,

    Hawak ko po ay 2019 na NBI at kukuha sana ng panibago for immigration purposes pero nung nag try ako sa quick renewal ay di ako qualified para sa door to door?

    Nais ko sana mag renew online at ipa deliver sa kapatid ko sa Mandaluyong.

    Salamat sa sasagot.

  • Michelle Ann Santos says:

    Hi i just want to clarify po. You received the document after 3 days. When you applied before, fo you usually get your clearance within the day or you’ve been asked to come back after a week just because your name is very common. Thanks.

  • Isidro Noble Jr says:

    Same here Feb.10 pa ako nag apply quick renewal para less hassle lalo pa na hassle until now not yet able to receive my nbi clearance sa 7eleven din nagbayad problem is wala confirmation na complete na yong process bakit ganon. ?

  • Andrea says:

    I was able to have my old NBI ID no verified thru the quick renewal service however upon processing payment, a pop out message came out: You are not eligible for the quick renewal service.

    I would like to know the possible reasons?
    Thanks in advance

    • Kat Delano says:

      POssible meron ka pong NBI Clearance HIT kaya kailangan mo ng personal Appearance kaya ka po hindi maka avail ng QUick Renewal.

      • angel says:

        Hi ms kat delano.
        Clarify ko lang po, regarding sa quick renewal, kung may “Hit” po kahit na may old nbi id need pa rin mag apply as new applicant and personal appearance?
        Ako po kasi laging “hit” i hope po sana thru quick renewal di na ako maghintay ng almost 2weeks for realeasing if possible po?

  • rizza says:

    Nandito me sa canada now pwede ko ba gamitin ang quick renewal sa online para magrenew,Sa address ba canada address o pilipinas address ilalagay?

  • Jessica says:

    I paid thru Paano po ba malaman kung na-process yung renewal ko? I paid 325.00. Ty



  • Jonel says:

    I don’t pay using Bayad center but LBC directly I showed the account number and the system verified that 155 must pay but instead I payed 355 as for the additional delivery charge. Is it ok? I have receipt at 355 and I’m so worried that I’ve done wrong. Still it’s my third day that I’m waiting hoping for my Clearance to come.

  • Jonel says:

    Sana ayusin nila ang system pano nalang kami na nanghuhula sa gagawin walang concrete, at easy way.. sana automatic at computed na pag bigay ng account number samin kung.. kung may additional 200 delivery at 25 system fee..
    diko ko alam kung mababawi ko pa binayad ko…. 155 lang dapat babayaran eh ginawa kong 355 add 200 kasi ayun natatakot akong invalid… pwede ko bang puntahan sa malapit na NBI para makuha ko kahit talo ako sa 200 delivery charge..

    • JONEL says:

      I received the NBI clearance, after 1 week if you pay at the LBC with your account number, the system will show 130 only but you must tell to the counter that you must pay the amount of 355pesos (130nbi+200delivery+25nbi-system). Sana maka-help ako sa ibang di pa alam… But it would be better if you have bayadcenter account or Paypal to pay 368.90pesos

      • Felomino Belarmino says:

        sir pahelp nman , nkabayad n po aq s bayad center 355 pero hindi p din dmarating ung nbi q 1week n po nkalipas,

  • Rolf Temme says:

    I have been waiting for the delivery of my renewed NBI clearance for 4 weeks now. In thes system my clearance appears to be valid. I tried to have the clearance to be printed out in the Imus field office but they referred me to main office. What can I do, resp. what is going wrong?

  • Regina yamit says:

    Good day Sir/ Mam, I need help because I need NBI clearance for US. And my last NBI in Philippines was on 2011, it was no NBI ID #. I need your advice on what to do and how to take the NBI in which I’ m still in Saudi..
    Hope for your help
    Regina Yamit

    • Kat Delano says:

      Kung nasa abroad ka po at gusto mong kumuha ng NBI CLEARANCE, kailangan mo pong magpunta sa Philippine Consulate para dun po mag apply.

  • Faith says:

    Good evening! Paano po ba i-cancel yung nbi clearance quick renewal “door-to-door”? May transaction po kasi ako ng pick-up.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Im not sure how pero pag nabayaran mo na po parang hindi mo na macacancel yun. Sorry, i cant help you. Di ko pa kasi naexperience magpacancel eh.

  • Lia says:

    Sinubukan ko yung Quick Renewal Door-to-Door. Kaso pagcheck ko ng Transactions ko sa NBI account, walang nakalagay na pending though may reference number na ko. Nakakalito kung pumasok na ba sa kanila yung transaction at pwede na ako magbayad o mababalewala lang. Sayang yung Php300+ pag nagkataon.

  • Vincent ian Bustamante says:

    Where they can identify the delivere address??

  • lemzki says:

    been waiting 5 days. paid 355. Nothing so far.

  • Lettie says:

    Hi po..ask ko lang pano makkapagrenew ang anak ko nasa labas ng philippines at hnd na nya matandaan yung nbi id number nya? Kailangan po nya kasi sa inaplayan nyang work, pls po tell me what to do to help my daugther needed nya kasi para sa bacjground check sa inaplayan nyang work outside the philippines,thank you po

    • Ashley Dimaano says:

      Good day! I would just like to know where could I ask or follow up my NBI clearance since its been 3 weeks when I applied for my NBI clearance renewal. As of today, my NBI clearance has not been delivered. Thank you

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hi, pakibasa nalang po ang article na ito tungkol sa pagaapply ng NBI Clearance while in Abroad —>

  • FCabaylo says:

    Hi! I did this process just today and payed 370 in 7/11. Upon payment they asked for the contact number but no notification that says my payment is completed. Pano ba malalaman ung status ng clearance? Maghihintay lng ba ako kung kelan darating wala bang mga update na ibibigay while im waiting for it? Thanks!

    • Kat Delano says:

      Try to check your email for the confirmation of your NBI Clearance Quick Renewal payment. Also, keep the receipt. But I’m not sure kung pwede ang sa 7-Eleven. Kung merong ECPAY sa 7-Eleven, then its fine. Pero ang nirerecognize lang sa pagkakaalam ko eh Bayad Center, MultiPay at ECPAY.

      • Fcabaylo says:

        Received mine just today! Fast and hassle free! ???

        • Kat Delano says:

          That’s great! ilang days po?

  • Ids says:

    How do we change the purpose from “local employment” to “for board exam purposes” using the quick renewal delivery system?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Wala na pong ganyang klaseng purpose of NBI Clearance. Multi purpose na po lahat at tatanggapin na po yan sa lahat ng requirements.

  • Mila says:

    Hi! Nag apply ng renewal ang Mother ko, for pick up sa March 26 but before that bumalik sya sa branch ng NBI Branch Calamba Laguna since na taga doon sya para sabihin na ipadeliver yung NBI clearance nya sa US Embassy dito sa US, kung hindi pwede is sa Manila US Embassy since yung ang recquired para sa application nya but ang sabi sa kanya ng whoever employee sa NBI (Calamba, Laguna) ” IS ITS NOT PART OF THIER JOB TO SEND HER CLEARANCE TO WHERE EVER SHE RECQUEST”.. My Mother is 73 years old and she had a mistake not specifically recquest to mail it to the US Embassy at first but she went back the next day to that NBI branch before her clearance pick up date to ask them and let them know that she need Her NBI clearance to be deliver to the US Embassy Manila. Is it true that its not possible for NBI to mail it to wherever address the applicant recquest? How come the quick renewal online deliver the applicant’s clearance to wherever address they recquest? while sa Mother ko is hindi pwede? can’t they help her for what she need since she is a Female Senior Citizen? Hoping to hear any explanation or advice regarding my Mother’s situation. Thank You

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes, hindi po responsibility ng NBI Clearance na ipadala ito sa US Embassy dyan sa US.

      As for NBI Clearance Quick Renewal, ibang case po iyon dahil within metro manila yun at ang nagpoprocess nung delivery ay ang LBC.

  • Diana says:

    Hi. I applied for nbi clearance quick renewal last March 26,2019. However, i havent paid for it yet. Is it still valid or do i have to apply again?

  • Diana says:

    Hi. I applied for nbi clearance quick renewal last February 26,2019. However, i havent paid for it yet. Is it still valid or do i have to apply again?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Not anymore, mag apply ka nalang po ulit ng bagong NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

  • Alyssa says:

    I have paid my NBI Clearance subject for renewal since March 5 but I did not received any email from them for the reference number. I haven’t received any delivery since then. NBI cellphone number cannot be reached. Where can I ask regarding the status of my delivery?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Ang problem po sa NBI Clearance Quick Renewal ay wala pong email confirmation na matatanggap, isa pa, wala din pong malinaw na instruction sa NBI Clearance Website kung saan magfofollow up. Kaya po all you have to do is to wait nalang.

      • Aya says:


  • Eunique says:

    Hindi po ba kailangan palitan yung picture sa clearance? I had my clearance 2 years ago and ngayon ko lang siya ulit irerenew. I don’t think I look the same when I had my clearance. Would that be a problem?

    • Kat Delano says:

      wag ka magalala, kung magaapply ka ng NBI clearance ngayon, kukunan ka ng picture at maaupdate na yan.

  • Reyna Miguel says:

    Hi how will i know the status of my application if i have paid in person through a bayad center?(savemore),thanks
    Just wanna follow up my application, payment done a day ago, ref no. MPTFRSXOG7, thanks, will it be posted in my transactions?thanks

  • Caselyn says:

    I have the same issue with nbi wala pong confirmation no.if nareceive na ba yung payment ngbayad ako thru bayad center for door to door.How will I know if legit yun? Tama ba na ibigay lang ung code sa bayad center and thats it?

  • nylnyl says:

    Anu ba yan 10 days have passed wala pang nbi na dinedeliver need ko na po for requirements, kala ko quick delivery hayss sana pala pick up ko nlng kakayamot nmn to wala mnlng tracking kung nasan na kung dadating paba sayamg din nmn ibinayad nmin don sana ma improved nmn serbisyo nyo

    • Rosemar Cavile says:

      Same here March 18 ko pa binayaran until now wala pa den. hindi makontak lahat number na naka lagay sa help desk.

  • Christine C Cabello says:

    Hello po. Applicable po ba ang quick renewal kahit nasa abroad ako? I- aaddress ko na lang sa Philippines kung saan ako nakatira doon? Pwede po ba iyon o kailangan ko pa din magsend ng mga documents ko sa NBI Taft? Sana po matulungan nyo ako. Thanks

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes po, pwede naman po iyon. Mas maganda nga na mag quick renewal ka nalang kaysa magpadala ka pa ng documents sa NBI Taft. Pero bago mo ito gawin, magsend ka ng valid IDs (scanned copy) at authorization letter to receive your NBI Clearance or package from the courier na magdedeliver dun sa home address mo. Mag assign ka din ng tao na magrereceive nito. Let me know pag may questions ka pa.

  • veronica d. velasco says:

    ask lng kung me hit o kapangalan ka hindi ba mkikita sa data base agad s database kung hindi ikaw yon.ngrenew ng clearance ang husband ko dito s bacoor,cavite.may hit dw sya at sa april 22 pa release..computerized n bkit npakatagal naman yta..iopen lng nila s database makikita n nila yon record db?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Makikita po ito agad pero dahil ang sistema sa NBI Clearance ay kailangan ihold ang NBI Clearance ng applicant na may HIT, kailangan itong icheck for further verification at pabalikin or iissue sa ibang araw.

  • KZ Vicedo says:

    Hi, nag try po ako nitong online renewal bakit po ang nalabas ay di daw po allowed mag door to door ang renewal? eh 2015 naman po ako kumuha. ayaw pa din pong i access sa online delivery

    • Kat Delano says:

      Possible po na wala po ang iyong NBI Clearance Number sa kanila ng database. Kailangan mo talagang magpunta sa NBI Clearance Branch upang magapply. Makakaavail ka na ng QUick renewal next time.

  • Tin says:

    My problem po is wala ung address ng brgy ko sa list nla so i can’t proceed. Ganun po ba talaga yun, hindi lahat ng brgy nasa list nila?

  • Kare ma says:

    Nag avail ako ng quick renewal. More than 2 weeks ay hindi pa rin na deliver sa akin. May difference po ba sa days ng delivery kapag ang ire renew ay travel abroad? Anong ggawin ko ngayon? Hihintayin pa rin or magpunta sa NBI office? Thank you,

    • Kat Delano says:

      Paghihintay lang po ang maipapayo ko sayo. Wala naman pong difference sa pagrenew ng travel abroad. Wala na po palang Travel Abroad na NBI Clearance dahil lahat po ng iniissue ngayon ay multipurpose na po.

  • Loren Joy Tan Angus says:

    I haven’t receive my NBI clearance yet. I applied for the NBI Quick Renewal on March 20, 2019 but until know I haven’t received it.

  • Ronaldo Miguel Aguila says:

    My payment does not reflect on my account.

    Ref. No. MP0WTPLLJ5

  • Mairose says:

    I need to change my status to married but my nbi clearance still not yet expired and currently im residing in saudi arabia..what will i do?..i need it urgent..hoping your quick response..thankyou

    • Kat Delano says:

      It’s your call po, ikaw po bahala kung gusto mo na palitan. Pero kung hindi mo pa naman gagamitin ang iyong NBI Clearance, ok lang na wag muna at hintayin ito na mag expire. Saka ka nalang po mag palit ng marital status kapag nagrenew ka na.

      • Jacq says:

        Anu po ba wala po bang pagbabago? Nagbabayad nmn po kami ng tama bt ang tagal nmn dumating

  • Je says:


  • mae catibayan says:

    Ayos po pala dto DMING REKLAMO SA D AGAD PAG DEL8VER BUTI SANA KUNG MADELAYED LNG NG ilang araw eh inabot na ng bwan wala pa? Anyare dapat ata i post to eh kakaintay bka kumuha nlng ng new application ng nbi kesa dto boble na nga wla kpa matatanggap wews paki ayos nmn ho maayos kami g nagbabayad dto ayusin nyo nmn serbisyo nyo need na po namin yung nbi kaya nga ito pinili namin kaso nakakapag sisi tlga

  • Nyl poblete says:

    After a month madedeliver na nbi ko, kung d pa tatawagan d pa nila ipa process, ganito nangyari, kakahanap ko ng contact number ng nbi nakita ko to ss ng site nila, 09270475871tawagan nyo yan tapos mg send kayo ng email picture ng resibo nyo na nagbayad ng 355 make sure kita yung reference number name at date ng payment, picture-ran nyo yung resibo send sa tapos tawagan nyo yang number paconfirm nyo kung dumating yung email nyo, tapos aasikasuhin na nila once confirm na at na validate na payment nyo saka plng nila papadala yung nbi nyo sakin kahapon ko tinawagan april 11 april 13 nandito na mata track nyo kc bbgay nila tracking number sa lbc sana makatulong godbless

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hello Nyl, salamat sa pag share ng iyong experience. Malaking tulong ang impormasyon na iyong binigay para sa mga gusto mag follow up ng kanilang pending NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

    • Elmer P. Villanor says:

      paano kong ang name ko ay nasa hit list? ilang araw ma release or ma deliver ang NBI clearance ko. thanks

      • Kat Delano says:

        10 working days po bago marelease ito.

  • abigail arienzano says:

    Paano malalaman kung kelan ang exact date ng pagdeliver nyo? Ni wala man email or pasabi kung kelan dapat i-expect?

  • KCPOJ says:

    I processed mine apr11 kaso ngayon ko lang naalala na i have to pay thru bayad center pala. Nasanay kasi ako Cash Upon Delivery. May expiration ba yung reference code? Valid pa kaya yun after 5-8days unpaid? Pls reply ☹️

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hindi na po valid yun. Mag create ka nalang ulit ng bagong transaction sa iyong NBI Clearance Online Account,

  • Charisse Gynn says:

    Thank you po maam kat sa lahat ng information about quick renewal ng nbi.?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Wala pong anuman Charisse at nakatulong ako sa pagkuha ng iyong NBI Clearance.

  • Alicia Insorio Lopez says:

    I applied my NBI renewal thru online last March 19 2019. And still not delivered in my home address, what will i do? Where can I get my NBI clearance?

  • May says:

    Hello po ano nangyaro if ang nakalagay not allowed to do quick renewal door to door delivery. last nbi clearance ko po last 2014 pa.

    Hope someone can answer me.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Kailangan mong magset ng appointment at pumunta mismo sa NBI Clearance branch para mag apply. yun po ang kailangan mong gawin.

  • aya delavin says:


  • Aiza says:

    Hi. I tried to do this via iphone but there’s no Purpose field kaya ayaw magproceed to payment. Dapat po ba desktop lang ito iaccess?

    • Kat Delano says:

      PWede po sa phone. Wala na po talagang purpose ang NBI Clearance dahil po Multi purpose na po ang iniissue.

      • Dyanne says:

        I have the same experience sa iPhone. I tried accessing it today pero walang purpose field na lumilitaw. Kapag nagproceed to payment ka naman, may error message na nagsasabing “purpose ID must be field”. Kaya hindi rin ako makacomplete ng transaction.

        • Kat Delano says:

          I try mo nalang po sa desktop para mas madali.

          • Zerline says:

            I tried sa desktop pero lumalabas “temporarily not available”. Sa iphone lang lumalabas pero same problem hindi lumalabas yung purpose field. Ang labo 🙁
            Any tips?

          • Zerline says:

            By the way, I also tried sa desktop to just set an appointment kasi hindi talaga pumapasok yung Quick Renewaal. But pagdating sa payment method for the online appointment, once clicked, lumalabas “Service Internal Error”. Walang reference number so can’t proceed to pay. I tried for both online banking and over the counter. Same result. Paano na makakaapply for nbi clearance if this is not working?

          • Kat Delano says:

            Pansamantalang itinigil ang process ng NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. Wala pa pong sinasabi kung kelan ito babalik.

  • bernadeth m. gazzingan says:

    hi just asked if theres a customer service hotline of nbi. i made a quick renewal since april 2 2019 but until now i didn’t receive yet my nbi clearance.
    thank you

  • Reggie says:

    Hello, yung forgot password po ng ssubmit pero wala naman na rreceive sa email. Na try ko na ilan beses wala pa din. Saka yung quick renewal nde din gumagawa (temporarily not available). Ano pa po pwede gawin para mg renew online? Salamat po sa ssagot.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Magregister ka nalang po ng new account sa NBI Clearance Online, yun lamang po ang maipapayo ko since temporarily not available ang Quick Renewal.

  • Christy Ramos says:

    Hi i would like to ask gaano na katagal down ng system ng NBI for quick renewal

  • Bibang says:

    The system’s always down. And from the comments below it seems like the QRS doesn’t work well. I was excited to hear about this new feature, pero palpak na naman pala.

    • Kat Delano says:

      This month po nila pansamantalang itinigal ang NBI Clearance Quick Renewal at walang abiso kung kailan ito itutuloy.

  • Mai says:

    kung magpapa renew po ako mismo sa office ng nbi makukuha rin po ba agad?

    • Kat Delano says:

      depende po kung may hit ka, papabalikin ka. kung wala naman makukuha mo agad ito.

      • Mark says:

        Nbi clearance ko 2010 pa, pwd pa po ba e renew, mag walk in nlang ako sa nbi officr makukuha ka rin ba agad

        • Kat Delano says:

          No, new application of nbi clearance na po ang dapat mong gawin. at wala na pong walk in application ng NBI Clearance. Need na po ang online application.

  • erica says:

    Applicable po ba to kahit nasa abroad ka?

  • Madel Tiggs says:

    Good afternoon sir/madam, I’ve been to 2 different 7eleven and they refused coz no connections ,Went to LBC and cebuana says offline can I pay it during my appointment? I dont mind falling in line.My appointment is on May 30 .Thanks…

  • Cherry says:

    Hello p.o.,meron npo bah kau update if Kaplan nla ibabalik any quick renewal?

    • Kat Delano says:

      wala pong advise kung kelan ibabalik ang NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

  • Julie Ann Lucero says:

    bakit po kapag mag process payment na po pinipindot ko po yung bayad center meron lumalabas “otp field is required” ilang beses kona po tina try for 3 days ayaw talaga. hindi ko po ma renew agad2 yung nbi ko. salamat

  • EJ says:

    I cannot process quick renewal since I am encountering this error: “Sorry you are not allowed to do Quick Renewal with door-to-door delivery”.

    Can anyone please explain or help me with this?

    Thank you.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Temporarily not available po ang NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

  • Mariecris Mahusay says:

    Asked ko lang magrerenew ako ng NBI ko pwedi ko na ba irenew kaht ang expiration nia is July 5 2019 pa..

    Ilang besis na ko nagtry tapos kapag pinipindot ko na ung Bayad center lumalabas un otp field so hindi nagtutuloy tuloy ung process..

    Tapos Paano po i edit yung information magpapalit ako ng address

  • Lee says:

    Bakit wala pong PRC ID dun sa Type of ID? Hindi po ba pwede PRC?

  • Estella Ruales says:

    I apply for NBI quick delivery last march 2019 and i put the address of our Brgy. Hall so it will not hard to find the address but until now I always go to the Brgy. Hall asking if my NBI clearance is deliver but until now it was not delivered.How can I get it?What happened? Our can i get it at NBI main office?

  • Totie says:

    Good day sir/madam panu kung di po madetect ko? Panu ko marenew? Xpiration date nya is december 2019 po.. ty.. pakisagot po..

  • andrew benitez says:

    good day po nag fill up ako ng form nung march and accidentally schedule my renewal but i was unable to go because I am currently unemployed at that time and have no money to pay the said application, my question how can i delete and refile application and can i apply for quick renewal door to door service, i could not go personally to obtain my nbi clearance due to that I am working from monday to friday 8am to 6pm for daily income only and could not afford to close or not go to work because i am only depending on my daily income for my needs and my family daily needs for expense. i am appealing and requesting for your approval to my application for quick renewal of nbi clearance and other concern to be granted in my favor thank you for your kind consideration god bless.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hi Andrew, unfortunately, pansamantalang unavailable ang NBI Clearance Quick renewal at hindi ito pwede iavail ng public. Back to old process po tayo ngayon na need mo magset ng appointment sa NBI Clearance Online website, bayaran ito sa alinmang authorized payment centers and puntahan ito sa pinili mong branch at sa oras at araw na iyong schedule.

  • Eli says:

    Hi! Would like to renew my NBI clearance through the Quick Renewal Delivery service but it says ‘Temporarily Not Available’ on the NBI website. May I know when would it be available? Thank you! 🙂

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hello, sorry but wala pong timeline na naibigay kung kailan nila ibabalik ang NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. Sayang nga eh, napakagandang feature nito at hassle free.

    • elii says:

      hi nagtry po ako ng quick renewal and it says that it is not allowed for me, but my last renewal was last 2015?

  • J says:

    Hi! I just want to ask, is changing of status (single to married) considered as a new application? Do I have to do a new registration to the NBI website? Or perhaps, do you have a step by step instructions specific for this situation? Thanks in advance.

  • Jan Mari Gozum says:

    I was not able to proceed its asking me for a OTP required can somebody help me

    • Shayne says:

      Same problem. Please help.

    • Shayne says:

      Same problem. Please help us.

    • Ruth says:

      Same problem. Please heeelp

    • Sha says:

      One Time Password, sinisend po yan sa email na ginamit nyo or sa mobile number nyo

  • Leo says:

    I am applying for a renewal online, I am here in New Zealand, I need to renew it for Working Visa Renewal Requirement, my question is will i enter my address here or my address back home in the Philippines? because i want it to be delivered here in New Zealand.. thank you hope for quick reply

  • BC57 says:

    Hi, will the NBI quick newal work for foreigners? Usually we fill out a fingerprint card. Thanks in advance.

  • Clarisse Anne Brabante says:

    I tried this nbi quick renewal, pag magproceed nako sa payment which is bayad center, ang sinasabi “otp is required” diko alam kung ano yun nafill up ko naman lahat ng kailangan ifill up.

  • Jell says:

    Hi, nag try po ako ng quick renewal kaso pag click ko po sa bayad center, kailangan daw po ng otp. Paano po yun? Pa help po.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hello, paano ka po nakapag signup ng NBI Clearance QUICK Renewal? Ang alam ko po ay pansamantala itong itinigil.

  • Bea says:

    When will this be fixed? I can’t process since it says that an OTP is required.

  • Jero says:

    Where can I see the OTP field?

  • Jason says:

    Otp field where can I find it?kasi laging may nakalagay na otp field requiredjason

  • Wennie says:

    Im having a hard time looking for a word “click here “how to apply nbi schedule or appointment… I thought renew of my nbi much easier and quicker but its pissed me off instead ?

  • Palmfairy says:

    Bakit po temporary unavailable and Quick Renewal?

    This is supposedly convenient for us na wala sa Pilipinas. Kindly fix it po.

  • Ruby says:

    Nagrenew po aq ng nbi ng asawa q s manila,kaso po may isang letra mali bka po kc questionin sa imigration pano po kaya pwedeng gawin!

  • Edna says:

    Hi, in my case I dont see the box where I can put the purpose field. Just the address and then when i click next and choose how I will pay any of the options is not letting me to proceed. Having error that purpose id field is required. What to do? Theres no purpose id field that i can see here

  • Yumi Ong says:

    Hello po! Good afternoon! Would just like to ask some help re quick renewal. I can get through the quick renewal and verify my ID, however, can’t proceed with payment. When I double checked, the “purpose field” is not appearing on my browser – just my picture, name and delivery address. How do I go about this po?

    Thank u very much

  • Bong says:

    Purpose field not showing, cant proceed to payment. Pls look into this matter. Very convenient pa naman ang delivery option. Thanks.

  • James parinas says:

    Renewal for banking porposes

  • Jocelyn Llego says:

    Available pa po ba ngayon yung quick renewal door to door delivery

  • Mae Ardie says:

    Im trying the quick renewal po ng NBI clearance.. However, hindu po ako makapag proceed kasi may hinahanap pa sila na OTP whick is hindi ko alam kung san ko ilalagay.. please help po.

  • Kimberly Castillo says:

    Hi NBI,

    Good day!

    As of the moment, why quick renewal delivery is temporarily unavailable?
    I hope you can address our concern.

    Thank you! God bless!

    • Julie France says:

      Available na po ba ngayun ang quick renewal? I was trying to access it however hindi po ako makapag proceed sa payment part. What should we do po?

  • Jerome De Guzman says:

    Good day!
    I’m confused about the renewal of NBI. I have to renew my NBI because it’s already 10 months, I need it within 6 months only for my employment. So I renewing it through online but the second step needs to sign up and requesting for a new email add. I’m confused and I doubt why it requesting a new email, but I already had a present and an active email address, and I used it before. Can you help me please?
    Please notify me. Thank you.



  • kaye says:

    OTP field is required??what does that mean??i’ve accomplished all the required portion but i still cant proceed?help please

    • Bhey says:

      They’re not replying. Tss.

  • Bob says:

    Just attempted to apply online for renewal of my NBI Clearance. At very first step a pop-up box informed me that “Quick Renewal Delivery Temporarily Not Available” (10:20am August 2nd 2019)

  • Ivytana says:

    Hi good day ask ko kang kukuha kc ako ng NBI ko for abroad ..pano ba ba gagawin ko mag new account po ako for registration online ?? MARRIED napo ako , Kc ang last na kuha ko pa po sa NBI ko single ako , thank you .

  • Christian says:

    Hello po. Bakit di po gumagaba yung quick renewal?

  • Anne says:

    I think kailangan niyo pa ayusin yung site niyo for renewal. Tried it few times pero hindi lumalabas yung boxes ng PURPOSE at PURPOSE DETAIL. Walang option na ganun. Please update it

    • iago says:

      Agree hundred percent on this. Just tried few mins back and same issues as you described.

      Tried to use their Contact Us page and provide the feedback about these missing fields but the system threw an error related to network offline, both as an authenticated user nor unauthenticated.

    • iago says:

      Agree hundred percent on this. Just tried few mins back and same issues as you described.

      Tried to use their Contact Us page and provide the feedback about these missing fields but the system threw an error related to network offline, both as an authenticated user nor unauthenticated.

  • Len Pantig says:

    Anu bang otp? Nkailang ulit n ko ..

  • Jayson says:

    Pano po kung nag aaply ako ng “Quick renewal” then meron pala ako Hit?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Kung Quick Renewal po ang inyong inapplayan, wala ka na pong hit nyan dahil renewal na po yan. ibig sabihin na clear na po ung hit mo kung meron man dati ay naclear na ito. irereprint nalang po ang luma mong NBI Clearance.

      • Emma says:

        Kaya nga. Di naman magamit. Imbes di na pumunta sa office nila para di doble pagod. Hays.

  • Bhey says:

    Ilang araw na po ko nasstressed. Ano ba yang OTP field is required na yan. Nasasayang na po araw ko kahihintay. Need ko na po asap yung nbi ko. Hays. Tsaka pwede pong mag-reply naman kayo? Ang dami ng comment, wala kayo reply.

  • Gabriel c maligaya jr says:

    Pwede po b mg appointment s cellphone or ppnta tlga ako s nbi

    • Kat Delano says:

      yes pwede po. basta magsign up ka sa nbi clearance online website and have an appointment sa napili mong branch.

  • galitnagalit says:

    tangina walang kwenta yung website. temporary unavailable yung door to door tapos hingi ng hingi ng otp at kung anong anong pop up basura mpota

  • Gringo says:

    Quick Renewal Delivery is Temporarily Not Available

  • michael says:

    how about payment in 7/11? is this applicable?

  • Lody says:

    Is the quick renewal available if your out of the country?

  • Jayson edic says:

    Renew nbi

  • Katrina says:

    I’m trying to renew my NBI clearance online, but when clicking the quick renewal, it says TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. Is the system just down for now or will this be down for a longer period of time?
    Looking at the previous comments it seems it’s been down for some time.
    Would appreciate an announcement that the system is not available so we don’t waste time reading and figuring out what the steps are only to find out we can’t use the service. Thank you.

  • gladys says:

    what if po wala ako sa bahay due to work at representative po ang mgrereceive ibibigay po ba ng courier?TIA

  • Evelyn Barrinuevo says:

    Panu po mKapag renew ng nbi online?

  • ronna says:

    Paano po pag hindi lumalabas yung field ng Purpose at Purpose Detail sa mobile browser? Kaya laging nag-ootp required. Pag sa desktop naman nag-open, naka-temporary unavailable yung Quick Renewal. Yung totoo po? Ano ba talaga tong system nyo?

    • Emma says:

      Kaya nga. Di naman magamit. Imbes di na pumunta sa office nila para di doble pagod. Hays.

    • Kat Delano says:

      wala na pong “Purpose” field. lahat po ay multi purpose na, meaning kahit ano pa po ang iyong pag gagamitin ay pwede na po ang nbi clearance.

  • Dasil A. Sarahan says:

    hi. fresh graduate lang po ako wala pa po mga valid id na iba. kung pwedi may ma prepresent naman ako Brgy. Clearance po!

    • Kat Delano says:

      Gamitin mo po ang iyong Student ID, dalhin mo na din ang certificate of registration na issued ng iyong School kung andyan pa. Papayagan ka po nyan.

  • Jona Flores says:

    Hi paano po pag renew NBI dito po ako Cyprus 2017 pa na expire gusto ko po sana yong home delivery thank you

  • JHing says:

    Hello po. Ask lang po ako kng pwde bang magrenew ng NBI sa pinas na kahit nandito po ako sa ibang bansa? Pano po? Salamat!

  • Aivy says:

    jusko! pasabugin nyo n nga yung quick renewal na yan sira nmn ang system nila! dmi na nagrreklamo dti pa pla ung problema n yun bat hanggang ngayon d parin naayos!

  • jm says:

    paano po mag renew ng NBI mga sir/maam 🙂 ano po ba requirements ? pls po

  • Ella says:

    Kailangan ko na mag renew aapply akong work ulit tapos OTP eme kung anu-anong error/pop-up. Pahirap naman website di na ito Quick renewal kung kaya naman pumunta ng nbi office e yun nalang.

  • Lea says:

    Do you deliver if holidays?

  • jhun says:

    Ayusin nyo nman trabaho nyo, syang lang binabayad sa inyo naming mga tax payers, ang tagal nang problema n yan hinde p rin maayos. dapat p bng idulog ito kay digong. pambhira,

  • peenoise primate race says:

    Quick Renewal Delivery:

    Temporarily Not Available

    Good job, monkeys! More fun in the Fail-ippines.

  • Wilmer domaboc says:


  • Joselito C. Atienza says:

    Where can i get the application form for nbi clearance renewal?thank you and God bless.

  • Melinda Mehta says:

    What if I have my old NBI clearance last 2014 and I need to renew,,but I’m here in Dubai how was the process or what is the procedure ?

  • Mimi G says:


    NBI Clearance Quick renewal is “Temporarily Not Available”. When will this be fixed?


  • Rowena says:

    Why i cant apply online i cant open i want to renew my expire my nbi last april n i need to renew for my pr application i went to the phil consulate here in canada and the person asign in nbi advice me that i will send my expire form to phil n make an aouthorization letter so somebody will process for me qhich i authorize the husband of my sister to process my renewal nbi. Hope it will be process smoothly.

  • georgette may says:

    how can i have my nbi clearance ?? i need for my passport and work, cant you fix it??

  • Mechiel says:

    Paano po mag renew ng NBI how can I get my form?

  • Arjay Manon-og says:



  • Joan pascual says:

    I’ve been linking all the process but still can’t find where to sign up.. I want to renew my nbi clearance thru this way to limit my expense and time going to the agency. Please kindly response if it possible to get my clearance.

  • Irish D.dela cruz says:

    How can i get my form for NBI renewal?

  • Anthony says:

    Im trying to renew my NBI clearance but the “purpose” is not showing up, it only contains my name, picture, and address. Please respond. Thanks!

  • Nicole says:

    Hello, there is a problem.with your website. On PC/desktop, the online service has been “Temporarily Not Available” for the past few weeks now. Please fix that, or at least post updates on ewhen you plan to fix the server. While on mobile, it’s fine until you reach the information page and payment page. The “Purpose” and “Purpose Details” bars do not appear. Then at the payment section, even when i have done the OTP numerous times it still gives me an error. I try to contact the Help desk e-mail, yet it says “Out of Service”
    Please update yours post, or better yet put down the ways to contact the NBI site technicians, because it’s misleading to say there is an easier method when the old method seems more efficient at the moment.

  • ramiro nogadas says:

    You provided too much instructions but you forgot to provide the link to the registration form.

  • Catherine Jo M. agulay says:

    Panu po pagnakalimutan ung email add na ginamit? May chance po ba na maretrive un?

    • Kat Delano says:

      Hindi na po mareretrieve yun. Password lang po ang pwede iretrieve pero ang email address ay hindi. OK lang po na magregister ka ng bagong account gamit ang NBI Online Registration.

  • Ms. Bal says:

    Ask lang po. Bakit otp lababas sa taas ng screen ko.. Di ako maka proceed sa, payment ??

    • Kat Delano says:

      Isesend po ang OTP sa inyong mobile number.

    • Likea says:

      Same issue na-enounter ko 🙁

      • k says:

        same din sa akin. so mobile lang pwede ma-open. sana maresolve na ito at ma-up yung temporarily unavailable.

  • Archie Bicaldo says:

    is this still working? SAbi kasi online, temporary available daw.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Yes po, temporarily unavailable po ang Quick Renewal of NBI Clearance.

  • Nino Jose B Gonzales says:

    Hi. The renewal process is temporarily unavailable. Would you know when it will be restored? Also ano phone number ni NBI so I can call? Been searching online but to no avail.

    Need ko lang for employment. Thank you.

  • Michelle Trinidad says:

    Okay lang po bang Hindi ako mismo ang tatanggap ng nbi clearance if ever na ipadoor to door ko po..

  • Joy Escalante says:

    Thanks for your post 🙂
    But I am trying the quick renewal since Jan 15 this year but an error prompt “temporary not available” always appear.
    I am looking forward as well to try this option.

  • Edward Gaviola says:

    I want to avail the QUICK RENEWAL but my question is , Whay if I have a hit or namesake ? Will they still deliver my NBI CLEARANCE or, Will they ask me to drop by at any NBI office to have my biometrics and pictures ?

    Hoping for immediate reaponse.

    Thank you.

    • Kat Delano says:

      Temporarily unavailable po ang quick renewal ng nbi clearance.

      Kung may hit ka, maveverify naman un nila at idedeliver pa din.

  • Daisy says:

    May estimated date po kaya kung kailan pwedeng magamit uli ang quick renewal feature? Wala po kasi talagang maisingit na time.

  • Jerusalem sarvida adona says:

    Re new po ng nbi

  • Lani s. says:

    You mentioned it can be paid Tru PayPal. I’ve a PayPal acct but not Tru bayad centers. Will it serve as well? And door to door service is valid for abroad, (probably so Kung LBC)?

  • Rosalyn L. Ching says:

    Pwide poba hindi ko ipersonally claim ang renewed nbi clearance halimbawa dumating na ang araw ng appointment ko with nbi?? Magpapadala nalang po ako ng authorization letter. Okay lang poba yan?

  • Carlos says:

    Bakit when I click the NBI CLEARANCE QUICK RENEWAL button, it says ‘Temporarily not available’? Is this just bad timing or has the service been discontinued?

  • Moises daines says:

    Pwde po ba sa cellphone mag pa renewal ng NBi? Or sa cp mag online ng NBI

  • Jhunrey Montero says:


    You have this article posted but the NBI quick renewal option isn’t working, When will this be available?


  • Jhunrey Montero says:

    This might have been helpful but sad to say it is not available. Hope the authorities can fix this.

  • shy says:

    this feature is still down. when can you have it up and running po?

  • Ruby Rosa P. Regacho says:

    I need a nbi renewal

  • Alex Lehman Idia says:

    The website doesn’t show any ‘purpse’ field. I can’t proceed with my transaction.

  • BPR says:

    Is this working now? Do you still deliver even on lockdown? We need it as a requirement thank you

  • Emily says:

    Baka pwedeng ibalik nyo na po ang Quick renewal. Need ko po kasi magrenew ng NBI Clearance.

  • Francisco becina cosico says:

    How to apply nbi renewal clearance

  • Erica G. says:

    Hi Ma’am/Sir!

    I have been accessing the site using my phone but I can’t proceed since there is no “purpose” field on the first screen. When I am using my laptop, it says: “It is temporarily unavailable”.

    Hopefully we could use this application ASAP.


  • E del Puerto says:

    Is the information below is correct if I need to apply for and nbi clearance but I currently live abroad? Please confirm

    The process of how to renew NBI clearance in Canada or any other country abroad involves the following two options.
    a) With a representative You could use a friend or a relative you trust in the Philippines to apply on your behalf. If you have a signed authorization letter, all you need to do is send it to them together with the requirements after an online appointment.
    Send documents to the authorized person in the Philippines.
    They include;
    The old NBI clearance.
    – A letter of authorization.
    – A 2×2 passport-sized photo.
    – A copy of your passport.

    Then follow the procedure below of how to renew NBI Clearance through online. Make an online appointment. It is compulsory and can get done by either yourself or your authorized person. Submit the online application. On the designated day, the authorized individual must physically present the required documents to the “Mail Clearance” section. Other than your documents and authorization letter, the representative must also carry his ID.

  • IAN says:

    Available po ba ang Quick online renewal sa buwang ito?

  • Mary Jane Shan says:

    Hi, IS NBI open now in Insular Square in Mandaue City? I am from Consolacion, Cebu and Insular Square is the nearest NBI I know. I need to renew my NBI for my online job. May I know any suggestion? And if I apply for NBI Quick Renewal, how many days would it take for them to deliver to my address? Thank you.

  • Mary grace gumapac says:


    Nagtry din po aq mag quick renewal, kaso for now service temporarily unavailable. Aware po ba kau f hanggang kelan unavailable ung service? Currently abroad po kami, iaadress lng sana nmin sa friend nmin n going here din by next month pra xa ng mgdadala samin pra ndi n kami mag paDHL pa. Possible kaya n ipareceive nmin sa iba un. Thanks you po sa tutorial

  • Aloha Joy Samporna says:

    Bakit po yung sakin after ng name ko beside ng picture wala pong purpose and purpose detail box na nakalagay? Di tuloy ako makapagproceed sa payment. Sobrang need ko po makapag-renew san po ako pwede makahingi ng tulong?

  • Cristine Caadan says:

    Hello po!
    Bakit po hindi ako maka proceed sa payment lagi po nakagalay is opt filled is required ? paano po yun ? thanks?

  • Bondoc,Ricardo Alojado says:

    Why it is very difficult log in on your can i log in?

  • Ariza Landicho says:

    I tried renewing mine and follow the steps included on this article how ever I can’t proceed to payment before I can’t answer the purpose of the renewal because there is nothing for me to fill in.

  • Marie Pearl Mendoza says:


    I am currently here in US. How can I apply for an NBI Clearance?

  • Elie salloum says:

    I am a foreigner and I need to renew my NBI clearance can I do it online
    if you can advise.


  • jane dimapilis says:

    hello!bkit po di ako mkpagproceed sa payment lagi nlng opt.filled required ang lumalabas.ano po ba ang ggwin?tnx

  • Sheldon says:

    Can I use another person’s paypal account?

  • EJ says:

    Hi, since the country is currently under quarantine due to pandemic, when will the NBI Clearance quick renewal option resume? It would be really helpful (and safe) to majority if the quick renewal option of NBI Clearance would resume. Thank you and hoping for your reply po.


    Good am nagkuha po kasi ako ng NBI last sept 5 and it was released on sept 17. Apparently i checked the NBI at home i noticed n walang signature yung ilalim ng NBI ok lang po kaya un?? Kasi ung previous ko ay may signature ung ilalim ng picture. Di po kaya magka problema ako sa pagpapasahan ko ning NBI. May mga nirerelease po ba na NBI clearance na talagang walang signature sa ilalim ng picture?? Thank you

  • Naomi Navarro says:

    When i click the mode of payment the purpose id is required. But there is no purpose information in my renewal

  • Rey Catalogo Gallardo says:

    Bakit mo mag sign ako .di ako maka pasok.bakit ma faild yung pill up ko.?


    Greetings of love and peace!

    Would like to ask whether NBI Quick Renewal will be available soonest? I badly need to renew my NBI clearance for work purposes. Unfortunately, I need to travel at least five hours or more to reach the nearest NBI branch from our province but due to this pandemic, travels are banned in our province. Quick renewal is my last option and it would be of great help.

    Will be waiting for your positive response on this matter.
    Thank you and God bless!

  • Raunsie Abadiez says:

    Paano po kung iba na po ung adress asawa ko po kasi mag re2new..ung previous adress nmin ang nklgay s dti nyang NBI..ngain po ay lumipat n kmi..di po b ito magkkproblema..kc kung ayun pa rin ang su2ndin..walang mag re2ceive dhil wala n kmi don..sna po ay matulungan nyo po ako..d ko pa po nasu2bukan mag renew online..kya sna po ay may sumgot sa akin..TIA

  • ROLDAN T. MALANG says:

    Hi may I knew why the online renewal is not available and when you will resume kidly inform us. thanks many people waiting for your respond. thanks have a greatday Godbless all

  • ricardo d. villaflor says:

    nbi renewal

  • Mark Nichol Nocetera says:

    nust wanted to ask when shall the quick renewal option become available?

  • Jessica Cabangon says:

    Ask lang po if kailan available ang quick renewal? Thank you!

  • Keann wang says:

    Hi bakit po saaken 200 lang po sya door door?

    • Joezen pascua says:

      Narecve mo na po ba ung nbi nyo sir? 200 lang din bnyda. Ko

      • Janelle says:

        Nakuha niyo na po ba yung inyo? Wala po kasi email confirmation

    • Angel Canceran says:

      Ako din po 200 lang.

    • TheAsian20 says:

      The ₱200.00 is only for delivery. ₱130.00 is for the NBI clearance + ₱25.00 e-payment.
      Have you received your NBI clearance?

      • Laviña says:

        akala ko for 200 lang lahat. need pa po pala na bayaran sa payment center like 7/11 para sa pinaka nbi clearance ?then saka aantayin yung deliver na another 200?am I right po ? all in all 200+170
        =370 tama po ba ?

        • TheAsian20 says:

          Yes, kailangan din mag bayad sa bayad center for the NBI clearance and kasama na rin po ung delivery fee. Yes, tama po ung total na binayaran niyo po. To be clear, hindi po Cash-on-delivery unless otherwise stated.

  • Ma. Alynna Ulbata says:

    My concern is about my clearance. I did apply online on February 18 2020 and they appoint me to get it on March 3, 2020 but I got a hit so that they appoint me again to pick my clearance on March 16 2020 but lockdown came and I can’t pick it up because of the guideline and protocols. Now I don’t have a chance to get it because of my online class.

    May I ask if there’s a chance that you can make it deliver it at home because I really need it and I don’t have time to go outside because of many school works.

    I hope for your immediate response.

    Thank you!

  • Yuki watanabe says:

    I’m sorry, to pay for it online you can either choose to create a bayadcebter account or a paypal account right? You only need to choose Only one right?

  • Marlou cabardo blanco says:

    How to apply

    • TheAsian20 says:

      You just scrolled past every detail that answers your question. Wow.

  • Evelyn Laconsay says:

    ask ko lng poh how much poh b dapat un payment? gcash un payment n ginamit q at un bill lang ay 170.00., nid p poh ba byaran s bayad center saka how much poh? wla nmn sinabi kung mgkano dpat ko bayaran p..di po ba madedelay un nbi ko.. i used door to door delivery? hope masagot poh un tanong q kc kinuha q un nbi nun jan. 06, 2021..7 days na poh un lumipas..

  • Ralp john verallo says:

    Is the delivery exclusive for manila areas only? Because i tried to apply since im from mindanao, but there are no toher options aside from mabila districts

  • Justine Ordas says:

    Kala ko po 200 lang bbaayaran at dibko po nabayaran yung sa renewal. Lagpas na po 24 hours diko pa nababayaran yung sa renewal pero bayad na po sa shipping fee, ano po gagawin ko?

  • melvin elpidama says:

    I already pay NBI renewal but first it shows pay 130pesos for NBI then when I accept it I choose gcash then they send me txt after I choose door to door and when payment I choose gcash I paid 207pesos in gcash.and I paid 170pesos for NBI in gcash also I enter ref# that I recieved in my txt for NBI clearance.when I will recieved it.thankyou


    hello po.. ask ko lang po sana kasi nagbayad ako ng 170 sa renewal ng nbi ko sa seven eleven.. including na ung charges at nag additional 205pesos pa ako sa delivery fee sa bayad center noong January 15,2021 po ako nag process until wala padin kasi.. makukuha kopa po ba ung nbi ko po? inadress kona kc un sa office po nmin sa pinag woworkan ko. hoping ur answer po.. salamat po

    • Eljohn Casuga says:

      Any update? Nakuha na po ba ninyo yunh nbi nyo? Ilang days po bago nyo nakuha? Same procedure din po ginawa ko. Ngayon ko lang dn nabayaran lahat.

  • Dennis Jason Mukiau says:

    Nagbayad po ako for delivery fee ng renewal ng NBI clearance ko through UnionBank pero until now pending pa rin payment ng delivry fee na 200. Ano po kaya pwede gawin paea maupdate. Help naman po.

  • Queenie Agbayani says:

    I used Gcash po as mode of payment. Together with the delivery fee. Pwede po kaya si papa yung mag Rereceived ng Nbi clearance ko? Thank you so much

  • Joey Cajes says:

    Nagrenew ako nong dec. 18 pa pero hanggang ngayon walang dumating.. Makukuha pa kaya yung nbi clearance ko?

  • Janine Espiel says:

    Nakadalawang process na po ako ng Quick renewal nbi ng kuya ng boyfriend ko po and sa una Wala pong pangalan Yung nbi clearance sa system ng bayad center kaya nawalan ng sense Yung door-to-door fee and then itong pangalawa Naman po ay nakareceive ako ng payment complete na text regarding sa nbi clearance complete payment pero for door-to-door wala pa pong confirmation na complete na Ang payment, pakiexplain or check Naman po sa record nyo if nagpursue na ang payment for nbi clearance and door-to-door payment, please. (Nbi clearance (DOOR-TO-DOOR

  • Raymon tayer says:

    Nakapag bayad na po ako sa 7/11 yung para sa nbi lng po…
    Need ko pa po ba ipa print yun owh… Kahit wait ko na lng yung nbi

  • Eljohn Casuga says:

    Any update? Nakuha na po ba ninyo yunh nbi nyo? Ilang days po bago nyo nakuha? Same procedure din po ginawa ko. Ngayon ko lang dn nabayaran lahat.

  • Marc Roldan Rodriguez says:

    Hi, I was wondering since I paid thru pay maya will the process be the same? I applied for a quick renewal maybe a week ago already and I have no clue or update with it. Thanks!

  • jonna rosal says:

    nkapag bayad na ko ng dood to door payment na 207…pero yung nbi renewal ko unavailable na yung ref# ko,,,pahelp nman pano madeliver yung nbi ko at pano magbayad ulit pra sa nbi clearance ko

  • Abby Velez says:

    About sa Quick Renewal na door to door.. I have 2 expired nbi clearances. 1 is nbi clearance with my civil status as single and 1 with a civil status as married. Ang tinatanggap lang ng sysytem is yung luma na single pa yung civil status.. yun din ba yung marereceive ko if ever..? need it asap po kasi e

  • Jhomar Noynay says:

    Hi i want to follow the delivery of my NBI Renewal here is the Referrence no. MP6HOKGJO8

  • Jhomar Noynay says:

    Hi last feb.04,2021 pako nag request at nag bayad ng Nbi renewal ko door to door deliver pero hanggang ngayon wala padin.Please check nman po Referrence no. MP6HOKGJO8

  • Nash Villamor says:

    I received a message after paying thru gcash saying…

    “Your payment of P200.00 on your Door-to-Door Delivery Fee has been successfully processed on 2021-03-03 10:42:16 Ref. No. MP9I9KC2J5.

    Please make sure that your NBI Online Clearance Renewal reference number is already paid for you to receive your NBI Clearance.”

    Is there any difference between 200 delivery fee and the Renewal? Bakit hindi pa pinagsabay sa isang flow?

  • Kelly anne salazar says:

    May nagtxt na po sakin kahapo na successfull payment 207 door to door . at baket po ngaun nakarecieve ako ng txt na ganito.
    Please be reminded that we have not received your payment to your NBI Clearance Online Renewal with Ref. No. of MP8VQCISEE. Kindly pay immediately your Door-to-Door Delivery fee as it will expire within 24 hours upon registration. Disregard if payment has already been made. Thank you.

    Please pakitulungan po ako sayang naman po ang aking naibayad sa akala kong bayad na ako then maghihintay nalang po ako ng delivered my NBI clearance

  • Luisa capitle says:

    I recently applied for quick renewal and I paid 170 for nbi tru gcash and 207 for delivery box courier. Is this legit. I just follow the procedure

  • Lance Abaja says:

    Hello, nabyaran ko po yung nbi clerance ko, kaso hindi ko po nabayaran yung delivery fee. Nagkakaproblema po kasi yung payment ko kaya nag lapse po yung 24hrs para sa reference number ng delivery fee. Ano po dapat kong gawin?

  • Nelandro Borab o says:

    I have already paid my NBI renewal. It hasnt been delivered yet. And one more thing. There is no option of where you can deliveres it. if you click the drop down button you can only see NCR address

  • jamie lising says:

    kelan po madedeliver ang nbi clearance ko po? mahigit 1month n po wala pa din nagdedeliver ng nbi clearance ko po.. door to door po un

  • jp bersonda says:

    mag-2 weeks na hindi pa rin nade-deliver yung NBI clearance ko. Di rin nagbabago status dun sa Wala rin sumasagot sa text/inquiries ko sa support contact # ng NBI.

  • Rolly S. Binag says:’s allmost 5 days simula ng nag bayad po ako for my NBIcertificate renewa. Pero hanggang ngayon wala parin po.normal lang po ba yon?
    Plss asisit naman po.need ko pa

  • Maurie Borromeo says:

    Nagbayad na ako for my NBI RENEWAL DOOR TO DOOR then nong nasa site nako for delivery fee nong mag babayad na po ako nawala yung site and nag failed sya after non hndi na maopen and nwala nalang, ano pong gagawin please ASAP!

  • Urduja Majorenos Deano says:

    Sir / Madam, may i know the date of my NBI appointment..??? thank uou and please response…

  • Frances says:

    Was about to pay for delivery nawala sa page cant go back. Recieved text for the reference number but how and where will i pay for it?

  • JACK C. MAMAC says:

    gusto ko lang ifollow-up yung binayaran ko na nbi clearance and door to door delivery na bayad na pero until now wala pa din yung nbi clearance ko..ano nang mangyayare sa binayad namin bakit until now wala pa rin.

  • Jundy Tiquio says:

    Good i just renew my nbi clearance and ive pay it already. Can i pick up it tomorrow?

  • Jannah Mae Celis says:

    I paid the amount of Php 362.25 for door-to-door delivery via Delivery Box. Nakapagpay naman po ako kasi may ref. no. na ako at nakalagay dun is PAID na. Pero wala po akong may nareceive na confirmation via email or text message. Sinend ko din ref. no. ko sa Globe na no. ng NBI to verify your transaction pero ang sabi sakin ” invalid official receipt/ref. no.’ Pahelp po sana

  • Hazzle jane Leonora says:

    I do the same process but i pay it using gcash and it less than 500 php the total price of all the charges and i pay it already… But how come after the transaction of paying there is no confirmation appear to my Gmail or personal message that im successfully renew my nbi clearance. Until now im still waiting for the confirmation.. Please help me how to recover my payment to this renewal application! Thank you..

    • Jannah Mae Celis says:

      I didn’t receive a text message nor a confirmation email either. Plus, I tried checking my ref. no. by sending a text message that contains my official receipt/ref. no. and it said that it is invalid. I did all the means to reach both the agency and the biller/courier addressing my concern but none responded.

  • Raquel Garibay says:

    Hi, I did the quick renewal option but some of the steps didnt show up on my end and at the end,I was routed to a page and fill in my address for the delivery.I then selected gcash to pay for it,but it looks like that it only charge me for the delivery. How will I know if my renewal is successful?

  • Rebecca martizano says:

    Ilang days po bago e delivered yung quick renewal po?

  • Arnilo d. De guzman says:

    If i would be using the quick renewal and later found out that that i have a hit what will i do, knowing that i have no deregotory records when i applied last year (2021). Thank you very much.

  • Rodolfo soriano says:

    Can i address my nbi to canada?

  • Bella says:

    I tried to do the NBI CLEARANCE ONLINE RENEWAL which is my latest NBI will be expiring this December 2022, unfortunately, it keeps saying that the information is incorrect even though they are all correct because I have the original copy with me, what should I do in order to renew and delivery it to my mum’s home address without going to the office since I am living abroad? Thank you in advance

  • Wayne Santos Dickinson says:

    I already paid my renewal online but don’t know when to pick up it.what to do?